tigershadow1 5 hours ago
That guy was calling in from his bath tub!
Slugbunny 5 hours ago
Scary as hell, you don't even know when you're having a stroke. Good thing the pilots cottoned on quickly.
Manuej 5 hours ago
Might be a silly question but what role do flaps play when landing?
Manuej 5 hours ago
@Schokohoernl cool, thankyou !
Schokohoernl 5 hours ago
Primarily to create more lift. So the aircraft can fly at lower speeds (and hence land slower). Secondly to create more drag, so the aircraft slows down quicker.
mjr320 5 hours ago
it was a lil childish but yes he does need to say american 2601 just in case another airline has the same flight number i.e. southwest 2601
Chief Gstar
Chief Gstar 5 hours ago
Can’t believe he didn’t get a phone number lol
Leo Starr
Leo Starr 6 hours ago
Deviation my arse. The woman is ATC not Chris Rock. What's with the speed? Especially a critical followed by none critical without pause. Daft cow.
Ace of Havoc
Ace of Havoc 6 hours ago
What a bunch of liars! US aircraft had every right to be there!
Analog Weapon
Analog Weapon 7 hours ago
"make a right turn onto runway 31R" would have been better phrasing.
Swiss003 7 hours ago
Captain joe: Perfect for a vid!
R P 7 hours ago
As painful as it was to listen to, it was extremely instructive for me. I would be proud of myself if I could emulate half of the calm demeanor this pilot displayed during what was already a tense situation. The natural reaction would be to blow my top and yell or scream, further deviating from my important task, to fly the plane safely despite the inability to count on resources he should have been able to ATIS?... the controller should have given him that info and more, such as you are "x" miles from the airport, the airport is at such and such heading "x" miles, no traffic or weather noted between you and the airport, etc etc., not the inquisition he was getting. AND, the LONG pauses, for the first part of the conversation, and the obvious anger and snippy tone of voice in the latter half....learned much, Thank you!
Octopus 7 hours ago
Not defending ATC here but pilot is giving conflicting info, and is also to blame here.
Joe Garfield
Joe Garfield 7 hours ago
I’m just confused: “First lesson” but then he says he’s flown a 172? “Have you ever landed a plane, or landed with an instructor?” He said no, but he’s been in a 172? And knew how to work the flaps in a 152?
R P 7 hours ago
Did I hear this wrong after the pilot landed at Henderson, the Tower says "sorry for the service????" I really hope not!!!
Analog Weapon
Analog Weapon 8 hours ago
If you have two flights that you know are similar callsigns getting ready to leave a the same time, maybe tell one of them to hold short and the other to line up and wait. 1328 should have noticed the clearance was for 31C and not 4R, even if they did get the callsigns mixed up.
notorious958 8 hours ago
Anyone can explain about the crew yime out?? What happened if they time out? Flight cancel?
Chris K
Chris K 8 hours ago
A CRJ 200 with a flap failure? Hard to believe (insert sarcasm). That system is absolute garbage.
creative grant
creative grant 8 hours ago
Fastest voice of an ATC and worst pitch and timbre I have ever heard on an ATC. Probably the wrong job for this person. Speed at the expense of coherence.
xygomorphic44 8 hours ago
After Air Canada landed and called ground: "Hi, I'm the schmuck who almost landed on the taxiway"
Sky10811 9 hours ago
We're any actions taken against this controller? It s unacceptable behavior
BljakFujToKaka 9 hours ago
' we just found out you have fuel for 5 more hours, so lets do some practice when we are here already, we' ll teach you how to multitask with no knowledge of flying, I'll be fun...Now, ready? Use your one hand for flying, and the other one to hold your instructor's head... . Great.. Now check all parameters, check whats your transponder readings etc just so you know where you can find everything once you will need it in future... Take your time, you have 5 hours to do you can look outside, there is a light on top of the tower, we are waving to you, turn right and you should see us, you can wave on us so we can be sure thats you, or go nose down towards that lake so we can identify you, just dont hit that lake, you will kill a lot of fish, one on board is enough.. Just mind that fella beside so his head doesn't go down, you might need him alive as you might need him in future for some free flights when he goes unconcious, its great benefit to you, paid for an hour, got 5 hours instead... When you use all fuel, you can land wherever you want, and that would be all for todays practice, brilliant job, well done'
David Santos
David Santos 9 hours ago
So sorry!
