Il Viandante
Il Viandante 12 minutes ago
“Such an inspiration outside the ring”
Satoshi Fury
Satoshi Fury 30 minutes ago
what’s with these fools talking about canelo’s next fight? you’ll be very unwise to look past BJS...
nate Group
nate Group 41 minute ago
Le dijo la vieja. Mi Amor y el anillo de diamantes que me prometiste. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kidd Isley
Kidd Isley 43 minutes ago
Jake came in alittle strong bro. Does he not realize that is a lion hes putting his arm around ? If izzy wanted to he could dismantle jake without being touched once. And id bet my life savings on that haha.
Sonny Thompson
Sonny Thompson 44 minutes ago
Wrong kiwi to fuck with Jake paul
valluco 956
valluco 956 46 minutes ago
Ojala que estos chavalos salgan buenos ya necesitamos un buen mexicano no como la cagada de canelo que no vale una carretilla copeteada de mierda!! pelea con puros soldadores y pipe fitters y uno que otro carpintero
Berteviev will send canelo flying of he attempts to step in with him
sawdoff72 Hour ago
Ask Eddie who are his all time top 5 trainers I wonder who he looked up to other then his papa? I know he knows his history of boxing🥊
Jordan Bettencourt
Jordan Bettencourt 2 hours ago
Algeri: Still undefeated at 140 pounds.
Pat Dobbs
Pat Dobbs 2 hours ago
I would like to see him fight big baby Miller .
noel huerta
noel huerta 2 hours ago
Su macho o APUESTA
12 Brutalrounds
12 Brutalrounds 2 hours ago
I thought the whole idea of the frenchfries title was to be able to avoid mandatories, but Canelo fans are saying Yildirim was his
Anuj Austin
Anuj Austin 2 hours ago
rest easy
BMWLegion 2 hours ago
Damn G. That hit the feelers
Mayra Gutierrez
Mayra Gutierrez 2 hours ago
Fernando Vargas great fighter, amazing father 👏🏾👏🏾
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts 2 hours ago
What an embarrassment to boxing the Mexican Ruiz is by not respecting the heavyweight championship in his defense. He's not worthy of another title shot unless he fights and beats Luis Ortiz and beats him and even then another top ten heavyweight and not the washed up guy he's fighting next who lost his last fight.
The art of war Is boxing
The art of war Is boxing 3 hours ago
Write this down all the Vargas brothers are great but the youngest of them Will do the most in the sport of boxing. He is definitely special.
Gang Gang323
Gang Gang323 2 hours ago
Victor Rodriguez
Victor Rodriguez 3 hours ago
Ryan going for the revenge when pacman beat up his dadddy oscar lol
Im Bored47605
Im Bored47605 3 hours ago
All canelo haters want him to fight goku
Ray Chargle
Ray Chargle 3 hours ago
Everybody calling him jake but am I the only one that call him Fake?
Juan Mosqueda
Juan Mosqueda 3 hours ago
Game Over
Game Over 3 hours ago
👍👍Eddie its the best thing that happen to boxing, and he's happy, he got the right to say or think whatever he want.
Justine Romero
Justine Romero 3 hours ago
So jake paulers are as insecure as joke paul. No wonder this comment section's full offended 8-year olds.
marcoz1221 4 hours ago
AKEAL 4 hours ago
Golden boy gonna feed this kid to the wolves than off load him
L AV 4 hours ago
Eddie Hearns looks comfortable. Game is changing
Julio Leon
Julio Leon 4 hours ago
el feroz kiere agarrar feria ojala q estos chavos no salgan maletas
stovetop1011 4 hours ago
Uriel Antonio
Uriel Antonio 2 minutes ago
Es su primo
Cesar Aleman
Cesar Aleman Hour ago
Tci45 TM
Tci45 TM 4 hours ago
Once again Constentino bringing us all these stories! Doing nothing but showing history every time💥!!!
