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god awful country
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my roof
6 months ago
thank you for 2 million
i am always sweaty
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every 8 days
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every student film set
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Pillow Guy Again
Godless Country
Antboi B
Antboi B 6 minutes ago
2:07 the full name was John gus
tiny turret3895
tiny turret3895 9 minutes ago
Nobody: shotgun man: ALAKABLAM
xatr lmao
xatr lmao 12 minutes ago
This 2 minutes feels like a lofetime for some reason. Very funny good job bro
Clarice Rossi Girão
Clarice Rossi Girão 12 minutes ago
this is LEGIT one of the funniest video of guys or eddy ive seen it so many times
Pepijn Jonckheer
Pepijn Jonckheer 13 minutes ago
This is kinda fire
Antboi B
Antboi B 13 minutes ago
Think of how much it cost them to get this much crayns
MrSpaghettiMan TTV
MrSpaghettiMan TTV 15 minutes ago
Antboi B
Antboi B 15 minutes ago
0:11 I am suing for a restraining order cuz this is clearly stolen footage of me
Jacob Napier Outdoors
Jacob Napier Outdoors 16 minutes ago
“ Hey Pam, I just made the door so when you open it a gun will go off straight towards dwights head andPOW!!!!! Uh... never mind I gotta go”
Kenneth Swartz
Kenneth Swartz 19 minutes ago
I was on full volume...
Joey J
Joey J 23 minutes ago
Dump tell no Mandy!
Lunchbox13 24 minutes ago
He sure does look like it
Princess Frida
Princess Frida 25 minutes ago
Saw a recommendation about LULZSECHACKS on Instagram, I contacted him and he got mine verified also, I appreciate those who made the recommendation
Karina Ruemmele
Karina Ruemmele 26 minutes ago
You heard the man just drink liquor instead
Jacob Cordero
Jacob Cordero 27 minutes ago
David Richardson
David Richardson 31 minute ago
the dead of winter one actually was funny
Max Realname
Max Realname 32 minutes ago
"That's too long" *Flashbacks to Interplanetary Purpley Thorny Dragon*
Employee of CEO Of Memes • Third in Power
Employee of CEO Of Memes • Third in Power 34 minutes ago
I faded in the *meme song* for like a split second, and got the video taken down. WHAT THE FUCK??!! It took me a WEEK to edit that, it was an hour long! It was my best video! How the actual fuck do people do this?? How do you wake up, and then think- YES, I SHALL TAKE DOWN THIS VIDEO AND RUIN THEIR LIFE SO I GET NOTHING!! the fuck yt
Foxtrot Gaming
Foxtrot Gaming 35 minutes ago
Ace Ventura is proud
The Neon Mind
The Neon Mind 35 minutes ago
Straight up my "comfort video" shit is soo damn hilarious
MrSpaghettiMan TTV
MrSpaghettiMan TTV 37 minutes ago
Quike question, Why?
Ben Film
Ben Film 37 minutes ago
All thanks to LULZSECHACKS on Instagram who got my account verified, I really appreciate his good work and I recommend everyone to work with him
Ben Film
Ben Film 37 minutes ago
All thanks to LULZSECHACKS on Instagram who got my account verified, I really appreciate his good work and I recommend everyone to work with him
pingu 38 minutes ago
You made this on my birthday
The Neon Mind
The Neon Mind 39 minutes ago
Whenever I feel down, I pull up this video. INSTANT fix. Thanks, Gus!
I'm Sorry Rumham
I'm Sorry Rumham 39 minutes ago
He's a pastor and yet he looks like Satan in disguise. Like his skin doesn't look real, his eyes don't look real, there's something so deeply unsettling and inhuman about him.
fr33ze 39 minutes ago
This is just the movie, right?
Arkitecte 41 minute ago
I got suspended.
fr33ze 41 minute ago
This is just gameplay, right?
00:00:00 43 minutes ago
6 and a half fucking minutes of this, im so glad they have the time and patience for this
Cat Fish
Cat Fish 43 minutes ago
Oakoe eokaO
Oakoe eokaO 44 minutes ago
5:20 to quote Sam O’Nella, “Heat the bean, but safely”
Jeanie Loreniana
Jeanie Loreniana 44 minutes ago
What the flip did i got myself into
Memeking86 45 minutes ago
Thurston Insanity
Thurston Insanity 49 minutes ago
The most accurate part of this is when he just walks away without ringing the doorbell or knocking
Perfectly Game
Perfectly Game 50 minutes ago
Gus will never consult roblox ads, they are way too stupid
Skeladud3 53 minutes ago
That Captain America so nice he has free CAKE for everyone he walks past.
