Proxima Centauri
Proxima Centauri 11 hours ago
bruh that thumbnail tho
icy purple
icy purple 11 hours ago
i admire Biden's courage to issue an executive order for masks on federal property while almost never wearing a mask on federal property🤩 leadership🇺🇸
P L D 12 hours ago
You're right about that. In this world of censorship it's getting to be rare where the comments are turned on.. no doubt Joe Biden has a lot of comments in his earwig giving him constant direction.
Subxaanalah Allahu Akbar
Subxaanalah Allahu Akbar 12 hours ago
But the music is ruining the whole thing I couldn’t understand
thedirty530 12 hours ago
Been waiting for this... Whether you like it or not...These words are so true!
thedirty530 12 hours ago
What an amazing achievement for NASA, JPL, Our Country, & the World! Thank you all and those who came before us for all the work that got us here!
Stalker Da Vida
Stalker Da Vida 12 hours ago
yay my name is going to this crater in 2026
Tumen Odnuud
Tumen Odnuud 12 hours ago
I cant believe some people dont like what jpl is doing. I mean science is what americans are good at. And some people walking around without knowing it.
The Oracle
The Oracle 12 hours ago
Feeble old puppet Joe said “Congratulations on sending a rover to Mexico to help illegal aliens bring more COVID into the country so the crisis will continue. Wait, what? C’mon man!”
Gordon Sarratt
Gordon Sarratt 12 hours ago
I can’t tell if this is a joke or not
Michael Federer
Michael Federer 12 hours ago
Makes me very proud of NASA and the United States of America...
Mazorzarch 12 hours ago
And yet, Biden had 0. Zero. To do with this success.
Rabbi Herschel Lieberman-Bergblattstein
Rabbi Herschel Lieberman-Bergblattstein 12 hours ago
Why not name it after someone who actually did something to advance the cause of space exploration, like Wernher Von Braun?
J B 12 hours ago
Why was it EDITED? Incompetent puppet-fool.
New Warehouse
New Warehouse 12 hours ago
Go Nasa
Jocko Harpo
Jocko Harpo 12 hours ago
Jocko Harpo
Jocko Harpo 12 hours ago
Jocko Harpo
Jocko Harpo 12 hours ago
Tom C
Tom C 12 hours ago
Didn’t know we had lost faith. I believed JPL could do the entire time.
Jocko Harpo
Jocko Harpo 12 hours ago
Bishambhar sharma
Bishambhar sharma 12 hours ago
My dream NASA
Abdel Razzzak
Abdel Razzzak 13 hours ago
wtf is this I thought this was a video not an image. I only see the rover
Zoltan Czako
Zoltan Czako 13 hours ago
Why the US president shown with NASA??? He don't even know what he doing... Science please and don't involve dumb politicians! These idiots want to mess up SpaceX, etc! Read what they said about SpaceX going to the Mars! They will mess up space exploration if U guys let them involved! Elon can call Trump an idiot and still got government help! Democrats backstabbing U if U not follow the narrative!
nick4819 13 hours ago
Joe is really reading a teleprompter to congratulate you god...come on can't come up with enough intelligence to even tell them how good they did and thank you...?
Gordon Sarratt
Gordon Sarratt 12 hours ago
Just had to comment, didn’t you
Lego mindstorms geek yo yo
Lego mindstorms geek yo yo 13 hours ago
Congratulations nasa team. Congratulations swathi Mohan. ❤from INDIA
Matthew Crevier
Matthew Crevier 13 hours ago
That was hard to watch
thermoss8 13 hours ago
Good job!
Oppressors Beware
Oppressors Beware 13 hours ago
Gotta go feel the bile rising.....
Toufik Allagi
Toufik Allagi 13 hours ago
Les Américains faisaient de grandes choses sur la lune, et ils allaient sur la lune et ils faisaient des choses sur la lune
Heriberto Nieves
Heriberto Nieves 13 hours ago
NASA N=never A=accept S=such A=absurdities
Kristijan Siskovski
Kristijan Siskovski 13 hours ago
Was that a deep fake? NASA is lucky it didn't go wrong Max Headroom style
Toufik Allagi
Toufik Allagi 13 hours ago
Serait-ce pour ce que j'ai fait et ce que j'ai choisi?
Narcizo Cruz
Narcizo Cruz 13 hours ago
Porque se ve pasto cuando fue a recoger pruebas
zashbot 13 hours ago
The thumbnail is pure cringe 😬
Z1BABOUINOS 12 hours ago
Nah... it's just his face nowdays. The face of a old man who has no idea where he is, or what they wrote for him to read. Sad.....
