Neo DC
Neo DC 17 hours ago
Star Trek Discovery, the Last Jedi of the Star Trek universe.
Nick 17 hours ago
I don't know how the main cast would fit in, but from what Picard says, it sounds like Q is giving him a second chance to fix past mistakes or a redo on bad outcomes.
Leah Bouley
Leah Bouley 17 hours ago
Finally Jane way can get her due! And not be written awfully! Let’s hope!
Matthew Adams
Matthew Adams 17 hours ago
Games and Nonsense
Games and Nonsense 17 hours ago
... barf
maria glez
maria glez 18 hours ago
This is some nostalgic stuff 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰I am loving every second
Daniel Skelton
Daniel Skelton 18 hours ago
So the cat is the most important thing in the show. Got it.
Lleo Oneiro
Lleo Oneiro 18 hours ago
Well you've given me a reason to live another year
Abby Bloom
Abby Bloom 18 hours ago
How’s CT not in this?
issamkholoud2009 18 hours ago
These guys are basically family, what a great way to talk about season 2 of Picard
Danny Oliver
Danny Oliver 18 hours ago
Wesley NEEDS to come back to the shows. Season 2 of Picard with all the time travel please?! 😍🖖🏼
RommyArts 19 hours ago
Why don't they revive enterprise and it's cast instead of... y'all know it
Ryan Gilmore
Ryan Gilmore 19 hours ago
Star Trek is dead. I won’t be watching its corpse being kicked over and over.
Tin Can Tub
Tin Can Tub 19 hours ago
I wonder if she'll say, "Please state the nature of the emergency" I'm guessing she's the evolution of the Emergency Command Hologram, and it's perfect that it's Janeway!
1225vcs 19 hours ago
Resistance is futile. As much as fans reject this GARBAGE it keeps coming.
bahamut0310 19 hours ago
"Oh, please. Like you didn't see you this coming." Said Q when Picard acted surprised at his appearance.
Danny Oliver
Danny Oliver 19 hours ago
I really wish Will/Wesley would come back into the live action shows... maybe with the Traveller? Maybe in season 2 of Picard?? 😍🖖🏼
MrGruland 19 hours ago
Hope Q will is a anti SJW warrior
Adrianaisevil 20 hours ago
14:33 Correction Yes your last challenge of Battle of the Sexes 2003!! My favorite season!
Robert Ravenelle
Robert Ravenelle 20 hours ago
Sean Harrington
Sean Harrington 20 hours ago
Man rewatching ds9 really cements that this is trash in comparison
yoog 20 hours ago
Q appears and turns Picard back into an actual human instead of a weird android golem thing.
VR 360 TV
VR 360 TV 20 hours ago
Just fantastic, and Will was an amazing host, he should be on TV so much more
Brian Whiting
Brian Whiting 20 hours ago
Should prove interesting after Q's immortal line I'm ageless Picard, you are not. 😆 😆
Roboprogs 20 hours ago
I didn’t even realize they did season 3???
C R 20 hours ago
Wil Wheaton!
MsImperfectDiva 20 hours ago
xcanidx xcanidx
xcanidx xcanidx 20 hours ago
Nestor Acla Jr
Nestor Acla Jr 20 hours ago
I hope there is season 2 pleassssseeee
Revkor 21 hour ago
why do this? you know this series is crap and yet you continue to spend money on it. Let this version of trek go to the trash where it belongs
steelvegas 21 hour ago
So they are giving us a other year of sh#t. Please let this be the end of this pathetic show. Reboot the franchise by letting the contract with Alex Kurtzman's Bad Robot productions expire and reboot the show with writers and producers that love Star Trek and know how to write ST episodes.
Dave Robinson
Dave Robinson 21 hour ago
I turned this off the minute I saw that Will Wheaton was hosting.
Patricia Villarreal
Patricia Villarreal 21 hour ago
Besttekovf go no
Daryl Vanterpool
Daryl Vanterpool 21 hour ago
The t-shirt man.. Good god man! I need that t-shirt. Yesterday is too late, tomorrow is not promised, but today, Today is a good day for that darn t-shirt......mannnn! (ps keep up the great work) but the shirt? XXL
Draco 21 hour ago
Nick Knight
Nick Knight 21 hour ago
We miss Rene and aron
ellsham 21 hour ago
Hopefully Q will snap his fingers and erase the terrible first season
SiliconDrifter 22 hours ago
If Q is omnipotent, can he see all the timelines like Kelvin timeline and discovery future? He says the same thing in the episode “all good things”
SiliconDrifter 22 hours ago
Will Q give Picard a second chance during nemesis? Or when Romulus got smoked? Alter the timeline?
Shawn Kelley
Shawn Kelley 22 hours ago
Ho God! Make it stop! Won’t someone please think of the children and make it STOP!!
Brian VS
Brian VS 22 hours ago
Kind of reminds me of the third season of Enterprise.
Mark El
Mark El 22 hours ago
That ship is still ugo
David Duncan
David Duncan 22 hours ago
Enterprise is SOOOOOOOOO much better than Discovery. Voyager was my favorite. But, yes, these guys got so screwed over.
Zebu Lon
Zebu Lon 22 hours ago
Cancel this abomination asap. You ruined the entire franchise. This is not Star Trek. Shame on you Patrick.
