GREED - Extended Preview
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Blueberry1261 3 hours ago
One of the most decent shark movies I’ve seen.
charmousizis thomas
charmousizis thomas 3 hours ago
Passengers. Pandorum. After Earth. Perhaps from these three different movies about interstellar travel. They could take only the best of it and to produce, just one movie and to be perfect.
Gt game
Gt game 4 hours ago
My name is Alice and this is my story
Susan Doyle
Susan Doyle 4 hours ago
Im in the uk and only just seen these shows recently and love it all and already miss the shows.Well done getting together virtual x
Creepex 4 hours ago
Bautista Vega
Bautista Vega 4 hours ago
Still waiting for the movie they showed us here
Peter legault
Peter legault 4 hours ago
Venom 1:34
Ruguo Keretsu
Ruguo Keretsu 4 hours ago
Kong: Skull Island ?
Shreejaya Pasayat
Shreejaya Pasayat 4 hours ago
I feel bad for Tony Jaa
James K
James K 4 hours ago
This looks like a real piece of art. Look forward to seeing it 🙏
Nicole Thorson
Nicole Thorson 4 hours ago
You owe us a ffing apology
Team Vincenso
Team Vincenso 4 hours ago
My brain during class
Fantastic 4 hours ago
Craig Senior
Craig Senior 4 hours ago
This looks awesome, that 2016 abomination omg did that really happen 😳
Tex 4 hours ago
I’ll watch them all good or bad!!!!
Kessel_Gam3r 4 hours ago
Finn before he become a stormtrooper - star wras
Rainjinn 4 hours ago
Why even buy Monster Hunter license, when you gonna butcher it like that? Whos target audience for this BS?
Jamil Roberts
Jamil Roberts 4 hours ago
i love this movie
Overdrive 5 hours ago
I think Kate Beckinsale would be a great addition to The Terminator series
darkdeifan 5 hours ago
Well, it got me in the first half... but I, could be, willing to give it a looks kinda fun How old is the little kid supossed to be? looks 7 and sometimes sounds 20 wtf
Digbijoy Choudhury
Digbijoy Choudhury 5 hours ago
The only way this can be saved is if mila jovovich flashes like she did on resident evil... Ahh good old days!
Rayshawn Howard
Rayshawn Howard 5 hours ago
6 years ago when you saw this trailer you was so excited for this movie then when you saw it you were disappointed this was the only Spider-Man movie I didn't like Spider-Man 3 was okay to me but I enjoyed it more than this one
Katerina Liakou
Katerina Liakou 5 hours ago
First they are ruining Heathers and now The Craft? What's next Thirteen? I wanna see you making a politically correct fairy tale out of that one 😂 Leave the classics alone and come up with new ones for once 🙄
memo7929 5 hours ago
Jajaja jajaja 😂🤣 Película horrible 😂🤣
Full Action movie
Rayo Kitsune
Rayo Kitsune 5 hours ago
leave it to japan pls
I love Cobra kai
I love Cobra kai 5 hours ago
and the monsters in the show 2 weren't even that good only the spider in the first one that all the other monsters were so creative and amazing and these ones are like so stupid and dull
Vidit Pradhan
Vidit Pradhan 5 hours ago
Nice youtube recommendating me now of the all time ..
Grim Foxy
Grim Foxy 5 hours ago
Sorry. Original is better.
JET FIGHTERS 5 hours ago
I'll watch it 👀🍿🍿
I love Cobra kai
I love Cobra kai 5 hours ago
The movie sucked because Stein was barely in it and the old cast wasn't even there.
Lucas h
Lucas h 5 hours ago
Kevin Hart 🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬
CrazyKraut20 5 hours ago
This has aged like fine milk
Vfour 7547
Vfour 7547 5 hours ago
US army? Portals? No god, please no...😟
Nina Sagemerten
Nina Sagemerten 5 hours ago
Seit wann dreht Hollywood Dokus über Mecklenburg-Vorpommern?
Henry Han
Henry Han 5 hours ago
Come on, this was supposed to be released during summer and it's October!!!!!!!
IM TOO LAZY For a profile pic
IM TOO LAZY For a profile pic 5 hours ago
Hector Borrero
Hector Borrero 6 hours ago
The begging scene looked like the first scene from ironman 1 😂😂
Movies with friends
Movies with friends 6 hours ago
I know this is ghostbusters 3 but I really hope it's good we need a good Ghostbusters movie and just a good movie in general after 2016 and this whole covid be. I have hopes but I'm still cautious
Valeria Escobar
Valeria Escobar 6 hours ago
Timmy is the one who fell?
