I'm Leaving YouTube
grateful to be alive..
What Happened To Us
8 months ago
Time to Change.
10 months ago
Gary Dunn
Gary Dunn Hour ago
Perhaps Disney themselves could take them over and rent them out.
just sip the tea
just sip the tea Hour ago
Did they already? Choose one? If not HII I'd love to get their 100 dollar gift card
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Hour ago
Anyone remember when bald and bankrupt did this with his gf in shorts tshirts
Pierce Blanchard
Pierce Blanchard Hour ago
Raman Walsetwar
Raman Walsetwar Hour ago
You are living my dream life 😍🔥
Bucket of Gondor
Bucket of Gondor Hour ago
Dude the sun looks so big
Mai Rukmit
Mai Rukmit Hour ago
Thank you
Doris Kimyson
Doris Kimyson Hour ago
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Doris Kimyson
Doris Kimyson Hour ago
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Derick James
Derick James Hour ago
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Noah Elsenpeter
Noah Elsenpeter Hour ago
This guy is the best
Notch Network
Notch Network Hour ago
I could use a billboard too thanks
علي رشيد نوري عبدالله
علي رشيد نوري عبدالله Hour ago
WaddleStick Hour ago
4:39 Matty fuckin smokes
Sana Ganjoo
Sana Ganjoo Hour ago
This video really spoke to me. Thank you, Yes Theory. For everything you do <3
Evita Williams
Evita Williams Hour ago
hey yes theory just wanted to say i love your videos and im always thrill to see your next big adventure!
Teresa Brito
Teresa Brito Hour ago
Best of luck to you Matt. 👍
Nathan Gilbert
Nathan Gilbert Hour ago
Check out paramotoring just imagine running into the sky and having the freedom to fly where you want to.
Christian Hee
Christian Hee 2 hours ago
The unsightly tadpole periodically invite because november histologically extend like a thin slipper. proud, responsible grill
Teresa Brito
Teresa Brito 2 hours ago
Beautiful story. Rest in peace Xavier, God Bless you. God Bless his family.❤
Pascuala Joana Mabano
Pascuala Joana Mabano 2 hours ago
It's weird I'm crying watching this.
Arief Arief
Arief Arief 2 hours ago
Great Content love them
i have a rare disease and i take medication that makes me feel hot 24/7....i hate heat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tech Toy Tinker Company
Tech Toy Tinker Company 2 hours ago
any updates on the school and how things are going?
Bandz Monney
Bandz Monney 2 hours ago
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Zoë A
Zoë A 2 hours ago
Meets Hardin Scott from after and doesn’t even acknowledge it...
Max CT
Max CT 2 hours ago
My dream is to become a professional drifter in formula drift japan or a professional rally driver in the wrc.
Max Gorgeous
Max Gorgeous 2 hours ago
When the intends meet the intention it's a quid pro quo 😆
Wesley Scott
Wesley Scott 2 hours ago
The sophisticated barbara partly notice because yam ostensibly decide but a amuck step-uncle. chief, paltry pastry
larry89 2 hours ago
I don't understand why he kept searching for food in the trash. He could've simply asked people around for some help! You can ask 100 times and one person will help you, just gotta roll the dice.
Crazy Alex 7667
Crazy Alex 7667 2 hours ago
6:23 gta be like
Bandz Monney
Bandz Monney 2 hours ago
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Jan Euler
Jan Euler 2 hours ago
the architect of this should definitely find smth he´s better @ - looks so boring as a whole...
Crazy Alex 7667
Crazy Alex 7667 2 hours ago
Apparently some people can metetate for months with no food, water and doing nothing, I Find that hard to believe
Dedlock 2 hours ago
dankdungeon 2 hours ago
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Rasesh _19
Rasesh _19 2 hours ago
How come you end in a party every time ?
J Fox
J Fox 3 hours ago
Mr Beast: 37 million followers Mr Beast 11 months later: 58 million
Francis Johnson
Francis Johnson 3 hours ago
Good grief. 🤣🤣🤣
frank Mo
frank Mo 3 hours ago
Wow So Cool..
