RoseKindred 2 hours ago
0:16 there is only 1 Morty with a mask but he is not wearing it correctly.
Patrick Lange
Patrick Lange 2 hours ago
1:12 is the reason why I won't watch this. I refuse to watch anything with that b!tch because of what she did to Johnny Depp.
senyah777 2 hours ago
Release date??
Benjamin Clarke
Benjamin Clarke 2 hours ago
Release the Snyder Cut
R B 2 hours ago
mashreka mahmood
mashreka mahmood 2 hours ago
I saw George O'Malley so I'll watch it
R 3 hours ago
Class Action Park.....#1 comedy on HBO MAX! LMAO!
Catniss 969
Catniss 969 3 hours ago
I’m crying out of my ears too.
Gonzalo Arvietti
Gonzalo Arvietti 3 hours ago
Una gran pena que estos productos que aunque paludo..lleguen tan tarde pudiendo haberle dado lo que merecía la veneno en su momento y no ahora que ha muerto. Porque nor ecibe regalías ni puede opinar de lo que hizo o no en su vida. Sumado a que su crimen debería ser investigado, su muerte fue un homicidio y hay gente de alto poder involucrada
Samuel Thrift
Samuel Thrift 3 hours ago
At 1:41, it looks like someone (either Arthur or Diana) threw Steppenwolf at Superman. Steppenwolf isn't in an optimal position to land a punch; in fact, it looks like he didn't even try.
AvianDuck77 - Minecraft and More
AvianDuck77 - Minecraft and More 3 hours ago
It was Arthur who stabbed and thre Steppenwolf to Superman
Melissa Amy ASMR
Melissa Amy ASMR 3 hours ago
Does anyone know which episode it was at 5 seconds in when Cartman is wearing a wig? I swear I’ve seen every episode but I don’t remember that one!
Alexis DeLaGarza
Alexis DeLaGarza 3 hours ago
Freikugel 4 hours ago
What an amazingly done scene
Chamath Jayashanka
Chamath Jayashanka 4 hours ago
I was thinking this was a really cool trailer but then... I saw her. Amber Heard.
Thomas Roughley
Thomas Roughley 4 hours ago
And yet the commercials were all over the TV back in the 80's and everyone wanted to go
Pablo Botello
Pablo Botello 5 hours ago
Yo soy CONOSÍA MUNDIAAAAAR... tu eres conocida de aquí a Valleca, ¡naaaah maaaah!!! Grande mi Veneno, siendo MÍ ÍCONO y nuestro referente sin pretender serlo. Tú te quedarías muerta en la bañera con un foco colorao de saber cuan lejos llegó tu tu fama, tu vida sola es la fuerza que todos en la comunidad necesitamos para sobrellevar este mundo de mierda al que tú te enfrentaste sola y VENCISTE, si mi arma... TÚ VENCISTE Y HOY AQUELLOS QUE SE BURLABAN DE TÍ Y DUDARON DE TUS PALABRAS HOY TODOS ELLOS SE COMEN UN APLASTAMIERDA DE UN TORO viéndote despegar al nivel de leyenda. Tú eres y serás eterna toda la vida, cuánto me habría gustado haberte conocido en persona reina pero me quedo todas los buenos momentos que me hiciste pasar y que atesoro en mi corazón con el cariño más grande del mundo. Vuela altísimo preciosa ¡DIGOOOO!!! A TOMAR POR CULO
Tsipher 5 hours ago
“I hate you so much” “I think we’re having a breakthrough moment” lmao xD
Peter Richards
Peter Richards 5 hours ago
Just a tad dark at the end there. Perhaps include the phone number for suicide prevention as a service’s very disheartening.
