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Luke Davidson

Month ago

Here’s a skit of a kid arguing with his teacher saying he’s to smart for his grade #Shorts

jnikittyplays Genre All!
jnikittyplays Genre All! 37 minutes ago
MissNoName 40 minutes ago
“What do you have in your pants that I don’t have?” “Pockets” It do be true tho- Why don’t girls get to have pockets? T^T
Geo Rychel
Geo Rychel Hour ago
I can see were this was going, luckily it didn’t turn that way 🤣🤣
Doggo 3 hours ago
when the impostor is SUS!! 😵😳
brain damaged banana
brain damaged banana 3 hours ago
This is real on the first grade i scored so high that my teacher contactes the ministry of learning and requested a special exam so i can skip some grades to reach a fair tests with older kids and they gave me it i was supposed to get promoted to 5th grade but my parents declined in fear that i will get bullied
V 3 hours ago
I really was out heere saying “eyes” when they asked the cow question 💀
Isabelle Stanley
Isabelle Stanley 38 minutes ago
Cows have 4 eyes. 👀 👄 👀 🐄
Boris Bobbington
Boris Bobbington 6 hours ago
These videos are engineered to be so awful that the human brain watches them with fascinated disgust, and wants to see how bad the next one is, explaining his “popularity”
Bester Jester
Bester Jester 6 hours ago
so this is humor now,,,
Mrudula Pagadala
Mrudula Pagadala 7 hours ago
The face after every video... Oof
Hazzvo 10 hours ago
Lol I got all the last 4 questions rong
Galaxi 11 hours ago
Congrats. You've created one of the cringiest pieces of media that I've seen in my entire life.
Faimida Khan
Faimida Khan 11 hours ago
farid alam
farid alam 12 hours ago
I'm in 5th grade😂 and got all five questions wrong
h. 12 hours ago
mans got bri ish teeth and no sense of humor. gus johnson but with no facial hair or comedic talent. stop recommending this fool to me susan
Kurt BG
Kurt BG 13 hours ago
Principle , BRUH
Mooster 44
Mooster 44 14 hours ago
I was gonna say cow nippels 0:23
Last Braincell
Last Braincell 14 hours ago
Why does he talk like he's been held gunpoint straight at the head
chaotic animations
chaotic animations 15 hours ago
His face is the same look that a child would give you if you said you had candy
Qurratu Nur 'Aine Kamarul Zaman
Qurratu Nur 'Aine Kamarul Zaman 15 hours ago
So- Does that mean the Principal say F^ck-
Roses are Red
Roses are Red 15 hours ago
Jeraldine Dela Cruz
Jeraldine Dela Cruz 17 hours ago
Why do you use a decade of pop for most of your vids
Sailor Ashy
Sailor Ashy 18 hours ago
S S 19 hours ago
Me : counting all the songs in the background so far first time watching it rolling in the deep by Adele and counting stars by one republic I’ll keep on editing the more I hear
S S 19 hours ago
Happier by marshmallow
S S 19 hours ago
Shape of you by ed sheeran
S S 19 hours ago
Dynamite by taio cruz
S S 19 hours ago
Sorry by Justin Bieber
S S 19 hours ago
Moves like jagger by maroon 5
Love Diana!
Love Diana! 20 hours ago
Man really need to brush his teeth
Soulnight _Playz
Soulnight _Playz 21 hour ago
Who thought of something else when she said what do you have in your pants that I dont have
Kylia Traulich
Kylia Traulich 22 hours ago
Cows have four of this but we have two Me: unmmmmmmmmm
Toxic Avocado
Toxic Avocado 22 hours ago
What ends with K and starts with F
-Pxnda- 22 hours ago
I saw this on TikTok already lolz and I liked it UvU
Victorivanov 23 hours ago
Najah Anhar
Najah Anhar 23 hours ago
I'm sorry but am I the only one who saw his yellow teeth at the end and cringed? 🤢
Shelby Maclachlan
Shelby Maclachlan 23 hours ago
Waiting for the day I laugh at one of this dudes videos
Roberts Skull
Roberts Skull 23 hours ago
Every video. Every fucking video he is in a same spot doing those hand movement
Charli And Maddie
Charli And Maddie Day ago
I don't get the “what does a dog do that a man steps into” and the answer is pants how does a dog “do pants”
EN BI 12 hours ago
it’s using the different definitions of pants as a dog pants when they’re hot to cool themselves down and people wear pants the article if clothing
Ronnie Hayden
Ronnie Hayden 19 hours ago
And a dog can “do shit”
Jeff Ringgenberg
Jeff Ringgenberg 22 hours ago
Me neither
Kenzie.cookie Day ago
What do i not have that a man does have Me:a di-
Anime Person
Anime Person Day ago
Uuum what
The Only Emmanuel
The Only Emmanuel Day ago
I have to block his TikTok . I refuse to let that shit pop up on my screen again
invisible girl
invisible girl Day ago
what is that expression at the end im dying lmfao
Makayla McDonnell Motes
Makayla McDonnell Motes Day ago
Tiktoker: I need to be a woman for this part.... Tiktoker thinking: *what to do, what to do* Also tiktoker: I GOT.......PUT A TOWEL ON MY HEAD....YESSSS
Lia Kooper
Lia Kooper Day ago
I have another one for f to k FUC- nvm
Krovjc127 Gse
Krovjc127 Gse Day ago
