OrangeAni 36 minutes ago
That's why he is just a "Legend" and not a QUEEN
Dominic Ford
Dominic Ford 37 minutes ago
1:08 if you said y’all expected that...girls... YA LYING that was amazing
jrbland18 38 minutes ago
cordaro johnson
cordaro johnson 39 minutes ago
She was amazing!!!
Alex _Harnar_618
Alex _Harnar_618 40 minutes ago
That right there....THAT IS A GOLDEN BUZZER HANDS DOWN!!!! ⭐️
Alex _Harnar_618
Alex _Harnar_618 40 minutes ago
That right there....THAT IS A GOLDEN BUZZER HANDS DOWN!!!! ⭐️
S. G.
S. G. 40 minutes ago
She looks like Doja Cat ❤️
Asad Ahmad Jagad
Asad Ahmad Jagad 41 minute ago
The problems is, so hard to reach the note, and he sings it without realizing it. It is so hard song with the dramatic session
Japan Forever
Japan Forever 41 minute ago
Queen slayed
Foodlover Yum
Foodlover Yum 41 minute ago
If Jennifer Hudson says "you can sing", then you can sing!!!!!
Muhammad Iqmal
Muhammad Iqmal 42 minutes ago
That F#6 shook me.
Shanza Jehangir
Shanza Jehangir 43 minutes ago
Why was there gwen first and now nick???
Antonia Prince
Antonia Prince 44 minutes ago
I came back here because I miss Nick on the new season...
Chebet Kipingor
Chebet Kipingor 44 minutes ago
Needed to hear this song so many times this year.
Mizuka Young
Mizuka Young 44 minutes ago
Okay Tanner is one of those few male country singers that I actually liked this season! He has a charming tone and I felt so drawn in. He did a great job with it. Tanner and Ian are the only male country singers that I like this season.
Ibeji Gannon
Ibeji Gannon 44 minutes ago
Wedding band singer
Charles BigCheese
Charles BigCheese 45 minutes ago
I follow her on Instagram. She is down to earth and such a sweet lady. I wish her nothing but the best.
elbrones 45 minutes ago
Blake was right not to turn. He's not a bad singer but not good enough to win the Voice. Blake already had better country singers on his team . He'll likely go with Kelly.
Ginger Smith
Ginger Smith 45 minutes ago
She needs to sing “for a moment like this” I’d think she would kill it!!
Dignity Proverbs
Dignity Proverbs 45 minutes ago
Kelly has some Black lingering in her bones♥️♥️♥️
Angie H
Angie H 46 minutes ago
I will NEVER get over the fact that Ricky should’ve won
Jonnel Didal
Jonnel Didal 46 minutes ago
He was the Grand Finalist in the reality singing show in the Philippines I LOVE OPM. Somebody still remember him?
Annie are you ok?
Annie are you ok? 46 minutes ago
My favourite queen song, not sure why he picked it.
Beth Marley
Beth Marley 46 minutes ago
Of course she picked kelly she sings much better than gwen.
JAY SUNBAENIM 48 minutes ago
Girl, you won the thing that no in the world can give you!!!!
Miss Tee
Miss Tee 48 minutes ago
John jammin always a Joy 😂 ❤
Gloria Lizty
Gloria Lizty 48 minutes ago
Her voice is so beautiful, but no chair turned?
anabrissa 49 minutes ago
Aren't they supposed to COACH the contestants?
renee foster
renee foster 49 minutes ago
Omg I love this
Miss Tee
Miss Tee 50 minutes ago
Jeeeeezzzzzz I love his Voice ❤❤❤❤
S. G.
S. G. 51 minute ago
The voice showed how us how a real gender reveal is supposed to be.
Julian Andreas Wiggins
Julian Andreas Wiggins 52 minutes ago
That's my boy right there!!
Samantha Schark
Samantha Schark 52 minutes ago
And country needs a lot of his voice in it!!!!!
Lil Sabotor
Lil Sabotor 53 minutes ago
Spoiler ❤️ for he chooses and more He chooses kelly and he wins both battle and knockouts 🥵
Evan Shiong
Evan Shiong 53 minutes ago
Only two other instances in country singers that I remember Blake was either the last to turn around or the only one to not turn around; Jeff Jenkins from Season 1 and Tawnya Reynolds from Season 4. And from what I can understand is that Tawyna, like Tanner Gomes now, Blake didn't turn around just so she could choose something new and Usher before he pressed his button offered to coach one of Blake's artists if he could coach one of his; she chose Shakira.
LunaLondon 54 minutes ago
Desz was incredible! I know that song well and she nailed it! But when Kelly said that with those light years well Kelly a light year is a unit of distance not time. Anyway...Kelly is great.
Emerson V.
Emerson V. 56 minutes ago
1:05 i loveeeeed that riff
K A U S T H U B H 56 minutes ago
He's going to be in the finale. At least the semis! Wonderful tone!
Fatma Hures
Fatma Hures 56 minutes ago
Seriously , you guys don't know this song ?