Los Crazy Squad:v
Los Crazy Squad:v 5 hours ago
I need to watch that ❤️ i love warner #missingfriends #snydercut
Phone Tographer
Phone Tographer 5 hours ago
Penny....She deserve Golden Globe or Emmys for the big bang theory family is very proud for you.👏🙆‍♂️🎬
Nick Mcilroy
Nick Mcilroy 5 hours ago
Dam ya uncle Phill why did you get taken away so soon . . . Rip brother
Shane Stewart
Shane Stewart 5 hours ago
Please renew. Love, me.
Mylin Williams
Mylin Williams 5 hours ago
" pa, she's here with her boyfriend" " I don't see no ring on her finger" 🤣🤣🤣 Lmao
Varnika Kaae
Varnika Kaae 5 hours ago
“One of the greatest titles in the world is parent, and one of the biggest blessings in the world is to have parents to call mom and dad.“
Pennyless Play
Pennyless Play 5 hours ago
she walks with her shoulder forward
RoseKindred 5 hours ago
This song always makes me feel worse but it is also calming.
Only Jesus Can Save Us
Only Jesus Can Save Us 5 hours ago
John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. Amen. Repent and turn from sin! Follow God's sacred 10 Commandments! Time is running out!
Faris Raza
Faris Raza 6 hours ago
i heard when zack left the movie when it was under production, his daughter died R.I.P, i knew i shouldnt watch the movie bc its was gonna suck and i was not disappointed.
Ronit B
Ronit B 6 hours ago
It is so confusing. Why!
Ethan Rodriguez
Ethan Rodriguez 6 hours ago
R.I.P Tuba for taking care of Hazel and for being her Friend.
snow White
snow White 6 hours ago
So if the galactic federation doesnt even care about rick anymore why do they force themselves to work at the citadel still, just go home bro no one is hunting you
Matu1 6 hours ago
Reading the comments and i think there are too many unhappy souls who think they missed their train :D
Alejandro Salas
Alejandro Salas 6 hours ago
Acabo de ver la serie y es espectacular no tengo palabras muy buena la recomiendo 100%
fantastic man
fantastic man 6 hours ago
Seriously, with this music?
Athalia Duncan
Athalia Duncan 7 hours ago
she is so cuuute
Muhammad Ahmad
Muhammad Ahmad 7 hours ago
Don't want to see another I May Destroy you
alyssa alaimo
alyssa alaimo 7 hours ago
THIS IS AMAZZING !!!!!!! Can’t wait for season 2
Cierra Townsend
Cierra Townsend 7 hours ago
Crazy Rich Asians: The TV Show
Cristina VP
Cristina VP 7 hours ago
Isabella Dorman
Isabella Dorman 8 hours ago
I'm crying with my mascara every where!! :(
jefferson Uchiha
jefferson Uchiha 8 hours ago
Lo mejor que le ha pasado a este año es esto
cslworldwide 8 hours ago
How come he don’t want me :(..
josue Nunfio
josue Nunfio 8 hours ago
Ali ALTINBAĞ 8 hours ago
When when when when
Linus Dersjö 2
Linus Dersjö 2 8 hours ago
Love this but where is Capaldi?
Cheval Nektosha
Cheval Nektosha 9 hours ago
Image this covered by Nine inch nails
RDG EDM 9 hours ago
#SuicideSquadHindidubbedExtendedCut Please please please please please please please please please please please please
Omesh Singh
Omesh Singh 10 hours ago
This is so scary
Law World
Law World 10 hours ago
Please help to bring peace in Kashmir and bring peace in the world and avoid world war 3 Let the Kashmiris decide their own future in accordance with the UN security council resolutions 91, 98, 96, 80, 47, 38, 39, 51, 122, 123, 126, 307 so that all the armies could move out and the refugees could move back in and there is peace in the world
Illi Mai
Illi Mai 10 hours ago
Better than the original.
Eric Neal
Eric Neal 10 hours ago
I love how they poke fun of those jerkoff chefs that pronounce everything fine until they get to ethnic words then pronounce those words with an accent or roll; it sounds so stupid when they do that “ I went to Walmart and picked up some frozen manahghatte’ instead manicotti.
