Ericson Herbas
Ericson Herbas 15 hours ago
Another excellent review. Wow I did not expect the iPad Air to be faster.
Angel Martinez
Angel Martinez 15 hours ago
Do you use a new iPhone 11pro for the comparison?
yinyin su
yinyin su 15 hours ago
After the speaker test I am done! Skip the air! Will wait for the next PRO!
Minecraft player 2010
Minecraft player 2010 15 hours ago
Please compare it to the 2018 iPad Pro
H Gacha
H Gacha 15 hours ago
iPhone 12 isn’t worth it tbh
sangram patil
sangram patil 15 hours ago
I need this only for notes taking and study it enough...plz share your experience about notes latency and suggest me better one device for notes taking purpose
Shunka Ayami
Shunka Ayami 15 hours ago
Best comparison have been waiting for your channel please release 12 vs pro next!
Sebastian Forkuoh
Sebastian Forkuoh 15 hours ago
I have an iPhone 7 and I’m looking to upgrade. Because I can’t see 5G being available in most areas of the UK until 2022, the 11 Pro is looking like the better option for me right now.
DogeMQ 15 hours ago
6:40 Why u guys always use that to compare -_-
luan maia
luan maia 15 hours ago
If fan noise while full performance is a problem you should not buy a laptop OR maybe do not work on the notebook. People complain about everything. Apple finally delivery performance enough for the price and some noise is the problem ? Buy the macbook air.
RGS_ 15 hours ago
Omfg so it isn’t just me there is a stupid yellowish warm tint on the screen, I hate it !!!!!!!!!
ilovejesus973 15 hours ago
iPad Pro sound is way better.
Speedy Fifty
Speedy Fifty 15 hours ago
hey Max, which one is faster to work on h265 10bit 422 from R5 ?
Mardini Willdern
Mardini Willdern 15 hours ago
Love your full comparison videos! Very useful.
crazyim5 15 hours ago
2:50 MicroSD card slot??
Christy Sousa
Christy Sousa 15 hours ago
I honestly don’t see the point in upgrading my iphone 11 pro max, I think I’ll wait until next year
Jonathan Tuba 2
Jonathan Tuba 2 15 hours ago
For me the iPad Pro is worth the extra for Pro-motion, quad speakers, better microphone, greater brightness, flash, more storage and Face ID. I guess people moving from a regular iPad will be satisfied, but once you have used a iPad Pro, even the older 2017 10.5”, you will not be satisfied with the iPad Air. That sound difference from speakers and microphones was huge
By Me
By Me 15 hours ago
How about macbook air? Would MBA also get that silicon chip?
Matas Martynas Bačiulis
Matas Martynas Bačiulis 15 hours ago
Witch should i buy pls help
Abhiram Kwaza KIDDO
Abhiram Kwaza KIDDO 15 hours ago
After this review, I am stumped between the iPad Air and iPad Pro 2020... But either way thanks for the comparison...
Mohamed Nafeez
Mohamed Nafeez 15 hours ago
2:50 Micro SD slot 😧 Dope 😂🔥
x lS-P-Ł-Yl x
x lS-P-Ł-Yl x 15 hours ago
Does anyone know if samsung tab s7 has 120 fps available on critical ops. Some people say yes, others say no. Pls help
Matheus Bitencourt
Matheus Bitencourt 15 hours ago
Pixel 5 is the phone that's going to be crushed by iPhone 12 mini, which provides way better software, camera, processor and build quality
David Beier
David Beier 15 hours ago
I keep hearing reviews by non-artists suggest that the 120hz display makes a big difference for Apple Pencil work. IT DOES NOT. The actual latency has a lot more to do with the pencil itself and the software. The higher refresh is purely an aesthetic thing and possibly something which might have value in some games which can run at 120 fps and require ultra fast reflexes. I draw and write A LOT on my iPad and the 60hz vs 120hz doesn't affect the performance in the slightest. I've tried them side by side and there's just and I just can't see any way it effects the drawing/writing experience. Even when you saw Max scribbling super fast from one end of the screen to the other, it required slow motion to see any difference. We don't write or draw like this. All that you'll really notice is how SMOOTH the line updates (and even that is most noticeable in things like scrolling rather than writing). I understand why visually something like 120hz makes a device feel more premium but it really doesn't effect the functionality.
Pocket Survey
Pocket Survey 15 hours ago
Excelent review👍
Ken Goldman
Ken Goldman 15 hours ago
Great comparison! I purchased the 256 gig Pro a week ago since Amazon was offering a $50 discount and, importantly, one day delivery. I prefer the speakers greatly on the Pro due to watching lots of video content and listening to music. Quad speakers are superior. The ultra-wide lens will be used by me since I do use the camera on my iPads for scenic photography and videos. The extra wide angle will be great for panorama shots and mountain scenery of the Rockies in Colorado, where I live. The flash is useful both indoors and as a flashlight late at night when lights are out. No reason to sacrifice all the little extras to save a few bucks a year for the five years I expect this iPad to last.
