OnePlus Nord Unboxing
This is the iPhone 12
Goodbye Samsung...
5 months ago
DON'T Buy The New iPhone SE
Unboxing All The Masks...
Dear Apple
6 months ago
This is the iPhone SE 2
Santi Represent
Santi Represent 55 minutes ago
Silver 12 pro it looks so whitee
BHAI ѲP 55 minutes ago
Now that iphone 12 is out i can finally buy iphone6
Josanne Cardoza
Josanne Cardoza 56 minutes ago
I would love to get the Pacific blue pro.. but I can't afford that in these covid times 😞
Joe Galao
Joe Galao 56 minutes ago
That graphite is a beauty.. But I love that white on the pro model..
MalaFox- Roblox And More!
MalaFox- Roblox And More! 56 minutes ago
Tbh im not a big fan of the charger
Jishnu jayan p
Jishnu jayan p 56 minutes ago
Fan of kerala, india
ema 56 minutes ago
i would like have any phone:(
Peter 56 minutes ago
Nice to have lots of money it seems....
rina arguilles
rina arguilles 56 minutes ago
Hi Sir. please grant me one.pleeasee.....i've been watching your channel for a long time.i wish to have a real iPhone.not the iPhone which has a chip., :-( I can't afford to have one so please choose me.God bless to your channel sir.
Vanitha R
Vanitha R 56 minutes ago
i am going for black iphone 12
Its_me_Ameer 56 minutes ago
Can I please have it my birthday is coming up and I only have a iphone4
Its_me_Ameer 56 minutes ago
I’m subscribed and always like your video
brielle mirandilla
brielle mirandilla 56 minutes ago
Love to watch things that i cant afford
Julius Christian
Julius Christian 57 minutes ago
Please gimme one 💙 Love from Indonesia 🇮🇩
Ram-Uno Velasco
Ram-Uno Velasco 57 minutes ago
iPhone 🥺
Javed Pathan
Javed Pathan 57 minutes ago
I from India an I am picking up 12 white model
Aadhil Manaf
Aadhil Manaf 58 minutes ago
I will take Green
Muhammad Wasim
Muhammad Wasim 58 minutes ago
Apple ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Ant Boogie
Ant Boogie 58 minutes ago
That blue on the pro version is so nice. Idk how you didn't choose that one.
Brian Moran
Brian Moran 58 minutes ago
I thought the gold would be tacky, but it looks good 🤔
ashok shankar
ashok shankar 58 minutes ago
iPhone 12pro graphite
Michael Cano
Michael Cano 58 minutes ago
ngl that green is calling my name
Sanjeev Singh
Sanjeev Singh 59 minutes ago
I would like to gift one to my sister who is returning home after a year👍🤞
Erika Hanekom
Erika Hanekom 59 minutes ago
If I buy an apple product in the US or any other country for that matter, as I am constantly traveling for work; which country do I select when setting it up? The country in which I bought the product in, or my home country to where I always return? Please advise.
Larissa Matingane
Larissa Matingane 59 minutes ago
This item is stupid.
Pineaple under the sea
Pineaple under the sea 59 minutes ago
I feel content with my phone don't need these
Aegon Gaming
Aegon Gaming 59 minutes ago
Please just one peace deliver to me 🥺🥺🥺 please please 🥺🥺❤️❤️ you have so much n i don't have any Please deliver it to me please 🥺❤️
Reclame Grase
Reclame Grase 59 minutes ago
14:13 Romania gang, where u at?🇷🇴
PandaSan 59 minutes ago
1. iPhone Is trash 2. Overpriced
Jihan Teckchandani
Jihan Teckchandani 59 minutes ago
I have already ordered for Pacific blue
rayn productions
rayn productions Hour ago
Duuuude how many f*cking times do you want to talk about your later case? Damn, we got it
Mark Allen Cabaluna
Mark Allen Cabaluna Hour ago
i would choose Pacific blue it's like gold to my eyes. 😍🤩
Bites With MrCEO
Bites With MrCEO Hour ago
I would go for the pacfic blue iphone 12 pro
fahad baig
fahad baig Hour ago
iphone 12
Mudassir Amin
Mudassir Amin Hour ago
amazing phone
Prabhjot Ghuman
Prabhjot Ghuman Hour ago
I am obsessed
Justine Geda
Justine Geda Hour ago
IPhone 12 Pro ❤️ gimme one 🥺
ED17Y Hour ago
Lew plugging the later case every 2 min to pay for all those iPhones
Mudassir Amin
Mudassir Amin Hour ago
plz pick me if your giving it away doesn't matter which phone iPhone 12 or 12 pro because i am currently using iPhone 6 and i really need a new phone
No Nem
No Nem Hour ago
Omg they r soo good Well i cant afford them
its jeong
its jeong Hour ago
wow. can't relate tho
billy clarke
billy clarke Hour ago
iPhone 12 pro white is mint
jayson kid
jayson kid Hour ago
Pacific blue looks SPECTACULAR!!
