Vini Bhatt
Vini Bhatt 8 hours ago
The best part is ScarJo squinting at the prompter like "when's my cue coming...."
Andrew Williamson
Andrew Williamson 8 hours ago
Garrett Morris.under appriciated,underrated, pure talent and class
Jacob Montgomery
Jacob Montgomery 8 hours ago
"But I'm not that fat!" "Please..."
creatyve 8 hours ago
Not Sure
Not Sure 8 hours ago
The whole Harding / Kerrigan story could be boiled down to two wrongs. Harding was a no-talent hack who resorted to unprecedented violence in, of all sports, figure skating, while Kerrigan possessed a moderate amount of talent, but went full white-girl when she responded to the attack. Neither one of them really deserved any sympathy. This opening "monologue" was done this way so that Kerrigan would not actually have to entertain the audience (just answer questions), but it was also stupid because it treated Kerrigan with kid gloves.
Karl 8 hours ago
the ok human album tho
romxxii 8 hours ago
When people remember George and Dubya with fondness despite the two being war profiteers, that really tells you how bad the GOP's gotten.
Jennifer ofenleger
Jennifer ofenleger 8 hours ago
I love how Melissa looks at her and she just cracks
BRAd From The Valley Bradley Turnham
BRAd From The Valley Bradley Turnham 8 hours ago
saw eva ave on the gematria of boateng putty cat any how it come up with this in a search Eva Ave, Puxico, MO 63960 PuZeeKo now Krzyzewski is it missing an a
Patricia Pan
Patricia Pan 8 hours ago
Lmao the car mean...the Kia Hamsters??
Brian Koller
Brian Koller 8 hours ago
UCan watch theoffice. Brian
Nick Dirienzo
Nick Dirienzo 8 hours ago
Funniest thing I've ever seen on snl.
Francisco Shehee
Francisco Shehee 8 hours ago
“No! That’s me??? Oh I look horrible! Delete that, oh delete that!” SMASH!!! I LOST IT 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jack Lackner
Jack Lackner 8 hours ago
the robochomo is the most extremely evil invention ever
storytime118 8 hours ago
Musical artist... ha.
Sarah Skelton
Sarah Skelton 8 hours ago
Ummm...he’s done quite well and has amassed huge success just being Justin Timberlake, don’t you think? He’d be selling himself short as an SNL cast member. Jimmy Fallon always purposely broke character. It was so annoying. Now, Pete Davidson has taken over as the cast member who always breaks character. I was already a college sophomore when Pete Davidson was born. I really look forward to the day when he’s not on the show. He’s just not funny. We get it, lots of us go through that phase in our 20s when we analyze ourselves and our lives, and some of us are even given a diagnosis of clinical depression and/or GAD, (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) but we don’t use it for laughs. Yes...I’m in a bad mood.
John Legaspi
John Legaspi 8 hours ago
Umm, where's the "Window Warrior"? Someone should've been constantly peeking out the window! WTF! Also, some tweakers I've seen (myself included) would be talking in a softer quieter voice so I'm not heard by the "shadow people" or imaginary feds. LOL
Tim Drake
Tim Drake 8 hours ago
This was a PSA.
Not Sure
Not Sure 8 hours ago
You may not like seeing this, but it is very accurate.
Tara H.
Tara H. 8 hours ago
Hera's reaction at 3:17 😂
Sebastian Wach
Sebastian Wach 8 hours ago
To jest to.
Jason Littlefield
Jason Littlefield 8 hours ago
Us MAINERS don't talk like that.PISS OFF
bliq 8 hours ago
lmao 1. Laughing my ass off 2. Let's make an omlet Person 1: Did you see that squirrel, lmao! Person 2: Isn't it a bit late for omlets? Person 1: Wait what?
Lotte Pearl
Lotte Pearl 8 hours ago
I have to say Kate McKinnon did a brilliant job at an RP English accent
Albert Gatsi
Albert Gatsi 8 hours ago
i have a condo in Jupiter sooo..
