Try Not To Laugh Challenge #61

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2 months ago

Another year, another epic try not to laugh challenge!
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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Courtney Miller: co_mill
Shayne Topp: shaynetopp
Damien Haas: damienhaas
Keith Leak: keithleakjr
Olivia Sui: oliviasui
Kimmy Jimenez: kimmydoesstuff
Vice President, Unscripted: Matt Raub
Executive Producer/Director: Sarah Whittle
Producer/Cam Op: Kevin Rygg
Editor: Spencer Agnew
Production Manager: Garrett Palm
Production Coordinator: Nancy Azcona
Art Director: Cassie Vance
Art Coordinator: Yasmeen Mughal
Art Assistant: Alex Aguilar
DP: Brennan Iketani
Cam Op / G&E: Dustin Bloodgood
Sound Mixer: Greg Jones
Assistant Editor/DIT: Matt Duran
PA: Jacqi Jones
GFX: Brittany Metz
Content Manager: Kiana Parker
Stage Manager: David Hill
Executive Assistant: Sammie Miller
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Lucas De Los Rios
Lucas De Los Rios Day ago
When your girlfriend cheats on you. You are a 2:43
Meredith Hagan
Meredith Hagan Day ago
Olivia has so much chaos energy she’s basically the Scarlet Witch.
chalcedony :0
chalcedony :0 Day ago
the mario running across the screen was so subtle yet so hilarious
Lisa Emelia Tindra Malm
Lisa Emelia Tindra Malm 4 days ago
I miss Noah
Franklin Phan
Franklin Phan 4 days ago
I only watched this for the funny ones like damien and Shane. Otherwise I wasted 17minutes of my life.
Derek Marks
Derek Marks 5 days ago
HELP ME 6:33
CharlieEeEeEeEeE 6 days ago
An ad popped on right before Courtney started dancing, and I busted a gut. THE DANCE WAS SO BAD THEY WENT TO COMMERCIAL! 😂😂😂 I literally thought it was part of the bit somehow
Oliver Hawkins
Oliver Hawkins 6 days ago
Olivia's harmonica looks like a pickle 😂
Legend d monkey
Legend d monkey 6 days ago
9:55 thinking of that stone guy from doflamingo ark onepiece
Diors Old Vans
Diors Old Vans 6 days ago
bro kimmy doing the mario ost got me in stitches
IsaTehGothicMando 7 days ago
What is this, the Harlem Shake?
maria bbnt
maria bbnt 8 days ago
shayne does look like eggsy from kingsman
Class tilton
Class tilton 8 days ago
I honestly thought the olivia forgetting about the glass and him losing it was part of the bit 😂🤣😅😅
Zach McNall
Zach McNall 8 days ago
I literally just watched Kingsman last night and I laughed so hard when Courtney pointed out that Shane looked like Taron Egerton in that movie
JONS :D 9 days ago
Best intro ever !
Imagine Wagons
Imagine Wagons 9 days ago
Cecilia Troschinetz
Cecilia Troschinetz 9 days ago
I- I'm eating sour patch kids and i feel called out with the gummy bear skit
Justin Farnes
Justin Farnes 10 days ago
Why does Kimmy's laugh through the harmonica sound like you just picked up a star in Super Mario World?
monkerulz 11 days ago
What's the song when Shayne is chugging that bottle?
Katie Warren
Katie Warren 11 days ago
Why did the "yeah" from Shayne after Olivia asked to get married feel a little too real?
Raffaello Turo
Raffaello Turo 11 days ago
The goofy movie reference Shayne made in response to kimmys performance had me rolling hella hard.
Khaile Rae
Khaile Rae 13 days ago
K court, I need to know where you got your jeans...
Nathan Lowry
Nathan Lowry 13 days ago
What is Damien TikTok
Sarah Conroy
Sarah Conroy 14 days ago
I feel like Courtney did the moonwalk before. Also, hilarious! :)
Brandon Czerwinski
Brandon Czerwinski 15 days ago
Kimmy: "What ever will I do?? Oh I know!" *suddenly transforms into a large man in an ad* "I changed up my soap." Yes, this actually occurred and gave me a lot of questions about the soap.
