BlizzConline Day 2
BlizzConline Day 1
The Future of Diablo
Behind The Necromancer
tomaac 3 hours ago
aaah the legendary garlic... why did you change the perfect UI?!
Alex Kayo
Alex Kayo 3 hours ago
Meu deus , cadê os BR se manifestem
Buz Buzbee
Buz Buzbee 4 hours ago
DAAAAAAAAANG. Too bad I'm hooked on WoW.
Captain_Manstone 4 hours ago
This is the best news I've heard in the last 20 yrs ! It was a totaly wish of many friends of me and some friends did create an own Diablo 2 in 4K meanwhile but this here will be the best Diablo ever exist. I never liked Diablo 3 and etc but I love D2 Resurrected. It brings me back to the banned and hated Blizzard :). 100 of 100 Stars for Resurrected, and you will collect nearly most money ever with this insane perfect game.
Torpidu 5 hours ago
i also played diablo 2 for the first time, on my first computer. my dad bought a pacard bell 98 i think it was called, i was 8 or 9 at the time. he bought the diablo battle chest for me after not letting me go see harry potter with my school class and then surprised me with it :P now, im 29, married, a father of 4, and d2 comes out again remastered, and i get to play it again in modern graphics and such :) my mother was alive when d2 came out when i was a kid, now she's not. so i will probably get double nostalgia when i'll play the remaster
Karim Tv
Karim Tv 6 hours ago
Omg that gave me goosebumps this is so good !
Bromon Diction
Bromon Diction 7 hours ago
I'm just glad you guys removed that cartoony glow on enemies <3
Ferenc Jancsár
Ferenc Jancsár 7 hours ago
Man this was so much fun, thanks for all the info as well
Browly 7 hours ago
i so excited.. cant wait for it to be released. this could become the best game of the year. thx blizz <3
JM A 10 hours ago
What about controller support on the PC, anyone know if that is going to happen?
Maor Mama
Maor Mama 10 hours ago
I'm torn with myself when it comes to Blizzard. On the one hand, I just hate this freaking CCP based company which does everything to make you hate them (as a consumer). On the other hand, their developers are not responsible for the stupid decision making and you want to support them for their awesome work on games.
Le Furret
Le Furret 10 hours ago
lello333 12 hours ago
the first guy on the right is the Zizarian's father?
Sondor V.
Sondor V. 12 hours ago
please release a collectors edition! Art of Diablo 2, statues, etc
BunkBunk 12 hours ago
it's stupid how leah became diablo, GARBAGE STORY
Emily An
Emily An 13 hours ago
Omg. It’s back. Can’t wait to see the cow with axe again 💀
Quy Nguyen
Quy Nguyen 14 hours ago
Is there cow level!???
J J 14 hours ago
looks dumb
3.8 L8!
3.8 L8! 15 hours ago
Pretty excited for all three ! Enjoyed this whole half hour keep it up
Sarah Cooper
Sarah Cooper 15 hours ago
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Michael R
Michael R 15 hours ago
Can i just get this trailer music without sound? Because its my favorite D1 song mixed into D2.
Emily An
Emily An 13 hours ago
ye live in the past.. u give us d2 so u can slack on d4
dee1170 15 hours ago
less blood no gore !!??
Vladimir R
Vladimir R 16 hours ago
So far d4 game play looks and feels like d3.
Sebastian Bahn
Sebastian Bahn 17 hours ago
Looks really good, but I wonder if a big movie studio like Blizzard will succeed in creating a AAA game.
Heecks 18 hours ago
I hope the online MP save is more than 1 month before they delete your account.
ZenTradeGame 18 hours ago
I had a feeling it was an Old White guy that did his voice.
BibiBubuish 18 hours ago
Try it on Hardcore guys :)
djwaters22 18 hours ago
This guy is a LEGEND!!!
jimmy wahl
jimmy wahl 18 hours ago
i hope the music in D4 is as goos as in D1+ D2 its very important. i love the art work. its beautyful.
Free MGTOW 19 hours ago
We also want additional new Items, Runewords, Areas, Quality of Life Improvements etc. I will not pay 40 € for just updated graphics.
Oliver Rosenkrantz
Oliver Rosenkrantz 19 hours ago
2 sentences from gamin impacted my life: "stay a while and listen" and "Snake?! SNAKE?! SNAAAAAAKE?!?!"
Evan Franey
Evan Franey 20 hours ago
What a time to be a Diablo fan.
iseeu1980 20 hours ago
Release date?
Kendo121 20 hours ago
Evan Franey
Evan Franey 20 hours ago
Can't wait to play this game. Looks like the Rogue will be the first time a ranged class is my main.
Parasmunt 21 hour ago
It would be a good chance to produce a Diablo 2 Battle Net with no chance of cheats, duping, PK tricks. Now that would be interesting. Every zod rune in the game found legitimately.
Lynter 21 hour ago
"By Three They Come" Is that an alien reference?
Gio Gre
Gio Gre 22 hours ago
I want jojo, i want jojo jojo jojo
Doge Wood
Doge Wood 22 hours ago
Guys, my lvl. 60 warrior just found a Crimson Behelit. What do I do?