Katydid-99 8 hours ago
Gotta say, Bowen in a Batman costume? Surprisingly attractive to me 0.0
stickitinyourear2011 8 hours ago
No one but Garret Morris could pull off that Lord and Lady douch bag intro.
Tong Zou
Tong Zou 8 hours ago
lol Kenan dropped the Charles Barkley impression after the first few lines
Bree -
Bree - 8 hours ago
... I bit the inside of my cheek so hard watching this while eating
Rob Waller
Rob Waller 8 hours ago
Its an insult to the old Star Trek and ways of the legendary past.
Drolatique Suki
Drolatique Suki 8 hours ago
😂😂😂 stupid
Isabella Belleza
Isabella Belleza 8 hours ago
Did he lie though?
Lisa Simmons
Lisa Simmons 8 hours ago
I love Kenan!!!
Guido Mista
Guido Mista 8 hours ago
This was the saddest guitar smashing I’ve ever seen. Guitar was hardly demolished by the time she threw it down after banging it 10ish times. Didn’t even seem like she was into doing it tbh. Really jus seems like she got tired and threw it down lol. Almost like she didn’t fully commit because she didn’t wanna damage the speaker too badly and just halfheartedly swung.
Michael Terry
Michael Terry 8 hours ago
Way too funny!
Joao Molina
Joao Molina 8 hours ago
entam enemorados
Nick Dirienzo
Nick Dirienzo 8 hours ago
I wish they would do a full version.
Shoop A Loop
Shoop A Loop 8 hours ago
This is basically American commerce in a nutshell
Jose Reyes
Jose Reyes 8 hours ago
She's great 💓 I love her, more power to you 💪 😎 .
George Henderson
George Henderson 8 hours ago
"Oh, and also I burned the eggs, so it's cookies for breakfast." "Yea!" 😂
P. Martinez
P. Martinez 8 hours ago
"What do you want money? Sex? Sex isn't it? Lmboooooo
Mclekfkeiw Disidido
Mclekfkeiw Disidido 8 hours ago
He wasn’t lying about him being shredded
Isabella Belleza
Isabella Belleza 8 hours ago
Dave Chapelle is so versatile in his material.
George Henderson
George Henderson 8 hours ago
"Gene Simmons" is pretty spot-on. 😂
Biljana Ivanova
Biljana Ivanova 8 hours ago
1:31 You know something is up when the devil talks more accurately about god then your pastor
S G 8 hours ago
reptilexcq2 8 hours ago
Fact: Ted Cruz is a woman.
Isabella Belleza
Isabella Belleza 8 hours ago
God bless Dave Chapelle!
Karen Deaderick
Karen Deaderick 8 hours ago
Mclekfkeiw Disidido
Mclekfkeiw Disidido 8 hours ago
So this is where Gavin was all along
sylvie champclos
sylvie champclos 8 hours ago
The other day, as I was cleaning out my library, I realized that I have a book by Harlan Coben: "Without a Word" is the title... I found it curious and unusual, when I know that you were interviewed by this writer on February 25... To share with you my feelings about the video of your interview with Harlan, what can I say more than what I feel for years about your living conditions with your witch !!! By the way, she doesn't really show her "hypocritical" smile when you turn the camera towards her !!! And with regard to your gesture, I wondered if you were also doing it to taunt me ?? No !!! in fact you are so afraid of your wife, that you are like a robot whose gestures have become almost automatic in front of her, and especially to see "how much" you are under her surveillance non stop... In such conditions, how can you feel free and happy ?? And by the way, you are not happy !!! I can see it perfectly behind the mask that you constantly wear, and that you leave only when you find yourself alone at night in your bed, when nobody can see you sad and even cry anymore, and when you can finally leave free and without restraint all your emotions buried in the day and in front of witnesses too embarrassing ... Your great modesty of mind does not allow you to openly express what your heart feels powerfully... And amplified by a great shyness, you are terrorized at the idea that your words cannot be understood, or even admitted for fear of clumsiness... Everything is simply in your head my love !!! And everything stems from your lack of self-confidence... On this video, I wonder what you are watching with such interest at the beginning of your conversation with Harlan Coben, by leaning with a lot of attention on something posed in front of you... Are you checking your notes, and what you need to say ? Or do you check to see if I've posted a message on a youtube video ? I'd be tempted to take the second option, because the views on Jasper's video kept moving while you were busy conversing live with Harlan ; so I concluded that you were checking to see if I had posted on youtube :) :) To Be Continued....