AZAD TV 13 hours ago
Zulfiqar pitafi 🇵🇰🇵🇰
Mark Kurayev
Mark Kurayev 13 hours ago
Space is fake. Hello. Wake up, Biden is an idiot
Z1BABOUINOS 12 hours ago
@Attar Ananta Prayoga I bet all Nancy's ice creams that if they gave him the grocery list, he would have read it. This time, they didn't have to cut his feed....
Attar Ananta Prayoga
Attar Ananta Prayoga 13 hours ago
Do u have proof
Nelson Swanberg
Nelson Swanberg 13 hours ago
Would they celebrate the end of poverty in America with such enthusiasm?
The B O Y O sweaty_Nerd
The B O Y O sweaty_Nerd 13 hours ago
The start of Evangelion
OÄKTA DOPBOK 13 hours ago
Thank you NASA, every one of you! And thank you Joe for your wonderful words. America is proud! Ps. Have you guys seen the SIZE of that rover? It's HUGE
Francis Goldstien
Francis Goldstien 13 hours ago
12. Elga Agung Kurniawan
12. Elga Agung Kurniawan 13 hours ago
Great job NASA JPL👍⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Debora May
Debora May 14 hours ago
ole joe is a liar and fraud
jonharson 14 hours ago
The grim reaper on Zoom to announce budget cuts, 2021, animated and colorized.
Confucius Smith
Confucius Smith 14 hours ago
Comments on??? No way.
marvin martin
marvin martin 12 hours ago
@thedirty530 Yup
thedirty530 12 hours ago
@marvin martin Did I?
marvin martin
marvin martin 13 hours ago
@thedirty530 Lol. Missed the point entirely.
thedirty530 13 hours ago
@marvin martin Because America!
marvin martin
marvin martin 14 hours ago
Because Biden.
Oliver Suchovský
Oliver Suchovský 14 hours ago
Viva Mars, viva USA technic....
Sully 14 hours ago
Thanks to all of you! More pictures now 👽
marvin martin
marvin martin 14 hours ago
You guys shouldn’t be proud of that. He’s going to cut your budget by half.
abdul azeem
abdul azeem 14 hours ago
i actually wanted to like this video 100 times... so proud moment.. 😭
TheRaiderra 14 hours ago
Good job Nasa and Biden!
MrAuberyII GODs Earth is FLAT and NASA is FAKE
MrAuberyII GODs Earth is FLAT and NASA is FAKE 14 hours ago
Come see how they fake going to space, and we paid for it
William Barnett-Lewis
William Barnett-Lewis 13 hours ago
@marvin martin Now, now, don't insult the idiots. They're too smart for him.
marvin martin
marvin martin 14 hours ago
SGT Johnny USMC 14 hours ago
Great job nasa team! Though you should steer clear of the potato in thief.
William Barnett-Lewis
William Barnett-Lewis 13 hours ago
They have. He's at Mar-a-grifter.
J Wall
J Wall 14 hours ago
Agreed. NASA has accomplished something incredible here and, unlike their guest, they actually deserve their accolades.
Perry 14 hours ago
Haters will say it's fake
PhilOffHisTree 14 hours ago
you need to at least be showing a new photo or more a day if you want to keep the interest of the world, it will get you more funding in the long run
Painted Pony
Painted Pony 14 hours ago
Thank you JPL. I don't agree with everything President Biden says or does, but I agree 100% with what he said here. Great job. Thanks.
thedirty530 13 hours ago
You can't do nothing but respect that!
Harrison Galante
Harrison Galante 14 hours ago
How did it happened
Pete Wentriding
Pete Wentriding 14 hours ago
Biden is killing American jobs. Shame on you NASA for having him on here
Ali Adnan
Ali Adnan 14 hours ago
Twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder what you are? You guys have landed many things on many other things many times what was so incredible and challenging this time that you guys have created such a hype of it? Wasn't spirit opportunity curiosity and path finder a great success?
thedirty530 14 hours ago
The advancements between just this and the Curiosity rover are the biggest underlying reasons of the excitement... It may look the same from afar but the implications are huge...If you wanted, look for a Video on the Engenerring of Perseverance & its instruments...We are beginning to step into that future we all imagined!
Painted Pony
Painted Pony 14 hours ago
You can thank Elon Musk for the new-found interest. He raised the bar and they are rightly following his lead
jefferee2002 15 hours ago
I'm about to turn 49. And I feel a renewed sense of optimism. Thank you, NASA!
thedirty530 14 hours ago
This was sorely needed...I'm beyond thankful to have the appreciation for the mission this time around... I think we all need a little Perseverance right about now!
DC Homeboy
DC Homeboy 15 hours ago
Fake election fake President
Pyriphlegeton 15 hours ago
Whatever the politician, whatever the country, humans need to go multiplanetary.
Qui Pa
Qui Pa 15 hours ago
President Trump gave the people the power ! There is more patriotic Americans than there is Criminals that control us ! We will make America Great Again ! Stand Strong and never give in !