Comment section guy
Comment section guy 3 hours ago
...on Sandpiercer...1001 cars long.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Hour ago
jealous dick, but because I know the taste of this feeling having hitchhiked half of Asia. I'm on my way now to save up $$ and start it all over again next year. I also wish to add t
Jay Elex
Jay Elex 3 hours ago
I kinda wanna read those email submissions
Maite Moreno
Maite Moreno 3 hours ago
this was so heart-warming :') i love this channel
tony kuprikov
tony kuprikov 3 hours ago
Only couple dry options :/
tony kuprikov
tony kuprikov 3 hours ago
Yoooo add more hoodiesss
Jack Oblen
Jack Oblen 3 hours ago
Andy Christensen
Andy Christensen 3 hours ago
i did this in my early 20´s 15 years ago. i still appreciate food in another way then before. and sometimes i think back to that experience. itll never leave you.
Jay Elex
Jay Elex 3 hours ago
bro how was this 8 months ago wtf
Ana Norman
Ana Norman 3 hours ago
This feels like Poptropica in real life...
Stephanie Lee
Stephanie Lee 3 hours ago
DUUUUDE you’re Ryan goslings twin
Shark Star
Shark Star 3 hours ago
Woogles 3 hours ago
Vagrant holiday did it better
S 4 hours ago
13:04 DAMNNN
Beatriz Azevedo
Beatriz Azevedo 4 hours ago
Is Matt french or american?
Golden Golem
Golden Golem 4 hours ago
Going to be honest, that security guard should be fired.
Beatriz Azevedo
Beatriz Azevedo 4 hours ago
Irene Jackson
Irene Jackson 4 hours ago
That was quite interesting. I look forward to more.
Mamkajiwin 4 hours ago
What’s up Broski 🦋
John Q. Public
John Q. Public 4 hours ago
Fun Fact: When you record yourself doing something illegal, it's evidence!
Max2021 4 hours ago
So happy I found this channel.
Wolfimann 4 hours ago
Wow, Really fantastic
Roy Leeh
Roy Leeh 4 hours ago
Very interesting Journey WOW!!!!
DOGGMAN .s 4 hours ago
i feel my heart
Andy _
Andy _ 4 hours ago
Who else is on a Yes Theory binge spree
Grant charmillon
Grant charmillon 5 hours ago
Skylon 5 hours ago
This conor guy looks like that one guy in the mission impossible movie.
StreetWolf_Bowdy 5 hours ago
I need to do something with my life Ive just been the same boring old day for the past year or 2
Holly England
Holly England 5 hours ago
hear me out, hunger games.
Bri 5 hours ago
*Everyone struggling and the girl acting like it was a hot tub*
Edgar Capacete
Edgar Capacete 5 hours ago
If you believe your the first guest then I have a bridge to nowhere to sell you.
Jan Wells
Jan Wells 5 hours ago
Streets are plowed. Weird.
Maksa MM
Maksa MM 5 hours ago
Wow, on my birthday. May 29th
Octavian Gogea TopUs
Octavian Gogea TopUs 5 hours ago
The ambient music at the start of the video is just amazing. Can I know the name of it?
Octavian Gogea TopUs
Octavian Gogea TopUs 5 hours ago
Every time I wach one of those videos, I just get more and more motivation. Love&Gratitude Ammar and Yes Fammily.
Heather Mal
Heather Mal 5 hours ago
This was incredible, loved this video!
Wolfimann 5 hours ago
Really Epic
Dr. Gumz
Dr. Gumz 5 hours ago
Showpiecer.....1000 and 1 cars long.
Felix Valencia
Felix Valencia 5 hours ago
FUCK YEAH! Thank you guys for this.punk ass Guatemalan politicians need to stop throwing shade on Richard hansen,he showed La Danta to the world .
Felix Valencia
Felix Valencia 5 hours ago
Archaeologist** not politicians sorry!
Octavian Gogea TopUs
Octavian Gogea TopUs 5 hours ago
Just love&gratitude