I LOVE Satoru Gojo
The World Before JoJo
Stand Design in JoJolion
What if La Squadra Won?
Light mode is Better than dark mode
Light mode is Better than dark mode Minute ago
Kars verses yellow temperance?
Und3d Spider21
Und3d Spider21 2 minutes ago
Joestar blood Dio when he drinks Joseph's blood. He could just stop time, rip Kars's head and limbs off, get a road roller or a oil tanker or if hes lucky both lol and just muda the 2 vehicles into submission and destroy kars lol
Kenta Kitsune
Kenta Kitsune 8 minutes ago
I'm absolutely in love with this man
Swayam Das
Swayam Das 18 minutes ago
He defeated all pillar men...they are the strongest villains in the history....
Soliddz 20 minutes ago
So, this video's pretty old so I wouldn't be surprised if not many people see this, but i still want to say it. I kinda wish there was another way Part 3 ended, I've thought of a way it could end. There are 3 ways this could go: Kakyoin still dies, but Joseph does not, Vise Versa, or nobody dies. The reason Joseph and Kakyoin are somewhat interchangeable for defeating DIO in this what-if of mine is because their stands are those with the longest range, which is crucial to the way I'm going to make DIO die. This what-if starts when the Crusaders jump out of DIO's mansion after the coffin scene. Polnareff doesn't run off and decides to stay with the group to make a plan. Kakyoin acknowledges how DIO's stand, like Jotaro's has a very small range. He tells the others that him and Joseph can stay far away and destroy the mansion with their stands, bathing DIO in sunlight. He also tells them that Jotaro and Polnareff will have to confront DIO and stall until the walls are brought down. Jotaro and Polnareff do as Kakyoin says and face DIO. I believe one will try to 1v1 him for a bit and when they're tired or injured they will let the other go in, continuing in a pattern. I believe once some sunlight cracks in DIO will see what they are doing and stop time to quickly kill Joseph or Kakyoin, you can decide who is killed or if they are at all. Kakyoin would probably die again. Once time is resumed the building is almost completely destroyed, with only one floor being in tact. Polnareff gets knocked back, now unable to fight. This will have gone on for long enough to where the sun is about to come back up, but not just yet. DIO knocks Jotaro out of the building, they bounce off the sides of buildings until at the bridge, and the Road Roller scene goes as written, while Joseph stands back at the building according to Kakyoin's plan. Jotaro finds out he can stop time and does a barrage so powerful that it knocks DIO from the bridge all the way back to the mansion, and they continue to fight, both wounded, until Joseph finally breaks the last floor right as the sun comes up, destroying DIO once and for all. The rest will be the same except for the DIO blood transfer.
Noah Stout
Noah Stout 26 minutes ago
Are stand users manipulators or emmiters?
OSCAR LIM GUAN TENG Moe 36 minutes ago
its easy act 4 is hierophant green
Captain Riggs
Captain Riggs 40 minutes ago
12:10 that background track is from fullmetal alchemist when Ed was talking about not being able to save anyone and finding out how to make the stone I'm pretty sure
You can say stands are... ... Fighting Spirits. Hehehehe.
is noob gets noob
is noob gets noob Hour ago
he was good til eyeball reveal he look edgy after that
Righteous Rawb
Righteous Rawb Hour ago
Dio = ⏸ Kira = ⏮ Diavolo = ⏩ G.E.R. = 🚫
Dr. Stupidsmurts
Dr. Stupidsmurts Hour ago
Now where can you watch it
Gunter Haug-Pavlak
Gunter Haug-Pavlak Hour ago
This is litterslly the funniest thing I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen bozo dubbed over
juan lemon
juan lemon Hour ago
nah bro how did i get bated bro wear is my boy james
qweggry 1
qweggry 1 Hour ago
how can u hate him??
King Lorp
King Lorp Hour ago
Personally I like young Joseph because he is just the most fun Joestar. He isn’t all serious
Leddy 2 hours ago
Danny is the best, I know it
Big Doge
Big Doge 2 hours ago
Jeffrey McNamee
Jeffrey McNamee 2 hours ago
Oi Josuke I erased the hand now I don't have a stand, ain't that wacky?
aspen log
aspen log 2 hours ago
Well gege hates him. Lol
K.J. Daniels
K.J. Daniels 2 hours ago
Did you know, commenting helps out Kaleb, just like hitting the like button? I binged Jujutsu Kaisen in two days and it was excellent. Also the moment I started watching another USpostsr uploaded a Mugen video about Gojo.
Josiah Flowers
Josiah Flowers 2 hours ago
robberofjacks 2 hours ago
Corbano64 3 hours ago
Luck has sided with Yoshikage Kira.
Yeswill bomden
Yeswill bomden 3 hours ago
Jotaro solos the verse due to Star Platinum having Light speed. And the closest thing in the HXH is Lightning speed. Maybe Alukka beats him.
Not Funny, Didn't laugh.
Not Funny, Didn't laugh. 3 hours ago
im happy the anime's VA is the same as in EOH
Minih 3 hours ago
lol i was the 900 like button
hyun cha
hyun cha 3 hours ago
GER is techinacally stronger than basically anything bc hes NO... do you understand?
TunaKing5 YT
TunaKing5 YT 3 hours ago
no jjba p6 = no likey likey
Reanimated Josiah
Reanimated Josiah 3 hours ago
People actually HATE Joseph?
Zer0Par1dox 4 hours ago
Isn’t it just C Moon?
