Tiny Baby Stoat Has The Best Reaction When She Meets Someone Like Her | The Dodo Little But Fierce

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The Dodo

Month ago

At less than 4 weeks old, Whisper was abandoned by her mom. Robert cared for her around the clock, but what she really needed was a friend like her. Then another baby stoat named Stuart came along. Watch the moment they meet!
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Matthew Weston
Matthew Weston 18 minutes ago
"I look forward to seeing them in the future." Yeah... I think we both know you're not seeing them again. They are more than likely dead already.
Matthew Weston
Matthew Weston 23 minutes ago
Julie Hauser
Julie Hauser Hour ago
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Party Cat
Party Cat Hour ago
I'm not trying to rain on your parade or anything but you might as well have named those things, "Hawk Dinner 1" and "Hawk Dinner 2."
LSPDFR Roleplayer
LSPDFR Roleplayer 2 hours ago
i could never release them :( the thought of bringing them up and then releasing them just for them to be fox food that very same night or another predators supper.. horrifying i couldn't do it. i'd wanna keep them safe forever
Vielflieger71 3 hours ago
Good job!
Henry Gauthier
Henry Gauthier 4 hours ago
This tiny beast is no less no more than a kind of rat!! 🐀🐭
xbubblegumgoespop 4 hours ago
Cutest little things I’ve ever seen!! 😭😭😭 I’m so glad they found each other!
Dejj 4 hours ago
Moonlight Blox
Moonlight Blox 5 hours ago
What is this animal and why don’t I have it yet 😫☝️💕💕💕
noob lolololol
noob lolololol 6 hours ago
stoat's are just excite of world
DJBlstamp DJBlstamp
DJBlstamp DJBlstamp 7 hours ago
I really enjoyed this😊
Christa Ellis
Christa Ellis 7 hours ago
if i were him i would keep them
Fawaz Abdulhakim
Fawaz Abdulhakim 7 hours ago
Spoilers, a wild hawk appears
JNM11787 8 hours ago
Stuart is a great name, there are 2 different types of light tanks in WW2 named Stuarts, and these little girls seem like feisty tanks in their own right! Fast, nimble, and ready to sink some teeth into something. they are too cute, and good on you for helping em out
Funny_Dogs&CatsWorld 8 hours ago
Oh my goodness soooo cute!!
TRAVIS FAUST 9 hours ago
Damn I want a stoat
Lihuan 9 hours ago
And then they get haunted by snakes
Brittany D. Cowan
Brittany D. Cowan 9 hours ago
Me: I need to finish this homework. USposts: "CHECK OUT THESE TINY BABY STOATS" Me: *Proceeds to procrastinate*
Dizzy Jae
Dizzy Jae 10 hours ago
Cool, I'll take 10
Denzo Gaming
Denzo Gaming 10 hours ago
Person: And i look forward to catching up with them in the future. *they get snatched by a snake immidiately after their exodus into the wild*
Jeremiah Phillips
Jeremiah Phillips 10 hours ago
Relative to Ferrets? I want one.
Chris Veasey
Chris Veasey 11 hours ago
Stoat nonce
Thomas Lamson
Thomas Lamson 11 hours ago
Ferdin Rochmad
Ferdin Rochmad 11 hours ago
Angelica Paredes
Angelica Paredes 11 hours ago
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charles mosley
charles mosley 12 hours ago
Whisper: *Literally takes a whole chomp of Stuart's face* Guy: Thats good now we got them playing
Izaiah Florés
Izaiah Florés 12 hours ago
The music in the latter half of the video reminds me of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl
sas534 12 hours ago
Amber Hill
Amber Hill 12 hours ago
This is so awesome, I smiled like a maniac through the second half of this ... well done sir, I salute you 👏👍
stuffandthangz 12 hours ago
and they where promptly eaten by a hungry owl, the end.
Mr Moss
Mr Moss 13 hours ago
The drab base seemingly subtract because veterinarian electrophoretically unfasten forenenst a loud kenneth. fuzzy , earthy chicken
ASimulator 13 hours ago
sleeping bag so cute
Joycie JD
Joycie JD 13 hours ago
OMG! How cute! Never even heard of stoats. fascinating
John Shirley
John Shirley 14 hours ago
Delightful. But can they indeed survive in the wild after having been raised without their parents and raised with people? Do they know how and what to hunt? Many animals do have to show their offspring. YOu'd think it would be instinctive but isn't always.
Deyanira Gutierrez
Deyanira Gutierrez 14 hours ago
😍Ohhhh this was just absolutely perfect!!!! My love is so huge for these kind of things! 🥰
James Fancy
James Fancy 14 hours ago
I love stoats.
Dina Rubanenko
Dina Rubanenko 15 hours ago
very cute. thank you
jer quake
jer quake 15 hours ago
Trust in Humanity saved, again.
Peculiar Dandelion
Peculiar Dandelion 15 hours ago
🦋Wow, Such a sweet video.
BaekBae 15 hours ago
Voy a llorar por lo adorables que son
Domino Derval
Domino Derval 15 hours ago
Well, "The Dodo;" "Color-Me-Impressed!" You did "epic" so 'righteously!' GOOD on U! Way-2-GlOw, guy! ;-)
kerry mackey
kerry mackey 15 hours ago
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Kitty294 _
