Ayanda Noah
Ayanda Noah 5 hours ago
When you got a new phone
Cilaye Unsworth
Cilaye Unsworth 5 hours ago
This sucks.😒and u guys can’t even sing
Yahya Alkhalili
Yahya Alkhalili 5 hours ago
Rose is so right She does bring them views
Miraya Mdp
Miraya Mdp 5 hours ago
Please do a 24 hours in the movie theater roni and nessa
Faerie 5 hours ago
I'm part of anime and kpop. Mostly anime
Diana Kamanga
Diana Kamanga 5 hours ago
Hi Vanessa and veronica can you do a phone give away it's been so long
Rajendra Maharjan
Rajendra Maharjan 5 hours ago
6D14 LO CHARLOTTE CHE YUI 5 hours ago
It’s back
Eva Banta Artigues
Eva Banta Artigues 5 hours ago
The end lol
Mr. and Mrs. CHEN - Sharon
Mr. and Mrs. CHEN - Sharon 5 hours ago
On 5:59 Her: it’s so cold Me: sheiks wearing a long sleeve shirt
Pastel Panda
Pastel Panda 5 hours ago
I really like avacado 🥑
Eaw War
Eaw War 5 hours ago
❤️ My boyfriend is really nice and handsome I love him so much
Ghadeer Dehrab
Ghadeer Dehrab 5 hours ago
I honestly thaught that it was helen. Who also thaught itvwas helen?
Ziah & Emory
Ziah & Emory 5 hours ago
Cismatic Beats
Cismatic Beats 5 hours ago
Triana Colegio
Triana Colegio 5 hours ago
Varatharasan Sreenivasan
Varatharasan Sreenivasan 5 hours ago
Yes me too
Alexia Duron
Alexia Duron 6 hours ago
i like alex is outfit
Edna Soria
Edna Soria 6 hours ago
I hat guacamole lol
krizql qnne
krizql qnne 6 hours ago
I can't un-hear the high pitched voice in the background 😂😂
Ma. Gracia dela Rama
Ma. Gracia dela Rama 6 hours ago
Bet, the butler did it.
Sheila Castellon
Sheila Castellon 6 hours ago
So you're telling me no one is going to mention Vanessa's singing. It was really good
George Bolaji
George Bolaji 6 hours ago
i love guscamole so so so so so so much
fajar fatima
fajar fatima 6 hours ago
the should play among us in real life with friends its trending and quite fun to watch
Kate Adams
Kate Adams 6 hours ago
Anyone just love how roni says among. Like it’s so cuteee
fajar fatima
fajar fatima 6 hours ago
when roni did the tongue thingie it was soo funny
Mar'Tavon Ricks
Mar'Tavon Ricks 6 hours ago
im additid to this i cant stop
T Lee
T Lee 6 hours ago
Carol's laugh at the end tho.. got me dead in laughter lOLOL
Fleur Erethea
Fleur Erethea 6 hours ago
Noha Ehab
Noha Ehab 6 hours ago
How pleas roni rplay to me say hello
Meren Lkr
Meren Lkr 6 hours ago
Ranim Bakri
Ranim Bakri 6 hours ago
Venessa has like the best room no offense roni
Richu corn
Richu corn 6 hours ago
Jamileth Cisneros
Jamileth Cisneros 6 hours ago
Sam X
Sam X 6 hours ago
Isn’t this pentatonix?
Elaine Wang
Elaine Wang 7 hours ago
"All these knives, and I couldn't cut it for you." I think your ex would be terrified and not sorry 😯😂
Maliha Landon
Maliha Landon 7 hours ago
Love your room vannesa great tour bye ima small youtuber please go subscribe
Dabrielle Anderson
Dabrielle Anderson 7 hours ago
My cat love you
MYSTERY Girl 7 hours ago
i knew it was carol the entire time, no ap, btw ilysm!! <333
Mia Pellum
Mia Pellum 7 hours ago
You guys so not have LG phone holder
Fleur Erethea
Fleur Erethea 7 hours ago
I want to know what kind of soap is Roni's using😳
Unicorns go Boom!
Unicorns go Boom! 7 hours ago
Yess, i have that one loud friend here name is Lucy!LOL!
