Down With the SICK
I Got Stuck On A Roof
11 months ago
Backyard Stories
Working Late (Scary)
My Crazy Theatre Teacher
Almost Run Over By A Car
The Girlfriend Fairy
Over The Moon
3 years ago
Flight of the Valentine
THERE'S 20,000 OF US!
4 years ago
6 years ago
The Sochi Hotel Games
Nedstar12456 YouTube
Nedstar12456 YouTube Hour ago
The scariest thing I ever saw... Your face.
katelyn litherland
katelyn litherland Hour ago
omg how did u come. up with tje rhymes
Nedstar12456 YouTube
Nedstar12456 YouTube Hour ago
I’ve got a very new ghost experience that I would like to share with you........about 2 years ago...
Strawberry Crystal101
Strawberry Crystal101 Hour ago
Tbh I was like you with my Drama and Music teacher,I would always help her always hoping to get a good role (not even the main) and she would hint at me I would get a good role but always got put in ensemble and if someone quit and she had no one else to cast it would be me This is bad because we were doing a school show and 2 Months before the show she gave me a good role because a person left and I was in the Ensemble There was a line that crossed In a show I was in year 10 I finally thought I had a chance because I would have more chance but no she casted year 7s and I was put in Ensemble And My self esteem is horrible I think I’m terrible at acting but she always gives me good feed back when I perform in Class and I get good marks like wtf But yeah I know this story to well
The epic bacon cool
The epic bacon cool Hour ago
2:16 is this an insult to somethingelseYT?
Viper Venom
Viper Venom Hour ago
0:00 0:01 0:02 0:03 0:04 0:05 0:06
VDG -Dusktail
VDG -Dusktail Hour ago
So I made a base for it on a site called Pixilart- I got lazy for the rest though.. (I also tried to make them ballroom dancing but I forgot how to and that'd be alot of work and I havent slept in 2 weeks so my brain is floppy.)
Banana Plunderer
Banana Plunderer Hour ago
HEy ReBecCA WhAre Ya BeeN
A_Roman Hour ago
0:33 Did I see van pelt?
VDG -Dusktail
VDG -Dusktail 2 hours ago
I pray everything will be okay rebecca
Dariel Martinez
Dariel Martinez 2 hours ago
Dariel Martinez
Dariel Martinez 2 hours ago
LOL LOL 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂
Dariel Martinez
Dariel Martinez 2 hours ago
Lol you are a god prsine
Avoided Toxic
Avoided Toxic 2 hours ago
The demon voice reminds me of Raven
Dariel Martinez
Dariel Martinez 2 hours ago
LOL I love you so muke
Julie Virenfeldt
Julie Virenfeldt 3 hours ago
He could've just climbed the tree enough to jump over the fence
water boi
water boi 3 hours ago
i ran over smth i almost got ran over
John Vincent T. Garing ᐛ
John Vincent T. Garing ᐛ 3 hours ago
First Video
kieran monahan
kieran monahan 3 hours ago
Her art style has changed so much!!!
Abdo Gaming
Abdo Gaming 3 hours ago
Someone called me thinking that i am The presdent son
The Saustrich
The Saustrich 4 hours ago
Seeing Rebecca having a mouth, both in animation and in real life is wierd
Pro Facts
Pro Facts 4 hours ago
I have 2 scary stories they will be not scary but that things freaked me out One time I was in my bed and our door was open then I saw w white shadow passing through the door in some second and I thought it was a mirage then suddenly I hear some voices in the kitchen where the white shadow go I was totaly freaked out 2 It did not happen to me but my grandma my grandpa passed out and after some days she was hearing sounds of my grandpa and she totally freaked put and she felt that someone touched her and it happened to her everyday when she sleeps
James Macmillan
James Macmillan 4 hours ago
Sacket 4 hours ago
GD Heavy
GD Heavy 4 hours ago
If only Medusa could see you now.
Lilly Peru
Lilly Peru 4 hours ago
The heck happened to you.😨😨
Nawaf asalgaari
Nawaf asalgaari 4 hours ago
no matter how long you take to animate that's not a problem animating is not easy not just that you got other things to do in your list and oh yeah no matter how long you take to animate we can all wait no matter how long
Jose Orozco
Jose Orozco 4 hours ago
Mega butterfree
potatounicorn 101
potatounicorn 101 4 hours ago
Londyn Reno
Londyn Reno 4 hours ago
bt 5 hours ago
jodi menghini
jodi menghini 5 hours ago
When you're mum said explain yourr self nave it sounfed like bill
꧁ ༺ Mimi ༻ ꧂
꧁ ༺ Mimi ༻ ꧂ 5 hours ago
just say *”hello, my name is your paranoia and im a youtube animator that haunts your dreams now im hanging up, but just know you should definitely check the number again.”* (click)
potatounicorn 101
potatounicorn 101 5 hours ago
C- Bear
C- Bear 5 hours ago
Wow... 5 years ago and her audio isnt terrible!