John Carlos
John Carlos 6 hours ago
Pacific Ri---Reign of Fire 2/3
Shaniqua Robinson
Shaniqua Robinson 6 hours ago
I can already tell the original is way better then this new aged shit. Smh. I guarentee.
Cat Face Man
Cat Face Man 6 hours ago
The only knowledge I have from the Monster Hunter games are from seeing my brother playing it, but even i know that this is nothing like the games
Arnab Chatterjee
Arnab Chatterjee 6 hours ago
Do they even include the game artists and creative directors when they make a video game adaptation!!?
Simone 6 hours ago
big fan
TwinLeaf 6 hours ago
Apart from everything else, God damn the monsters look so good
Naila Saleem
Naila Saleem 6 hours ago
Me also
Jose Manuel Alvarado Castellanos
Jose Manuel Alvarado Castellanos 6 hours ago
Shrek is my dad
Shrek is my dad 6 hours ago
Trailer when?
Ejaz Khan
Ejaz Khan 6 hours ago
I can't wait for this movie
Ejaz Khan
Ejaz Khan 6 hours ago
Trailer is awsome and music too
Ejaz Khan
Ejaz Khan 6 hours ago
Amazing fur elise i have ever heared
Carlos Mattessich
Carlos Mattessich 6 hours ago
mangoe5 6 hours ago
Whoever said 2020 couldn’t get any worse well here ya go
Arul prasad
Arul prasad 6 hours ago
In the world of Milla, there are very few humans alive and surrounded by deadly creatures
Jack Leveille
Jack Leveille 6 hours ago
And here I was. Remembering how great Detective Pikachu and Sonic were and thinking "Maybe video game movies will start to get good now.", and then this shows its face and all my hopes are lost.
Shadow Vixen
Shadow Vixen 7 hours ago
They need to stop making sequels and reboots PLEASE
Jaiheem Santiago
Jaiheem Santiago 7 hours ago
I love that beginning
Andrea Winchester
Andrea Winchester 7 hours ago
This is a caricature of an older woman. Hard pass. Too bad because Sally Fields is a great actress.
Lard Lover
Lard Lover 7 hours ago
WHYYYY, it looks awful!
Runjung Motovlog
Runjung Motovlog 7 hours ago
Cant waiiiit, agito, diablos, rathalos daaaamn so nostalgic
A B C 7 hours ago
Mila Jovovich: making shit movies since 19-- well since she was born. She's an actress cause she's hot, not cause acting ability. End of.
Drewdignity 7 hours ago
My heart breaks as they turned my favorite franchise into A FOKEN ISEKAI
Joseph Cain
Joseph Cain 7 hours ago
The first time when I saw this movie I thought electro was a giant
이름TOZ OT9 7 hours ago
Ha what a bunch of noobs i fought those "creatures" alone, with my cat tho hes kind of useless at times but hes my cat
이름TOZ OT9 7 hours ago
This lacks deliciously good looking food eating before a hunt. :0
starflame34 7 hours ago
Y'all comparing it to the anime GATE and all I have to say is: Stop insulting GATE like that!
Neodrux 0417
Neodrux 0417 7 hours ago
1:55 did no one notice how eerily similar that roar is to Godzilla? Like come on Anderson try harder.
starflame34 7 hours ago
"So what, we're like Guardians of the Galaxy now?" I don't even play Monster Hunter and that line makes me already hate this movie.
Tray C
Tray C 7 hours ago
In every movie Kristen stars in she is the same. That bores me about her. The same attitudes the same nervous tiks . She may be smiling and hyper but that’s all she got. No thanks
Curioso S2
Curioso S2 8 hours ago
Leoleon 17
Leoleon 17 8 hours ago
Why you cancel this 😫😕
Julio Davila
Julio Davila 8 hours ago
I hope to see Andrew Garfield as Spiderman one More time...
gamerfran 8 hours ago
Este es el comentario en español que buscabas no bajes todos hablan taka taka
Edgar Blanco
Edgar Blanco 8 hours ago
This was a dogshit movie in general
Shameeg 8 hours ago
I haven't even played the game and I already fucking hate this god forsaken movie.
Skiprope Cleopatra
Skiprope Cleopatra 8 hours ago
okay you can only accidentally push people with telekinesis so many times before it gets overdone
The Creative Works of Gabe Kuehne
The Creative Works of Gabe Kuehne 8 hours ago
I'm not even a hardcore monster hunter fan but I'm still just as frustrated as the rest of the community is. why does every time a good film adaptation of a video game comes a dozen bad ones have to be made.
Abu Ahesan
Abu Ahesan 8 hours ago
Vs super man damn ya
Richie Sam
Richie Sam 8 hours ago
missing godzilla and kong