The Portless iPhone!
Cookie 2 hours ago
With the bigger battery, and better camera on the pro max, I just have to go with that one. I love the form factor of the iphone 12 pro, but the compromised future proofing is too much for me.
pakistan autodetailing
pakistan autodetailing 2 hours ago
Note 20 ultra is my daily driver and im loving ever bit of it
Tolga Altinbas
Tolga Altinbas 2 hours ago
it looks like a bigger version of the iphone 5 with 3 cameras! I dont like the design
Jose Paras Jr.
Jose Paras Jr. 3 hours ago
Is it OK if I share promo on my timeline
Jose Paras Jr.
Jose Paras Jr. 3 hours ago
I did subscribed all your channel hopefully I win iphone 12 lol
Aljosa Cebokli
Aljosa Cebokli 3 hours ago
Looks like you had a bit of a party last night mate 😆
guts dragonslayer
guts dragonslayer 3 hours ago
What different between cx and gx
Xrated Kumar
Xrated Kumar 4 hours ago
SD 730 is a great chipset plus A71 has a bigger battery than why you went with one plus it's better you stop reviewing the devices first get your facts right..
Red Raven
Red Raven 4 hours ago
Note Series all day!! 🙌
Sãï Tårûñ Áìlì
Sãï Tårûñ Áìlì 4 hours ago
After watching this, I plan on buying iPhone 6 now😂😂😂
BroAuthentic 4 hours ago
My ipad 8gen ,only playing video on 720p on USposts safari Is there any problem in my ipad
Yang Hagen
Yang Hagen 5 hours ago
In order to protect our environment, we don’t include anything inside the tiny box of the new iPhone 13 this time. You may want to keep using your old phone.
sofija sofija
sofija sofija 5 hours ago
Am I the only one who hates laptop touchscreen?
Clem Johnson
Clem Johnson 6 hours ago
the background music on this video is too loud. Try remixing the audio.
Mannuelly A
Mannuelly A 6 hours ago
Wondering what if Apple use stainless steel on a ipad pro’s or glass on the back
Chetana patel
Chetana patel 6 hours ago
It's my dream
Chetana patel
Chetana patel 6 hours ago
I love Samsung Galaxy s20
Chetana patel
Chetana patel 6 hours ago
Yes yes
Chetana patel
Chetana patel 6 hours ago
Chetana patel
Chetana patel 6 hours ago
Best camera quality
Chetana patel
Chetana patel 6 hours ago
World best smartphone
Rihan Kris
Rihan Kris 6 hours ago
Very poor battery and cozy just fooling people.
ALIOANNIS 6 hours ago
I needed this I'm thinking on buying a Macbook for the first time in my life but I have no idea which one to get 👁👄👁🤣🤣
ambrose di rossi
ambrose di rossi 6 hours ago
Do you have only one giveaway bro? because I watched your whole video for it. So get me one Iphone 12.😛
Shabir Mir
Shabir Mir 6 hours ago
Spend money on Samsung never 👎🏻 garbage
wəyn 6 hours ago
That Pacific Blue is GORGEOUS!😍
Yeah I'm going back tomorrow Ha I'll get
Yeah I'm going back tomorrow Ha I'll get 7 hours ago
I am on iPad mini six
Anilu Winter
Anilu Winter 7 hours ago
One observation about the charger or lack thereof. Previous iPhone users will already have a lightning to USB-A charger and cable. In the past we all had to buy a fast charger until the 11 Pros. So I think the lightning to USB-C is for Android switchers who will likely have a USB-C adaptor but won’t have a lightning cable. Also for new to iPhone people generally and for the future. I’d say most people will use their existing chargers or wireless.
For Heaven’S Cake Family!
For Heaven’S Cake Family! 7 hours ago
Who cares about the box show me the PHONE !!
ARG TEchpR 7 hours ago
The bezels on the 12 pro or smaller than the Bessel’s on the 11 Pro the 12 pro has a flat screen the 11 Pro has rounded edges so it’s not like it’s a lot smaller but it’s smaller
Christan Zafra
Christan Zafra 7 hours ago
I wish to have this amazing dream phone🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Abdul Nafay Hasan
Abdul Nafay Hasan 7 hours ago
So far I got max screen on time 8 hour 40 screen on time on my exynos note 20 ultra
Dr HAKIM 8 hours ago
Daniel I love your videos I follow you for over 7 years from the beginning.
Karan Pagare
Karan Pagare 8 hours ago
apple giving a bullshit reason to save money....really disappointed and that says a lot since i love apple products..
WR Gamer
WR Gamer 8 hours ago
8:49 what editing software is that?
Marshy Mitch
Marshy Mitch 8 hours ago
I don’t understand why so many people are upset about no headphones and no charging box. I haven’t used wired headphones in probably 4-5 years I also have so many chargers for iPhones that I’m not sure how many I have
Strand 8 hours ago
'8 and 9 series weren't big upgrades but X is' - despite CX being minimal improvements over C9 and even a downgrade with HDMI bandwidth.
Ru Kat
Ru Kat 9 hours ago
Thank you for this video! I've been a Samsung user for many years but have been considering switching to iPhone 12 mini just because I'm tired of having a HUGE phone that doesn't fit in my pockets or purse.