Spark 9 hours ago
This dude had fuel for 20 minutes and his bright idea is to start with. "Oh can I land here I need fuel?" And later declare emergency and mentioning the importance of landing
colorado841 9 hours ago
panpan panpan panpan Is such a weird call. It is like more code or pat pat pat pat pat pat
Cooper Michel
Cooper Michel 9 hours ago
He doesn’t even know how to enter a traffic pattern, I’m a student pilot with only 3 hours of flight and I know how to enter a traffic pattern
12345fowler 10 hours ago
Hope we will get news from her aeronautical career. Hope she wil succeed.
iammdeepak1 10 hours ago
Fucking incompetent controller.
Frazoor117 10 hours ago
Jesus Christ is that ATC in some kind of rap battle? I'm reading the subtitles and I can barely follow them.
airforceaggie 10 hours ago
She needs to switch to decaf
STS 10 hours ago
great damn communication and this ATC guy deserves an award for clearing up all the airspace and runways for the Delta heavy. good job guys
STS 10 hours ago
nice pan pan
Tiberiu Nicolae
Tiberiu Nicolae 11 hours ago
Your audio is so bad you could be an ATC
Tiberiu Nicolae
Tiberiu Nicolae 11 hours ago
"ATC speaks fast to keep things going" Also ATC mumbles callsings and grinds the whole operation to a halt.
David Allyn
David Allyn 11 hours ago
I don't blame that controller one bit.
D A Davidson
D A Davidson 11 hours ago
Feels kinda wrong giving this a thumbs up...
Marc Dufresne
Marc Dufresne 11 hours ago
that's how i like my Ukranians; someone messes up; don't deal with the consequences of their mistakes and be on your way
Joshua Myers
Joshua Myers 12 hours ago
"Damn regional jets" "Make that 5 minutes"
Devin Jonathan
Devin Jonathan 12 hours ago
What's the difference between a Pan Pan, Mayday and Declaring and Emergency?
Airplanes 10 hours ago
Pan Pan- Emergency, Not in immediate danger to vessel or life: I.e. pilot passed out Emergency- could be either Mayday- danger to life or vessel: I.e engine failure or fire
BobIsBetterThanYou 12 hours ago
Thank God Howard Stern was there to help her.
Josh Howell
Josh Howell 12 hours ago
Panpanpanpanpanpanpanpanpanpanpanpan! Great work by all involved
ThatOneDude 12 hours ago
Delta 1328 : "We'll be aware" - Famous Last Words
Nashvillain 12 hours ago
*News from By ELIZA MCPHEE FOR DAILY MAIL AUSTRALIA on this incident and the condition of the instructor:* Max Sylvester, had just two hours of flight experience when his instructor Robert Mollard lost consciousness during a lesson at Perth's Jandakot Airport on Saturday. With the help of the control tower, the father-of-three was able to safely land the plane, despite having never flown an aircraft alone before. Mr Sylvester was at the helm of the plane for 50 minutes, desperately trying to keep his unconscious instructor upright as he slumped over his shoulder. 'He's leaning over my shoulder, I'm trying to keep him up but he keeps falling down,' Mr. Sylvester said, Nine News reported. The traffic controller calmly directed the trainee pilot to circle the airport so he could get familiar with the runway. As he began to land, the controller instructed Mr. Sylvester to make slight movements so he would land safely. 'Nose down more. Power off. Raise the nose gently. Hold it right there, this is perfect,' the controller said. 'Gently start braking now. And you're down on the ground. You did it mate well done!' Mr Sylvester's wife and three children were anxiously watching on as he landed the light aircraft. The father credited the traffic controller for helping him during the stressful flight. 'I'd love to catch up with him and grab a coffee or something for sure,' he told reporters on Monday. He also claimed his studying had a huge impact on him landing safely, and said without it he may have not survived. Mr. Mollard had fallen unconscious just an hour into the lesson and was taken to hospital where he remains in a serious, yet stable condition. He was believed to have suffered a seizure and Mr. Sylvester was unharmed.