Кирил Дубик
Кирил Дубик 10 hours ago
cynthia rouse
cynthia rouse 10 hours ago
cynthia rouse
cynthia rouse 10 hours ago
Maria Kaake
Maria Kaake 10 hours ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣I remember going in those tubes and it was so hot inside of those tubes, it was was like trying to breathe in Hell.
LizardGorgeous 10 hours ago
I like the original version. 😕 #UnpopularOpinion
MOVIE TIMES 10 hours ago
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The Wayne
The Wayne 10 hours ago
The truth is, Wheddon destroyed 90% of the original. I don’t know if it’s true that Endgame has many similar scenes, but I’m happy that the Snyder Cut comes out.
SNYDER CUT 4 hours ago
True. Endgame STOLE Zack Snyder's original plan for this film. -The time travel/fixing the timeline -Lois sacrifing herself
The Wayne
The Wayne 10 hours ago
Ya he visto el trailer muchas veces. No puedo esperar más por el corte de Snyder.
more is never enough
more is never enough 10 hours ago
I’m 3 episodes in and totally obsessed. Great show, great cast and acting. Kaley Cuoco is fantastic, what a great actress. Bravo!
S3xXxBomb 11 hours ago
Good subtitles xD
S3xXxBomb 11 hours ago
Sometimes I feel exactly the way Jerry feels.
Cashelle Cayenne
Cashelle Cayenne 11 hours ago
Who is cutting onions at No.10 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Grayson Jordan
Grayson Jordan 11 hours ago
I love it mice on a mission wow I love it it's so cool I want to see the full movie
Grayson Jordan
Grayson Jordan 4 hours ago
I hate it when that woman screamed the maid in the hotel and her teeth were ugly give her this comment she needs to brush them
David 11 hours ago
can't wait!
L G 11 hours ago
This looks cringey af, that will be good to make fun of - i see a new meme potential
m r
m r 5 hours ago
lmao that's kind of the point? you do know that shows have more than one genre?
Bipolar Person
Bipolar Person 11 hours ago
What kind of regular show is this shit
Silver Fox Trading
Silver Fox Trading 11 hours ago
When asked how does it feel to do a movie like that; Meryl Streep responds by saying Amy Shumer would say it's because they are #unf*ble!! I hollered!!!
MegaAmir46 11 hours ago
She got that wagon now👀?
Damien Gibson
Damien Gibson 11 hours ago
This song punches my depression in the nuts.
SeemsLikeSomething 12 hours ago
Nice. I like this version.
Ben Luttenberger
Ben Luttenberger 12 hours ago
I felt like crying so I clicked this..
Bobby Chervenow
Bobby Chervenow 12 hours ago
Hard to watch and very annoying. Directed by a woman.
RaM rAM 12 hours ago
Its fake trailer
J 3 hours ago
It's real.
SNYDER CUT 4 hours ago
Ray Chau
Ray Chau 13 hours ago
na.. i'm gonna passed... typical Viet family... if they were Catholic Viets... now we got a show...
luudakhoa 12 hours ago
They are catholic viets, they went to my church lol. I think there was a catholic wedding in the clip at 57 seconds
krishnaveni ganapathy
krishnaveni ganapathy 13 hours ago
Why everyone praise Christopher nolan and zack synder hated by some people earlier because making dark movies
Niranjan M Dinesh
Niranjan M Dinesh 12 hours ago
Because those people were following critics... Now they understand man of steel and bvs were something more than a popcorn superhero flick...
Arnold VillaG
Arnold VillaG 13 hours ago
Me encanta Ya quiero que se estrene
Milos Nikolic
Milos Nikolic 13 hours ago
OMG! Penny and Daario Naharis?!
Christopher Murphy
Christopher Murphy 14 hours ago
Malcom x scene is my favorite.
Газиз Утягулов
Газиз Утягулов 14 hours ago
Пора швифтануться