Preserving the republic
It's a Long Way to Furudu
Living into your 90s
Sarah F
Sarah F 3 hours ago
What a brave, courageous, handsome man
Buford T. Justice
Buford T. Justice 3 hours ago
RULES of ENGAGEMENT : Stand back and do NOTHING while Democrats "Peacefully" Torch, Loot & Destroy our inner cities & black communities. Do NOTHING while Democrats "Peacefully" throw nolitov cocktails & explosives at our helpless Police officers. Do NOTHING as innocent hard working business owners beg for help as their life's work & the future if their families & livelihoods are "Peacefully" Forced, Looted & Destroyed by "Peace" Loving club carrying Democrats. Nuff said !
D. Johnson
D. Johnson 3 hours ago
What if Trump does this? What if Trump does that? The left is full of deceitful, amoral, hate filled, parasites who have created a group of dishonest, ignorant, hysterical hyenas who eat up all the garbage they throw at them. They wanted hate and division. They got it. 🖕
Boss Levels
Boss Levels 3 hours ago
Boys got style ⭐️✌🏼
Met Fan since 1968
Met Fan since 1968 3 hours ago all seems to make perfect sense.
MOHAMED Ashraf rashed
MOHAMED Ashraf rashed 3 hours ago
that’s an awfully hot coffee pot
Joseph Johnson
Joseph Johnson 3 hours ago
What ever happened to common sense? These Ideas of QAnon are too far fetched to believe. Where is the evidence.
David McGrath
David McGrath 3 hours ago
Gordon Owens
Gordon Owens 3 hours ago
60 min. once had more. PRESIDENT TRUMP DID NOT INCITE A RIOT!!!
john Hopwood
john Hopwood 3 hours ago
Liar liar liar pants on fire
Jason Devault
Jason Devault 3 hours ago
Waist of taxpayer's money.
Tim di Domenico
Tim di Domenico 3 hours ago
60 minutes sucks.
Developed Spermcell
Developed Spermcell 3 hours ago
Now do a rhyme with *toothpaste*
Alan Mckinsley
Alan Mckinsley 3 hours ago
You seem cold u killed 20 people ah but that’s also 20 people that would’ve killed me it’s there world as said killed or be killed it’s great listening got to admit 👌
John Kim
John Kim 3 hours ago
When Elon disregards the pandemic, makes promises he can't keep, strings along his investors, has just two successful products, namely Tesla and SpaceX, he is the charlatan of the world! I would NEVER buy his car, ever. Ok, he does do one other thing very well. BS!
CindyJerry Piard
CindyJerry Piard 3 hours ago
“I don’t think I would be here if I didn’t have social media.” Lol where is he now? “If I didn’t have social media, I would have no way of getting out my voice” Loving the silence...
I Hate Google
I Hate Google 3 hours ago
They've done it before for much worse threats than Jan 6? I thought that was the worst thing that's ever happened? You said it was an attempted coup? You impeached the president for speaking before it? And they're saying they've faced worse threats before? Somebodies lying.... I wonder who...? Probably the secret service is lying. The media ONLY reports the facts, no spin. No propaganda. No brainwashing. Jan 6th was the only attempted coup in American history. I'm not sure what worse threat the secret service thinks they have successfully thwarted before, but they are obviously fools. No threat is worse than Trump holding power. He's not part of the establishment, there is nothing worse than him beating them. Silly secret service. They don't know what a real threat to America is.
Jose Guzman
Jose Guzman 3 hours ago
Qnon use the snack the one fool eve in eden garden
ChefG Romano
ChefG Romano 4 hours ago
Get a carfax although it’s not 100 percent.
Hawi Jack
Hawi Jack 4 hours ago
Training to be terrorists! SMH
MJ 4 hours ago
"And the Oscar goes TO!" What a performance. Something was coordinated and planned alright.
Daniel Taylor
Daniel Taylor 4 hours ago
“Jesus marry and Joseph “ lol
Notthat Serious
Notthat Serious 4 hours ago
Tien Trinh
Tien Trinh 4 hours ago
I guess news reporters want trump to talk in their manner and if he doesn’t, it doesnt count or as good enough. It’s okay to answer a question more comprehensively
Ashara Crow
Ashara Crow 4 hours ago
It's going to be weird not wading through scandal after gross scandal on an almost weekly basis.
