Nick sheehan. landscaping
Nick sheehan. landscaping 5 hours ago
You should see what this car can't do in a minnesota winter! They love the ditches.....
Sebastian Wallach
Sebastian Wallach 5 hours ago
Is that a ski bike project I see hiding behind the curtain at 3:30
Christopher Mann
Christopher Mann 5 hours ago
Looks great, can't wait to see the finished project and it make it's first recovery!
Nalicao Salgado
Nalicao Salgado 5 hours ago
What a weapon!! I know that rudyis super exited to drive that thing😅😅
Go Leafs Go
Go Leafs Go 5 hours ago
Some folks everyday lives are set up perfectly for You Tube greatness! Awesome content and so much to choose from. Cool channel ......
Péba na canastra
Péba na canastra 6 hours ago
Alguém do 🇧🇷 aqui 😁😁😁
HOWARD KEMP 6 hours ago
Martin Camp
Martin Camp 6 hours ago
"Voted Most Epic".
James Allion
James Allion 6 hours ago
That thing sounds mean and badass!
Robert Shaw
Robert Shaw 6 hours ago
Did they run over the rope
One Eyed Reaper
One Eyed Reaper 6 hours ago
Honistly what would it take for a young man to come down and be an intern for you guys and just to learn how to do this,
Jeriel York
Jeriel York 6 hours ago
I really appreciate your bills and your conversations you guys are not cussing like some people do thanks
jcmate 6 hours ago
Man you need to be better equipped beadlocks for one, inflatable bag jacks at least 12 max tracks a sand anchor even with those few things it would make your life easier. love the show by the way
Ang Moore
Ang Moore 6 hours ago
All that money still a one wheel peel. Wd40 will take the rubber off the paint.
Elblancochingon 6 hours ago
Better order a rear locker
Michael Angelos
Michael Angelos 6 hours ago
Some of these people might be embarrassed that their $50,000 rig just got pulled out by a thirty-year-old Jeep.
jim poteet
jim poteet 6 hours ago
always fun to `build ` a vehicle... (i`ve done it... motorcycles are a tad easier...) onward...
Chris Freeman
Chris Freeman 7 hours ago
Bruce MacGlynn
Bruce MacGlynn 7 hours ago
Bruce MacGlynn
Bruce MacGlynn 7 hours ago
Love these rescues
Bruce MacGlynn
Bruce MacGlynn 7 hours ago
One thing that makes a plan work best is Communication. I'm still thinking you could really do yourself a world of good by having a set of Walkie Talkies. It wouldn't matter at first what kind (I'm bettin that you would eventually end up with a headset version). I realize this is few months back, but it just seems to prove my point. Also it might be that I'm a retired Army Officer.
Woods Lisa
Woods Lisa 7 hours ago
did ya check if he had a license LOL
Woods Lisa
Woods Lisa 8 hours ago
that bus driver....OMG! good grief
Ronald Basinger
Ronald Basinger 8 hours ago
I really like your channel ☺️ Enjoy watching a family work together, love the off-road recoveries and thank you for letting me feel like I riding along with y'all. Matt you are blessed with a wonderful family and great friends!! Keep up the great work🐺 PS. Love your dogs🐺
Jason William
Jason William 8 hours ago
You guys really need to make sure the ring terminal on your winch leed is up against the battery terminal clamp. Don't put steel washers or nuts in between, because that causes a high resistance connect. The amount of current flow to operate that winch will heat that bolt and and nut on the terminal clamp hundreds of degrees and could melt the terminal right off the battery. Steel parts should never be in the middle of an electrical connection for this reason. I'm an electrician that's been in the trade for 32 years and have 12 plus years running an infrared camera doing thermal surveys on electrical distribution systems in large commercial and industrial buildings.
Louis Brown
Louis Brown 8 hours ago
You know you always have fun when you get to use the snow machine
Dusty 8 hours ago
3:55 I am sure glad Matt used the correct hammer for the job at hand!