R A 13 hours ago
Pilot was in over his head.
Dimitri Navokov
Dimitri Navokov 13 hours ago
- Your type of aircraft? - Cessna 206 - Copy, Airbus beluga carrying Uranium
Nashvillain 13 hours ago
*I need this ATC to talk me down from my next acid trip*
Tom Bowie
Tom Bowie 13 hours ago
Is this Pearson or Toronto Island?
Graeme Leung
Graeme Leung 12 hours ago
One I Am
One I Am 13 hours ago
So hail can take out that airplane, but an airplane can take out the sky scraper?
James Sparks
James Sparks 13 hours ago
I love that this guy has fun with his job, while having tons of responsibility on his hands. Nice job!
Daniel Flanagan
Daniel Flanagan 14 hours ago
Maybe slow down a little. It’s not an auction.
Thomas Young
Thomas Young 14 hours ago
God is great ! Amen to that ! ❤️🙏❤️
fernando brocos
fernando brocos 14 hours ago
Singapore did not use correct fraseology. You declare minnimum fuel when you are commited to land at that airport, but you can NOT expect any priority. You declare MAYDAY FUEL when you are going to land with less fuel on board than final reserves. So, wrong fraseology.
lacosanostra20 14 hours ago
If its called sam 44 than obama east in office because it's only called airforce 1 when the president is on board
AJ Andrew Y.
AJ Andrew Y. 14 hours ago
Delta 1328 Lines up on 4R- Southwest 3828 begins rolling Delta was told to line up AND WAIT The pilots on the Delta- How about I take off anyway?
Bruno Danese
Bruno Danese 14 hours ago
Jesus christ he couldn't even spell the airport he was heading to
Gazza Boo
Gazza Boo 15 hours ago
Pregnant woman: If I time this just right I can get the plane to land, go to hospital and have American baby! Baby: Hello world! Mother: Blyat 😒
Jim Knowlton
Jim Knowlton 15 hours ago
Someone forgot to roll the window up
LednacekZ 16 hours ago
wow, 17. When i was that age i wouldnt trust me to park a bike correctly. she did amazing
jackdaknife 16 hours ago
1:18 What does "widen out" mean?
dannyjohn5175 16 hours ago
This is the the definition of teamwork!
Benoit Hudson
Benoit Hudson 16 hours ago
Jazz is arriving at the FBO now?
Grimjar 16 hours ago
I don't know how I ended up here. But as I can understand is that you shouldn't argue with traffic control? Just nod and move along right?
Matt 16 hours ago
"ATC, I got a number for you to call"
Zealotes the Aussie
Zealotes the Aussie 16 hours ago
I gotta say, I respect controllers who are thinking of the flight of 5 planes at once and doing the math in their heads. They have the lives of hundreds of people in their hands as well. But the ‘bitch factor’ here is just childish.
HeyIt'sAmanda 16 hours ago
I'm not a pilot nor have any flying training, but I'm curious as to why the pilot called "pan-pan" when he knew he could land the plane safely. Do you call pan-pan in any instance just because something is wrong with the plane? I know pan-pan means and urgency but with no immediate imminent danger, but it seems like there wasn't a huge urgency in this case either. edit: Thanks everyone for explaining it to me in the replies. You learn something new everyday
Gringo Loco
Gringo Loco 14 hours ago
Discovering flaps aren't working on a jet at 3,000 ft is worthy of some declaration. Plus he needs ATC to vector him around. It's a judgment call. I think in this case it was warranted.
Gary XHLC 15 hours ago
With an issue like this, safe landing is never a certainty. Also, something mechanical like this can escalate. _Right now_ is was just no flaps. But it could be, for example, a prelude to all hydraulics going down. Sometimes, after working a checklist, an issue straightens itself out. The pilot doesn't know which way it will go, at the start point. Also, without making the callout, he would not had the ability to deviate from course to get time to work the checklists; he would have been obligated to stay on course and come directly in, ready or not, in accordance with last instructions from ATC. Better to make the callout and not need it, then need it and make ATC and ground support scramble; when lives are at stake, don't play guessing games.
blake86303 15 hours ago
It's called "covering his ass".
