Hermitcraft 7: Episode 53 - THE NEW HQ!

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2 months ago

Hermitcraft 7: Episode 53 - THE NEW HQ! Grian relocates the new HQ with a brand new style.
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Camp Pillow
Camp Pillow 4 hours ago
The HQ is awesome! I was genuinly gaping in awe when you timelapsed it
Negrom Negrom
Negrom Negrom 4 hours ago
I love the new base!
Abe Jacobsen
Abe Jacobsen 8 hours ago
I love it
its Eoin
its Eoin 18 hours ago
grian: the torch is not destroyed *as he destroys it*
Blue Creeper
Blue Creeper 22 hours ago
Mycilium Mario base
Divergence 23 hours ago
The people who dislike this video are jealous of grian and should regret disliking it. I mean cmon, grian is AWSOME at building- who dislikes it- I mean honestly.
Bradiscool902 Day ago
16:47 me as a kid trying to get the attention of my mom while she is on the phone
averagirls Day ago
Grian : HEP land Me : are you taking about HEP or hippie land oh the memories Me : but I think you’re talking about HEP
Vee Loss
Vee Loss Day ago
Do among us
Chantal Scharfenberg
Chantal Scharfenberg Day ago
I like it
MRABC173 Day ago
3:22 are they smerfs cuz only smerfs live in a mushroom
AlfaStrategist 2 days ago
Calling the End Crystal expensive is an insult to the old days where you had to use a Wither Star to make one. Ghast tears and Eyes of Ender are cheap in comparison.
ibrahim 2 days ago
love it not hate it
Joey Dyck
Joey Dyck 2 days ago
i love it
Darky 2 days ago
I *Love it!*
Sera Wyncoop
Sera Wyncoop 2 days ago
Hayden Forrest
Hayden Forrest 3 days ago
The HQ looks amazing, for your first time it looks great
Jaya Priyadarshi
Jaya Priyadarshi 3 days ago
love it cause you build it
M.C.R. ,
M.C.R. , 3 days ago
Top three things that Mumbo wants for Redstone 3: wireless Redstone 2: bluestone Moveable chest dispensers and The like
karma 253
karma 253 3 days ago
Love it
lilnikeleh 3 days ago
Love the new HQ!
Zeph Olmsted
Zeph Olmsted 4 days ago
I really like the style but i think it’s a bit to symmetrical
Natalie White
Natalie White 4 days ago
ngl, the white building kinda gave me DanTDM Labratory....
Harlie Hedges
Harlie Hedges 4 days ago
Schwaby 4 days ago
You gotta love when the highlight of an episode, is a company merger
Alexandra Bellamy
Alexandra Bellamy 5 days ago
I love hermitcraft
Me 5 days ago
I guess you could say... there wasn’t mushroom for the HQ on the main island...
The Cheetah
The Cheetah 5 days ago
He reminds me the smurfs. Very nicely done
Lucas's videos
Lucas's videos 5 days ago
No offense but I don’t like the new HQ
King3D 5 days ago
it look great
King3D 5 days ago
the original base is similar
Final letter of the first word: Y
aiden baba
aiden baba 5 days ago
Omg I love the new hq
Mr.unknown something
Mr.unknown something 5 days ago
I love that build
Noah Möllmann
Noah Möllmann 5 days ago
Grian, the HQ is perfect. i really like it
Richard Gere
Richard Gere 5 days ago
The hq is amazing
Hannah Lin
Hannah Lin 6 days ago
vote - who hates the new Myc HQ and who loves the Myc HQ
Hannah Lin
Hannah Lin 6 days ago
Johnson Li
Johnson Li 6 days ago
congrats Grian you'v made another hideous monster sponer that can summon Satan's butt hole.
Stella O.
Stella O. 7 days ago
New HQ looks gorgeous!!
Alec_ Positive
Alec_ Positive 7 days ago
Honestly I really like it:)
Nate unknown
Nate unknown 7 days ago
Hate it
TL_Phantom 7 days ago
love the build
Esther Beron
Esther Beron 8 days ago
its so cute :)
Franklin the man
Franklin the man 8 days ago
It really fits the theme of your resistance
Southern RC
Southern RC 8 days ago
Why on gods green earth, Would a MAN call himself "MOTHER" Spore ???