Jashlei Canarias
Jashlei Canarias Hour ago
hi badly need one for my online classes. iphone 12 pro max gold please?? 👉👈
Cedric Endozo
Cedric Endozo Hour ago
Give me one please huhu
Sedevizo Pienyu
Sedevizo Pienyu Hour ago
Big Love from India 🙏🏻
GrndCntrl Depp
GrndCntrl Depp Hour ago
I love your favorite, the Pacific Blue one.
KhinMie MieKo
KhinMie MieKo Hour ago
stop spending your time on watching the thing you can't afford to buy on USposts, start working. so you might afford to buy one.
Kingson Victorio
Kingson Victorio Hour ago
Easter greeennn.. ❤️❤️❤️
Farhan Gaming
Farhan Gaming Hour ago
iPhone 12 Pro Pacific Blue
Adrin Vincent
Adrin Vincent Hour ago
Can I get a iPhone 12
Trance Lopez
Trance Lopez Hour ago
I love blue. . .but the pacific blue is outstanding. . .
Mave Rick
Mave Rick Hour ago
I can tell the color saturation.. Worst comparison ever... In Hindi, they make a good comparison than you... I can only imagine why you have less viewers.. If Tubebuddy is correct.. Linus will shit you for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner... NOI.... hehhehhe
Greg [VOLCY] ADA POOL Hour ago
any Iphone 12 i would be happy
Enzo M.
Enzo M. Hour ago
THIS Video ist annoing
Jonalyn Trinidad
Jonalyn Trinidad Hour ago
can i have iphone 11 pro mint green color im from philiphines san fransico magalang pampanga leverde lodge
Favour Njoku
Favour Njoku Hour ago
That product red caught my eye's... But my wallet isn't on the same page
Prabhjot Ghuman
Prabhjot Ghuman Hour ago
It isn't possible bcz I am less in budget 😕
Femke Senatore
Femke Senatore Hour ago
pro max for sure
Vampmonkey Hour ago
Blue pro w/ clear case or your set up. Never really understood the whole flashy phone thing
Prabhjot Ghuman
Prabhjot Ghuman Hour ago
I am unable to buy it hope I can win 🙁🙁
Rubylyn Cañaveral
Rubylyn Cañaveral Hour ago
Look very nice
Jayson Palma
Jayson Palma Hour ago
I wish i could buy some new find but i don't have the money and I'm struggling with my online class with my old phone😥
Prabhjot Ghuman
Prabhjot Ghuman Hour ago
I really want one
Přîťòm Ďà Ś
Přîťòm Ďà Ś Hour ago
Love this channel to watch ing unboxing 😍😍
Marielle Pintac
Marielle Pintac Hour ago
Tony Jackman
Tony Jackman Hour ago
Last channel to review the iPhone 12 on you tube 👍🏽 received mine before you've even reviewed it!
Fajer usman cp
Fajer usman cp Hour ago
That's a great unboxing ❤️
DunePanda Hour ago
can i earn one of those phones from you?
Virus Ab laze
Virus Ab laze Hour ago
Give me one ☝️
kain ushia
kain ushia Hour ago
giveway is fake. never got any
Marko Mirolovic
Marko Mirolovic Hour ago
yo lew, that green one, is for mee??
Audacious Juice
Audacious Juice Hour ago
Can I have one
DAVID Hour ago
Where is iPhone 12 pro max
Jesse Dickerson
Jesse Dickerson Hour ago
Text me bro I’ll beat their ass! Fuck em! Lol