H R 8 hours ago
Moffat kills me 😂😂😂
armando villamizar
armando villamizar 8 hours ago
Larry Solis
Larry Solis 8 hours ago
Ok.. this is Funny 😆
D L 8 hours ago
Capitalism in a nutshell.
Spencer Williams
Spencer Williams 8 hours ago
Gina Kohlschmidt
Gina Kohlschmidt 8 hours ago
Well, well, well, ... turns out Russia Collusion was a hoax all along and Trump wasn't lying, the Liberal Left was lying and not only lying, trying to set Trump up. Anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together knew this all along. Oh wait....
D L 8 hours ago
Sam Wood
Sam Wood 8 hours ago
the lady on the bottom left at 2:57 who was vibing with Kyle's freestyle
Cathy Cooper
Cathy Cooper 8 hours ago
Oh god! I've just given myself indigestion laughing at this!
2Dcharacters are my love
2Dcharacters are my love 8 hours ago
Good Game.
By Popular Demand
By Popular Demand 8 hours ago
her voiceeee damnnn
TheKing 8 hours ago
Ive heard everyone trashtalk her for not being funny, so i had to find out for myself. And ye, this is not the best.
Chentzilla 8 hours ago
Was that Kristen Wiig as the principal?
FrameDrumAndFlute 8 hours ago
Well at least he left as a winner.
Cindy Odhiambo
Cindy Odhiambo 8 hours ago
Teacher: Air is mostly made of oxygen The 78% of air that’s Nitrogen: 👀😪
Video Game Sanctuary
Video Game Sanctuary 8 hours ago
Masks are starting to become a meme for the ages...better put on a third, it's just logical 🤣🤣🤣
Nicolo Bonatelli
Nicolo Bonatelli 8 hours ago
This is a performance. Bad Bunny has his girlfriend and she is prettier than Rosalía. Y chicos, la canción es del conejo, o sea, no jdn.
Big A Nation
Big A Nation 8 hours ago
The dad is kinda jacked
Golden Iolaire
Golden Iolaire 8 hours ago
Only time I’ve seen South Park and Family Guy collaborate
Chase A
Chase A 8 hours ago
Kerry Washington from Little Man a very good actress I like her ..
Febry Imam Maulana
Febry Imam Maulana 8 hours ago
and you f-ing winning!!!
Tim Rex
Tim Rex 8 hours ago
Snl and impractical jokers must have the same writers
Ruben Karapetyan
Ruben Karapetyan 8 hours ago
I need to see Pete play coumo again!
Jekyl lynch
Jekyl lynch 8 hours ago
For the people saying "ted is right" why the hell are you on your phone or computer? Throw that shit away.
Sully McSullivan
Sully McSullivan 8 hours ago
She was skinny back then
tecknos africa
tecknos africa 8 hours ago
there' a street fighter edition of what happened in the elevator . who is watching today ?
Bill McCue
Bill McCue 8 hours ago
Alec Baldwin is such a piece of s**t.
Nikolas Proctor
Nikolas Proctor 8 hours ago
Hi, I'm Al Bundy. You may know me as.... Al Bundy.
Chentzilla 8 hours ago
Didn't watch it before because I thought it's a political thing about Nancy Pelosi :(