Mars Flee
Mars Flee 4 hours ago
I already see Saunders pulling out at just the nick of time to avoid getting an “L” on his record.
CHIVO DANK 4 hours ago
Yorsh Vences
Yorsh Vences 5 hours ago
Ya fuera tiempo que canelo aprendiera inglés fluente mente 😂😂 mas bien se ase pendejo
Yorsh Vences
Yorsh Vences 5 hours ago
Hahahaha “Paun por paun” 😂
Conspiracy Ortiz
Conspiracy Ortiz 5 hours ago
When Canelo fought against Mayweather jr and lost against the best that made Canelo a tiger.. He learned from that and only made him better... Canelo started from the bottom and deserves greatness..For boxing is a tough sport and only the best make it..
Fernando 6 hours ago
Challenge? It's a walk in the park. Saunders is overrated. I see it ending in the 8th or 9th, only because Saunders will try to box and be elusive. But Canelo will catch him.
Sean 6 hours ago
People saying hearns cards are bad atm clearly havent watched any of bobs. Makes matchrooms cards all look like ali vs frazier 3 lol
Jose Luis Trigos Rodriguez
Jose Luis Trigos Rodriguez 6 hours ago
Canelo Alvarez: el mejor peleador del mundo, bulto por bulto...( perdon, libra por libra,..¡ ups..!)
Jose Rodríguez
Jose Rodríguez 6 hours ago
Great condition is the key 👍
I Robot
I Robot 6 hours ago
Canelo, Teo, Ryan, Oscar Valdez. Hispanics been on fire lately in boxing.
Chris. M
Chris. M 6 hours ago
This is a testament to the greatness of pacquiao. I can't think of one boxer at 42 years old that could make you doubt young prime boxers to this extent.
BPNP 6 hours ago
He's not close to being ready for pac man. Huge respect for the big heart and great attitude, but garcia needs much more work before he even thinks about stepping into this new level.
Kukullen_ 85
Kukullen_ 85 6 hours ago
For people complaining about this fight, it was canelos mandatory.... He only fought in December.... Got this guy out of the way, now he can clean up the belts... What happens if he doesn't take this fight and he gets stripped of a belt?? Canelo will smoke all these fools.... Charlo trying to duck benevidez whatever way he can.... None of these guys will fight each other because they know if they get bet its no pay day with canelo fight....
Ernesto Arosemena
Ernesto Arosemena 7 hours ago
Wilson Castañeda
Wilson Castañeda 7 hours ago
Mikey eats a Lot of pizza AND McDonald's
Lu 8 hours ago
super weird guy
andres viveros
andres viveros 8 hours ago
BJS could outbox him if he brings the style he had against Lemiux and Eubank. Canela is not fast but power to knock out BJS.
L A 8 hours ago
L A 8 hours ago
Nicholas Ali
Nicholas Ali 9 hours ago
Robert Garcia is a real one and I respect Canelo cus he fights. I just don't like his choices of opponents. He's def dedicated af tho🚫🧢
Dennis Ortega
Dennis Ortega 9 hours ago
M. Pacquiao -GOKU R. Garcia - Trunks
Tom Muggeridge
Tom Muggeridge 9 hours ago
Imagine trying to bully that kid and it turns out it’s Ryan Garcias kid... 💀
Gustavo Hernandez
Gustavo Hernandez 9 hours ago
Puppy love brother jajaja
jManraM 9 hours ago
Eddie Hearn the real truth 💯
JyeJye 9 hours ago
Anyone else notice they said he broke his nose through a pineal gland break through
Emat TV
Emat TV 10 hours ago
Great joke haha
Pac Man
Pac Man 10 hours ago
Hopefully no excuses to not fight by BJS vrs the best P4P #1 fighter in the world King Canelo.
SK Labs
SK Labs 10 hours ago
All I’m gonna say is check AJ’s CV and check this guy CV. About he hasn’t fought a boxer
john smith
john smith 11 hours ago
Little Giant Boxing why you block me?
