Olivia Rodrigo - Top 18 Songs For My 18th Birthday

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Olivia Rodrigo

14 days ago

Check out the 18 Tracks, 18 Years Spotify Playlist: smarturl.it/18years18tracks
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Deslyn Hulet
Deslyn Hulet 3 hours ago
Happy birthday
Tony Goyena
Tony Goyena 5 hours ago
Love you Liv!😍😍😍❤❤❤
Laura Buenfil
Laura Buenfil 8 hours ago
I love her ❤❤
Nermin Musa
Nermin Musa 11 hours ago
I thought all the songs were gonna be by Taylor Swift...
Dragon Slayer678
Dragon Slayer678 11 hours ago
When she said that when she was younger she used to think stupid was a bad word that was literally me
Cecília Sanfins
Cecília Sanfins 11 hours ago
Zoe-Jane Smith
Zoe-Jane Smith 15 hours ago
Call me
legendarylyrics 15 hours ago
Eli Velasquez
Eli Velasquez 16 hours ago
Happy bday i love u so much and ur song driver linces have a good bday
Asif Pathan
Asif Pathan 16 hours ago
Yeah she's too swiftie
Swiftie Forever
Swiftie Forever 17 hours ago
What a great taste in music omgggg. Taylor swift, carol king, fionna, phoebe, billie, woow
Kai Kai
Kai Kai 18 hours ago
Just let me say that her smile and catriona's smile vibe the same 🦋💜🖤
Simply Noah
Simply Noah Day ago
Its cool how she went from a kids show from Disney to a famous singer
Shreyaaa Day ago
Who is here after *Drivers License*
Vaishali Mehtre
Vaishali Mehtre Day ago
Do u Know BTS?
carlos suares
carlos suares Day ago
I'm crazy about you!!
wirehyperspace Day ago
everybody likes ironman because its a cheap way of getting out in space
Role x Vevo
Role x Vevo Day ago
Sammy The dog guy
Sammy The dog guy Day ago
Miyah-rose hillsley
Miyah-rose hillsley Day ago
im 9 i love u olivia
Lenny Koka
Lenny Koka 2 days ago
Pretty dope top 18.
J.J _Antics
J.J _Antics 2 days ago
im just waiting for the drivers license remix
zzenns l
zzenns l 2 days ago
stream cnco :)
Veresia Henry-Armstrong
Veresia Henry-Armstrong 2 days ago
Happy birthday sweetheart
Lusk Fps
Lusk Fps 2 days ago
Só quero mais msc
XxLeilaRains 3 days ago
Billie Eilish is my idol and you are too, you literally described what I think about your song Drivers license and your other song All I Want.
Orange Dragon5
Orange Dragon5 3 days ago
I miss bizaardvark it was a good Disney Channel television series!
A Jeanie In Bloxburg
A Jeanie In Bloxburg 3 days ago
You can tell by the way she’s talking and her body language something is wrong. Physically and or mentally. I love you Olivia ❤️ Stay strong!
A Jeanie In Bloxburg
A Jeanie In Bloxburg 3 days ago
asma Imen
asma Imen 3 days ago
I love how she is like just a normal girl
Kenya Swain
Kenya Swain 3 days ago
Thank you
Nichola Mackenzie
Nichola Mackenzie 3 days ago
You should do a house tore I am from the UK 🇬🇧
Leah playz
Leah playz 3 days ago
Hi Oliva!!! My name is Leah and I love your song. I was wondering if I could post a remake of your song!
Triple M
Triple M 3 days ago
Olivia is a real swifty!! Welcome to the club girl
LittleSwiftie girliSUPERFAN
LittleSwiftie girliSUPERFAN 4 days ago
I really get that "I'm a huge swiftie can't stop talking bout it" and friends are always like shut the hell up so it's becoming a bit of a problem...
Suvindu Pesara
Suvindu Pesara 4 days ago
Same age baby 😍
ETCNK HUCKLE 4 days ago
She seems so genuine and relatable ❤
Kentley Fritz
Kentley Fritz 4 days ago
I love your music keep doing more music I live it and you are so pretty and perfect
Pronoun: Guy
Pronoun: Guy 4 days ago
Srry im late but u have 666 dilikes
juan reynaldo contreras lachapelle
juan reynaldo contreras lachapelle 4 days ago
Feliz cumpleaños Olivia que cúlpelas muchos más
Stop Motion Garage
Stop Motion Garage 4 days ago
I made a music video of drivers license on my channel Olivia!!