Saif Mohamed
Saif Mohamed 8 hours ago
1:16 what is that white bag on the bottom of the 4 wheeler
quinton millan
quinton millan 8 hours ago
Lizzie is honestly very pretty but love the quality and time put into all of your videos Matt keep up the very entertaining work
jcmate 8 hours ago
Those shocker shafts look to thin and if they can be turned around i would to stop rocks bruising the shafts.
Dusty 8 hours ago
1:30 Matt? I'm car sick... I gotta puke!!!!!
Ian BEADLE 9 hours ago
Hey Matt, how about a set of those bolt on tracks?
Chris Turner
Chris Turner 9 hours ago
Awesome Carter
Boyd 9 hours ago
Some people have replaced the Jeep 4.0 inline 6 with a Ford 4.9 300-6 which you could have a C6 behind it. I remember a coworker years ago had one of those Jeep’s and I stopped to look at it and I was surprised that it’s a unibody design,,, not body on frame.
Joseph Badger
Joseph Badger 9 hours ago
I am officially filing a complaint. Came across you three days ago and I’ve already watched maybe 10 or more videos. You are interesting, fun, informative, and you do things with a very positive attitude. I need my life back. No more videos. And, thanks. Really enjoy all of you. Keep up the great work.
Dusty 9 hours ago
MAGAT slayer
MAGAT slayer 9 hours ago
ahhh, SINKHOLES... the "heights" beneath you that you didn't know where there... hence why they're the only thing I'm as IRRATIONALLY afraid of as being up high atop something like a mountain or building XD
MAGAT slayer
MAGAT slayer 9 hours ago
"SO ANTICLIMACTIC" not exactly the words I would use when the ground beneath me in a hundred meter diameter could collapse at any moment XD
MAGAT slayer
MAGAT slayer 9 hours ago
"can you see the bottom" he says with a smile that doesn't quite indicate he realizes exactly how PRECARIOUS their current position really is...
Woods Lisa
Woods Lisa 9 hours ago
hey..your tires are soft LOL
Standby Samons
Standby Samons 9 hours ago
Enjoying all of your videos,very entertaining, keep making videos.😁😄😆
blant Cumberland
blant Cumberland 10 hours ago
Dude was really worried about that fender 😂
Woods Lisa
Woods Lisa 10 hours ago
make sure you keep all those peoples names and information and next time they call...just say..." nope...and You made your lie in it " LOL
Robert Cooper
Robert Cooper 10 hours ago
That mud is a bit special... yuk!
Woods Lisa
Woods Lisa 10 hours ago
its that trucks karma for having that confederate junk flag
MAGAT slayer
MAGAT slayer 10 hours ago
"precarious position" more like dude almost did a jillion cartwheels in a bowtie down the mountain, JEEZ :/ lucky those trees stopped it. I'm getting vertigo and the shakes just watching y'all walk up on it.
reklasproductions 11 hours ago
What's the max height a vehicle can be and still get through that Sand Hollow State Park tunnel?
Dill Montgomery
Dill Montgomery 11 hours ago
Lizz is a cutie I watch so many of these videos all cuz of her lol not a creep tho
Taylor Hayden
Taylor Hayden 11 hours ago
Those RZRs sure seem to break a lot...
Austin Kealey
Austin Kealey 11 hours ago
I never would take my jeep renegade on those kind of rocky roads but I do wonder how it would do. Lol I’m waiting to see one of the out there.
Taylor Hayden
Taylor Hayden 11 hours ago
SO FREAKING AWESOME Is the Corvair going to be replacing the Banana?
Million Miler
Million Miler 11 hours ago
@01:03 My God Lizzy looks super strong. 😜
CAYMAN987 11 hours ago
Jamie is awesome. She has way more skills than i do
Databyter 12 hours ago
You guys rock. The fact that you even tried shows the confidence required to succeed and overcome obstacles. But you can't win em all, and it was cold and dark and snowing and you guys were tired. It happens. Thanks for sharing. It just goes to show, you guys are human and there is no magic vehicle or skill that can work every time when fate is stacked against you. Sometimes the best strategy is a strategic retreat to regroup and recharge. Databyter
Matt Woldanski
Matt Woldanski 12 hours ago
Man fuck this guy
Edwin Chavez
Edwin Chavez 12 hours ago
Daaang! I have a Ford Explorer which I want to make a project like yours, but honestly I don’t have the monetary possibility. Watching this video gives me inspiration and sadness at the same time, it has more than a year with broken transmission. Keep going, that truck will be amazing!!!
