K Long
K Long 9 hours ago
so many ppl already put in on facebook live its probably on facebook still but Ill pay a PPV fee for Eminem vs Cassidy 2021 the bag be tooooo big ppv be sold out so half should go to charity then Em might come do it for a good cause and it should be for the culture for fun for the hell of it wouldnt matter if Em would win or lose because he already has won and has nothing to prove but we gotta have Eminem vs Cassidy 2021
AA AA 9 hours ago
Zewl 9 hours ago
Didn’t he battle yoshi g after mike p
Smooth Sha 4YT
Smooth Sha 4YT 9 hours ago
That’s what’s up
Playboy Kwa
Playboy Kwa 9 hours ago
What was the purpose of showing Hitman at the end???..... This whole video was a reach SMH
Saint MTE
Saint MTE 9 hours ago
Bull run just began so drop a lil 2k on Eth baby!!!
MK 9 hours ago
I agree with u Geechi. Hallow was just on some personal rapping shit vs Math. He could have bodied him but he took the high road. Geechi 30
wavvy 206
wavvy 206 9 hours ago
Proud cuz hair finally grew lol
what other food? Fish
what other food? Fish 9 hours ago
Ave a wannabe.. thirsty for validation. Like Math Hoffa
Slv_surfer 9 hours ago
Bill got his demon following him w/ that goat face tatt.. .sheesh
AFTW KING 9 hours ago
I hate when ppl i dont know get that close
Gorilla Gang VDKBABY
Gorilla Gang VDKBABY 9 hours ago
epic work
epic work 9 hours ago
K pac
Dre Omar
Dre Omar 9 hours ago
Let's go big T! Hope you demolish sud collecter
ROYAL PRINCESS 9 hours ago
Enno West
Enno West 9 hours ago
🔥NWX-ZIP'EM UP🔥 Shine layed back to let the community shine for a minute and bro took full advantage of that shine! 💪👊🏿 ((RESPECT))
Twizz The Whiz Kid
Twizz The Whiz Kid 9 hours ago
VA shit!!
William Burney
William Burney 10 hours ago
Geechi 3-0 this a easy win
STORIE harris
STORIE harris 10 hours ago
I see you geeich with the EDGE CONTROL IN YA HAIR LOL
Solomon's Tech
Solomon's Tech 10 hours ago
Take your time for the USposts release. If niggaz really wanna watch it they'll cop the VOD
Agi Jay 17
Agi Jay 17 10 hours ago
Arp hold on to it brother But equally so you can bless the culture shit gone hit a mil with an hr just of the hype right now Might not have the same impact months later!!!
Kurd Hassan
Kurd Hassan 10 hours ago
I got the vod still just drop it. Its all about timing arp, there isnt no outlined strategy, make the most out of the traction you will get as its getting now. Release cass hitman battle within 2 weeks while its still hot
Detroit Mi Dunkin
Detroit Mi Dunkin 10 hours ago
The realest nigga in the rap battle game
King Don
King Don 10 hours ago ✅✅
Dmonchild 10 hours ago
Shine be putting on everywhere he go i rock wit him heavy
Detroit Mi Dunkin
Detroit Mi Dunkin 10 hours ago
Cassidy is crazy. The Energy is back.
Cleveland216 10 hours ago
Slidin on the beat like blood in a vessel
Steven daSilva
Steven daSilva 10 hours ago
Damn man it's hard to see this.
K M 10 hours ago
So is Geechi actually a league owner or just the face? Not to say he's not invested, but niggas quick to say a nigga a league owner and niggas quick to represent the claim. Just sayin. I doubt Geechi is in an ARP, Smack or Organic situation. Shit low-key lame af to me.
Pink Jet
Pink Jet 10 hours ago ✅✅
Orlando Serrano
Orlando Serrano 10 hours ago
Danny would bar Math into oblivion. I like Math but he's not beating Danny on his current run.
Steven daSilva
Steven daSilva 10 hours ago
Math vs dna, roc, twork, mook.
Shellz Garvey
Shellz Garvey 10 hours ago
Big T ain't big more. Let's go T! 3-0
Steven daSilva
Steven daSilva 10 hours ago
Math kills danny
manmonchill 10 hours ago
Lol. I was thinking the Same. How is he going to get his picture. I guess the internet will send it to him🤷‍♂️
Abdullah DaCoola
Abdullah DaCoola 10 hours ago
I betcha Cassidy can’t beat O solo .....I’m telling you kid O solo will roast him hard 😂
Fenkell Joe
Fenkell Joe 10 hours ago
Math lying 😂😂😂😂he think he getting paid more than geechi
Pink Jet
Pink Jet 10 hours ago ✅✅
Traphouse Books
Traphouse Books 10 hours ago
Clean body
Julius Cameron
Julius Cameron 10 hours ago
Math u already 0-2 on legends only. Stop it lol
Kolongi Ervin
Kolongi Ervin 10 hours ago
Nobody wanna see math he washed and trash
Twizz The Whiz Kid
Twizz The Whiz Kid 10 hours ago
I don't think Tuna about to play around with this battle.
Bobby Ervin
Bobby Ervin 10 hours ago
Beany Pablo
Beany Pablo 10 hours ago
I would have told this goofy to back up!!
