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Bill Burr
Bill Burr 3 hours ago
Bill Burr
Bill Burr 3 hours ago
Bill Burr
Bill Burr 3 hours ago
Bill Burr
Bill Burr 3 hours ago
Hey. STU PID. Any body in there? Any body...HOME ? a few bricks shy of a load??
Colin M
Colin M 3 hours ago
Republicans claim to be the law and order party. They should put their money where their mouths are and convict the criminal. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Doggy Style
Doggy Style 3 hours ago
Well at least she doesn’t feel like a criminal
DSN Bam 3 hours ago
dis wuh i call a real gangsta foe lmaoo
Tgon Mwort
Tgon Mwort 3 hours ago
Wear reflective clothing.
Terence Quinn
Terence Quinn 4 hours ago
North Texas Traitor.
Tiya Basilio
Tiya Basilio 4 hours ago
"I do not feel a sense of shame or guilt " Judge: Maximum penalty. Trump does not care about you, lady. He let hundreds of people die of the Coronavirus while claiming it was a hoax. What makes you think he cares about the nutters he gets to do his bidding?
Open Your eyes
Open Your eyes 4 hours ago
The cops should be the ones to pay not the city
Vinny Angell
Vinny Angell 4 hours ago
They're all traitors, she's not sorry, she deserves prison..
Daniel Goleš
Daniel Goleš 4 hours ago
Same as American drivers... Maybe this is a feature, not a bug?
Levelovixor The 2nd
Levelovixor The 2nd 4 hours ago
ha ha ha ha nNooOooo
Zane Nelson
Zane Nelson 4 hours ago
Illusion 100
Steven King
Steven King 4 hours ago
I deserve a pardon for commiting an act of terroism. Trump condemned you as "violent rioters" he threw you under the bus because that's how reality works. He could've pardoned you before he left but he never had that ability. How entitled do you have to be, you told everyone you'd break in the Windows of the capitol and flew in on a private jet to do it . You deserve jail
Kjell Beilman
Kjell Beilman 5 hours ago
Oh that is quaint, she wants a pardon... Lady Trump doesn't give two shits about you or any other of his supporters there that day... He used you and you got conned with the rest of them, but that stupidity doesn't make you any less a criminal then you are for storming the capitol in some crazy conspiracy theorist haze about a stolen election, when it was fair and square... So sorry, but not....
Kev 5 hours ago
0:55 If you're standing in the middle of the highway like that you deserve to be ran over
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 5 hours ago
Just a Hater
Just a Hater 5 hours ago
could have been another driver dealing with loss of income this should cause panic in that area thus boosting there income again
LAST LOADING 5 hours ago
it's so smart it only works when its a real human, that's why there getting bad results...
jaime amonzo
jaime amonzo 5 hours ago
What a punishable face.
James Callahan
James Callahan 5 hours ago
Crime is everywhere
Bassy Simpalah
Bassy Simpalah 5 hours ago
All this for a dude who gives 2 sh*ts about you. You'd be wrong to think after a certain age people grow tf up.
Pawan Pawar
Pawan Pawar 5 hours ago
U guys might didn't heard about Tesla
ultra stintict
ultra stintict 5 hours ago
The car actually knows that it's not a human. Try it with a real human being
The squad
The squad 5 hours ago
Me sad
Gabe . EXE
Gabe . EXE 5 hours ago
time to move to texas
Noisser Crippedil_png
Noisser Crippedil_png 6 hours ago
0:33 me crossing the street while the traffic lights says don't just to troll people driving.
H C 6 hours ago
Seriously, you just keep looping?
PANOS GAMITHIS 6 hours ago
Patrick Hogan
Patrick Hogan 6 hours ago
Whiskey tango matters!
Shelley Schoenfeld
Shelley Schoenfeld 6 hours ago
This is AWESOME watching these Traitors get locked up.
Refresh2b 6 hours ago
Dunce Caps
pasor 59
pasor 59 6 hours ago
Go to jail !!!
jay Parker
jay Parker 6 hours ago
Lorries had this before cars, the drivers turn the systems off because if you cut in front of the lorry it does an emergency break, not great on a motorway
OriginalBigThing 6 hours ago
What? I did so want to see her grovel...
wmaass88 6 hours ago
rowen danver
rowen danver 6 hours ago
2 years?
Marklar the great
Marklar the great 6 hours ago
Test with real people or fake news!
Tyler Townes
Tyler Townes 6 hours ago
Scare me before work then...I’m packin
Just Checking
Just Checking 6 hours ago
Let that be a lesson for u dart out suddenly
Lee Brown
Lee Brown 6 hours ago
If you take all the stupid crap out of the cars like infotainment systems and all the stuff you don't need and just drive you couldn't hit nobody because you be too busy looking ahead of you not looking down at the floor not seeing what's in the cup holder not see what's in the back seat that's why you ride two wheels or no wheels who wants to roll around in a cage all day
Rasputin Disclaimer101
Rasputin Disclaimer101 6 hours ago
'We' do not take responsibility for decisions taken by the viewer based solely on the information provided in this video. Do not try this by yourself. Viewer discretion is advised.
Catch Stevens
Catch Stevens 6 hours ago
Sue the person forcing you to take this job you don't like. Oh wait.....
