I'm Coming Out.
9 months ago
cass 12 hours ago
Maddie is the personification of a vlinder! She's so stunning inside and out I could cry 😭
Alessia Criscuolo
Alessia Criscuolo 12 hours ago
Nikola Hello
Nikola Hello 12 hours ago
Yoooo im polish
lana stanberry
lana stanberry 12 hours ago
Both looks are beautiful.flinder is also beautiful
Bailey Buttercups
Bailey Buttercups 12 hours ago
Kylie McCarthy
Kylie McCarthy 12 hours ago
I would never think of putting the colors and textures Maddie did. So cool!
Addy Zabicki
Addy Zabicki 12 hours ago
im so proud of you sweetie i hope everything works out for you :) you are an amazing woman
Kamelpal Singh Athwal
Kamelpal Singh Athwal 12 hours ago
Maddies eyes look like vlinders x
Becca Kravetz
Becca Kravetz 13 hours ago
Maddie Ziegler is the sweetest person in the world!!!!! She is so buetiful!! I love her!!!!!! Her and Nikkie make a great Friends ship!
lisa lav
lisa lav 13 hours ago
Nikky is the only person to not use madie for pedophilia
Jacqueline 13 hours ago
I thought she was going to say she's been a fan of Gaga, since... she was a man. Lmao, sorry.
Kimberley Pex
Kimberley Pex 13 hours ago
Mooi ! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Beyza Kopuz
Beyza Kopuz 13 hours ago
Boleyn 14 hours ago
She is so lovely! This was a really nice watch 💕
Chryssa Yian
Chryssa Yian 14 hours ago
Who’s going to tell Maddie that KUWTK is a reality show? 😐
Matzz 14 hours ago
I'm Nederlands dus I kan spreek niet zo good englis
Vera van Dongen
Vera van Dongen 14 hours ago
15:18 WAT ZEGT ZE NOU....
Kiranmai Narikimilli
Kiranmai Narikimilli 14 hours ago
What if Billie eillish sees this
NDancer123 14 hours ago
Vlinder!!!! Lysm xx
Ur mama's hoe
Ur mama's hoe 14 hours ago
Dutch word of the day : vlinder🦋🦋
Existinge 14 hours ago
rip harry potter :/
Nivedita M
Nivedita M 14 hours ago
Vlinders flutter by...
CHANEL SI TAYO 14 hours ago
Thanks 👍👍👍
Aleena Ali
Aleena Ali 14 hours ago
She is right it is a hell of a year
Lil Cuntney
Lil Cuntney 15 hours ago
21:14 Maddie: *opening up* Nikki: “aw” *applies highlighter* lmaoooo
random kid
random kid 15 hours ago
Maddie!!!!! I love u sooooo much. I wish i could meet u and i wanna be famous like u. Ur my role model. PLSSSSSSSSSS JUST UPLOAD AND PLSS MEET ME!
Alejandro David Dumas
Alejandro David Dumas 16 hours ago
Ily Selena you're so sweet 😗😗😗😗😍
Anu Verma
Anu Verma 16 hours ago
Vlinder 🦋🦋
Anoushka Swaroop
Anoushka Swaroop 16 hours ago
The coverage of that foundation is amazing
Emma cullen
Emma cullen 16 hours ago
Me who’s bi I agree with all her statements
Mirjam Wols
Mirjam Wols 16 hours ago
Ga je zo echt naar buiten of vind je het too much van het goede? 😆
Willemijn Eggenkamp
Willemijn Eggenkamp 16 hours ago
Nu de belangrijkste vraag, ben je de mol?😋😂
Nevaeh Owensby
Nevaeh Owensby 16 hours ago
I got this for my birthday (which was friday)
Judy Spring
Judy Spring 16 hours ago
9:54 omg omg
andy stamp
andy stamp 16 hours ago
Like Makeup Challenge 👍
Alice Lowe
Alice Lowe 17 hours ago
This friendship is so beautiful 💖
Neo Nkhumane
Neo Nkhumane 17 hours ago
Nikkie is so down to Earth! The fact that she can humble herself to communicate with an 18 year old, and also everyone else of a different age is BEYOND AMAZING! 😻
Acinress official
Acinress official 17 hours ago
Good vidos content youtube support
Skylie games
Skylie games 18 hours ago
I felt like their connection was so real and honestly you could tell that they were genuinely have a good time ☺️
Halide Mercan
Halide Mercan 18 hours ago
I love how she is super open about everything but is also smart that she doesn't want to show her house because there were many break ins. BTW I also live in The Netherlands ILY
Penny AIXPI 18 hours ago
WOW!!I really like your style. You are such an amazing makeup influencer. Are you interested in cooperation?
Fionnúir McGuinness
Fionnúir McGuinness 18 hours ago
rupaul of adore delano
sank rayn
sank rayn 18 hours ago
I'm so confused hahahahadkdksjzhanfldd
Yadhara Rodriguez
Yadhara Rodriguez 18 hours ago
You are You my love, and You is BEAUTIFUL.
mnika voli
mnika voli 18 hours ago
I can't believe Maddie is an adult. She was just a lil preteen baby
Francesca Bonofiglio
Francesca Bonofiglio 18 hours ago
VLINDER!🦋 wich in italian is FARFALLA! Love you Nikkie, both palettes are gorgeous 🤩
Ashrita Singh
Ashrita Singh 18 hours ago
I love your videos !!♥️ Dutch word of the day :Vlinder🌸 Your eye make up resembles the wings of a vlinder ☺️
mnika voli
mnika voli 18 hours ago
Maddie had such deepa personality I wish I could be here sis
Nakia Mahalo
Nakia Mahalo 18 hours ago
Hey Nikki I just wanted to say thank you so much for your amazing well thought through content, that is sure to bring a smile onto my face. But since I believe we have many similarities like our skin tone and the fact that I know that you’re always keeping it 💯 I really do appreciate all your recommendations for foundation and every tip that you put out. Thank you so much for helping me grow and keeping me moving. Maybes one day I’ll be able to finally get the courage to post and someday collaborate with you. I know it can’t be that crazy right? Haha. Well You’re an amazing artist don’t ever stop doing what makes you happy! Muah xoxo 💄💋
Arin Corezza
Arin Corezza 19 hours ago
its much easier to put makeup on someone when that someone looks exactly like you
Arin Corezza
Arin Corezza 19 hours ago
nikki looks so high fashion with this makeup
Lillie Slaten
Lillie Slaten 19 hours ago
And I
Beatrice Papotti
Beatrice Papotti 19 hours ago
They are both really humble and gorgeous 🤍 I love it, they seem so genuine and kind people
mm _klrc
mm _klrc 19 hours ago
Everyone who wants to see pictures from childhood! Love you! 😚
Rachel Hall
Rachel Hall 19 hours ago
So, the first time I saw the music video for Elastic Heart, I went in knowing about the controversy. But listening to the lyrics and seeing the video, it left me in tears. Didn't help that I was like....going through stuff at that time....
Tamia Delaney
Tamia Delaney 19 hours ago
vlinder or vlinders i said on first try
Tamia Delaney
Tamia Delaney 19 hours ago
25:39 soooooooo cute
Victoria Alvarado
Victoria Alvarado 19 hours ago
Maddie's shadow is such a Fine Line vibe
raja faisal
raja faisal 19 hours ago
Nikkie tutorials is like vlinders(full of colors)