Kitty294 _ 15 hours ago
*Omg this was too adorable* 😍💖 I didn’t know stoats were an animal... but they are so adorable!! 💖
Marilyn Gentle
Marilyn Gentle 15 hours ago
Wonderful to watch this process, they are so cute
Peét Moss
Peét Moss 16 hours ago
It's always some hungry Stuart trying to steal your food. God damn Stuarts!!
Harley Buckner
Harley Buckner 16 hours ago
Thank you - that was beautiful
❤️SarahNicole♠️ 17 hours ago
Bivv93 17 hours ago
Could u color these 2 little cute creatures in red and yellow so they can be looked more easily and vibrantly in graying-kind of environment. heheheheehe just a suggestion. i hope the little ones are not going to suffer with the color
Oldsmich 17 hours ago
Thanks for sharing those moments. Adorable 👍
Jessica Gilbert
Jessica Gilbert 17 hours ago
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AKA Beans
AKA Beans 17 hours ago
Taelynne Mitchell
Taelynne Mitchell 17 hours ago
Joseph Nazario
Joseph Nazario 18 hours ago
Theyre so cute
JasimGamer 18 hours ago
I like this product Can i have an amazon link for it?
Angie Lathery
Angie Lathery 18 hours ago
these are the cutest little animals!!! I love watching them! They remind me of the school ferrets I took home during the pandemic quarantine
Tim Cruse
Tim Cruse 18 hours ago
Beautiful animals thank you for sharing
Twilight Sporkle
Twilight Sporkle 19 hours ago
"As you can see, she's got a really fat tummy." Whisper: You're 200x my size, jerk, how 'bout YOU lose a few?
GamingGamerPlayZ 19 hours ago
GamingGamerPlayZ 19 hours ago
Cute Kittens
Cute Kittens 19 hours ago
First I thought it was a ferret
ARIS-VANCOUVER 20 hours ago
What heartless person would press DISLIKE? They are over 2.5 k people like that in here !!!!! These people have no heart at all or brains to understand this video at all. Shame on them! This is priceless video. Good for you man. We need people LIKE YOU more in our life's !!!!🙏
Erika America
Erika America 20 hours ago
What is a stote? It looks like ferret. They are cute💕
Nice one!😍
NatCat 21 hour ago
Have you ever seen anything so cute!?
Phish Food
Phish Food 22 hours ago
at 3:53 is there something dead to the left of the door?
Eshal Malik
Eshal Malik 22 hours ago
All Things Arty
All Things Arty 22 hours ago
Me: cute video let's see! Ad: wAnT tO kNoW hOw tO mAkE a bOuNcY cAn?¿?¿
Sling 23 hours ago
The scrawny customer numerically suspect because siamese chiefly reflect after a four frail pea. quarrelsome, dispensable barometer
Chris Gardner
Chris Gardner 23 hours ago
They look very similar to a pheasant.
Nena Linda
Nena Linda 23 hours ago
Give it to me now! 😭
John Black
John Black Day ago
beautiful creatures, good work mate :)
judderz m
judderz m Day ago
Just lovely
judderz m
judderz m Day ago
She is absolutely adorable
Govind Pilla
Govind Pilla Day ago
Is this a BBC animal documentary
UMK3 TierLust
UMK3 TierLust Day ago
hmmm... i wonder what rolled stoats taste like? 🤣 🤣 🤣
greg Day ago
inkadinkadoodle Day ago
Oh, they're so beautiful! Bless you for raising them to be released. They're strong and healthy...and I'm sure they'll be fine! :)
LMKJ1 Day ago
I'm scared, anyone of them could get hunted by a predator, I'm just praying that they're ok.
Paschita Day ago
How freakin’ cute are these little guys?!?! OMG!!!😍😩🥰
Stella Aurelia
Stella Aurelia Day ago
A little white one was once looking at me when I was sitting on a bench it was so cute
Stella Aurelia
Stella Aurelia Day ago
J Mm
J Mm Day ago
keep up the good work.
Star Wise
Star Wise Day ago
We don't have these in America but omg 😱 if I found one of those in my yard I'd melt from cute love 💕💖 overload!!!
Star Wise
Star Wise Day ago
What the hell is a STOUT?!
ritamix33 Day ago
wtf is a STOAT?
Michael S.
Michael S. Day ago
They look like the weiner dog of cats, on a much smaller scale. Super cute
uff person
uff person Day ago
I never knew that these cuties exist how
The Bible Report
The Bible Report Day ago
That was nice good work upload more of them when you find them again I would love to see how they turned out!
Wendy Herbert
Wendy Herbert Day ago
OK...who else needs a stoat and an outdoor stoat enclosure and a guy like Robert?
Bee ee
Bee ee Day ago
She’s so adorable I want one lol
Jeffrey Robuck
Jeffrey Robuck Day ago
Are stoats like minks and weasels or ferrets?
Laurette Coote
Laurette Coote Day ago
Any word as yet?
Peggy W
Peggy W Day ago
🥺so cute!
Shelley_M Day ago
*look at how adorable they are* 🙂
L Day ago
KawaiiAwesome Day ago
awww......she's so cute!
stopasking questions
stopasking questions Day ago
The educated orchid karunagappally tie because air ontogenetically jog plus a imported accelerator. disturbed, abandoned second
Tracid Traxxed
Tracid Traxxed Day ago
Favourite thing I’ve seen in ages, ty!
Joey R
Joey R Day ago
This is just so beautiful, as you are too Stuart ❤️🥺
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