I deserved this...
5 months ago
Sean 10 hours ago
fuck it, mushroom time
Sleepy_Ruby_wolfy 10 hours ago
Will...... NO! DO. NOT. EAT. THE. SAND!!!!!!!!!
KillingEchos 11 hours ago
Your dedication and motivation makes me wanna cry... this is beautiful!!! <3
thanos 11 hours ago
Max Fuentes
Max Fuentes 11 hours ago
Phil is the best hardcore player ever
The Cooler Daniel
The Cooler Daniel 11 hours ago
0:33 me when I see lego sets under the christmas tree
himbo enthusiast
himbo enthusiast 11 hours ago
phil's childlike exciting just make this video so much better :')
Andre Massey
Andre Massey 11 hours ago
7:51 he said something bad look in chat
Alex Lawton
Alex Lawton 11 hours ago
i spawned next to 2 badlands in a row while speedruning is that rare
Geeky Owlet
Geeky Owlet 11 hours ago
this video is my comfort video..... i love it so much omg... thank u philza and kristin this is so seratonin
Three Dott
Three Dott 11 hours ago
watching makes me realize i take that biome for granted. spawned right next to one and lived in it, was rlly nice. the style reminds me of Sedona, AZ.
Vincent Kielian
Vincent Kielian 11 hours ago
21:22 shouldve been a rickroll honestly lol
Gia Hy
Gia Hy 11 hours ago
2 years later and I’m still here
Leopard GeckoS
Leopard GeckoS 11 hours ago
My comfort video
a_useless_brick 11 hours ago
Ph1LzA Minecraft is so brave. He’s the bravest man I’ve ever met.
Seb Turner-bennett
Seb Turner-bennett 12 hours ago
31:10 for pure gold
TheGhostReckon 12 hours ago
Ali Ali
Ali Ali 12 hours ago
I Like The Music Wan The Stream Starts
Michelle Stettler-Gill
Michelle Stettler-Gill 12 hours ago
David Muhammad
David Muhammad 12 hours ago
Kaylea Chidester
Kaylea Chidester 12 hours ago
I love madeyewlook! I didn’t know she streamed!
Xx_Lucid_Dream_xX 12 hours ago
He sounds so different :0
Dani 12 hours ago
id give anything to go back and look at my first world. I remember everything from it, but I just want to go back and play on it again.
Ethereal Bro
Ethereal Bro 12 hours ago
i wish i was a good minecraft builder or minecrafter like this lol
ッ-Reis_World 12 hours ago
Philza: *hits the button to start* A vaping Ad: No ❤️
Francesca Spinosi
Francesca Spinosi 12 hours ago
Ayyyyee a year late but streamed on my birthday 😎😎
Benjamin Santerre
Benjamin Santerre 12 hours ago
the bender T-shirt POGGGG
PrestonTheG 12 hours ago
Man 5 years!!! Great job.
An Old Flame
An Old Flame 13 hours ago
Will the azalia tree have a new color?
Barny b
Barny b 13 hours ago
I wish I had my old minecraft world , I remember making my house out of all kinds of shitty blocks because I didn't know what to do , and being so SCARED of mobs. I didn't even know how to make torches so the house was just dark 💀
Alexandra Mundell
Alexandra Mundell 13 hours ago
It’s already been a year- wow.
Cei Loudon
Cei Loudon 13 hours ago
38:38 number one: what was that noise? *ptahhhh* numero duo: why didn't anyone donate pigman noise im suprised
Juan Robles
Juan Robles 13 hours ago
Oh my god he’s dead *song’s playing*
Chris Chin
Chris Chin 13 hours ago
I wonder if she drank a water breathing potion will she be able to walk on land without problems? 🤔
KidUnicorn13 13 hours ago
Weird to see pre endlantis end
willyR 13 hours ago
Anybody here after
William Johnson
William Johnson 13 hours ago
17:03 the zenith in terraria be like
ELI man
ELI man 13 hours ago
Josh Hutchison
Josh Hutchison 13 hours ago
I think you should add some leaves and grass around and on the sea temple so it looks more overgrown and old
Aimlovesmusic 14
Aimlovesmusic 14 13 hours ago
3:41 I was busy drawing then I heard him say aphmau My reaction : 😮🥺 my childhood
Åri 13 hours ago
me crying because there was a creeper head
Dragonefire1897 Gaming
Dragonefire1897 Gaming 13 hours ago
14:07 poisonous potatoes does that
Jacob Varney
Jacob Varney 13 hours ago
I couldn't build any of this in creative never mind hardcore survival.