Marcedonio Mauro Mauricio Guerrero
Marcedonio Mauro Mauricio Guerrero 4 hours ago
A.J. Beltran
A.J. Beltran 4 hours ago
What is there to refute? The odd hours they are counting? 😆
Woolleyyy 4 hours ago
The fact that Obama can still speak about Trump with respect, shows how much of a gentleman he is.
M E 4 hours ago
I would LMAO if Dems re-elected Republican Raffensperger back in.
vegitausa 4 hours ago
The man that popped the steelers bubble LOL
Tom Ivins
Tom Ivins 4 hours ago
When you say the claims of fraud are baseless within minutes of the claim being made, it demonstrates that you had no intent to investigate, so excuse us all if now we don't believe you.
SuperTruck1 4 hours ago
She is no better than Chris Wallace ...a terrible biased interviewer with NO interviewing skills. She is far too interested in bickering and trying to correct him or be right. An interview is merely a means to extract information and character from a person. She extracted emotion with poor tact. Pence is a little ....
Tyler 4 hours ago
“What happens if he isn’t re-elected?” “Then the military will step in” Ya to stop all you crazies from disrupting democracy again.
R. Flash
R. Flash 4 hours ago
These losers are bigger failures than Quibi was haha!
fare thee well
fare thee well 4 hours ago
anyone else find it weird they didn’t talk to him the whole time??
mark yarton
mark yarton 4 hours ago
god damm low life criminals
Harley Davidson Motors
Harley Davidson Motors 4 hours ago
How are they terrorists but BLM isn’t
Anthony Mcken
Anthony Mcken 4 hours ago
This is the most propagandist piece of warm garbage I've seen recently and that's saying much with the likes of CNN and the BBC.
Victor Lopez
Victor Lopez 4 hours ago
These companies are not privately owned. They are owned by the central banking system.
Joseph Randolph
Joseph Randolph 4 hours ago
I can’t believe I didn’t see some idiot waving a “they took ar jobbbsss” sign at the rally. What a bunch of moronic idiots
Lawrence Cisek
Lawrence Cisek 4 hours ago
Wouldn’t have to be very good shot to take out those wide targets.
Llama Genta
Llama Genta 4 hours ago
The Ruby freeman video which gabriel sterling, and raffensperger like to "show" as "debunk", never explains things like in here at 5:57 bottom right video CLEARLY shows no poll workers were around when they took out ballots under table and started counting. THERE IS NO LAW stating its ok to count ballots when no poll observers watching, even if Gabriel Sterling said oh, the poll watchers already saw the boxes being moved UNDER the table.. VOTE COUNTING NEEDS OBSERVERS that is law. Also in this video of same incident, we see them clearly ballot stuffing.i.e putting same batch of ballots through same machine multiple times Recently released video of Ruby Freeman, Shaye, and Ralph Jones Snr, with Audio (can be heard if earphone maxed) Also another ballot stuffing incident caught in same place, Georgia from 2:51 onwards
NMI REC 4 hours ago
Llama Genta
Llama Genta 4 hours ago
Remember Brad Raffensperger, and Gabriel Sterling, stating that the voting machines can no way be connected to the internet, here's Eric Coomer, presentating voting machines for the same company, and at 44:40, clearly explaining they can be configured for various wireless chipsets Here's Jovan Pullitzer, accessing the voting machines live (his 2nd time) while runoff voting was taking place At 6:47 he shows identity of wireless device communicating with voting machines, Hui Zhou - city in China, Gaoshengda - tech company that makes electronic components including wifi interface devices. This device is inside at smart TV, inside the vote counting room.
Llama Genta
Llama Genta 4 hours ago
More voting shenanigans in Georgia, recently exposed Project veritas made recent headlines recently because of arrest of texan lady who committed voter fraud who was exposed by them.