Anthony Rodgers
Anthony Rodgers 11 hours ago
Errr Klitschko?? Hoo u fought 🙈
Jason Beckman
Jason Beckman 11 hours ago
Jake paul sounds like he's some type of special
john smith
john smith 11 hours ago
Canelos 1st 40 pro fights bums Beat an ancient Shane Mosely Joseito Lopez is a light weight Arguably lost to Austin Trout loses to mayweather beats Angulo, who isnt the greatest fighter but is dog and tough Sob Loses to Erislanday Lara fights a James kirkland who hadnt fought pro in 5 years fought a 40yr old Cotto, but cotta did have a belt so i will give canelo the props KO's Amir khan a light weight with no chin beats a Liam smith, D fighter at best beats Chavez jr, loses to 36yr old GGG, (robs him with Adelaid Byrd and gets busted for peds twice) Loses to 37yr old GGG again (Robs him again ) fights Rocky Fielding who got kod by calumn smith in 2 rds (LMFAOOO) Beats Danny jacobs, Good Win beats a washed up Kovalev who already been ko'd and couple loses beats a Calumn smith, who lost to ryder beats Avi Yildrim, who smiles after getting dropped knowing he just made millions to show up and robs mexicans wants to fight Billy Joe saunders a clown who fights 3-4 years and doesnt take boxing seriously at all wanted to fight plant to become undisputed at 168 because he couldnt do it at 154, 160. LMFAO give me a break Prove me wrong......
ricky Maldojano
ricky Maldojano 11 hours ago
Bro is whiter than a marshmello
Solomon Divocovich
Solomon Divocovich 11 hours ago
I dont know why they say canelos is so improved or he hits so hard ok so his last 2 fights well Smith way overrated and never turned up went 12 rounds and this yildirim hes a bum who Chris eubank knocked out in 3 rounds I dont think bjs would have much trouble beating them thats why the masses are not the intellectuals.
Solomon Divocovich
Solomon Divocovich 11 hours ago
@g m yes I will if he beats bjs fairly but il never forget him cheating ggg twice that's why I dont like Alvarez ggg one of the greats of modern times who should still hold the titles and unbeaten record
g m
g m 11 hours ago
Ok well saunders beat eubanks so give credit when canelo beats saunders ass
Quipt Training
Quipt Training 12 hours ago
Stfu sanders called him a cheat and said he was boosting then he got caught boosting himself. Nothing like a beta bitch trying to get on everyone's good side by butt kissing.
Fernando Rivera
Fernando Rivera 12 hours ago
Robert 'chicken "Garcia😂
SolisJ 1000
SolisJ 1000 12 hours ago
Animo raza. Puro pa delante
Solomon Divocovich
Solomon Divocovich 12 hours ago
Hes been beaten by ggg twice at his own game and ggg was cheated twice.
Spoderman 12 hours ago
Damn bro they even got frank sanchez in there too
Chris 13 hours ago
Canelo crosses the pond to fight in the UK
Jorel Krypto
Jorel Krypto 13 hours ago
I've seen Ryan fight. He's an excellent boxer, but not as well rounded as Pacquiao yet. Having said that, Pacquiao is a different kind of beast and could easily end Ryan's career. What Ryan needs to do is have as much experience as he can, get faster and stronger then challenge the best fighters in the world. Right now, he's not ready to fight at Pacquiao's caliber yet, but he's already proving to be a better boxer than Mayweather just for wanting to fight boxers who are at the top of their game. Mayweather's a runner and a coward, Ryan has exceeded him in every way. Pacquiao's idol - De La Hoya - has trained him well.
Online Income
Online Income 13 hours ago
I can honestly say that if Tyson and Tommy were in the same room, I would ONLY want to meet Tommy. An absolute gentleman and hero.....and what a great, great fighter.
blu E
blu E 14 hours ago
Saunders is giving me paid off vibes
LiberalTears 12 hours ago
He is gettin paid off go get his ass beat just like the last uber driver he fought