William Johnson
William Johnson 13 hours ago
i cant wait for the spawn glitches like the deep dark or something spawning in the middle of the ocean then there's just a warden at sea
sdf elite
sdf elite 14 hours ago
1:13 not only is there a jungle, there's a swamp, which I'm pretty sure means in between is a modified jungle edge biome, the rarest biome ever
Atlas Baosic
Atlas Baosic 14 hours ago
Anteaters: poop Tommy: truly disgusting that some animals would do this terrible thing
Calvin Christensen
Calvin Christensen 14 hours ago
that world is as old as me
Joshua Hunt
Joshua Hunt 14 hours ago
as if theres not blue lava
Gg Murray
Gg Murray 14 hours ago
The plastic decrease revealingly obtain because hardcover enthrallingly welcome of a pushy camera. descriptive, bad beggar
tenacity25 14 hours ago
You know I get that starting in the nether is supposed to be a penalty, but I'd choose blaze just because of that
Dustin_the_dorito DoritoVille
Dustin_the_dorito DoritoVille 14 hours ago
Im going to be totally honest, the discord is better
rainbow chaser
rainbow chaser 14 hours ago
me: Philza what does the minecraft death screen look like? Philza: idk
YourNewProblem 14 hours ago
Phil cussing is so natural that I don’t even notice anymore
K-Dog 14 hours ago
If there is one video that sums up the amazement of Minecraft, this is it
• Curious •
• Curious • 14 hours ago
I can’t believe I actually did this, but when Wilbur said that sand tastes like pretzels I mentally tried to recall upon all the times I’d eaten sand to see if it was true 😭
qwerty uiop
qwerty uiop 14 hours ago
Just died in my nardcore from like 50 withers :(
Luffy_.Official 101
Luffy_.Official 101 15 hours ago
Imagine glow squids tho
Tiggey 15 hours ago
The dislikes were people crying and their finger slipped
Chili the Birb
Chili the Birb 15 hours ago
Wil's hair hadn't grown to its full potential yet
Game geek YT
Game geek YT 15 hours ago
kevant bruh
kevant bruh 15 hours ago
This made me cry
TheLostLegend 15 hours ago
Philza: *Has facecam in front of game chat* Us: WHAT ARE THEY SAYING IN CHAT?!?
Enny Meme Productions
Enny Meme Productions 15 hours ago
“Smell my sand. That is an order.”
AmpeR 15 hours ago
bruh 16 comments
Gboy 3870
Gboy 3870 15 hours ago
My name jeff
Ramine 15 hours ago
if you leave them jobless and log out then the zombie villagers stop giving cheapeer trades
gg oozy
gg oozy 15 hours ago
New sub
Ramine 15 hours ago
in my world i live above the sea and i have like five tridents cause theres a bunch of drownds
AmpeR 15 hours ago
i only 17 and i fucking airplane
NoahOnSchoolWifi 15 hours ago
Philza just found a modified jungle edge and didnt even realize 😯 1:10
Joshua Hadfield
Joshua Hadfield 15 hours ago
16:46 toy car mod
Jackson Wyatt
Jackson Wyatt 16 hours ago
Shitza lol
Sayeed1601 16 hours ago
the bit with jason had me in tears XDDDDDDDD
Evald Blium
Evald Blium 16 hours ago
Wrong you can move them if you have ranboo
Darcy Quartermain
Darcy Quartermain 16 hours ago
Do not cry
Art Lister
Art Lister 16 hours ago
One time I took out 8 teeth and it hurt like HELL
Aydin Hickson
Aydin Hickson 16 hours ago
You guy's should invite fundy to the server(if he want's to) his origin will be garanted to be feline
Polygon Desby
Polygon Desby 16 hours ago
*Jenna Tools joke* Haha no.
Glitch-out? 16 hours ago
I rlly wanna know if he got his skin from the dude from bleach