Rorik Cluff
Rorik Cluff 9 hours ago
I'm sorry but min is faster
Me Me LEGO 9 hours ago
1:08 drama in teh background eating grass
Jadon_YX 9 hours ago
I don't have a Walmart bike but used too, and all I have to say is he is kind of overreacting
Me Me LEGO 9 hours ago
Rip drama
jose lopez
jose lopez 9 hours ago
Looking at an entry level mountain bike for riding and for work. There so many to choose from. Can you do a video on how to choose for police who ride bikes at work.
Lawrence Nelson
Lawrence Nelson 9 hours ago
what happened to the cc?
Tech - Chi SMG
Tech - Chi SMG 10 hours ago
That RC Jumps better than me like 80% Better
Brendan Thompson
Brendan Thompson 10 hours ago
Seth I am looking for a cheap full suspension moutin bike do you have a suggestion and dose anyone have a suggestion
Joel Villaruel
Joel Villaruel 10 hours ago
the first drama drop was higher....
Arshdeep Singh
Arshdeep Singh 10 hours ago
Congrats for moving house
Filip Tomic
Filip Tomic 10 hours ago
I dont have a gopro, i dont mountain bike, I have a midterm in an hour...
MargeSimpson 10 hours ago
Hey Seth! Tiene will be a good idea too put a edc multi tool in a new Parts bin Update!
bennygreen1 10 hours ago
Too many adds, stopped watching
heo1000 10 hours ago
Tbh you should open a bike shop near your house. So not only can you help people with mountain biking you also have a lot more space and parts to work with. Maybe not now but in the future it would be a great idea.
Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams 10 hours ago
How to become Magneto for $19.99
Jason Ellis
Jason Ellis 10 hours ago
Hard NOPE on that one...
LIFE OF LEIUM 11 hours ago
Get an XMAXX
bigearedmouse17 11 hours ago
The 7 Black on a Headmount, Your Head becomes the Gimble !
Honey badger05
Honey badger05 11 hours ago
“It’s as durable as a golf ball” Seth 2020
Aditya Banik
Aditya Banik 11 hours ago
Create another channel about rc car dude you'll get a lot of subscribers
Rory does reviews
Rory does reviews 11 hours ago
you should do a traxxas maxx giveaway and let me win[:
Anthony James
Anthony James 11 hours ago
@BermPeak what was the rough dimensions of that ramp? Height and Length?
Jake Goodnight
Jake Goodnight 12 hours ago
Was there for the first time this weekend, seemed like a really neat place. My dad is already talking about possibly moving there when he retires in a couple years. Very pretty area and tons of outdoor activities. You would really have to try to stay out of shape if you lived there. I didn't get to ride any trails (hip issues) but I still really enjoyed my time in Bentonville. I shall be back!
filip zielonka
filip zielonka 12 hours ago
He was a good boy real good maybe even a best
Kha0sV4ktor 12 hours ago
im 30 now and i want one for myself -.- at some point in life, everything is fun again
latr3b 12 hours ago
thats why China will win
Ayden Shepanski
Ayden Shepanski 12 hours ago
Make a rc car channel
Connor Schofield
Connor Schofield 12 hours ago
You should put the QR code to this video some where in the house in a picture frame so when rent it out they can see they video
Creative Crew
Creative Crew 12 hours ago
How's the work of the new ranger station going on ?!!🤩
Christianjay Fortuno
Christianjay Fortuno 12 hours ago
I miss drama already
OllieMTB 13 hours ago
Video idea. Seth has a epic nerf gun battle on berm peak with Alex, Johnny, Curtis, Bono, Kevin and Brian 1 like= one signature on the petition 1 reply= what nerf gun that he should use and the other people should use as well as other accessories Let’s try to get this “petition” to 6k “signatures” I like this idea because it’s a little bit different, but kinda the same 😜
OllieMTB 13 hours ago
Nerf rapid strike with a modulus barrel extension and blue worker stock also outfitted with a modulus scope. And make sure that you have TONS of extra ammo/magazines on you when your playing
HDRgraphy 13 hours ago
That was Lambert!
David Crabtree
David Crabtree 13 hours ago
Traxxas still blows
Little Bear 10
Little Bear 10 13 hours ago
Are you gonna get in to nitro RC cars cause I've got a nitro with a burnt clutch
Riley Chamberlain
Riley Chamberlain 14 hours ago
Should Definitely make an account just for RC cars
Lucky You
Lucky You 15 hours ago
Is this enduro bike? Or xc?
Meet th e yeet!
Meet th e yeet! 15 hours ago
This was the good old days when their was no berm peak
Caleb Doran
Caleb Doran 16 hours ago
Because dark colours take in heat some times if I forget my glove I just cover my hands in mud
Kaelan Bell
Kaelan Bell 16 hours ago
Seths RC car hacks
meeiulik 17 hours ago
i couldn't sleep all night, your voice is soothing and relaxing
Vlog Epicness
Vlog Epicness 17 hours ago
Respect! I could never do that drop.
