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NEW WYZE BAND [$25 Fitness Band - Too Good To Be True?]
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Is the Wyze Band the best fitness tracker deal on the market, or is this too good to be true? ADDITIONAL REVIEW NOTES: Alexa ...
Wyze Band Review: Too Much Too Soon
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The new Wyze Band is an ultra-affordable smart watch. But at just $25, how well does it actually work? I tested out its features to ...
Will the Wyze Watch replace my Wyze Band? Let's open the box and find out.
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Please take the time to like and subscribe below. Can the new $20.00 Wyze Watch replace the $25.00 Wyze Band that I've been ...
Wyze Band - Control your smart home from your wrist
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Wyze Band is a new type of wrist wearable. Not only does it track activity such as steps and sleep, but it also controls your smart ...
Wyze Band Review: Track heart rate and control Alexa for $25
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Priced at just $25, the Wyze Band is packed with features like activity and heart rate tracking, Alexa control, and a 10 day battery ...
Wyze Band for Beginners (Super Easy Setup & Tutorial)
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This video is a full tutorial on how to setup and use the Wyze Band. We walk you through the process to sync with your phone, ...
How to replace your Wyze Band strap
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Here is a quick guide for how to replace your Wyze Band strap. Early Access backers received their Wyze Bands with a push pin ...
Wyze Band Review: Is it worth it or too good to be true?
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All you need to know and a full Wyze Band Review - is it really worth it or is it too good to be true? The entry level security camera ...
Wyze Band Review - Smart Home Assistant & Activity Tracker..Only $25 dollars!
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Today, we are going to check and test out the new Wyze Band. I ordered this during limited early access release. What like about ...
How Well Did the Wyze Band Replace My Apple Watch?
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As I continue looking for more alternatives to the Apple products I'm using, in this episode of the vlog, I'm sharing about the $25 ...
Wyze Band Review - I Was Wrong - $25 Smart Watch
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The Wyze Band is a $25 Smart Watch by Wyze, a company that made its name with $25 dollar cameras that are an absolutely ...
Wyze Watch - You should order one now!
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... PhoneSoap 3 Review: usposts.info/vision/qLaplK-ra5umf7Y/video ✓ Wyze Band Review: usposts.info/vision/rZ2d3NGtf4pumJE/video ✓ Wyze Sense ...
Wyze Watch Tips and Tricks for New Users
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This week on #WyzeWednesday, I have five tips for those who may now have their Wyze Watch 47mm. These may be common for ...
Wyze Band Activity & Smart Home Assistant All in one: In-Depth Review
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Yo may have heard of the Wyze cam, but did you know Wzye now makes more then just home automaton tech? Enter the Wyze ...
$20 Smartwatch Wyze Watch 47MM Unboxing Setup Review
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Social Media Twitter - gregglestv Instagram: gregglestv Facebook: ...
Wyze Band Review - Unboxing and Setup
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In this video, I show you the Wyze Band and show you the easy setup process and give you a review of using this a few days.
Smarter Home Demo: Alexa on Wyze Band
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Purchase link: smarterhome.my/wyze-band Purchase link (Lazada): s.lazada.com.my/s.Yy4dN.
Wyze Band Review: amazing value!
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Wyze does it again with a fitness tracker at a price that can't be beat.
How to setup Wyze Band
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You got your Wyze Band to help you track your fitness goals and more. However, in order to record all the useful data you will ...
WYZE BAND ALEXA DEMO Fitness Tracker Smart Watch with Alexa Echo Assistant Integration for Cheap
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WYZE BAND ALEXA DEMO Fitness Tracker Smart Watch with Alexa Echo Assistant Integration for Cheap I bought my WYZE ...