Macaroni and Cliches
Macaroni and Cliches 17 days ago
they tried to make bad music and accidentally made really good music
No Name
No Name 18 days ago
6:33 All I could think about was Barry from the Bee Movie when she said "you like jazz?". 😂 (I know it is from the Goofy Movie, but when I saw this, the Bee Movie was all I could think of.)
telzcam8TOR 19 days ago
this was my childhood i have found it agin now im happy :3
Alice TheEboy
Alice TheEboy 20 days ago
I can’t believe how much Shane looked like Taron in that band bit, Courtney was so right!
Liike Pipes
Liike Pipes 21 day ago
I like Skyrim...
Sara Kirkland
Sara Kirkland 21 day ago
nothing has ever hit me as hard as "rebunka"
Sri Chiku
Sri Chiku 23 days ago
17:29 what she say now?
Dawn TheWolf
Dawn TheWolf 23 days ago
Tyler Lefko
Tyler Lefko 24 days ago
8:47 shayne looks like a knockoff version of Patrick stump... get it😂❤️
AMOOSE 25 days ago
None of these ppl are as funny as Anthony and Ian
Jhon Sebastian CANDIA GRIMALDO 25 days ago
The super mario sound omg
Aren Ramone
Aren Ramone 25 days ago
Olivia is operating at a level far above what any of us could ever realize, and I love it.
Alyssa Alali
Alyssa Alali 27 days ago
we need a full version of court and keith's song
CanyonsEdge2076 29 days ago
Man, Olivia really needs a script.
Senpai 29 days ago
This cringe n feels staged get better comedy that doesn't feel so forced I could only imagine what your viewers would be like if they knew what funny actually was
JellyPanda Month ago
I've always wondered why they have so many instruments but no one knows how to play any of them?
Jibking Month ago
The intro is just so weird and chaotic i love it
Erica Crane
Erica Crane Month ago
kimmy needs to dress up as a pirate and call herself shiver me kimmys 😂
Daisy Reece
Daisy Reece Month ago
Anyone remember Shane doing that one character Shane:”WeLl HeLlO ThErE wEaRy TrAvElEr”
Skim Milk 4200
Skim Milk 4200 Month ago
The grey mane or battle born joke was easily the best
Gabriel Guerrero
Gabriel Guerrero Month ago
You could say... Ariana grande but actually grande...
Patrick Young
Patrick Young Month ago
I died so hard when shanye tried to chug that drink.
Skelly Bones
Skelly Bones Month ago
11:43 Shane dressed like kairi
Elise Blair
Elise Blair Month ago
Keith is so done with Olivia
Lauri miki
Lauri miki Month ago
FLOOR PLANNING!! I'm.... lol
Ramy Faris
Ramy Faris Month ago
Why is there a super mario running through? 9:40
Cole Pants
Cole Pants Month ago
kimmy is just Aubrey plaza if she tried really really hard.
Cyrus McIntire
Cyrus McIntire Month ago
8:46 is the band that opens for your friend's band at the jazz club
Sarah Velasques
Sarah Velasques Month ago
Okay weebs, 7:56 why does kimmy kinda remind me of eri
Riccardo Serio
Riccardo Serio Month ago
9:44 The little Mario running around cuz the armonica sounded like the Starman theme-AAAAAAA that's genius
_ TheRealGuardIanAngel _
_ TheRealGuardIanAngel _ Month ago
Yo yo yo look when they do the subscribe button and they make it click shayne snaps his fingers🤯😂
Shannon Miller
Shannon Miller Month ago
Kim has the most melodic laugh
Stella516 Month ago
Oh my god the skyrim joke from damien was amazing 😂
IMRA instrumental music rhythm archive
IMRA instrumental music rhythm archive Month ago
Haqve you guys considered a Mime episode yet where nobody can talk?
Michael Riggs
Michael Riggs Month ago
Kimmy gives off some serious pillow guy vibes
dead XiB
dead XiB Month ago
9:44 mario runs across the camera did anyone else see this?