This is an unrealistic impression of life.
Crimson RBLX
Crimson RBLX Day ago
Nice smile with the yellow teeth
Gamer Onemig 2.0
Gamer Onemig 2.0 Day ago
Teacher: What starts with a f and ends with K? Me:F**k?
「 quirmi 」
「 quirmi 」 Day ago
In reality this is not how grade skipping works
kamarishh Day ago
Very funny. cap
Alec Megherdijian
Alec Megherdijian Day ago
This is like those horrible "this is how mafia works" adds
Nightmare _1011
Nightmare _1011 Day ago
What starts with F and ends with K? Me: Fork, Frisk, Freak, Frock, Flick, Funk, Flashback, Fiddlestick, Firebreak, Fill in the blank
Shadow Zapper
Shadow Zapper Day ago
Manga Dop
Manga Dop Day ago
What does a dog do Pants
It’snot_JJ A
It’snot_JJ A Day ago
What was that smile at the end of the clip
Garry Gherkins
Garry Gherkins Day ago
sappy Day ago
Let's be real if this is all you had to do to skip grades lots of us would be done with school by now
Ali Leo
Ali Leo Day ago
I'm so dirty minded😬
Tania Cruver
Tania Cruver Day ago
I love his humor😂
Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty Day ago
What does a dog do that a man steps into. PANTS Me confused
Sir C
Sir C Day ago
I want the time I spend watching this back. Please refund
David Canizares
David Canizares Day ago
“What does a cow have that I only have two of” Ik I’m not alone here
Isabelle Stanley
Isabelle Stanley 40 minutes ago
I thought the same thing lmao
HellBoyBeast Gaming
HellBoyBeast Gaming Day ago
startes with f end with k lol
lol Day ago
What starts with f and ends with k Fu- FUNK!
The Sus Sis
The Sus Sis Day ago
I’m too dirty minded..
Serg Graeham Chong
Serg Graeham Chong Day ago
Put him back to kinder he needs to learm how to brush his teeth
rae Day ago
he scares me..
That_Bisexual_dipblip Day ago
*le gasp*
haris khan
haris khan Day ago
3xe and 6x6 are kindergarten questions bruh
Lil Koreyyy
Lil Koreyyy Day ago
Yellow sdd teeth out here lookin like bart simpson
Furret Day ago
Dude I'd rather always have an itchy tag at my back whenever I wear clothes, and get killed by hitler than seeing you
anna stys
anna stys Day ago
i saw this tiktok and im diablica442 on tik tok
Angellica Coleman
Angellica Coleman Day ago
😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 cool 🆒 you..........
mEmEz_FOr_dAyZ Day ago
No offence but his teeth needs brushed more
Damian Amador
Damian Amador Day ago
KK - 05ZK 805147 Plum Tree Park PS
KK - 05ZK 805147 Plum Tree Park PS Day ago
For the last one we all know wut we were thinking am I right lol😳
Lily Wymore
Lily Wymore Day ago
Docter LOVE
Docter LOVE Day ago
Those were some INAPROPIATE questions to ask a FIRST GRADER!!/Like whattt!????
Donut Holschtein
Donut Holschtein Day ago
I've never wanted to slap someone harder.
GFTK Day ago
josue singh cuevas
josue singh cuevas Day ago
Mineta’s #1 Fan
Mineta’s #1 Fan Day ago
I- put him in 7th I’m in 6th and I got half the questions wrong
X Sama
X Sama Day ago
F one real answer is fck as we all know
Lyria Xiada
Lyria Xiada Day ago
At least it wasn't dirty-
Jiggle Wiggle Little Pickle
Jiggle Wiggle Little Pickle Day ago
I don't see why he got sent to 5th grade
Stormtrooper TK-5213
Stormtrooper TK-5213 Day ago
🤣🤣I got em all wrong
•ShadowViølet• Day ago
What was the principal’s answers though 😳
galaxy plays
galaxy plays 2 days ago
This is like matilda
arnaldo BS
arnaldo BS 2 days ago
Why his teeth Yellow af though?
xLisa 2 days ago
dude this.. i saw that before one turkish guy made it
corrupted shadows
corrupted shadows 2 days ago
This is the first video i've seen from him without comments disabled
Nadine Wilson-Forbes
Nadine Wilson-Forbes 2 days ago
Larah Joy Jurilla
Larah Joy Jurilla 2 days ago
Start with f ends with k fvck
fattah afkskisukaih
fattah afkskisukaih 2 days ago
I see why he is not turning on comments. These comments are not helpful to his contents
Keyden Castillo
Keyden Castillo 2 days ago
The principal asked 2 questions lol
Vandevi Sankar
Vandevi Sankar 2 days ago
The last
Adrian Khoury
Adrian Khoury 2 days ago
How do u block someone on yt
Chocolate Muffin
Chocolate Muffin 2 days ago
That teachers’s questions...I’m so dirty-minded. But I don’t know what the third question about though
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 2 days ago
This is so funny I forgot to laugh
ky 2 days ago
The pants joke makes no sense
WeebTheCuber 2 days ago
If it fails one question he has to go back *asks 2 questions*
Ananaqi 2 days ago
Gem Ross
Gem Ross 2 days ago
Excuse me what
༻sᴏᴘʜɪᴇ༺ Ꮄ
༻sᴏᴘʜɪᴇ༺ Ꮄ 2 days ago
I though f**k
MadKell_Gamer _akelly
MadKell_Gamer _akelly 2 days ago
I thought of fork
Brad Soup
Brad Soup 2 days ago
Teachers aren’t allowed to say “whats wronge with you” thats pretty fucked up
Korppu 2 days ago
this is the unfunniest shit i have ever seen, thats tiktok for ya
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