Z1BABOUINOS 11 hours ago
​@Jake McKee Europe has 56% more deaths and they brag about their "free" healthcare. For some strange reason masks didn't help them, plus they made a mess with the vax process. Thank God, senile Joe was hiding in his basement at the time...
Jake McKee
Jake McKee 15 hours ago
@NaN exactly. Half a million Americans died in his first term, I don’t want to see what he can do with another term.
NaN 15 hours ago
Trump is a fascist, you really don't want fascism to take hold.
Jake McKee
Jake McKee 15 hours ago
Oh, and it’s *former president Trump.
Jake McKee
Jake McKee 15 hours ago
No, he gave seditionists power, and they stormed the capitol on the sixth. They are not patriots.
Girish M.v.p
Girish M.v.p 15 hours ago
Mr.President not only Americans but also Indians are inspired by NASA & Swathi Mohan. Keep Going NASA. Any Indians I🇮🇳 & I🇺🇸.
Sidd Rajput
Sidd Rajput 15 hours ago
Not my president.
NaN 15 hours ago
You must not be from the US then.
Jake McKee
Jake McKee 15 hours ago
He is, whether you like it or not.
MadDog95 15 hours ago
Love how everyone gets political and seems to forget about what humanity just achieved.
marvin martin
marvin martin 14 hours ago
We get the achievements. We congratulated them minutes after the landing. This sleepy fool took how long?
random 15 hours ago
Dare Mighty Things, leave the comments enabled
Spiridon1 13 hours ago
Give it some time.
Atze7811 15 hours ago
President forgot to call congress before ordering the bombing of Syria
J F 15 hours ago
Biden has no idea what he's talking about. He's melting in front of our eyes. But he'll be a great president! LOL
Jake McKee
Jake McKee 14 hours ago
@J Wall I’m pretty sure he’s dead, or was that just a lie. But really, Biden is doing great, even if you don’t like him and make up conspiracy theories.
J Wall
J Wall 14 hours ago
@Jake McKee Kim Jong-Un is doing pretty well in the polls as well. Go figure.
Jake McKee
Jake McKee 15 hours ago
He already is a great president, his approval rating is 68%
Kevin Reed
Kevin Reed 15 hours ago
Google manipulates the likes and dislikes.
Spying Dutchman
Spying Dutchman 11 hours ago
@NaN .. Stop Lying/ignoring the facts please . USposts wrote it themself on their 2019 Twitter feed, and in the reply to journalists, that they have algorithms in place, and remove bidens dislikes as they are considered spam ... (btw, I have a Channel with 70milj. views myself and it's impossible to manipulate its likes.)
NaN 12 hours ago
@Spying Dutchman That's not Google doing it, that's the channel mods doing it.
Spying Dutchman
Spying Dutchman 13 hours ago
@NaN .. Evidence? How about USposts's own comments & Twitter feet? (on Joe's own channel dislikes get removed every 2 hours or so) Can't post links here so google for: """USposts deletes portion of ‘dislikes’ from Biden videos, says it’s spam"""
NaN 13 hours ago
@Kevin Maher And you even provide evidence.
Kevin Maher
Kevin Maher 14 hours ago
123 321
123 321 15 hours ago
let'sgo to mars
Александр Егоров
Александр Егоров 15 hours ago
На кого это всё расчитано?(на зрителя в три годика?)
Metal Gear
Metal Gear 15 hours ago
What bout dem Indians
Александр Егоров
Александр Егоров 15 hours ago
По ходу марсоход снимал Ридик
Brian Streufert
Brian Streufert 15 hours ago
Joe: "I da potato" Kamala: "Idaho....."
thedirty530 13 hours ago
Can't even be happy for our Country over party lines these days says you really are only concerned about a few!
William Barnett-Lewis
William Barnett-Lewis 13 hours ago
And you're a traitor.
Easy Recipes and Delicious Foods 李姐 Li
Easy Recipes and Delicious Foods 李姐 Li 15 hours ago
31Meadows 15 hours ago
2:10 The laugh he made when he talked about beating a pandemic. It says a lot about what he thinks about that.
Easy Recipes and Delicious Foods 李姐 Li
Easy Recipes and Delicious Foods 李姐 Li 15 hours ago
Tam Koko
Tam Koko 15 hours ago
That was a bigly speech (tongue firmly in cheek)
geniegb 15 hours ago
Вперед, наса! За всех человеков!
qAj6OpV 15 hours ago
A space cadet calls JPL...
Brian Streufert
Brian Streufert 15 hours ago
TBe Coolin
TBe Coolin 15 hours ago
He said friends, heads started to turn
Josh Howell
Josh Howell 15 hours ago
Who is here because of mark rober ? I know it’s not just me