Alex Chandler
Alex Chandler Month ago
I'm sorry but why did Kimmy look like Eri from My Hero Academia on 7:43
Heath Marciszewski
Heath Marciszewski Month ago
Shayne!!!! You bastard, you know exactly what gets on our nerves as vets!!!!! Lol
AffableAussie Month ago
Always complained about Olivia and it seems Keith has finally had enough too. She just isn't funny, can't compliment a skit and never has anything planned, sorry if its rude but she's just bad
MasonX3 Month ago
Okay I lost it the second I saw Mario walking across the screen to that harmonica
Malikai Sibayan
Malikai Sibayan Month ago
micheal Month ago
Smosh in 2021 trying there hardest to be funnier than the past
Bryan Moss
Bryan Moss Month ago
One of the best “hell Nahs” I’ve heard in a while
Lillian Ruth
Lillian Ruth Month ago
how tall is Kimmy? they keep saying she is tall but how tall is she?
mullallylally Month ago
Shayne is the only one able to improv with Olivia he's so good
Super Mii Samurai
Super Mii Samurai Month ago
13:43 Shayne actually looks like Joker from Persona 5.
The Cameraman
The Cameraman Month ago
0:01 when the teacher gets out of the room
Tim Robinson
Tim Robinson Month ago
The Skyrim bit made me lose it so hard!
kirataki_kirishima Month ago
7:47 my fellow anime fans do you see what I see? Why the fuck you look like Eri? lmfao
S. B.
S. B. Month ago
Wait.. one harmonica? They all touching?
iPyromantic Month ago
Did not expect a callback to the stethoscope bit.
Rascal016 Month ago
Damien coming in out of nowhere with the fucking Greymane or Battle-born, love that
Morgan Martin
Morgan Martin Month ago
Honeslty loveddd kimmy doing the intro!!
AnoAssassin Month ago
Graymane or Battle-born had me wheezing Pro tip, if you're high enough rank in the Imperial Army you can skip the prison rescue quest by just asking the General to free the relevant guy
Antonio Myers
Antonio Myers Month ago
Did not know that
Wyatt C.
Wyatt C. Month ago
Kimmy looked like that chick from lemonade mouth
TheBigWeebyBOi [:
TheBigWeebyBOi [: Month ago
Why does Keith not laugh at the things, it just seems he chooses to blow into the harmonica I’m confused 😅
Amanda Karn
Amanda Karn Month ago
Twitter with no followers is so me tho 😂😂😂
Andy Month ago
I thought it and then *courtney said it* HE LOOKS LIKE EGGSY
saucy guts
saucy guts Month ago
8:50 dude holy shit i love folk punk
Christopher Bartko
Christopher Bartko Month ago
Kimmy was killing it this time!
Miranda Stobbe
Miranda Stobbe Month ago
Courtney to Shane “ you know that cute character from Kingsman, you look just like them!” 😂❤️
elden palmer
elden palmer Month ago
I'm like 95% sure shane flashed keith
J Persaud
J Persaud Month ago
I remember the days these videos were funny...
The Byzantine Empire
The Byzantine Empire Month ago
The npc that asks you Greymane or Battle-born is a Battle-born and does not support Ulfric.
Spencer Webb
Spencer Webb Month ago
I could tell Keith was depressed af when he raised his hand to go first. I’m glad he knows himself, hope he finds happiness in life ❤️
Kacey Reep
Kacey Reep Month ago
Not gonna lie, Damien makes these 10x funnier than they are.
Azula Month ago
Yesss Graymane or Battleborn XD
Eric_Seo 20261133
Eric_Seo 20261133 Month ago
Why did they stop using the water again
Grass Peschel
Grass Peschel Month ago
at 13:44 Shayne looks like the kid, from the vine, that thought he was a wolf
MrLegendofLP Month ago
That cold open was expertly cut, well done Smosh editors. Edit: but also I had to run the video back to get why Mario suddenly sprinted across the screen at 9:40. Maybe if he’d been flashing rainbow it would have worked better.
Ixchel Hirales
Ixchel Hirales Month ago
Omg loving the ´´ho ho ho, ho ho, ho ho ho´´ WITH SHAYNE´S SASSY LEGS!!!
Jeremazing Month ago
Don't Annex Maine I live in maine
Mariel Pare
Mariel Pare Month ago
Courtney’s Jake Paul line at 13:05 😂
Ace Month ago
I was watching one piece before i watched this and got really confused when i heard them talking in english
osiris towers
osiris towers Month ago
14:46 my favorite fcking moment 🤣🤣
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