Twizz The Whiz Kid
Twizz The Whiz Kid 10 hours ago
Hoffa & Danny were actually booked to battle after the Math vs Diz' match, but it was cancelled after the incident occured... Hoffa vs O Red wax also booked, but it got cancelled as well.
David Jean
David Jean 10 hours ago
Omike White
Omike White 10 hours ago
Salute to shine being a solid one man. Show your fans love man.
brandonhoward 10 hours ago
Yeah I know I'd be me mad as hell if I paid like 50 bucks to see that battle then they drop it on YT a week later 😂😂
dirt mcgirt
dirt mcgirt 10 hours ago
Billiano the dono
Jay Jackson
Jay Jackson 10 hours ago
Basically..... there needs to be a legit Competitor Platform in order to remedy the Supply and Demand inefficiencies.
Ronnie Arrington
Ronnie Arrington 10 hours ago
Better drop it before people don't care about it anymore
Jameel Buggs
Jameel Buggs 9 hours ago
It's still gon do 3 plus million views no matter how late he drops it
TheDarthEmperor 10 hours ago
A yo hitman, Cass 3-0!
Xavier Sanchez
Xavier Sanchez 10 hours ago
Wack bar of the week ! Pull Vrrrr Rise ✊🏾🚗💨🔫
TEK NITTI 10 hours ago
Shine get points for that
dworkx1 10 hours ago
Geechi has a recorder voice 😂 his environment ain’t leave him no room to be a sucka, solid character.
Pink Jet
Pink Jet 10 hours ago ✅✅
Marquis Vegan
Marquis Vegan 10 hours ago
It seem like every URL event this year somebody had to back out.
EnoTV 10 hours ago
Wait so Cass wasnt lying when he said Hitman has battle rapper faces on the wall. 😂 makes his round even more fire
Keith Jordan
Keith Jordan 10 hours ago
Just because they got Dolce & Gabbana on them don't mean your ass should wear them glasses look horrible.girl shades
Patrick Pearson
Patrick Pearson 10 hours ago
You got me with the Hennessy Tequila
Lord Shiva
Lord Shiva 10 hours ago
ARP smart as hell, and I don't never sense no crazy ego coming from him. He always just keep it 💯💪🏾
Guru Everything
Guru Everything 9 hours ago
@Cedric Hall yea that dude prolly a bot or a burner cause I definitely see ego from ARP....I never seen any league owner disrespect legends tbh
Cedric Hall
Cedric Hall 10 hours ago
What even makes it worse is that arp is a business owner stooping to the level of a battle rapper who just got out of prison. Just think about that. Arp shouldn't even did that. Dudes like him can't rap but only want to be in the spotlight. You don't see white business owners doing want Arp just did. Not even Beasley with his confrontation with bill collector did such a thing. Business is different then real life Arp should've been more mature with this one. He meets crazy battle rappers all the time he should know better but his ego consumes him.
Cedric Hall
Cedric Hall 10 hours ago
If you think arp doesn't have a massive ego you are crazy. He just did a hour blog about serious jones telling all his business like a snitch all because he got in his narcissistic feelings. You don't know humans
Kaibric Turner
Kaibric Turner 10 hours ago
And then what happened?
Peter Berry
Peter Berry 10 hours ago
Me Too
Me Too 10 hours ago
Horsman probably all in Geechi DM's right now
Jericho Venus
Jericho Venus 10 hours ago
im not a a math hoffa fan by a long shot but don't sleep on him by not taking it serious anybody can cooked in this shit.
brandon davis
brandon davis 11 hours ago
Samck went Hollywood shm
Nicole Marie
Nicole Marie 11 hours ago
I don’t know what bots 🤖 you used to comment that Cassidy won to boost sales but that shit was wack. Hitman CLEAR 30
NBA 2kDemon
NBA 2kDemon 9 hours ago
Facts he won 3-0
Guru Everything
Guru Everything 9 hours ago
Didn’t angryfan and Vado fly and piper boy say Cassidy won? You prolly a bot
The wonderful life of Bob Jay
The wonderful life of Bob Jay 10 hours ago
Hitman bot
Kingmill908 11 hours ago
I fucks with geechi he seem like a solid dude and he's humble
joe black
joe black 11 hours ago
It look like he been chewin blue now laters all day
Mg Scrilla
Mg Scrilla 11 hours ago
ion know wizard kelly could spit 😂
V. JonesTV
V. JonesTV 11 hours ago
Man look like an extra from the walking dead. He looks hungry.
leebeme1 11 hours ago
I'm sorry but that shit gotta be annoyin.
Brandon Hayes
Brandon Hayes 11 hours ago
Geechi, you're feeling yourself too much. You're not as nice as you think. You're about to have your soul snatched from you standing in front of that nigga, Hoffa. I'm telling you RIGHT NOW. He's in for a RUDE AWAKENING.SMH
CapitalDCpresents 11 hours ago
Shine with glasses needs to Battle.
isiahalston 11 hours ago
You sound homosexual
CapitalDCpresents 11 hours ago
MORE OF THIS PLEASE. Humans loving rap!!! Bro was saucy af tho