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Beetlejuice 14 hours ago
That’s a tranny lol. The elite love to do that
J K 14 hours ago
Imagine being unknowingly Red Pilled by Bill Burr.
Preschool Dropout Yamagatagirl
Preschool Dropout Yamagatagirl 14 hours ago
Lisa Rae looks soooooo goooood!!!!
Jerrell Bevers
Jerrell Bevers 14 hours ago
Isn't this the exact same acting Jim did for the movie _The Mask?_
spr30 14 hours ago
the way she delivers the line “You know Keenan makes me laugh Michael, he makes me laugh” should earn her an Oscar
Renaissance Payne
Renaissance Payne 14 hours ago
Beautiful...62+...#CHURCH LADY IN CHIRAQ **** Oh ...🤩❤
Mike Sam
Mike Sam 14 hours ago
All true!
Curtis Tisberger
Curtis Tisberger 14 hours ago
Stupid stuff like this trending just shows me how far Humanity has been dumbed down
Suchart Boontid
Suchart Boontid 14 hours ago
Are you white? Are you blaque?
Patrick L
Patrick L 14 hours ago
I don't see a difference btw SNL, CNN, and MSNBC. All 3 give the libs their news.
Mike 14 hours ago
Crazy how all these people became famous
Justifiable_ Violence
Justifiable_ Violence 14 hours ago
This is what happens when all the after school nerds grow up to be actors. They feel compelled to get revenge against the natural winners. 😆👌🇺🇸
Subhash Jadhav
Subhash Jadhav 14 hours ago
If a woman looks like Phoebe Waller-Bridge my genitals are always going to be sitting there patiently. Not funny at all.
MrTiagoTnT 14 hours ago
You just gotta love Bill!!!
Brad BradBradBrad
Brad BradBradBrad 14 hours ago
*See? SNL used to be really funny* ! Not the political shitshow it is now.
Hanna Horváth
Hanna Horváth 14 hours ago
8D version usposts.info/vision/lLW-kdrYjZ2Aaq4/video!!!!!🧚🏻‍♀️
John David
John David 14 hours ago
Did SNL just bring back Garth?
Big Ell
Big Ell 14 hours ago
"Arch your back, for more security" 😂😂😂😂
imacg4 14 hours ago
O no, they've got two Kyles now!
Philly ReD 215 FTF
Philly ReD 215 FTF 14 hours ago
You know that this had to be based off of some real person somewhere....I hope one day that I, too, will meet..... Sergio
KELLY Household
KELLY Household 14 hours ago
Kimberly Haren
Kimberly Haren 14 hours ago
This was spot on. On both sides. SNL, Nailed it!!!!
Happy Guy
Happy Guy 14 hours ago
Did any one else see the head at 1:13 bottom left?
Aquablue 125
Aquablue 125 14 hours ago
Holy hell bill looks and sounds insanely hot
David Brown
David Brown 14 hours ago
SNL hasn’t been this funny in years.😂😂😂 those days are long gone.
Joseph Molnar
Joseph Molnar 14 hours ago
Stop ruining these skits with Kamala Harris
Note to Self
Note to Self 14 hours ago
Just....bring back Norm Macdonald plz
leonard york
leonard york 14 hours ago
Lol he walk out with the wine lol
J B 14 hours ago
Best game show I’ve seen them do.
Michael Swanson
Michael Swanson 14 hours ago
She is absolutely beautiful and talented. .
Mike 14 hours ago
Jim Carey has Biden's facial expressions and mannerisms down to a T. Well done, sir.
Ly Unabia
Ly Unabia 14 hours ago
Got me teary-eyed
Major Howell
Major Howell 14 hours ago
Leave cause of NY Court's...
AMERICA FREEDOM 14 hours ago
Jimmy Carry killed Biden lmfo with the avatars on .
faze gui
faze gui 14 hours ago
😅🤣😂😂🤣🤣 oh my.i can't take them all in.😆😅🤣😂😂🤣 Joe Trump the whole cast there
Incognito 14 hours ago
More like FeEbay. 😡
Scopes 14 hours ago
“Directed by David R. Russell”
dirty2jz 14 hours ago
Issa Rae is gorgeous
Lander Van Belle
Lander Van Belle 14 hours ago
The amount of "once again Justin Bieber" i've already heared... Repeat - Repeat - Repeat!
Emille Lee
Emille Lee 14 hours ago
Jason Sudeikis looks so good here
ya boi
ya boi 14 hours ago
Look, here's the deal.
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse 14 hours ago
how convenient for anne hathaway to play as mary poppins in snl, while her grandmother from genovia played the real mary poppins, and her co worker from devil wears prada played as mary poppins in the remake
Alec Neuschaefer
Alec Neuschaefer 14 hours ago
No way this sketch was made before Abu Ghraib
Elysia X.X.X
Elysia X.X.X 14 hours ago
Damarr Brown
Damarr Brown 14 hours ago
She looks good
Elysia X.X.X
Elysia X.X.X 14 hours ago
0:22 my love video :X.
Lyndon Fair
Lyndon Fair 14 hours ago
Tha cap is still on🤣
Richard Stirton
Richard Stirton 14 hours ago
Jon Bellion all over this track
Marshashi Custodio
Marshashi Custodio 14 hours ago
''Popstar'' and ''Lonely'' is literally Justin Bieber 💕
Indian 14 hours ago
0:22 my love video :X.