T Gopalakrishnan
T Gopalakrishnan 16 hours ago
Worst product for Joggers. If you are willing to use both hands to hold the AirPod then worth buying it. 😳
MrPlasma 16 hours ago
guys, stop talking about bending issues when you or anyone you know who owned the iPad Air/Pro didn't have issues at all.
Jose Merino
Jose Merino 16 hours ago
Finally a good comparison between these two models. Thank you Max Tech
Shattered Hope
Shattered Hope 16 hours ago
Me watching this on my iPad Pro “Come on Friend beat this thing”
paulna85 16 hours ago
It’s a lot of phones. It’s supposed to be 12max, 12 and mini. I don’t like that 11/12 regular and pro versions. Why an SE and a mini. Just keep it simple guys
John Green
John Green 16 hours ago
Thank you for the excellent review. My current iPad Air is several years old. I will probably upgrade to the iPad Pro 11 inch model.
yisuky 16 hours ago
Apple 🍎 is lying because en La France the ear pieces and adapter to electrically outlet is included!
Tom Graham
Tom Graham 16 hours ago
iPad Pro is king.
SouLoveLee 16 hours ago
iPhone 11 Pro looks much better, way smoother
Calvin Carlo
Calvin Carlo 16 hours ago
Its a shame Apple invested millions into making the Air’s bezels 0.1 inch thicker, yet they can not fix the easy to bend problem! 😑
KTDP 16 hours ago
I see no difference
Sidi 16 hours ago
@28s An EverydayDad trolling right there ;)
Kim Fischer
Kim Fischer 16 hours ago
Excellent video and information!
Tom Graham
Tom Graham 16 hours ago
iPad Air is low class from apple.
El 16 hours ago
In my opinion this review is a bit biased. Before buying the 12 go to the store, touch it, use it a bit and you will probably find that: - Screen is pretty much identical -Hands on the feeling you have is of a much cheaper object compared to the 11 pro, difficult to explain, just hold it in your hands and you'll know what I mean. -The 12 pro is bigger than the 11 pro (and that is not a good thing), just a few mm taller actually but somehow if you come from an 11 pro you'll notice. -Speed wise no major change, the 12 pro opens the apps a fraction of a second faster and some games perhaps a second faster and that's it. -Battery wise is a step back, the 12 pro is much more power hungry, on 4g it will last an hour or so less than the 11 pro, on 5g forget about it, it will suck the battery twice as fast. -As everyone knows by now Apple removed everything from the box but the price remains the same, meaning you will have to spend more money to get at least a fast charger (or a Magsafe) and a pair of earpiece if you already don't have one. I was pretty convinced to sell the 11 pro and get the 12 pro but after using it for a while at the store I changed my mind and decided to skip it. Something tells me that this 12 generation won't be remembered as a good one, future will tell.
o_o' 16 hours ago
Where is Vadim?
R. R
R. R 16 hours ago
The speaker test is always the same song.
Jose Guzman
Jose Guzman 16 hours ago
I might as well buy the 2018 iPad Pro because their are so similar or just wait for the 2021 iPad Pro
Chrono 16 hours ago
Love Max’s videos I swear they get me through these hard times.
Mohammed Eldeeb
Mohammed Eldeeb 16 hours ago
2 decible difference. WOW WHAT AN UPGRADE BUY NOW!!!
Mohammed Eldeeb
Mohammed Eldeeb 16 hours ago
I feel like apple's products are made for retards, they call accurate colors "True Tone" when its basicly sRGB and high ppi "retina"... wifi direct "airdrop"... WTF just use the industry names, dont dumb down the customer, ripoff dickheads...
Neon Crafty
Neon Crafty 16 hours ago
what’s better iPad Pro 3 or iPad Air 4?
MrPlasma 16 hours ago
@Neon Crafty ye, the 2018 pro is still a great tablet thats enough for basically everyone, so I definitely wont recommend upgrading the 2018 pro is better than the air in my opinion, such as promotion and speakers
Neon Crafty
Neon Crafty 16 hours ago
@MrPlasma I have one, it cost me $750 last year, which isn’t too bad considering it was brand new and Apple were still selling it brand new for $969. I’m not interested in upgrading necessarily but I feel like it still may be better than the air.
