Rashid 7Adil
Rashid 7Adil 15 hours ago
Hexien left the game Berlin: this man did not just leave the game lol
Pokoru 15 hours ago
Honestly haven’t laughed this hard in a long ass time
darkdaxter15 15 hours ago
"Ain't no black people in this game" Mafia 2: *Bonjour*
Elijah Robinson
Elijah Robinson 15 hours ago
6:06 He speaking facts
Dolly Gaines
Dolly Gaines 15 hours ago
“I was on fire while eating bread I was eating toast EUGH.” I don’t know why that made me wheeze 💀💀
SerenadeKid SD
SerenadeKid SD 15 hours ago
Bro so nobody is gonna talk about where this man dontai is at
Pablo SB
Pablo SB 15 hours ago
Big W!! We getting that story time of the old house and the weird things that happened ? 👀
ldn Zhy
ldn Zhy 15 hours ago
Why did you not come imposter atleast once
awesome puppet
awesome puppet 15 hours ago
Mr._ CashXD
Mr._ CashXD 16 hours ago
you know you childhood was good if you thought Netherlands was the Nether irl
Aniya Nance
Aniya Nance 16 hours ago
So he gon act like he didn’t upload little nightmares finale yet? What happened to it sir🥲
Ele chapa
Ele chapa 16 hours ago
I like how they just find random ducks and run with it while the real Donald just respawned somewhere (I think that's how it works)
Pixelsシ 16 hours ago
Dude soon as I heard Larry I just skipped 10 seconds
Blue Popcorn
Blue Popcorn 16 hours ago
You so many danganronpa references this man is a big fan and I respect it.
DKdon Rightful heir
DKdon Rightful heir 16 hours ago
Cause you was next😭😭😭😭😭
DKdon Rightful heir
DKdon Rightful heir 16 hours ago
DKdon Rightful heir
DKdon Rightful heir 16 hours ago
Love your vid🚫🧢
DKdon Rightful heir
DKdon Rightful heir 16 hours ago
It was so satisfying when he got the imposter dub😂😂😂😂😂😭😭
KnightfallProtocol 16 hours ago
46:22 buss it down 🤣🤣🤣
Jr Jones
Jr Jones 16 hours ago
“I know you seen that fetus just try me”imagine walking in hearing that😂
Captain Cook
Captain Cook 16 hours ago
Imma miss the old place but I’m happy he’s happier and feeling better in his new spot
BabyBoy AG
BabyBoy AG 16 hours ago
My favorite part is when man man pressed that dude and scream “IM BUILT FOR THIS SHIT”😂
beastiigaming 16 hours ago
Now we waiting for mafia doe
beastiigaming 16 hours ago
Hits him with the fishing rod...
Bad Vibes Untold
Bad Vibes Untold 16 hours ago
You forgot to censor at 7:45
LilIcyDraco 17 hours ago
man i was gonna replay this game again after a few years but watching you play through it is fucking hilarious no cap 🤣🤣🤣
Nick 17 hours ago
These anime openings fire, they lowkey finna take a break and make a season 2
Zayonateter 10
Zayonateter 10 17 hours ago
This series gonna be out good song btw breezy
BruteSquad 17 hours ago
“Ya know” the funniest thing to me idk why
Dariuswolf / Daytester and Justin
Dariuswolf / Daytester and Justin 17 hours ago
That dirt was treated dirty
Dariuswolf / Daytester and Justin
Dariuswolf / Daytester and Justin 17 hours ago
pj 17 hours ago
this the first channel where i have literally been here when it was just a concept and have continued to support. berlin really got me thru high school
Terrance Lucombe
Terrance Lucombe 17 hours ago
What is that angelic music that plays when things get hectic 😭
ronald brown
ronald brown 17 hours ago
Your gameplay is infuriating
Alex Noel
Alex Noel 17 hours ago
I hink Hixens house is better
REVENANT 17 hours ago
i fell asleep watchin with my laptop by my head and their conversations influenced my dreams but instead of demons it was zombies and other weird shii ,,,,,,,that dream was scary af
dior 17 hours ago
3:44 - roblox was released 5 years before Minecraft
小鹿 ・KOJIKA 17 hours ago
I watched Mark play it on RDC, now I gotta watch it from Berlin's perspective because I know the editing and commentary gon' be fire ♡
Jamesontheking 17 hours ago
Is clem a tran
j.villainess 17 hours ago
Ayoo who is that Braxxx dude? He kinda cool...
