Cole Buzzard
Cole Buzzard 12 hours ago
When a mosquito flies in your ear... 4:26
JOEY !!!!!
JOEY !!!!! 12 hours ago
Matty needs a new wingman, the sidekick isn't very funny and they don't mesh well I can't be the only one that see that , Matty your awesome man👍👍😎
Lukk0r 12 hours ago
Sometimes I wonder if Matty is actually a cook or just a very good impostor.
blaz3r77 12 hours ago
oh shit, that sounds amazing.
Cdizzy 13 hours ago
i love how Matty is all moody untill he gets to eat something then his mood is lightened for the rest of the video.
Hugo Hugenotten
Hugo Hugenotten 13 hours ago
If Peter Dinklage and Hulk Hogan had a son, he would look like Matty Matheson.
Jane Murphy
Jane Murphy 13 hours ago
1:50 I quit my job thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Rasmus Møller
Rasmus Møller 13 hours ago
Dental floss is used because it's very strong, or at least thats what i was told when i was a punk kid
The Cerberus Of Hell
The Cerberus Of Hell 13 hours ago
Surely I'm not the only one that has to sing HOMESTYLE COOKERYYYYYY
Seb Gold
Seb Gold 14 hours ago
Holy moly...I watch Matty with my 4 year old and she's now impersonating him. She woke up this morning and it continues. Shall I let her continue?
Rando Reviews
Rando Reviews 14 hours ago
The sound effects are so on point and give that extra zing to put another smile on my face.
Libby Stone
Libby Stone 14 hours ago
Stop screaming
Val Anthony Calape
Val Anthony Calape 14 hours ago
Abhyuday Vishwakarma
Abhyuday Vishwakarma 14 hours ago
I want to trip or get hammered with this guy. or both
Cocoa_Fire! 14 hours ago
Don't know about anyone else, but give me that lamb and leave it on the bone. Yummy!!!
Nate Burns
Nate Burns 15 hours ago
I wanted the Super Mario Sunshine music playing throughout this whole episode
Nate Burns
Nate Burns 15 hours ago
I think great merch would be the Just a dash logo in front, and just the word "Michele!!!" On the back. Id buy that
F.D.B SHAE 15 hours ago
I NEED that shirt, for research purposes.
max cornielje
max cornielje 15 hours ago
I hated that outro music thats nog mathy thats was so genetic
Glenn Stenholm
Glenn Stenholm 16 hours ago
So.. I this and Just A Dash filmed in 2 different kitchens in Matty's ranch house... that has 2 kitchens... at least 2, there may be more, master bedroom kitchen, bathroom kitchen, laundry kitchen... xD
Betty Doublekickchick
Betty Doublekickchick 16 hours ago
I luffyeeewwwwwwwwww💌🤘🍕🛸🩱🇦🇺💜🇨🇦
Jonas Eder Films
Jonas Eder Films 16 hours ago
That camera noise is killing me, can you guys just buy a few lights? Love the show!
Will C
Will C 16 hours ago
bring back the facial hair mate, you look terrible without it
Glenn Stenholm
Glenn Stenholm 16 hours ago
Oh wow there's a ingredient list and recipe in the description... was that there last season or new? Great to have the madness back peoples o/ <3
MF Ninja
MF Ninja 16 hours ago
How is this simultaneously the most chaotic and the best cooking show on USposts?
Dixie Normous
Dixie Normous 16 hours ago
Fuck, this would make Bambi crave lamb.
Thomas Donegan
Thomas Donegan 16 hours ago
Matty wants universal healthcare so everyone can afford bypass surgery after inevitably eating the entire lamb rack
Chris Williams
Chris Williams 16 hours ago
I like these a lot more than just a dash.
Liam Poole
Liam Poole 17 hours ago
Can we have a link to buy the t-shirts every episode??
Kiet Nguyen
Kiet Nguyen 17 hours ago
Matty reminds me of Rufus from street fighter lmao
Mad Liar Charlie
Mad Liar Charlie 17 hours ago
Matty looks like he’s been hitting the tanning bed
Dangelo ROMERO
Dangelo ROMERO 17 hours ago
Yo, where's Michelle with the pencil to color in mattys missing moustache?
Kav 17 hours ago
I want that tshirt
Andreas Strasser
Andreas Strasser 17 hours ago
The onion for the salad has seen better days :D
Zane Dietlin
Zane Dietlin 17 hours ago
memphis really does have the best bbq
Zoocrew 17 hours ago
I think there's a typo in the name based off Matty's pronunciation shouldn't it be Home Style Cookereeeeeeeeeee?
Shara Robinsons
Shara Robinsons 17 hours ago
Growls:: come onnnnnnn::
Kaysen Lopes
Kaysen Lopes 17 hours ago
5:05 what did you say matty 💀
Donald Duck
Donald Duck 18 hours ago
He dead ass said cum sauce
Tanjim 18 hours ago
How long is awhile?