MrPlasma 16 hours ago
if you can find a pro 3 on sale brand new unlocked for <650, then i would recommend that over the new air, as the promotion tech alone is worth it
trayNTP 16 hours ago
I knew this guy would be complaining about a lot of irrelevant stuff.
Talk ID
Talk ID 16 hours ago
hows the speaker
Ivan Seet
Ivan Seet 16 hours ago
Wow the speakers difference
GHAITH Gaming 16 hours ago
Ipad pro for ever
Max 16 hours ago
Just finished running benchmark tests on an iPhone 12 Pro on Verizon’s 5G network. Super fast downloads, no video streaming latency, excellent refresh rate for gaming apps, and a low-light camera sensor which rivals most mirrorless DSLRs. All in all, a quantum leap for the iPhone. Well done!
Jonathon Engel
Jonathon Engel 16 hours ago
You pitched the 4A pretty hard in this video, but you didn't even mention what I feel to be the largest difference. Wireless Charging.
Explore With Rick
Explore With Rick 16 hours ago
What phone has longer lasting battery life? Pixel5 or iphone 11 pro max?
Jo Dred
Jo Dred 16 hours ago
They’ve really lost there looks I preferred the unibodies and the Steve Jobs era.
Frank Rivera
Frank Rivera 16 hours ago
I have been waiting for this review since the last Apple event. I think you sold me on the pro 256gb for an extra $100. I thought we were gonna see major improvements with the A14. Great review like always 🙌🏼
C Sw
C Sw 16 hours ago
Best comparison on USposts
송명준 16 hours ago
"I notice some external differences" proceeds to admit that they have the same looking speakers except one is dual and the other quad... Lmao great stuff man
Shepard-Commander 16 hours ago
Are you planning to compare air 4 with air 3?
Roger L
Roger L 16 hours ago
Awesome video. I'll continue to buy Samsung and also buy lots of Apple share. Win!
J Y 16 hours ago
I was close to preordering the air, but for €200 more, getting 128gb, waay better speakers and mic, nicer display without that garbage coating, 120hz and better cameras. Just afraid apple just releases a new model in a short timeframe
MrPlasma 16 hours ago
i think a new model is coming out next march or maybe even june
misery 16 hours ago
Your beard hairy arm turn Me on
Samurai Jack
Samurai Jack 16 hours ago
I think you have a defective unit.
Luis Fernández
Luis Fernández 16 hours ago
Didn't expect the speakers and microphones to be so mediocre on the ipad air compared to the ipad pro. That alone plus the pro motion display makes the ipad pro a better option cause the 64gb on the base ipad air is just not enough.
Paul 16 hours ago
This is interesting
DJ L 16 hours ago
Air 4 has lpddr5 ram which is much faster than the pro s
Ana Zivaljevic
Ana Zivaljevic 16 hours ago
was about to buy an Iphone 11 pro max (512gb). But now I am considering iphone 12 pro(128gb). I am a girl and I love to take photos and use a lot of memory and battery but I would love to hear your opinion. What do you think? (I can find iphone 11 pro max for 850e but I am not sure how much 12 will cost)
Isau Romero
Isau Romero 16 hours ago
The pro look good
Isau Romero
Isau Romero 16 hours ago
The pro
eizi rjdj
eizi rjdj 16 hours ago
120hz,sound pro(2020) win
Jhon Cabrera
Jhon Cabrera 16 hours ago
Apple shoul use 8GB RAM on iPad Pro 2021
alwayslocal 17 hours ago
Apple wins on Webcam video quality but XPS wins on Audio Quality.
Jeremy Abramson
Jeremy Abramson 17 hours ago
Do you know how the Tab S7 plus Compares on the 3D metal test?
Joker Poker
Joker Poker 17 hours ago
Both suck
Hans Intheuk
Hans Intheuk 17 hours ago
The actual problem of getting e gpu in 2020 is thunderbolt4 will be come out. And it only supports pcie gen3 4lanes only.egpu reduce it's own performance even now. But arm mac will support thunderbolt 3 because apple and intel made thunderbolt from the first
william hackett
william hackett 17 hours ago
how much quicker would it be with no blue tooth on and in battery saver mode ? sure it be quicker
PortableMediaReviews 17 hours ago
The iPad Pro is so awesome. I just can’t look past it’s not so great construction. If it had been even just a couple millimeters thicker, bending wouldn’t have been an issue
MrPlasma 16 hours ago
my cousin used the 2018 pro with an identical design for 2 years and never had bending issues, don't trust online bending tests before you actually get issues The air should be similar
Ziad Hamwi
Ziad Hamwi 17 hours ago
Been waiting for this video, great job! I've been wondering if we'd expect a new 11 inch iPad Pro over the next few months or it's possible that Apple will only refresh the 12.9 inch model.