Shelly Fresh
Shelly Fresh 7 hours ago
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez 7 hours ago
Dang probably just doing it for extra cash
Vman358 7 hours ago
That's why its best that a dummy drive the car.
Dreama Kennon
Dreama Kennon 7 hours ago
Yes still waiting said it was sent on the sixth
Drealmers S
Drealmers S 7 hours ago
RIP for those all adult and kids dummys
Black Panther
Black Panther 7 hours ago
Face it municipal bureaucrats despise art in all its forms be it graffiti, snow car , or anything else for that matter
Megatron2013 7 hours ago
She and the Jake Angeli the QAnon Shaman are the two whiny people who are crying and complaining that now they regret being involved in the Jan 6th American Benghazi. These two are complaining that society is out to get them, they're broke, can't find work, their families and friends shamed them, and they don't want to go to federal prison.
Raul Arango Hadad
Raul Arango Hadad 7 hours ago
Call of duty The real capt Price
Real Music Real Artist
Real Music Real Artist 7 hours ago
Lock Them Up...Lock Them Up
DirtyDigger 7 hours ago
Goes to show u how stupid cops r.
Nunya Biz
Nunya Biz 7 hours ago
Who else only caught a glimpse of the first line & read "uber eats driver with 3 kids" thinking this was a cannibal situation?
Arkane117 3 hours ago
I think just you thought that. LoL
Zaini Adnan
Zaini Adnan 7 hours ago
I like how cold blooded the car seems. Lol
Micheal Sperry
Micheal Sperry 7 hours ago
Sedition isn't patriotism
carpballet 7 hours ago
“I don’t need to pay attention to the road because it’s a self-driving...” BAM!!!
Nick Charles
Nick Charles 7 hours ago
Genetic genealogy will solve this case. And there’s a good chance that the evil person responsible is still roaming free. If so, his days are numbered.
Nestor Panganiban
Nestor Panganiban 7 hours ago
God ? I thought Trump will take care of you?
RobloxMationsRAR-RMRAR 7 hours ago
For somehow. At the thumbnail. I thought it was a real people. Wtf
Kelly Harper
Kelly Harper 8 hours ago
You know most women are really tired of mediocre men who don’t love their country and falling for the weakest minded man’s lies ever! Get a clue and stand up for our country. Let’s get some things done already!
DC4L 8 hours ago
JPS doesn't care at all about their patients...I swear to you if a patient tested positive for Covid, the nurses there would have bullied them until they were removed. They are used to dealing with addicts, and you can't handle Ckvid patients the same way. Super disturbing
DC4L 8 hours ago
I once was take to JPS about 18 months ago because I had a seizure due to anxiety. Have never taken drugs in my entire 42 years on this earth, but I guess that was the closest hospital. The treatment was horrendous! I've never felt so humiliated in my entire life. And if I actually did have a mental illness, which I did not, I can only imagine how that environment would have made it 10× worse
Morris Phillips
Morris Phillips 8 hours ago
Don't forget to indict 134 congressman, 2 senators a former president and Rupert Murdoch's fox divisive news. Start at the top then work your way down.
Marcus Badoni
Marcus Badoni 8 hours ago
There is a paddle called "The Brakes!" Use it.. mostly awareness!! Put your phone down...
Jessica Walker
Jessica Walker 8 hours ago
i go to sta
Patrice Taylor
Patrice Taylor 8 hours ago
I'm on SS and I allowed my son to claim me so he could get some of the money he has paid into State Gov food stamp and Medicaid programs and he has never benefited from either program and he has no kids. So because he paid taxes on the amount of money he made with no dependents but helped kept food on the table for someone else. So he not I received a stimulus check. Wow....Wow....Wow
Zanetta 8 hours ago
Soon the house will be walking Joe Biden’s impeachment order and he will be impeached for treason. No impeachment will come to Donald J. Trump in the name of Christ Jesus. Amen
Larisa Jeffrey
Larisa Jeffrey 8 hours ago
You deserve nothing.
Larisa Jeffrey
Larisa Jeffrey 8 hours ago
Oh really, breaking windows, entering, beating, desecrating a historic officer died beaten to are a criminal....your president threw you under the bus......he doesn’t care....only cares about himself........nooses, zip ties.....cmon.
The Honest Truth
The Honest Truth 8 hours ago
Abdel Abboud
Abdel Abboud 8 hours ago
How about drivers open their eyes? Pay attention to the fucking road. ffs
Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson 8 hours ago
They lured her there disgusting evil people 🤢🤢
Tutorials for retarded kids
Tutorials for retarded kids 8 hours ago
Lmao 😂
luis llanos
luis llanos 8 hours ago
Tired of winning yet?.
Lee Brown
Lee Brown 8 hours ago
I wonder when these people will figure out they got conned by a con man old school, man he used old game stupid. Everybody take care of yourselves and each other it's only one planet this is all we got
Elle -mental
Elle -mental 8 hours ago
How can she just lie on camera? She is what is wrong with this country. Entitled is the word for it good luck with your pardon. Thanks for ruining the capitol and then taking a picture of youself with the damage.
Elle -mental
Elle -mental 8 hours ago
I love how she is hogging the spotlight just like her leader... she stated on camera that she knew someone was shot and did not care. "Not my fault.... I am normal." You are never getting a pardon just a delusional idea.