Llama Genta
Llama Genta 4 hours ago
Also Senator Ray smith, giving statistics on illegal votes in 2020 election in GA, at 4:44 2,506 -felons illegal to vote 66248 - underage/ineligible to register to vote 2423 -not listed as registered 1,043 -used PO BOx address - not eligible 4,926 - registered to vote after their voter registration date 10,315 - died by the time of the election 395 - cast ballots in another state - same as voting multiple times - illegal 15,700 - filed a national change of address with usps prior to november 3rd 2020 40,279 - moved across county lines less than 30 days before election day and failed to properly register to vote in the county they moved - violates georgia voting law most of the stats have not been explained as to why they occured.... Biden won Georgia by only around 10,000 votes Recently news came out that, before the senate runoff, one county in Georgia ordered 25 Million voter registration packets at 3:44
buddy tipton
buddy tipton 4 hours ago
They want be there long people. Are they deployed their for four years? People don't forget.
SeismicCWave 4 hours ago
That's a big crook!
Giba Dias
Giba Dias 4 hours ago
A conniving gangster as president of United States... Who could ever fathom? But it happened, and history is gonna remember this sad episode forever!
Mr Smith
Mr Smith 4 hours ago
Joe Biden 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Zlatan HH
Zlatan HH 4 hours ago
Russian hack 🤦‍♂️ , USA afraid of everyone
pearclips 5 hours ago
60 Minutes is so full of Trump derangement and loathing that they have lost their credibility.
Mojtaba Rafizadah
Mojtaba Rafizadah 5 hours ago
soon Iranians will understand their only ally is Israel treason is in the blood of Arab
kjosie100 5 hours ago
wosh 5 hours ago
nancy pelosi is well passed her expiration date
Brooke Layne
Brooke Layne 5 hours ago
Really love Scott Pelley. He’s definitely underrated. Great segment.
ken wolff
ken wolff 5 hours ago
The comments below are WAY MORE convincing than the garbage interview that the 60 mins arm of the DNC produced.
Michael Mcneany
Michael Mcneany 5 hours ago
i went to Bradley's Suits on 7th Ave to look for a new suit, and the mannequins starting asking me questions, one was even holding a clipboard.
Ellis Ford
Ellis Ford 5 hours ago
Bill's attempt of getting a new wife
Carmen-Marina Horn
Carmen-Marina Horn 5 hours ago
Trump supporters are fascist cult members
ahamatmabrahman 5 hours ago
Too many people have given alleigence to Trump LOL LOL LOL LOL The whole world loves President Trump and the whole world knows who won the 2020 American election '' just to state the obvious ''
Sly High
Sly High 5 hours ago
The trumpet is out hallelujah ! I welcome you the new tenant of the white house mr biden and harris.look make una do well oh.
IXL R8 5 hours ago
Another joke
Ms. E
Ms. E 5 hours ago
Unsubscribed to ALL MSM AND BLOCKED
Jeanie Snowden
Jeanie Snowden 5 hours ago
60 minutes sucks . How bout if you report impeachment for the silver man China joe .
W.K Chan
W.K Chan 5 hours ago
When you hv trump as chief clown, the rest of the followers are baby clowns.
Kill Youtube
Kill Youtube 5 hours ago
Democrats showing what fascism really is. This is their show of power. DIE DEMS!
Eric 5 hours ago
If you Voted for Old sleepy Joe, I feel bad for you son
No Ragrets
No Ragrets 5 hours ago
Never wear one
David R. Stone
David R. Stone 5 hours ago
😎 Senile incompetent Joe Biden our new fraudulent fake president, that is in bed China who gave the world the Chinese coronavirus and terrorist sponsor Iran, who wants to wipe the USA and Israel off the map. God help us all.
John Doe
John Doe 5 hours ago
Where was this talk last year? Look our BLM you’ve outlived your usefulness to the democrats
Brittney Paige
Brittney Paige 5 hours ago
I was a very devout Trump supporter but after the siege on the capital
marcelo cb
marcelo cb 5 hours ago
False as a snake
moriusca livia
moriusca livia 5 hours ago
The purring timer paradoxically prevent because meteorology literally hand out a dependent rise. ready, cumbersome ice
JCM 5 hours ago
These people really are that F in stupid!
Wesley Ratko
Wesley Ratko 5 hours ago
"I would have to look into it." Dust off the ol' Constitutional Law book on his desk. I'd love to hear his insight into that.
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment 5 hours ago
With Joe Biden inaugurated today.
MYSTERY 777 KING 5 hours ago
S Slang
S Slang 6 hours ago
Welcome to America where the rich 1 percent controls the everythink and human life is worthless
LessThan zer0
LessThan zer0 6 hours ago