111danish111 12 hours ago
12 c is not T shirt weather !!
Harold Hinson
Harold Hinson 12 hours ago
Are there any Mormons in your group?
Danilo Pamintuan
Danilo Pamintuan 12 hours ago
Oh man that convair is a stallion.
carguy638 12 hours ago
Do it for Dale brother. He’s just a lap ahead.
Clay Johnson
Clay Johnson 12 hours ago
All Californians. Haha
High Recon Overland
High Recon Overland 12 hours ago
You know I was thinking it was pretty ridiculous to take a Tucson down something like this right up to the point that you realize that it isn't even a AWD. Then I lost any level of understanding that I might have had for the driver.
Dave Dennis
Dave Dennis 12 hours ago
Nice burnout. Cleetus McFarland would be proud.
Kevin Moore
Kevin Moore 12 hours ago
Where one man proves that the 1 tire can spin and plans to do recoveries without lockers. Sure hope this 1 man has fun recovering himself. J/p good stuff Matt!! Can't wait to see its first recovery!
bmxscape 13 hours ago
funny that he was talking about insurance claims, before he completely hyrdrolocked the motor. what exactly are you liable for during a recovery?
Sirtech Silicore
Sirtech Silicore 13 hours ago
if they do not want to be on you tube they should just sit in the truck and stay out of frame. Selfish ridiculous fuckery
David Arts
David Arts 13 hours ago
I've been there! Definitely spent some nights in the truck. I spent 4 nights in the truck in the AK interior in a wind storm. Our moose hunt wasn't quite what we thought it would be, but my brother and I just had a good few days hanging out drinking coffee and glassing for moose. Anyway, good video 👍 just reminded me of that story.
CAYMAN987 13 hours ago
I know traction would be worse...but would putting 45 psi in the front tires help give you another half inch ground clearance ??
Woods Lisa
Woods Lisa 13 hours ago
love love the dogs
larry robbins
larry robbins 13 hours ago
I agree with Ed, Leg Lamp. Now that is a major award.
Woods Lisa
Woods Lisa 13 hours ago
Ed has a very cool looking shirt! awesome
CAYMAN987 13 hours ago
I have a half ton f350 v10 manual with off road tires and dont think my truck is a good choice for off road. Too heavy. Two wheel drive. Not good approach and departure angles. Even with a couple tow straps and come a longs and huge hydraulic jacks I dont think my truck is a good choice. A prius ? My god. Even a stock wrangler is not much.
ashsmashburn 14 hours ago
Beautiful area you work in!
Jeremy Contreras
Jeremy Contreras 14 hours ago
Bad ass build right there good work
Albert Lesnik
Albert Lesnik 14 hours ago
Can’t wait to see that thing drive the streets and the trails 😍😍😍😍
Van Damage
Van Damage 14 hours ago
Love a girl who's not afraid to get her hands dirty!
Quincy Herbster
Quincy Herbster 14 hours ago
You will thank yourself and thank you for the video
Kobe Robinson
Kobe Robinson 14 hours ago
Corvair needs its own playlist
Alberto Chipres
Alberto Chipres 14 hours ago
Nothing beats a celebratory un-tuned burn out.
cslapler007 14 hours ago
Probably could have taken the bumper off the Prius for a little more clearance up front. But regardless this is an incredible feat, not glamorous by any means but hats off!
Jesse Plouvier
Jesse Plouvier 14 hours ago
That little Vortec is so happy haha. Nice video ya'll.
bigandfatty1 14 hours ago
How did you need a snow cat for that