LavenderFlowers 4 days ago
You deserve everything, and I know I’m late but Happy b-day!!♡
Ellie C
Ellie C 4 days ago
Jesus loves you turn to him before it’s too late and have a relationship with him ❤️
Derek Rosales
Derek Rosales 4 days ago
I wish to meet you
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 4 days ago
"I'm the biggest Swiftie ever and I've never stopped talking about it" YES GIRL
•SofiqBrqwn• 4 days ago
KoenWood 4 days ago
Is bizardvark coming back
Colby Lindblad
Colby Lindblad 4 days ago
love love LOVE watching you grow as an artist Olivia!! can’t wait to hear more from you!!❤️
Colby Lindblad
Colby Lindblad 4 days ago
you know she’s a true songwriter when she references the lyricism in the majority of those songs!
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 4 days ago
For those who didn't know the little cute beautiful girl in American Girl Grace was Olivia Rodrigo
DongGyan 4 days ago
OH MY ?! SHES 18?!
Aesthetic Crossing
Aesthetic Crossing 4 days ago
She would have never imagined one of her songs would be on my top songs that changed me :) 1. Driver's License 2. Ocean Eyes 3. I'm not Afraid 4. High Hopes i cant think of more lmao
L.O.R.A 4 days ago
Happy birthday Olivia! Love you, don't ever stop making music!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Luis P. C.
Luis P. C. 4 days ago
Ahora entiendo por qué sus canciones son tan buenas... qué buenos gustos, muy buena inspiración, sé que esto es el inicio de algo muy grande para Olivia.
Maybe David
Maybe David 4 days ago
Happy Birthday Olivia! Thanks for sharing this great list of great songwriters!
zullandzzx 4 days ago
i. am. iron. man. 4-7-7-9-9 2-5-5-7-7
Rose 5 days ago
olivia is a rapper!
Leah Carter
Leah Carter 5 days ago
Your so popular, people even play this on ROBLOX, even though it had now been copyrighted.
TheMoonlightLuv 5 days ago
My Top 10 Favorite Songs (bc i'm turning 10 on april 🙃) 1. drivers licence (Olivia Rodrigo) 2. 2002 (Anne-Marie) 3. Paper Rings (Taylor Swift) 4. What Makes You Beautiful (One Direction) 5. Same Old Love (Selena Gomez) 6. Snowman (Sia) 7. Better When I'm Dancin' (Meghan Trainor) 8. If I Can't Have You (Shawn Mendes) 9. Stand By You (Rachel Platten) 10. Love Me Like You Do (Ellie Goulding)
Masho 03
Masho 03 5 days ago
i swear olivia u were in my dreams tonight I SWEAR
Emily Reich
Emily Reich 5 days ago
Your my favorite youtuber
Emily Reich
Emily Reich 5 days ago
I love your new song
Sharu 5 days ago
its ME
its ME 5 days ago
For those who didn't know the little cute beautiful girl in American Girl Grace was Olivia Rodrigo
I love holloween
I love holloween 5 days ago
I just noticed that she has such an old soul she is young and has a great voice well I always new she had a great voice
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez 5 days ago
draco’swife 5 days ago
Drivers license is the number one song in the world i’m just finding out
blackxncat 5 days ago
Ryan Attiyeh
Ryan Attiyeh 5 days ago
No songs by sabrina carpenter hehe
I lovable you so much
k e
k e 5 days ago
You understand now how we love Drivers Licence
STRANGER. millie.2000
STRANGER. millie.2000 5 days ago
I am in love with drivers license I hear it everyday 100 times
andreas the man
andreas the man 5 days ago
Omg that american accent is annoying
Reputations Swiftie
Reputations Swiftie 5 days ago
My list 1. Safe and sound- taylor Swift 2. Our song- Taylor Swift 3. Down blame me - Taylor Swift 4. Dancing with our hands tied- Taylor Swift 5. August- Taylor Swift 6. New Romantics- Taylor Swift 7. Begin again- Taylor Swift 8. Almost do- Taylor Swift 9. Story of us- Taylor Swift 10. Better then Revenge Taylor Swift 11. Jump then fall- Taylor Swift 12. Stay beautiful- Taylor Swift 13 All to well taylor Swift 14. Speak now- Taylor Swift l 15. Fifthteen Taylor Swift 16. Gold rush Taylor Swift 17 the outside- Taylor Swift 18 drivers license
Devin Dunn
Devin Dunn 5 days ago
ahhhh we have like the same taste in musiccc
Momina Bhati
Momina Bhati 5 days ago
Okay but just imagine Joshua singing ‘Betty’ to Olivia I-
Riya Raut
Riya Raut 5 days ago
When she says she was a directioner but u Don't find a One Direction song. Hits it girl but u r too talented for words dear . Have a great career.