TLouise Allen
TLouise Allen 22 hours ago
As a single mom when Voyager came out.. it was fantastic to see a strong woman commanding a sleek starship. I’d watched Uhura practically run the ship on TOS but never really command. I was so there for Kate Mulgrew leading the way for women as Capt Katherine Janeway then, I named my last dog Katie Darlin , and I Am so here for what she’s gonna teach my grandkids now 🤩👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Bravo and TYVM @KateMulgrew 🙏🏼🙌🏼💪🏼🖖🏼
john knouse
john knouse 22 hours ago
I just so want to go to some 1000 year old pub, and drink pints with Sir Patrick and Sir Ian and hear the banter between those two.
Al M.
Al M. 22 hours ago
Awesome podcast! Great questions
EpicZ3amer 21
EpicZ3amer 21 22 hours ago
Just Merge with AMC or MGM already, even Discovery, your options are lame buy or make better movies and shows
Nathan Edgecomb
Nathan Edgecomb 23 hours ago
I don't have the words... :(
Curtis Conley
Curtis Conley 23 hours ago
wesley stop being a turd
Cherry M.M
Cherry M.M 23 hours ago
Best if the best?? But jemmy is there😂😂
glawler73 23 hours ago
Please John De Lancie, save us from what Star Trek has become, return us to where we were. Please. Undo the horror that was last season and all of STD. I was so inspired by some of your earlier scenes in TNG, please fix the nightmare that the series has become. You can alter the entire timeline, its all up to you. Without you we will have to wait 5 years or more for all these writers to die or move on and more competent ones to take the reigns again.
Tomjon Gjoni
Tomjon Gjoni 23 hours ago
I was getting soo mad half these fucks can't are you new here?
Jason H
Jason H 23 hours ago
Imaging if this production quality was done for STNG or DS9. It would be beyond amazing.
rcsox 23 hours ago
Communism killed 100 million! Gene would be ashamed of you!
BRUCE PATRICK 23 hours ago
“this is a whole new game that i don’t think their ready for” Jemmye you are literally trash in every challenge shut up. your are simply brought back for drama purposes.
rcsox 23 hours ago
Communism killed 100 million! Gene would be ashamed of you!
Linda Weaving
Linda Weaving 23 hours ago
Why is it that we don't have Data in Lower Decks? It's not like the old geezer 'I'm too old' argument works! (Actually, in a time when you can have a completely CGI character that's utterly believable - I give you Golem as the best example). Data is just about everyone's favourite character ever. I still can't accept that he really got blown to smithereens! (In fact, I've even been writing an alternative reality Data story that's slowly becoming an epic as some sort of weirdo way of comforting myself. Although, being a molecular biologist, I somewhat fit the nutty professor stereotype, but have no comedic talent whatsoever to keep it light). Anyway, Brent is such a natural comedian - you see it in his other work as well (Loved Fresh Hell and Brentworld! They have me in stitches!) Wasn't he the cheekiest, funniest and rowdiest person on the TNG set? Brent come back!!! Please! 🙏 I might even be induced to pay for TV for the first time ever! 😁
JOHN J 23 hours ago
Amber?...I'm watching it! She's a liar and a sick and twisted human behind..but Hollywood protects her cause she's a woman so I'm taking her side! I crave being on the wining side regardless of how nasty it is...So I'm watching this for Amber. I'm in love with her! BTW...someone help me. Please.
Xxbamafan 23 hours ago
Jemmye 🤮🤮🤮
Captain Actually
Captain Actually 23 hours ago
I finally binged season one, and I'm so ready for season two!
Mag 23 hours ago
They keep trying to sell me this 2021 Chevrolet Onix, that they say is so exciting and modern! But I never get tired of looking at a 1967 Ford Mustang or a 1990 Corvette. I mean, it's not better because it's new...
wendy longville
wendy longville 23 hours ago
Loved Q ..of course! He looks amazing. Now with Q makes it even more pertinent. They are so beautiful! ❤️
Dan Burnes
Dan Burnes 23 hours ago
This is the only Q I am a fan of
Sheldon Koehler
Sheldon Koehler 23 hours ago
I'm prepared to be disappointed. Let's hope Picard does better!
Colleen Walsh
Colleen Walsh 23 hours ago
Where’s Coral?
King Lam
King Lam Day ago
I can't wait for this to come out!
Chris topher
Chris topher Day ago
Love Star Trek, never gonna watch any of this new shit.
Magus Marquillin
Magus Marquillin Day ago
Did Wesley just call Picard a Butthead?
chris Day ago
This looks pretty bad
Da Poox
Da Poox 23 hours ago
I'm thinking the exact same thing
The Mediaverse Network
The Mediaverse Network Day ago
great stuff.
Sean Chaney
Sean Chaney Day ago
Didn't Star Trek literally moon Twitter with a Marxist quote. Remember, those who preach a systematized "equality want a little more equality.for themselves. What they quoted is just as bad as Mein Kampf. How did America get to this point?
fatarsemonkey Day ago
Hopefully the plot is the first season was just a bad dream Q put Picard in and he wakes up in a real Star Trek series.
NICO Day ago
The Cardassians look weird in this series...
Jade Doak
Jade Doak Day ago
TOS TNG Enterprise Voyager DS9 STD STP
Buster B
Buster B Day ago
I hope before Patrick Stewart dies, he says one of his regrets is voicing Poop in the Emoji Movie
msjamie hollbrook
msjamie hollbrook Day ago
Joe Rico
Joe Rico Day ago
They should capitalize and take advantage to get new subscribers and viewers by doing RR/RW vs Ayto, BB, Survivor, UK etc. Team Challenge.
Jeff Dranetz
Jeff Dranetz Day ago
Stole look from Tron, stole music from Mass Effect.
Phranq E T
Phranq E T Day ago