Cammiekelly Belle
Cammiekelly Belle 7 hours ago
Veronica and Vanessa plz put your guys hair up in a high pony tail pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee
Happy Stanner
Happy Stanner 7 hours ago
use my discount code: vranka LMAO
CREW BLOG 7 hours ago
Nobody: Literally no one at all: Vanessa watching 10 diffrent devices at once Me: dying laughing because that’s on my daily schedule😆😆🤣🤣
Kirana Jingga
Kirana Jingga 7 hours ago
Everybody is saying that Roni’s room is a five star hotel and Nessa’s is their dream. But why is Roni’s room my dream? Oh right my room is just that ugly
Danielle Flowers
Danielle Flowers 7 hours ago
Roni looks like a model
꧁Sandy the Thick Legend꧂
꧁Sandy the Thick Legend꧂ 7 hours ago
Biggest anime plot twists of all time: *Seeing Helen smile*
Danielle Flowers
Danielle Flowers 7 hours ago
that mom looks good
jessica gunawan
jessica gunawan 7 hours ago
Roni :where is my phone , and roni screem CAN YOU HELP ME PLEES DUH nesa :nesa screem to I SEE IN YOUR BUT DUH
Youkheang Kim
Youkheang Kim 7 hours ago
Love It
Olixivrii 7 hours ago
I love how grateful Roni is for her room when Vanessa literally has a MOVIE THEATRE!! 💗💗
Marisol Cruz
Marisol Cruz 7 hours ago
I LIKE YOUR SONG.😍💝🎊🎉😊☺😉😝😜😘😄😃😀😁😳😛
Chrissy Baer
Chrissy Baer 7 hours ago
I’m a member of bts and you
Happy Stanner
Happy Stanner 7 hours ago
roni a big marzia stan
Shivani Shetty
Shivani Shetty 8 hours ago
OMG you both are just amazing
Sara Akroush
Sara Akroush 8 hours ago
Maria Cheema
Maria Cheema 8 hours ago
Plzzzz play Roblox again
Shariffah Shahirah
Shariffah Shahirah 8 hours ago
is roni and aaron still together ?? why are they not posting anymore 🥺
AcediaBunny 8 hours ago
They look more like twins when they didn't wear make up
CoolDarla2 - Games & more!!
CoolDarla2 - Games & more!! 8 hours ago
Still wondering, did the teacher get his picture?
Brynna Steinway
Brynna Steinway 8 hours ago
Do part 2 with aron and alex please!!!! Love yall❤❤
Vivian Huff
Vivian Huff 8 hours ago
I know it is a great vid when I smile and laugh just at the intro
teresa james
teresa james 8 hours ago
who is ronron a ana vro
Hari D
Hari D 8 hours ago
When you call your teacher mom that acsuly happed to me
Chunkie_ Beef
Chunkie_ Beef 8 hours ago
I watched this a year ago and remember cracking up and this video is just how I remember it!!
whatever whatever
whatever whatever 8 hours ago
i mean if roni didn’t put too much chocolate syrup into her smoothie and more squash hers would be like pumpkin soup ish
Kelmy Pineda
Kelmy Pineda 8 hours ago
Shortest to talest : nathen roni nessa isece
Kelmy Pineda
Kelmy Pineda 8 hours ago
Sorry if I spelled isices name rong
Payton Atchison
Payton Atchison 8 hours ago
The way Roni styled Nessa is the way I would go out & I'd dress as Roni
Francisca Hope
Francisca Hope 8 hours ago
clphon 6 hours ago
Talia Dalton
Talia Dalton 8 hours ago
18:20 Roni’s reaction 😂
john clements
john clements 8 hours ago
Ha ha hahahshahahahahshahahahahahahahHahahahahah hahahahahahahahahahahaha?4?
Talia Dalton
Talia Dalton 8 hours ago
Talia Dalton
Talia Dalton 8 hours ago
15:43 omggg 😂😂
Fareefta Khan
Fareefta Khan 8 hours ago
Bloopers pls
Gihanna Chambers
Gihanna Chambers 8 hours ago
If i was one of those people 2ho tried and y'all said EW,EW,WHY I would feel so bad
Bea Flores
Bea Flores 9 hours ago
who watched them then got bored of them then watched them again?
Talia Dalton
Talia Dalton 9 hours ago
1:53 “What-what is this?” Roni’s face...
crazy train
crazy train 9 hours ago
Nicole Whitney
Nicole Whitney 9 hours ago
How long did it take to film this