abcde fghijk
abcde fghijk 5 days ago
she's only 18 ? wow, i thought she's 20+ something 😳
DayDreaming Daph
DayDreaming Daph 6 days ago
Kinda sad that she didnt add conan gray's heather when she literally posted a pic of her captioning "me in my sweater thats just polyester wishing i were heather" Also if its wrong or if i offended all of u fans of oli im really sorry and im honestly a realpy big fan of hers❣❣ So pls dont send hate❣❣
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 5 days ago
she's a swiftie, for sure.
The Name's CC
The Name's CC 6 days ago
the killers we love to see it!!
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 5 days ago
Like vs Dislike proportion 161 : 1
Stephanie Peters
Stephanie Peters 6 days ago
Such great taste in music 💗 so varied and really reflects how much she loves songwriting. She really surprised me in such a good way with some of the old school iconic classics!!! Yes girl!!!! Also....hello fellow swiftie ❤️
Tamara CHOWDHURY 6 days ago
i love her
Someone new
Someone new 6 days ago
bruh big
bruh big 6 days ago
She has the pewdiepie phone case?? queen
yumika liu
yumika liu 6 days ago
so uh when we gonna get 'naive girl' olivia we want more songs rn rn rn rn
alexandre martins
alexandre martins 6 days ago
And a Sabrina Carpenter`s song?Why don`t you choose one of them?Oh,yeah I know.
Karnail Malhi
Karnail Malhi 6 days ago
Oh my gosh Happy birthday Olivia oh my gosh you're 18 yay
Marta Alberti
Marta Alberti 6 days ago
I dont think she'll ever see this, but if she does, I really recommend twenty one pilots. The lyrics in their songs are so thought-provoking and they are just excellent artists. Really recommend:)
TURTL3N00B 6 days ago
That last part felt unnecessary. Everyone has listened to the best song ever made aka "Drivers License" by Olivia Rodrigo aka QUEEN!
Kira Brooks
Kira Brooks 6 days ago
happy late birthday
Chloe Montana
Chloe Montana 6 days ago
‘I used to go on her Instagram and analyse little clips of songs she posted’ STOP I LITERALLY DO THAT WITH YOUR INSTAGRAM PAGE OLIVIA 💕
0.28 Lux
0.28 Lux 6 days ago
Having Taylor swift and Lorde made me your biggest fan already
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 6 days ago
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger 6 days ago
Like vs Dislike proportion 161 : 1
Shafiqa Zukulfeli
Shafiqa Zukulfeli 6 days ago
she's a swiftie, for sure.
Torithejean The jean
Torithejean The jean 6 days ago
NotSoniaXD 6 days ago
Yesssss, I love Taylor, Lorde, Halsey, and Definitely Billie!
Killua 6 days ago
Billie sucks
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 6 days ago
He's literally choking on air rn.
Miller Francisco
Miller Francisco 6 days ago
my swiftie, livie heart gets so big. luvyuh olivia!
melanie teresa
melanie teresa 6 days ago
The 648 people who disliked are the people who are jealous of the BEST "OLIVIA RODRIGO!"
melanie teresa
melanie teresa 4 days ago
@Oscar agreed!!!
Oscar 4 days ago
Yes! She’s so darn talented!!! She’s practically impossible to not like!!!
Hiba Hiba
Hiba Hiba 6 days ago
Happy birthayyy today my birthay but i just 16 years old 😑
Nair Reshmi
Nair Reshmi 6 days ago
Swiftie 🥺❤
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