TRZN 18 hours ago
The Buffalonian in me was really excited to have him explain the significance of the cup & char pepperonis.....but then he choked.
Jordan Bailey
Jordan Bailey 18 hours ago
I only eat the fish I catch. Mostly pike and pickrel but get the odd trout here and there. Pickrel get a light flower coat then fry for fish tacos
jono s
jono s 18 hours ago
some of the worst pizza ive ever seen
hellalaterd 18 hours ago
What happened og matty? keep it canada- keep it humble - quit the annoying shit yelling
Thabo Mamelodi
Thabo Mamelodi 18 hours ago
This was chaotic and I loved every second of it!
Michal Antoš
Michal Antoš 18 hours ago
What a show. The season 2 couldn't have started any better! The production, the olive oil and a homeless man trying to cook pizza. Priceless...
Binary Buzz
Binary Buzz 18 hours ago
I live in Halifax, I eat a Donair every week and I have for over 20 years.
Victor Lui
Victor Lui 19 hours ago
xXZachrawXx 19 hours ago
Your mustache is amazing Matty please don't beat the shit out of me but if you do please bring Michelle she's a really nice person.
wheelndeel 19 hours ago
I gotta be real the non music music is driving me fucking nuts. Matties energy and this slow and calm nothing music does not go well together. Just an oppinion k thx bye
Gordeaux 19 hours ago
That dish looks out of this world. Bravo Matty!
World Order
World Order 19 hours ago
intro was a homage for joeysworldtour
18+ HOT
18+ HOT 19 hours ago
lamb fat is themost disgusting taste of food I can think of, especially cold eeeeuuugh... ate even goat as a kid, during the war but man, today I'm a pig and cow man, more pig than cow tbh
SteezeInthe801 19 hours ago
I love how Disney fired him and he now plays off the "Family Friendly" optics they wanted - but is just as brash, over the top and boorish because why the fuck would you want to change Matty Matheson? Love this shit.
stidgemon 19 hours ago
Anyone who puts sugar in sauce is awful!
Rose Pourrabbani
Rose Pourrabbani 19 hours ago
I’m gonna make this with Trader Joe’s vegan chorizo
Devin Flores
Devin Flores 19 hours ago
where is your shirt from?????
Renton Brax
Renton Brax 19 hours ago
Wait... people peel cucumber?
Bruh Brigade
Bruh Brigade 19 hours ago
Bruh. ? Any chance we can get some CCs up in here? Love you to death, love food, but I am hard of hearing a little bit and CCs are life, without them I just sit here and squint a bunch and can't really hear you. Unless I turn my head, and then I can't see lol.
Eki Haget
Eki Haget 20 hours ago
Drone outside?
L C 20 hours ago
6:12 is insanely cursed. Thanks, I hate it.
Andrew Stevenson
Andrew Stevenson 20 hours ago
i love that hes "reading" from the front of the book. Chapter 10 page 285. That book must be 1000s of pages long lol.
Andrew Stevenson
Andrew Stevenson 20 hours ago
love you matty
Mandy Cirtez
Mandy Cirtez 20 hours ago
Thank you
Jacob Zwaagstra
Jacob Zwaagstra 20 hours ago
flower m
flower m 20 hours ago
Siri : Do you want me to keep reading? Matty : yes please Siri lmao I died
Kay 21 hour ago
I'm watching this at 1 AM, so when he yelled good morning I felt that lmao
Charlie 21 hour ago
Matt looks like if my mum did drugs
Austin Man
Austin Man 21 hour ago
Just got the book in today! Sadly Amazon isn't very thoughtful of it and has a small dent on the top of the binding, but nonetheless a solid and beautiful book. And he reads it just as it says in it too, love it and love you Matty.
MOM 59:27❤❤
Ashik M
Ashik M 21 hour ago
I came for the pizza, I stayed for the 'stache.
Matt Natoli
Matt Natoli 21 hour ago
Rik Weeds
Rik Weeds 21 hour ago
“No salt, FLAVOURLESS! And thats what you want.”😂
jimmy boy jbh
jimmy boy jbh 21 hour ago
No toys in the kitchen 🤣🤣🤣
Bryan Nash
Bryan Nash 21 hour ago
Damn I love Matti and Ali and other dude but this podcast fucking sucks and it's because of matti
Shaun Bon
Shaun Bon 21 hour ago
Matty looks like he is from the Canadian province of Louisiana.
Shaun Bon
Shaun Bon 21 hour ago
Matty: IM SO EXCITED!!! Matty 2 minutes later: so... Make tomato sauce...? Uuuuuugh fuck
Newton Nandy
Newton Nandy 21 hour ago
“Racist people are not my type of people” Peace ✌🏽 Worldwide 🌍
Damon Teppe
Damon Teppe 21 hour ago
Christopher Svatora
Christopher Svatora 22 hours ago
your mustache made me happy, i am currently not happy