Evan747 16 hours ago
Checklists, contact company... delay vectors. Lets ATC know there's an issue to work through, just not an emergency (yet).
Patrick Warrington
Patrick Warrington 16 hours ago
He sounds so done with life
Dad Bod vs The World
Dad Bod vs The World 16 hours ago
That American pilot hasn't been excited since the last time he had a Mig on his tail in Vietnam!
Pascal Coole
Pascal Coole 16 hours ago
A friend of mine had the opposite, He was flying a few miles over the sea and ATC was realy confused what he was doing.... So they asked for his intensions. 'Landing on a ship sir' more confusion... 'What type of aircraft' he requested 'Dolphin helicopter sir' ;) I had my fun with ATC also... thats for another comment.
Velfeeda 16 hours ago
damn, what a gladiator
Philip McNiel
Philip McNiel 17 hours ago
Sounds to me like he went on "autopilot" (figuratively speaking, just acting out of habit) because he was dealing with a radio issue, and that "autopilot" decided to turn left crosswind while climbing to 1,000 feet. I can see how a sub-1000 Class B shelf just left of the runway would catch a pilot out like that if he was unprepared and distracted at the same time.
Marc-Antoine Beaulieu
Marc-Antoine Beaulieu 17 hours ago
I have a feeling the pilot understood but kinda wants this cledala BS to stop.
Emmanuel Garcia
Emmanuel Garcia 17 hours ago
Why can't they just say one-three-two-eight and three-eight-two-eight???
David Stanford
David Stanford 17 hours ago
I would have just sat there.
Marc-Antoine Beaulieu
Marc-Antoine Beaulieu 17 hours ago
Anyone else feel like they want to get a PPL but too scared you'll end up in a VASAviation clip?
DrCalamari The3rd
DrCalamari The3rd 17 hours ago
Where do u get the TRACON maps?
Mic Sierra
Mic Sierra 18 hours ago
Canadian aircraft seem to have all sorts of radio issues. What's up with that? Seems like Canucks tend to do what they want then blame it on the radio.
Banshee365 18 hours ago
When I flew the CRJ-200 we had a flap extension speed of 200kts for flaps 8 instead of 230kts because of the flap issues with the 200.
jetals e
jetals e 18 hours ago
@ 1:37, "I assume you mean American Airlines 2601", LOL
John Chamberlin
John Chamberlin 19 hours ago
I’m guessing the GIANT white numbers missing wasn’t a clue? Wow
Piotr W
Piotr W 19 hours ago
FD425 sounds like Jim Browning :O
CrazyIvanFPV 19 hours ago
Well his instructor may hear the dreaded words of "709 Ride".... 🤣🤣
Guy Seeten
Guy Seeten 19 hours ago
When asking about the fuel on board of an emergency airplane, sometimes they ask for the weight, and sometimes for the time remaining. Why?
Tom Bowie
Tom Bowie 13 hours ago
Is it to give them an idea of how long you can keep flying if you need to troubleshoot a critical issue.???
Tom Bowie
Tom Bowie 13 hours ago
To get an idea how big the fireball will be.
Cesar Queti
Cesar Queti 13 hours ago
I don't know the reasons but I always thought that in case of a crash accident the Fire Crew knows how bad the fire is gonna be and how many people they are searching for. To see that is for endurance it relieves a little that this is the motive they ask for
Gringo Loco
Gringo Loco 15 hours ago
Fuel remaining is for time to troubleshoot the issue. Weight could be for ability to land on the heavies...sometimes the airliners have to burn off or dump fuel after takeoff to get down to a safe landing weight.
Nestor 18 hours ago
@kerrermanisNL This is correct. It’s solely for the information of the airport and its ground operations, knowing how much time they have to work with the aircraft (fuel), how many people there is in the case of an evacuation, etc!