Holbein Crâne
Holbein Crâne 55 minutes ago
Real Jake and Amir vibes, I don't know which one is weirder tho
brittonsux 58 minutes ago
“The only group responsible for every human on earth” boi have you heard of sperm?
Rachel Kelly
Rachel Kelly 58 minutes ago
How do I send this to a mutual friend without sending this to a mutual friend
Gareth Hendrixson
Gareth Hendrixson 58 minutes ago
It's like the opening of Ace Ventura.
Holly Rogers
Holly Rogers Hour ago
GAMER64T Hour ago
1:09 is there such thing as...oh wait nvm paper is made out of plants
Ramenoodleman Hour ago
Claims to be a lieutenant but has the rank of sergeant of his uniform
God _
God _ Hour ago
wtf steve
ben Hour ago
😂😂 legit every mum
SD Alien
SD Alien Hour ago
Hey Pam I seduce Angela so when Dwight finds out he be like why is everything bad happened to me
LoafLand Hour ago
Brian Hour ago
lmfao I have the same lamp from Ikea
-Robin -
-Robin - Hour ago
Those railing chairs just drive me up the wall ;)
bl4de chipmunk
bl4de chipmunk Hour ago
You and Jon tron are the funiyest people I have ever watched
Jingle Studios official
Jingle Studios official Hour ago
I found it Gus Johnson’s least videoed video!
bl4de chipmunk
bl4de chipmunk Hour ago
I hait you if you eat huba buba like that
Kieran Paddock
Kieran Paddock Hour ago
"oh jeepers" is the most wisconsin thing i've ever heard
I couldn’t imagine this guy yelling I WILL TURN THIS CAR AROUND
bl4de chipmunk
bl4de chipmunk Hour ago
Haw was that vidio trending
Box boi
Box boi Hour ago
We need the bts for these kinds of videos
Samuel Black
Samuel Black Hour ago
Bobby eyelash fan confimed
16-Bit Bernie
16-Bit Bernie Hour ago
Honestly I’d buy it and buy a nice speaker to make it work
Beelay Mcgue
Beelay Mcgue Hour ago
I mean it’s true but like who would make this and why
IuvenisRex Hour ago
Gus got me actin up
Aiden Alcantara
Aiden Alcantara Hour ago
U say thw show is bad?!?! This channel is bad
Shekel Man
Shekel Man Hour ago
Civil War was way more complicated than just "Give me your slaves" "No" *war* . Lincoln didn't even want to free the slaves he thought it would die out there n a few years anyways the war was about Preserving the Union and States Rights. Abe Lincoln changed the reason for the war to get Europe to stop giving supplies to the South.
TV MAN Hour ago
All toilets r scary
A & J GAMING 2021
A & J GAMING 2021 Hour ago
Tyler Anderson
Tyler Anderson Hour ago
Im just here to see the makeover
Badrawer Hour ago
He just coughs it out at the end lol
Elijah Pennington
Elijah Pennington Hour ago
Am I in a horror movie? My mom is just like that.
Niillas Aslaksen
Niillas Aslaksen Hour ago
why do people like the office, it's such a bland show
Crying pan
Crying pan Hour ago
Your neighbors probably thought you were on crack
Dexter George EMOSEWA
Dexter George EMOSEWA Hour ago
Your awesome
MatthewPlays_YT Hour ago
Christian Buchli
Christian Buchli Hour ago
heretic124 Hour ago
"My mom rates One Piece characters." Yeah... ProZD's videos aren't what they used to be. Last sketch was published in April 2020. :/ I DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT HIS MOTHER'S OPINION! I don't give a fuck about anyone's opinion. I want skits. Or tits...
Eleonora Iuliano
Eleonora Iuliano Hour ago
This dog look *exactly* like mine, and she's a female too. I'm scared.
MatthewPlays_YT Hour ago
bssni touir
bssni touir Hour ago
"These pranks don't sound funny when you tell one after another" - Jim Halpert
MatthewPlays_YT Hour ago