Whiskey_Pleaz 23 hours ago
I REALLY want to be excited about this... however, I was also very excited about the WC3 remaster, which was over-promised, underdelivered and then totally abandoned what? 7 months after release?? I am extremely hesitant to get my hopes up.
Valeri Karastoyanov
Valeri Karastoyanov 23 hours ago
i hope they resurrect diablo 1
Cristopher Taborda de Paula
Cristopher Taborda de Paula 23 hours ago
Diablo II Resurrected is THE BEST new I could ever ask... Thankyou Blizzard...
TheSirSpence Day ago
Watching to see if this guy opens his mouth. Spoiler: he doesn't
tru tube
tru tube Day ago
The last time I saw Rod was during the Gears Of War years with Cliff.
Kenneth Hayes
Kenneth Hayes Day ago
Please don't mess this one up.
ZaKa K
ZaKa K Day ago
Thank You so much!! Blizzard! Thank you Diablo, mephisto and baal!!
Konstantin Borisov
Konstantin Borisov Day ago
If it’s no alpha soon I will buy switch and play Diablo2R . After three years I don’t need it more
Dylie Day ago
Please.... Please... Don't let this be Reforged 2.0. Blizzard bro, I've played your games my whole life, literally. Please... let this be a proper remaster... I beg you.
TheVanillatech Day ago
Such a let down. Ruined Warcraft III Reforged, sold Diablo down the river to the console casuals ... at least Starcraft is still intact, although it's been almost a decade since they even bothered to add more content.
Nathaniel Miller
Nathaniel Miller Day ago
My wife and I played D2 a lot years ago. The only name for a kid we could ever both agree on was Deckard. D3 was a very sad end to Deckard Cain, but our son is now two years old. At story time we tell him to, "Stay a while and listen."
Juan Pablo Besa
Juan Pablo Besa Day ago
We are all quite happy and excited about Diablo II: Resurrected, certainly. However, I would've absolutely loved a remake of Diablo 1 as well. Not sure if it will ever happen...
Zulfirdaus Zain
Zulfirdaus Zain Day ago
Stay a while and listen
Marcelo Márquez
Marcelo Márquez Day ago
ImmA Day ago
It really seems like they’re doing this right. They catch a lot of flak for WC:R (and rightly so) but they totally nailed Starcraft Remastered, it was nearly perfect. Plus they made a great choice bringing on Vicarious Visions as a partner. I’m so hyped for this.
Iinkubiss Day ago
I smiled :)
David Carlton
David Carlton Day ago
Was he anything else but an old scholar?
Themovie Edition
Themovie Edition Day ago
I thought it would have better graphics than DOTA 2. Disappointment just like reforged ... Such a company should outperform any other company with RPG gameplay.
Lost Cosmos
Lost Cosmos Day ago
Please, for the Love of Diablo... do not make me wait until October for the release! Please be sooner!
Todeswalzer Day ago
Every scene to look like a death metal album Now thats a dream
TruthMC Day ago
I watch the whole video :)
doli prane
doli prane Day ago
pvp with p2w...
5thhorsman Day ago
Well looks like I have to find my assassin and necro build sheets again
Alex Carrick
Alex Carrick Day ago
Cringe 2d personality. Cringe chinese animation style. I thought this was D4, not a chinese mmo.
Ingsoc Puppet
Ingsoc Puppet Day ago
Remind the world what a real Diablo game is. I'm all in on this. The only thing D3 had going for it were the seasons. Every other thing in D3 was pale imitation with the lore butchered. Especially insulting was thay the online was originally designed around trying to constantly milk money out of players via a RMT auction house and a disgustingly designed loot table system, I could never see D3 in the same light. Blizzard, as it was, is long dead, but let's hope they can get a remaster right this time. I want to be totally hyped, but I still remember the Warcraft III: Reforged cashgrab, so I don't think I'm alone in feeling that way.
Thallius Day ago
Diablo immortal 👎
Thallius Day ago
Won’t be getting this.
Johannes Krasner
Johannes Krasner Day ago
thx guys for this work!
Omega Alpha
Omega Alpha Day ago
Diablo team, please include controller support! Yes we all have phone. But, we all have TV and or monitor too. We want to have game otg, we also want continue the experience on large screen back home.
Goric Day ago
Overly excited soy boy 😀. Does blizz has nothing better to do then sponsor those very cheap ppl.
PenguinTamer Day ago
I'm so ready for them to release this.
Brandon OBrien
Brandon OBrien Day ago
This was awesome
ace gear
ace gear Day ago
does he even know cain died in D3 due to blizzard wants a female diablo
shark cartoon
shark cartoon Day ago
is this video talking about world of Warcraft??????
Chiptendo Day ago
As long as I can summon 30 skeletons I'm good.
Swackle T
Swackle T Day ago
Don't you guys have Phones?
min wu
min wu Day ago
Neckbaster Day ago
I am glad they learned from Warcraft 3's dumpster fire.