Nova Dante
Nova Dante 4 hours ago
I think that kayoin was incredibly under utilised, his character could have been so much more than what he was, he was just a flat character up until the final battle with dio where he actually had his own time to shine rather than just being there for the sake of being a freind of jotaro and his stand had so much more potential, most of those points also apply to avdol but I feel like kayoin was more important considering that he was the main side character of the part, I feel like polnareff is a better jobro without even trying to be
Fully Into It
Fully Into It 4 hours ago
A-dee-dass thats final
Tornexus 4 hours ago
Everyone’s comment be like Star Platinum:Take Your Shit
StrictlyBananas 4 hours ago
3:27 That “AND REAL LIFE” was so sassy 💁‍♀️
Isaiah Rucker
Isaiah Rucker 5 hours ago
Giorno, GioGio, and finally, Gio.
MartyBrawls 5 hours ago
I post cringe, not tragedies
I post cringe, not tragedies 5 hours ago
My guy... Welcome to the club, we all love him
yoshikage kira
yoshikage kira 5 hours ago
I’m still betyer
l OverratedUser l
l OverratedUser l 5 hours ago
Wait can't Crazy Diamond erase memories because it can revert your brain before you knew... WAIT THATS HOW TOMOKO DIDNT KNOW SHE HAD A HOLE PUNCHED THROUGH HER
Giuliano 5 hours ago
I hate this headband
Demi Z
Demi Z 5 hours ago
Jjk is the wave rn
J.Macharia 5 hours ago
Are you sure him having buccirati's voice didn't influence anything on you :)
Geschnitzte Kiste
Geschnitzte Kiste 5 hours ago
Giorno's character design also gives me kind of a baroque feel with the curls and the ponytail, but also the brooches and the wings on his neck are like the ones you'd see in chapels and paintings of angels.
JayPJ0 5 hours ago
Pucci vs jotaro
H Dawg
H Dawg 6 hours ago
Phenomenal video as always.
H Dawg
H Dawg 6 hours ago
I do too. He’s absolutely amazing.
Mustard 6 hours ago
At least Mustard wasnt the weakest
-.- Sheeesh
-.- Sheeesh 6 hours ago
This is Gojos world and we’re just living in it
Luis Fernando
Luis Fernando 6 hours ago
yo great video would love to watch another on jujutsu
Casey 6 hours ago
Yoooo this video was so sick plesse god make more jjk content plesse!!!
Ace77 6 hours ago
if an enemy had heavens door it would be a new dio. change my mind
The god of squirrels
The god of squirrels 6 hours ago
He feels like an older brother kinda teacher. not like 2 or 3 years older. More like +10 years older. Everything you've gone through, he has gone through. Not condescending, only looking down on those he dislikes and enemies. Heaven forbid someone gets into Yoshinobu's position. One wrong word or misunderstanding of the situation there is no question in my mind that (green) dinosaur was was going to be cut from the show.
Roll A
Roll A 7 hours ago
gojo is the literal definition of beauty
Ruler Epitaph
Ruler Epitaph 7 hours ago
Stand up be like R e q u i e m
Pog Sama Funny Guy Totally
Pog Sama Funny Guy Totally 7 hours ago
GER: Hmm yes uhh any character wins? Yea Not happening dont care
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna 7 hours ago
Infinite kill glitch lol
Bernard de Mccoy
Bernard de Mccoy 7 hours ago
sub for superlion mcpirat
Bernard de Mccoy
Bernard de Mccoy 7 hours ago
sub for superlion mcpirat
Okuyasu Nijimura
Okuyasu Nijimura 7 hours ago
Face reveal when???
Rileydatleader :D
Rileydatleader :D 7 hours ago
ShadowAtores 7 hours ago
Here is my biggest question. Let's take Goku who in base should scale to 5D, couldn't he just neg the Reset to Zero ability cause in DBZ hax can be resisted by raw power.
Abhinav Panghal
Abhinav Panghal 7 hours ago
more jjk manga pls
Icee fanta
Icee fanta 7 hours ago
best scene with gojo was when he had his infinity on and he didn’t kill the ants when he stepped on them
Amal sree
Amal sree 7 hours ago
I like your words funny magician man
AakifslayerV2 7 hours ago
So basically heavens door is just a wish geass that lelouche has *NOTED*
Infinity Pgg
Infinity Pgg 7 hours ago
I hate gojo because there isn’t enough of him
The Cho-sen One
The Cho-sen One 8 hours ago
That's like saying I love pizza. Everyone does.
ugly idiot
ugly idiot 8 hours ago
I'm not gay but his eyes are beautiful as f*ck
Habib 8 hours ago
I'd love for you to continue Jujutsu content!! finished the anime and caught up in the manga, its amazing
Waelbenamor 10
Waelbenamor 10 8 hours ago
14:34 THE CAT
Infinity Pgg
Infinity Pgg 8 hours ago
In the sub for boku no hero the narrator quite literally says “ *This is my tale of how I became the number 1 hero* “
GrandStyles 8 hours ago
More JJK. This has been, in my opinion, the best first season of anime of all time. The hype levels are ridiculous and we could use something to bide the wait for S2.
Infinity Pgg
Infinity Pgg 8 hours ago
Gojo vs Dio Over Heaven?
Infinity Pgg
Infinity Pgg 8 hours ago
Gojo vs ultimate kars?
CrazeyP 9 hours ago
Crazy diamond requiem makes the user immortal 😩
doliio volay
doliio volay 9 hours ago
"My mind, expanding. My spirit, fulfilled. My ocean... Stone?" I have never seen better poetry
Uzy 9 hours ago
Gojo is what kakashi would have been if he didn't went through 40 traumas