Warlock UWU
Warlock UWU 5 hours ago
You sound drunk
Karen Animates
Karen Animates 5 hours ago
1:28 Idk why I heard: I'll be the taco,the town girl on the go And I use to watch mlp XD
Stephine Malcolm
Stephine Malcolm 5 hours ago
That sounds like my brain when I don't know a question 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Mr Lazy 47
Mr Lazy 47 5 hours ago
Haven you be dunking
*-TheCaveNugget-* 5 hours ago
Matthew Anderson
Matthew Anderson 5 hours ago
These drawing are better than I can ever make or anyone in my family
Jaymez Gibson-starling
Jaymez Gibson-starling 5 hours ago
Im so sorry for your loss of your dad
potatounicorn 101
potatounicorn 101 5 hours ago
kylle gamer
kylle gamer 5 hours ago
Thats my story to im scared of heights
Chloe Smith
Chloe Smith 5 hours ago
You should start a podcast... for real tho
Mia B
Mia B 6 hours ago
I thought that the code is diper. Due to Mabel and yeah
Unknown User
Unknown User 6 hours ago
I had that teacher. .
Zandro Zabella
Zandro Zabella 6 hours ago
You look drunk:`
Art n' Doodles
Art n' Doodles 6 hours ago
This sounds like a dr. Suess book XD
Bel's Toy World
Bel's Toy World 6 hours ago
OMG Jaden animations 🤩
Principal Seymour Skinner
Principal Seymour Skinner 6 hours ago
It's like 2 Am and I cannot fall sleep I'm so freaking bored
J&L animatics
J&L animatics 6 hours ago
Conhece o fansitube? Eles dublam seus videos, e assim posso amalos tanto quanto voce kkkk declaro o canal de animãção mais incrivel da minha atualidade kkkkk te adoro!
J&L animatics
J&L animatics 6 hours ago
I love youuuuuuuuuuu! Sou brasileiro, conheço seu trabalho devido o fansitube, por n saber sua lingua, mas pelo trabalho deles, e inevitavelmente e obviamente seu, consigo desfrutar do mais incrivel mundo artistico que vc criou, agradeço e declaro "juras de amor" kkkkk
Raul Bautista
Raul Bautista 6 hours ago
Dream works Disney and Pixar the same things
Elijah Murry
Elijah Murry 6 hours ago
Super Goose
Super Goose 6 hours ago
You look like a Rebecca I like your hair 😊
Kevin Blades
Kevin Blades 6 hours ago
The blood bag never fulls up
CharliNoah Hodge
CharliNoah Hodge 6 hours ago
Jonatan Medina
Jonatan Medina 6 hours ago
Did anyone see YT at the start of the rap thing lol
Alonso poco
Alonso poco 6 hours ago
I wouldliketo be like you
Fluffy Marsh Animates
Fluffy Marsh Animates 6 hours ago
Sam Studio
Sam Studio 6 hours ago
Me : ✋ Me teacher: yes Me again: geek of LEGO teacher again: oh ok
Christian Scott
Christian Scott 6 hours ago
Well Chris RIP
Alonso poco
Alonso poco 6 hours ago
el que sabe loque estuy disindo ledoy 200 pesos Mexica o una suscrimsion se vense el 1/enero
jen lad
jen lad 6 hours ago
The merch that you release looks like ravenclaw winter clothes even know you are a ravenclaw
Sam Studio
Sam Studio 6 hours ago
I have a old friend and he 8th grader and me 7th grader
Bertie Blue
Bertie Blue 6 hours ago
This is how it would look with a mouth on her: 0:58
Alonso poco
Alonso poco 6 hours ago
el que adibine loque estoy disiendo me suscribere asu canal
Sam Studio
Sam Studio 6 hours ago
Good 👍
LeoTLD 6 hours ago
Why in ryhmes?
Sam Studio
Sam Studio 6 hours ago
Do you know about mega man because when I was young I liked the game...and I died a lot
Yishaizuk Kol
Yishaizuk Kol 7 hours ago
"your not a body pilo". Whot(0_0)?
Ravyn Heinrich
Ravyn Heinrich 7 hours ago
I was watching this at 3 am and when I herd a sound in the kitchen I went and looked in the kitchen and guess what I saw I saw all my pets that died my 2 African claud frogs Debi and hesh,my green parakeet revie , and my black cat midnight and they sounded like they were making whining sound until I herd my mom screem at the site of a bird foot next to her I realized at that point the pets were trying to give us stuff that we can remember about the pets that we I know it sounds creepy buy really it was happy and sad at the same time sad that my pets were gone forever and I can't do anything about it and happy that they were nice. There's my ghost storry
Ravyn Heinrich
Ravyn Heinrich 7 hours ago
Sorry about the had now
Lillian Collins
Lillian Collins 7 hours ago
She looks more drunk the sick
Mary Okhayian
Mary Okhayian 7 hours ago
Good song lyrics now I got it in my head but mir schon
Sydney Sheets
Sydney Sheets 7 hours ago
I loved the part where you said you could have asked for it back and then said "as if that little satists would give it to me" adults always assume we can just talk it out as if one of us is going to be reasonable. Thank you!
Abeenacat 7 hours ago
Treehouse:who is this fire....ArE YOU CHEATING
Ravyn Heinrich
Ravyn Heinrich 7 hours ago
I was expecting some very funny stuff like another USposts I like jelly jess
Sean Raoul Duarte
Sean Raoul Duarte 7 hours ago
Why would you live in a a treehouse located middle of a haunted forest!?
Alainah Smith
Alainah Smith 7 hours ago
I can not tell you how many times I have seen this. (Way more then one)