Leyla Castaneda
Leyla Castaneda 57 minutes ago
I got goosebumps with the first notes 🖤
Cearra Tabb
Cearra Tabb 57 minutes ago
So good! I really felt her performance. Tears in my eyes and everything
A Shields
A Shields 58 minutes ago
His performance gave me goosebumps... Amazing artist!!
john nicolas benavides pardo
john nicolas benavides pardo 58 minutes ago
Qué voz más preciosa 🥺🥺🥺
Ruth Torres
Ruth Torres 59 minutes ago
She rocked so much that nobody chose her, I am not liking all these amazing background stories of these artist, some really sad, then no one turns, they want perfect performances, especially John, and Kelly ,who wants everyone to hit a high note, I think we are seeing more of these this season.
Aqua Life
Aqua Life 59 minutes ago
2:01 Kelly lol..the sound you made sounds like the sound he made hahaha
Fatma Hures
Fatma Hures Hour ago
The rest of the judges missed the confidence she had on stage as she was performing. A natural artist
Lucas Barbosa
Lucas Barbosa Hour ago
She looks so much like Perrie Edwards by Little Mix.
Roz Hour ago
Talent is wasted on the voice they do not help their winners become stars. Where is Jordan Smith?
julioagua Hour ago
Well, now Kelly knows what other artists feel when she kills them on her Kellyokes XD
AndreyVas2008 Hour ago
E Long
E Long Hour ago
That’s ok Kelly steals her later
Guilherme Oliveira
Guilherme Oliveira Hour ago
Thiaguinho é vc ?
Franklin Creator Studio
Franklin Creator Studio Hour ago
4 chairs for what. She sings the song in different plots. This is a love song. It has a story. She destroys it.
The Voice Fan Page
The Voice Fan Page Hour ago
myinfinitestate Hour ago
G’day, I reckon I can’t believe Gwen is 51. She just turned 51 about a month ago (Oct. 2020). . She looks absolute amazing. What a beaut!!! IMHO, she looks so much prettier with no makeup. If you look at pics of her with Blake, on his Ranch, and she’s not all dolled up, and just wearing a baseball cap, OMG, she looks bloody gorgeous. It’s nice to see her back on the voice! Cheers from Margarets River, Western OZ!!!
devinpujshow Hour ago
For me Michelle is one of the best singers during first 3 episodes. I can understand arguments of coaches, but her tender voice is great enough without high power and high notes.
Jay Punsalan
Jay Punsalan Hour ago
1:21- 1:22 What.
S. G.
S. G. Hour ago
She sounds like a mix between Miley Cyrus & Billie Eillish to me.
Lucas Villarrubia
Lucas Villarrubia Hour ago
watching this before its deleted tomorrow one of THE BESTs performances ever
Karla Page
Karla Page Hour ago
Yay, Kelsie - so proud of you!!!
AndreyVas2008 Hour ago
He is taking away with his singing. I just wanna ride out and zoom off
jee me
jee me Hour ago
Definitely she nailed it :-)
Creative Stylist
Creative Stylist Hour ago
Yeeeesss he killed that!!!
S. G.
S. G. Hour ago
Hold on , am i getting right that he had his entire family tree in the zoom meeting?
Gloria Gehring
Gloria Gehring Hour ago
Where was this guy hiding, raising children?
Elizabeth Ashley
Elizabeth Ashley Hour ago
just wondering if Gwen genuinely thinks she has a chance with people who can sing like this, lol!!!!! jeeze.. what a power house...definitely glad she picked Kelly.
AndreyVas2008 Hour ago
I love this season: no crazy noise from the audience! Just pure singing!
RealJoshTv Hour ago
*Whoever’s reading this I pray you are happy and become extremely successful!*
Mark Anthony Reyes Aguion
Mark Anthony Reyes Aguion Hour ago
Yes, Blake. Sing, y'better sing Blake...
Reed Sanders
Reed Sanders Hour ago
Sounds like the next Chris Cagle
Gloria Gehring
Gloria Gehring Hour ago
It's a package......
lizzeee e
lizzeee e Hour ago
her voice isn't bad but it's also not special. it's just the way she says things she says it like theres something in her mouth its different on how she talks def and nothing wrong with that i just don't see anything super special abt it lol
justintutogi47 Hour ago
That boi smooth
Herewego- again
Herewego- again Hour ago
If he would have went a little higher
mila mila
mila mila Hour ago
He's incredible !!! 😍
Rick Hour ago
why nobody mentioning that desz is part of sunday service choir? lets just ignore the fact that shes already working with kanye west lol
Dale Sides
Dale Sides Hour ago
This one made no sense, I was in the other room when it came on and made me turn around and come back.
East Coast Love
East Coast Love Hour ago
- HEY! If any of you support LGBTQ you should come checkout our content!🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 we won’t disappoint promise!😁
Art Wishwood
Art Wishwood Hour ago
I wonder who she'll choose 😊💕💞
Nate Hour ago
his voice is so soothing to me