Tim C Droyd
Tim C Droyd 17 hours ago
Seth and Friends start using restream and make back up channel site on bitchute or watchever.Maybe a MTB channel for all the Mtb People.. Restream uploads your content to various platforms.. I also believe the bike industry is about to take a major hit..
Oana Tudor
Oana Tudor 17 hours ago
9:43 best part
Darkfiberke 18 hours ago
I've been using the XANES DL06 1200LM for months... it's absolutely brilliant for 25 dollars...
Vidushi ।
Vidushi । 18 hours ago
If that WIERD car can drift so why my legs can not drift on ruffer trails
esmir hoxha
esmir hoxha 19 hours ago
Never easy to lost a loved one🐕🐕
Dustin Seitz
Dustin Seitz 19 hours ago
What i learnt: if your bike seems too heavy, simply gain some weight for the perfect 1:4 ratio
Benson Glover
Benson Glover 19 hours ago
When your nerves you ask stupid questions like how Alex asked when do you start feathering your brakes
TubeDeviant 19 hours ago
I use Nite Rider lights and I love them..! Cheaper price point but still reliable and bright. I haven't had one fail on me yet. I did get one I think was sitting on the shelf for a while though, old battery it seems.. It still works though.
Bj Lucana
Bj Lucana 20 hours ago
Damn that bike is so awsome
Aidan Lynch
Aidan Lynch 20 hours ago
Ok now hear me out... RC car follow cam. Make it happen I feel like there would be some sick shots.
Nathan Relucio
Nathan Relucio 20 hours ago
What happened to seth's bike hacks?
Tom James
Tom James 20 hours ago
strongest advantage about these bikes is that we can lock it up near train stations and no one will steal it.
Raydog56 7
Raydog56 7 21 hour ago
Am I the only 14 yr old who races with a $9k bike lmao
Donut Gaming
Donut Gaming 21 hour ago
Damn just came back to this channel and he changed so much I miss the old Seth
creeper Dra
creeper Dra 21 hour ago
can you shoutout me
Gerardo Rodriguez
Gerardo Rodriguez 21 hour ago
TFW that RC car is worth more than my bike. :( lol
Donut Gaming
Donut Gaming 21 hour ago
My guy had a se it the woods and I can’t get one :(
Blisk the husky
Blisk the husky 21 hour ago
try some arrmas! you make great bike videos so if you enjoy rcs id love to watch you play with those too!
nbaumg 21 hour ago
I have a year pass! I try and go every week
miles rose
miles rose 21 hour ago
I love it how he can backflip but not 360 haha. Mad respect on all the attempts and trick bro keep it up.
M M 21 hour ago
Please turn on auto-captioning.
Bentley Woods
Bentley Woods 21 hour ago
Bro they should put a fpv cam on it
jesus rivas
jesus rivas 22 hours ago
Yeah am sticking to cars
Houston Rc drag racing
Houston Rc drag racing 22 hours ago
Traxxas should be one of your sponsors
rollincode 22 hours ago
Love the videos. I’m a divorced dad and finally found something my son and I both watch and share an interest in. Time spent together is time well spent. Thank you Seth!
Megan Burner
Megan Burner 22 hours ago
Seth ...taco
jesus rivas
jesus rivas 22 hours ago
Me and my dad got on a intermediate trail with out knowing anything and it dint go as planned
Pit Bike
Pit Bike 22 hours ago
You should get a Tacoma
Pit Bike
Pit Bike 22 hours ago
And if you don’t want your helmet paint scratched *wacks helmet *
Daksh Rokadia
Daksh Rokadia 22 hours ago
I love you a lot
I love you a lot 22 hours ago
Shouldn’t have put the go pro on, made the front heavy and nose dive
William Stryker
William Stryker 23 hours ago
I've watched the crash at the ending 5 times and I'm still laughing my ass off. More importantly, great video Seth. Really cool to get a perspective of Porter's life!
Levi Harvey
Levi Harvey 23 hours ago
Hey Seth I’m subscribed and love ur videos I love mountain biking but my bike is stock as a rock I wish I got new parts for it
Horizon 23 hours ago
You shouldn’t put stuff down your cast to itch it
Xavier Gilbee
Xavier Gilbee 23 hours ago
no hate, I absolutely love this channel but these videos are getting old now we need some berm peak projects!
Rms317 23 hours ago
Spot reminds me of the Ribbon trail.
That1RandomGinger 23 hours ago
I was more interested in the manatee
Eagle10021 Day ago
R.I.P Drama
Gabriel Rogaczewski
Gabriel Rogaczewski Day ago
Could you review some frame protection