Moe Rosett
Moe Rosett 9 hours ago
How to enter to win the iPhone! I hope I win it for my 55 year old mom, she’s been wanting one for too long! 🙌🏻
JaySparra Gaming
JaySparra Gaming 9 hours ago
Yeah still sticking to the oneplus. Iphone is getting worse. Look at there war on epic vs apple store. Hope companies move over to apple store.
Douglas Widdows
Douglas Widdows 9 hours ago
I agree when you said if it was usb type c it would save the planet more - yes it would. Your argument was that you could use a MacBook or iPad charger to charge it. Well yes you could, but why also couldn’t you just plug this new lightning to usb c into the power brick from the iPad or MacBook? Hahahahhahahahah. Literally makes no difference...
J A 9 hours ago
You peeled off the white “manual” covering the display.
Vihaan Singha
Vihaan Singha 9 hours ago
I feel the air is better F U MacBook Pro
Shreyash Chawhan
Shreyash Chawhan 9 hours ago
Samsung Exynos 990 sucks
Imran H Sheum
Imran H Sheum 10 hours ago
that's cool 🔥
sgtron116 11 hours ago
Upgrading from 8 plus to 12 pro max
ᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟ 11 hours ago
SayMine wants to access my email messages 😳 nah. Thanks 😂
Kathy Chen
Kathy Chen 11 hours ago
iPhone 12 white!
Kay Reezy
Kay Reezy 11 hours ago
crazy that they're sold out EVERYWHERE & have to wait weeks for a delivery
Jana Wilson
Jana Wilson 11 hours ago
Bezels + notch + no charger + kiddie OS 👎
Farisan Jaafar
Farisan Jaafar 11 hours ago
Iphone would be stunning and alegant if the notch is demolish around...that was the massive point of view on screen despite others.
crossoff 12 hours ago
You forgot about 5nm ;)
The Cronimans
The Cronimans 12 hours ago
2,599,109 views but NO likes? I'm the first like.
Pranav Sekhar
Pranav Sekhar 12 hours ago
drexler b
drexler b 12 hours ago
They both look ugly, but the Xbox looks less bad, I guess. I'll still buy a PS5 though, the exterior looks are not that important in the end.
Stefan Shiloh
Stefan Shiloh 12 hours ago
I need 120hz😭
Fortnitesuchtikappa 12 hours ago
From a broken xr to pro or pro max
Spencer G
Spencer G 12 hours ago
How would clicking on notifications, opening maps, and exiting applications work? Blinking, ring/remote? Or would leap motion be a good factor in using the AR glasses?
Hugo Bustamante
Hugo Bustamante 12 hours ago
Fey ZONA DULCE 13 hours ago
Can u do one without a computer?
Kazuki Katsuhito
Kazuki Katsuhito 13 hours ago
I got mine yesterday turning in my iphone 11 pro max , do not regret it all
erbrooks 13 hours ago
Not sure how good this would be for hard-core gamers with burn in. Samsung qled maybe better option
Ari Pauls
Ari Pauls 13 hours ago
Big fan of you!! I am thinking about upgrading my iPhone X to the12. However, I am also considering getting the new iPad Air with apple pencil and the magic keyboard. I have enough money for one (I recently had a birthday) and I am having a tough time deciding. What would you do if you could only choose one and who were in my position?
Nature Good
Nature Good 13 hours ago
all in all, a crap phone. too big, too expensive, cheap look, lagging s pen, no audio jack, poor speakers.
Kai 13 hours ago
I ordered the mini just because of that size...coming from an XR so its still an upgrade for me.
Note20Ultra IsBoss
Note20Ultra IsBoss 13 hours ago
Note20Ultra is king 🤴 🙌 nothing else on the market is better especially worldwide.
jamarr smith
jamarr smith 13 hours ago
Yeah I rock a Z Fold 2 also and I'm thinking about upgrading my iPhone X for the 12 Pro through a $700 swap out from T-mobile since I've been with them for 15 years.
Beau Bernier
Beau Bernier 14 hours ago
CLEARLY the best way to measure bezel width is to look at it with your eyeballs and say the first thing that comes to mind. Precise measurement.
Mzwandile Harmans
Mzwandile Harmans 14 hours ago
The bezels are and do look thinner.
Black Behemoth
Black Behemoth 14 hours ago
Advice , watch on 2x speed
Chester 14 hours ago
The 11 has the shitty intel modem while the 12 has the superior Qualcomm modem.
Trami 14 hours ago
I don’t know if I should upgrade from an iPhone 8 or not... 😕 My phone works just fine but I really like the IPhone 12 Design and ofc the improvements, but I‘m not sure if it’s worth it.
0RIG1N 14 hours ago
i'd pick nord any day of the week
Pedro Miguel
Pedro Miguel 15 hours ago
I'm improving foram the realmente old 5s to 12pro!
SYTR 15 hours ago
what? What microsoft was right about?
Cesar M
Cesar M 15 hours ago
No black turtle neck when reviewing pixel 5
sal salll
sal salll 15 hours ago
Hi how are you
X-Man G
X-Man G 16 hours ago
He is talking about AirPods Pro with normal AirPods lol
Alin Campan Gaming
Alin Campan Gaming 16 hours ago
My iPhone XS Max will be giving it to my mom to replace her iPhone 6S 😁 xxx ❤️❤️❤️
Joshua Craft
Joshua Craft 16 hours ago
iPhone 12 Pro base now comes with 128 GB storage. Do not recall you talking about that. The base 12 comes with 64 GB.