Cynical 18 hours ago
2021 anybody?
jasmine cook
jasmine cook 18 hours ago
So my mans just gonna act like he didn’t see that had gripping that doorway hard ash? Ok... 3:20
saiki kusuo
saiki kusuo 18 hours ago
Kim Namtiddies
Kim Namtiddies 18 hours ago
Glad hes finally getting the attention he deserved
Tev da brave
Tev da brave 18 hours ago
The 3090 tho yaa
Seray 18 hours ago
8 Episodes and Edmond still doesn't have a Girl👀🤣
Bootleg 18 hours ago
I just love your energy everyone just loves you it’s wild
BabyBot 18 hours ago
I am glad you played with Cory and Ryan, they are both very good youtubers that I know of.
Wilfred101 18 hours ago
Dis dude Berleezy is heartless.
KiwiPowers 18 hours ago
Berlin you gotta play with me (PAUSE)
six 18 hours ago
Giovanni I
Giovanni I 19 hours ago
1:00:20 going for a walk in Chicago
Jaden Smith
Jaden Smith 19 hours ago
And dis nigga man man was hitting licks
Christian Gill slack
Christian Gill slack 19 hours ago
Cass bro pick cass
Bryan Davis
Bryan Davis 19 hours ago
He listening to the underachievers TRUE GOAT STATZ
Jaden Smith
Jaden Smith 19 hours ago
That nigga joe smokes wayyy too much
Mist Dragon Mc
Mist Dragon Mc 19 hours ago
Nil this was painful to watch
Christopher Thames
Christopher Thames 19 hours ago
Hixen: (falls in lava) I’m good, I have been through worse lately Berleezy: DAMNNNN ME: DAMMMMNNN
SuPaNoVa -Yt
SuPaNoVa -Yt 19 hours ago
Mans a while inspiration 🙌 👏 🐐🔥🔥
The One True Avatar
The One True Avatar 19 hours ago
anybody know whats the name of the theme for the next day?
ThatGuyJy 20 hours ago
The ending lmao im cryin
Toxic 20 hours ago
MsTiffanyChanel 20 hours ago
Veronica Galloway
Veronica Galloway 20 hours ago
You did it the wrong way
Julian 2K
Julian 2K 20 hours ago
Y’all sleeping on when fredo died braxx was sad it was funny too
Veronica Galloway
Veronica Galloway 20 hours ago
His son died
Detwayjay 20 hours ago
The goat is back 🐐
ThatGuyJy 20 hours ago
Still glad Roc got a song
Weszny 20 hours ago
7:46 Bro didn’t blur it😭
dolawale 20 hours ago
Playboi Lifty
Playboi Lifty 20 hours ago
Me when my mom asks what we've learned this year 57:23
Hasan Fleming
Hasan Fleming 20 hours ago
You better than me man I would’ve left way sooner 🙃
Elijah Koroma
Elijah Koroma 20 hours ago
Oscuro Caruso
Oscuro Caruso 21 hour ago
Berlin making that cory refrence is confirmation that CORY IS MAKING A RETURN. We geting two LEGENDS back🥴
Nove 21 hour ago
57:31 had me dying bro 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Amir Amor
Amir Amor 21 hour ago
Baby googoogaagaa
nobody 21 hour ago
Fav part: Dontai finally meeting somebody and seconds later that man falls off a cliff
Deathstroke Nicholson
Deathstroke Nicholson 21 hour ago
Lee and Clementine is best. People
King Idk
King Idk 21 hour ago
The voracious ethernet intradurally blind because facilities distally turn to a jealous football. hungry, dysfunctional sing
Gengar Knight
Gengar Knight 21 hour ago
Bruh this man spoke bad on everyone. It made me especially mad when he spoke bad on Kenny finding a new girl after the ending of the other game and Kat LITERALLY KILLING HERSELF but ok. Then this man has the nerve to just be a dick to everyone! He don’t know anything I would have been nice because idk what these people seen and I might be with them for the long run but this video old so I’ll leave it there.