Markalfredjr Baldesco
Markalfredjr Baldesco 8 days ago
i love it
Joyce Xi
Joyce Xi 8 days ago
6B 19 LI Tin Wing Terrence
6B 19 LI Tin Wing Terrence 8 days ago
hate it
TheMuffinBoy 9 days ago
Grian: Complaining about how the mycelium HQ isn’t “meetingable” Me: Wondering if the cubby between the ceiling and roof of town hall was “meetingable”
Velociraptor G
Velociraptor G 9 days ago
I love it but I hate the amount of campfires on top of it
Sunce 9 days ago
Jacklegend204 9 days ago
I like the new base
Nano Gig
Nano Gig 10 days ago
I love the base!
K.I. Clingerman
K.I. Clingerman 10 days ago
I love it!
Carol Currier
Carol Currier 10 days ago
Pssssssssssst Impulse
SuperDino Peeps
SuperDino Peeps 10 days ago
Brilliant HQ Grian
Connor Bock
Connor Bock 11 days ago
I was really expecting to hear, "look how mush room is on the inside"
Nuke Gameing
Nuke Gameing 11 days ago
I love it
Aldo Hilpert
Aldo Hilpert 11 days ago
HQ is amazing
5lamingplays 11 days ago
lakyn bishop
lakyn bishop 11 days ago
can you post some kind of tutorial for this base ? i have really been loving the mushroom theme and i want to build something like it :)
Samantha Uyvica
Samantha Uyvica 12 days ago
the build is so good👍👍
murasaki rin
murasaki rin 12 days ago
You kidding? I LOVE THE MUSHROOM BASE!!! Its really cute and charming!
TedNZ 12 days ago
I thought the gong was minecraft ambience
TedNZ 11 days ago
@Camden Perry only 4 minutes in so no problem
Camden Perry
Camden Perry 11 days ago
@TedNZ sorry if it was a lot of work
TedNZ 11 days ago
@Camden Perry 4:45 (had to watch the video from the start to find it)
Camden Perry
Camden Perry 11 days ago
Yea same but I can’t hear it, do you have a time Stamp
Heremaia Turner
Heremaia Turner 12 days ago
Lukas Edwards
Lukas Edwards 12 days ago
I love it
James Stevenson
James Stevenson 12 days ago
What an incredible hq. Go mycelium resistance!! It’s about the principal.
James Stevenson
James Stevenson 12 days ago
Arkhip Fedorushkov
Arkhip Fedorushkov 12 days ago
Yes, that's what you need🎉
Creo Monster
Creo Monster 13 days ago
love it
Chelsea Fitzwater
Chelsea Fitzwater 13 days ago
It's adorable
XO, Katie Boo
XO, Katie Boo 13 days ago
I absolutely love the new base it looks amazing. For not usually building in that style it looks amazing. I’m impressed!
Esben Elstrøm
Esben Elstrøm 14 days ago
Adria Dumler
Adria Dumler 14 days ago
The HQ looks awesome!
ethan lavin
ethan lavin 14 days ago
this looks so goodddd
Campervised 14 days ago
Gotta shreep
Kathelijne van der Graaf
Kathelijne van der Graaf 15 days ago
I like te new base a littel
Jessica Edwards
Jessica Edwards 15 days ago
I like it
Isaac Holloway
Isaac Holloway 15 days ago
I really like the build good job👏👏
Jacob Waisner
Jacob Waisner 15 days ago
Very much like fairy house
sweatysocks 15 days ago
Dude the new HQ looks incredible! Respect for all those hours you spent building this knowing some people might not like it.
Perrin Miller
Perrin Miller 15 days ago
i like the hq
Taim Al Shouli
Taim Al Shouli 15 days ago
Who ever realised that in time lapses of Grian building he builds like a printer?
Kazuho Seki
Kazuho Seki 16 days ago
Kazuho Seki
Kazuho Seki 16 days ago
JW Duncan
JW Duncan 16 days ago
Grian: "The man himself" Me: "bdubs" