T.I. - I Believe
3 years ago
T.I. - Warzone
4 years ago
T.I. - We Will Not
4 years ago
T.I. - King (Video)
T.I. - Turn It
6 years ago
boss Playa
boss Playa 13 hours ago
Watz hannin I'm tryna get open ears and minds 2 my podcast on spotify and apple podcast and support I would appreciated it support the kid All walks of life bossplaya
Preston Nyoni
Preston Nyoni 13 hours ago
I love T.I's aftercredit scenes lol
Terenzo Brown
Terenzo Brown 13 hours ago
He went from “I bought an '85 cutlass on some dane-a-danes Now I'm the shit, huh, the motor blew in 30 days” to an Icon in the Rap game
Terenzo Brown
Terenzo Brown 13 hours ago
Jetz ducked and went low after that viral video of her and the Black community not wanting to accept her apology
J.B GamingTv
J.B GamingTv 13 hours ago
3:10-3:15 you're welcome
Taylor Detailing
Taylor Detailing 13 hours ago
T.I. “Learn to be the thermostat not the thermometer “ bars.
Camron Bennett
Camron Bennett 13 hours ago
This is some NFAC stuff
King Robi
King Robi 13 hours ago
👑 much love all the way from Kenya
All Money MAFIA
All Money MAFIA 13 hours ago
Churchill Kato Junior Choul
Churchill Kato Junior Choul 13 hours ago
Need a remix with Lil Wayne 🐐
Bill Gang
Bill Gang 13 hours ago
Messsiah’s good with production 🔥
Jelvon Young
Jelvon Young 13 hours ago
So Drake just out there getting pissed on lmao dats crazy😂😂
Bill Gang
Bill Gang 13 hours ago
Bizzy bone and ti son best son of rapper 🔥🔥 big factz
Katlego Pelonomi
Katlego Pelonomi 13 hours ago
The album is amazing
Jerald Hymon
Jerald Hymon 13 hours ago
Damn Drake was a human porta potty 😂😂😂😂
Sir LeRoyale
Sir LeRoyale 13 hours ago
Tips just make shit sound wack now
William Dewayne
William Dewayne 13 hours ago
TI made a good decision going with all these simplistic “monster house “ CGI type videos.. looks great King!
King Terra
King Terra 13 hours ago
Yow Mozzy murk it straight up song heat tho🔥💪
Shay'No Kizzy
Shay'No Kizzy 13 hours ago
I love this
Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones 13 hours ago
This shit SMACK!!!! The LIBRA crackin
Tileh Pacbro
Tileh Pacbro 13 hours ago
Marquis Marq313
Marquis Marq313 13 hours ago
Jada on here Gemini
mdara bara
mdara bara 13 hours ago
Now i see wer da baby got his 1 flow
BIGDREAMS 13 hours ago
Xappiひ 13 hours ago
T. I Tha goat
Dj Rankyff
Dj Rankyff 13 hours ago
libra is hard... also check out this artist usposts.info/vision/fbWsvK-sfIuuqcg/video
cedrick fullwood
cedrick fullwood 13 hours ago
Sooo everybody just gonna skip over the part where he said his friend pissed on drake lol
LOVE JONES 86 13 hours ago
Max Pardon
Max Pardon 13 hours ago
Beg Your Pardon was my football nickname given to be by my coaches. Hard On Pardon is what the players called me. Hahaha wheeeeeee thanks T.I. Baby
Alvardo Rolle
Alvardo Rolle 13 hours ago
It's only a must real rap hip hop fan's know real great MUSIC!! GOTTA Reach millions on viewers 💯💯💥💥💥
Joseph J.
Joseph J. 14 hours ago
The Harris family going strong 💪🏾
Abel Renew
Abel Renew 14 hours ago
Music starter pack usposts.info/vision/m5aX0bDFhotsfZk/video
Shay Francis
Shay Francis 14 hours ago
Jamel McCurty
Jamel McCurty 14 hours ago
T.I didn’t switch his flow whoever said that must be young and never heard him
Comanberfowg 14 hours ago
No cap 42 dugg nd mozzy carried this
Patrick Williams
Patrick Williams 14 hours ago
Stop standing like a girl
Ricky The thinker channel
Ricky The thinker channel 14 hours ago
T.I. and John legend 🔥🔥🔥🔥
mr. a
mr. a 14 hours ago
Perekhvatkin Demian Tarasovich
Perekhvatkin Demian Tarasovich 14 hours ago
Yes sirrr~
Deondre Watson
Deondre Watson 14 hours ago
Don’t act like they took this beat from Blacc Zacc. Still fire tho💯
secrecy silence
secrecy silence 14 hours ago
That boy tip still goin salute....
Melvin Bowles Jr
Melvin Bowles Jr 14 hours ago
Shouldn't have any thumbs down 💯
OVO Mightygod
OVO Mightygod 14 hours ago
Drake gon diss yo bichass lol
Big G
Big G 14 hours ago
Here to hear mozzy 🥃
boodubz151ad 14 hours ago
The Dude
The Dude 14 hours ago
Baby Baby Baby
boodubz151ad 14 hours ago
boodubz151ad 14 hours ago
boodubz151ad 14 hours ago
boodubz151ad 14 hours ago
So Jo
So Jo 14 hours ago
Hot damn TIP say that ish!!! Love it
O’Dell Bucks
O’Dell Bucks 14 hours ago
Another classic! Ain’t no rapper messing with the king!!
Kng Tch
Kng Tch 14 hours ago
Is that mitchelle'l on the hook this whole song is a vibe
Dhruv Khera
Dhruv Khera 14 hours ago
Why does TI sound like Sean Paul 😂😭
Helena Stevens
Helena Stevens 14 hours ago
This is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥 😨👌
Mikey D-money
Mikey D-money 14 hours ago
Shit go hard TI been the king Bankheadddddd......
mikedaflexta 14 hours ago
My dream is to do a song with my kids. TI been influencing his kids so long, he done turned them into rap monsters. This is lyrical, informative, direct, and the beat is so fire. I hope to hear more father son albums from the Harris family. All we need now is a Tiny-Tip album and I'm officially dubbing them the #1 hip hop family.
Shiva 14 hours ago
Looks like Versace or Louis Vuitton funded for this beat
Miss You'Nique
Miss You'Nique 14 hours ago
Thanks Tip #libragang
S SINA 14 hours ago
Bangahhh 💯🔥🔥
robby mizco
robby mizco 14 hours ago
Yeah yeah this is it dawg always on point. What else...... ?
Mel Dee
Mel Dee 14 hours ago
Rozay made it hott
Meni Medard
Meni Medard 14 hours ago
Tokyo Jetz killed it 4real!...
Camille Walker
Camille Walker 14 hours ago
Keith S.
Keith S. 14 hours ago
I dont care.. I don't care.. ANY TIME a MF start his verse with "Well if I may speak freely.." IM listening to what he got to say.
Shiva 14 hours ago
TI has a voice every rapper wishes to have
Mickael Azenha
Mickael Azenha 15 hours ago
Who else imagine slim thug is perfect for a remix for this one?
ItsDarnell 15 hours ago
Sounds like dre beat
none Frederick
none Frederick 15 hours ago
Thank you Mr.T.I you’ll heard what this man told y’all at the end of this song that’s the truth and he’s not lying learn our history my people Hallelujah!! Again Mr.T.I thank you and keep sending them messages Hallelujah!!!
Hey 15 hours ago
T .I is so fine, he just get better with age
Mack Pearl
Mack Pearl 15 hours ago
Tiffany Cordero
Tiffany Cordero 15 hours ago
4:16 Gunna 😯
Bragga Daps
Bragga Daps 15 hours ago
Say they maAd make a meds
Moses Machuwa
Moses Machuwa 15 hours ago
The beat is awesome 🔥I wish yo gotti was featured in the song...Nice one TI👏
Ron maz
Ron maz 15 hours ago
Urban Legend!!! it's the King B*tch!!
Overlord Jonezzz
Overlord Jonezzz 15 hours ago
Bragga Daps
Bragga Daps 15 hours ago
Medz it
Joseph Ajaegbu
Joseph Ajaegbu 15 hours ago
This ain’t a mozzy type beat too high tempo