Ketty smith
Ketty smith 14 hours ago
M still crying.... oh mehn the reality of life
cadi shack stim
cadi shack stim 14 hours ago
Justin has always been a beautiful artist. He just got lost for a time. Fame is a shiny, but extremely traumatic, experience for many (not all), especially the young. Bieber Fever turned that 13-year-old from Canada inside out. As we all know JB went on to experience being bullied by Netzians, pundits, became TMZ's and the media's punchbag, a talk show punchline, became addicted to drugs, suffers from depression and anxiety and has done for years, battled suicide ideation, alienation from his family, good friends and team, got in a good deal of legal trouble, became ill with Lyme disease and Mono, and was very let down by his parents. But he came through that haze and that despair, and over time, through his own efforts to get better, get clean, get clear, and do the self-work, he reclaimed his life and career back. Justin has owned all his mistakes publicly and done so under immense scrutiny and over-judgment from the world, amid gleeful, routinely maliciously fabricated and/or inflated media goading, which was intended to break him, in the name of "entertainment." Fast forward to now, this talented, authentic, kind, young man is still standing, still creating amazing music, and he is still giving back to those in need in wonderful ways, and has been since the start of his stratospheric career. Check out the links to explore more about the human being and icon that is Justin Bieber: Music: usposts.info/vision/bK6T05rdcHCgp6Y/video open.spotify.com/playlist/2hY82Zc9yzxSumLHJfMGLo usposts.info/vision/aK7g3LamhKaijsQ/video soundcloud.com/danubia-mendes/justin-bieber-x-cody-simpson-heroine-let-go usposts.info/vision/oaves9SZb4mBi9Q/video usposts.info/vision/o9Paq7avaX-gmJE/video usposts.info/vision/eJ3Akcqar4qXqZk/video Reading material: twitter.com/sinsofbieber/status/1241830203376021504 www.inquisitr.com/opinion/4412682/justin-bieber-mental-health-canceled-tour/ t.co/4KWCP5dqwD?amp=1 t.co/daZbgJ3WcS?amp=1 t.co/LEPdZ4CAFM?amp=1
1Marty Mcfly2
1Marty Mcfly2 14 hours ago
Meth is illegal only bcuz it's a highly illegal substance. The law or the fda don't care about us they only want to make money.
Coach d Wells
Coach d Wells 14 hours ago
Baraka Ali
Baraka Ali 14 hours ago
Jeff Wilkins
Jeff Wilkins 14 hours ago
The TDS is strong in this one.
Trojianmaru 14 hours ago
Wow, I'd heard snl wasn't funny, but wow. That was seriously so god damn cringy, that I started reading comments just to survive till the end. Who is this even aimed at? It's not the right, because they hate them, and it's not the left, because surely the sjw crowd wouldn't be OK with ridiculing someone based on their apperance... Right?
Built2Fast 14 hours ago
LMFAO - SNL just has to broadcast the real life interviews and it would still be just as hilarious.
Lt Columbo
Lt Columbo 14 hours ago
Jim Carrey freaking hilarious talking to God
A R 14 hours ago
Tears. That’s all I see
Michael Engelmann
Michael Engelmann 14 hours ago
I don’t get the “Jost” joke, the “Newman’s Own” joke and a couple others
Michael Engelmann
Michael Engelmann 14 hours ago
Nvm, Colin Jost 😂🙄🤦🏽‍♂️
Joseph Molnar
Joseph Molnar 14 hours ago
Fake news. Bill Clinton was the one close to Jeffery.
Dope as yola Supporter
Dope as yola Supporter 14 hours ago
Pete Davidson is the funniest person ever best young comedian and actor BTW watch the movie the king of Staten Island!! You won’t regret believe me
Jermel Hurst
Jermel Hurst 14 hours ago
Lol I’m done Tiffany voice lol to funny
Alice rose
Alice rose 14 hours ago
So proud of him
Bro. Tolliver
Bro. Tolliver 14 hours ago
When Heidi does that thing with her tongue 0:18, am I the only one who tingles a little bit?
Jermel Hurst
Jermel Hurst 14 hours ago
He played him perfect lol
warhawkhero 14 hours ago
American Mr. Bean 🤣🤣🤣🤣
LINCOLN PARKER 14 hours ago
Idk why Twitter is bashing Jim’s Biden impersonation. He’s excellent
chloe blackburn
chloe blackburn 14 hours ago
I will burn this whole place to the ground!! 😂😂😂😂😂
Deborah Bergman
Deborah Bergman 14 hours ago
dang i caught myself laughing at carey. i still don't respect the murderer
STUPID YOUTUBE! 14 hours ago
1:34 enjoy your funeral whoever does that
Rip Suc Fallen Souljaz So Sia Falia Killuminat
Rip Suc Fallen Souljaz So Sia Falia Killuminat 14 hours ago
God bless america and God bless Bill Burr this man is a living legend and top 3 comedians in my book salute
Marvin Garagan
Marvin Garagan 14 hours ago
Damn... accurate AF
jeff trump
jeff trump 14 hours ago
Lidia Beretta
Lidia Beretta 14 hours ago
im surprised to find out I'd listen to Issa speaking with a french canadian accent for hours
Suchart Boontid
Suchart Boontid 14 hours ago
This is my favorite skit.
enigma1863 14 hours ago
Anyone play with this footage since they are in front of a green screen.
Hidden 14 hours ago
This is the most trash comedy on TV and I don't even watch TV. If I had to pay for this and it will be only thing that I could watch because every other channel what's static, I would still go to the library and find a Doctor Seuss book that was funnier than this trash. Do better.
netsirenful 14 hours ago
I wish this was a real show!!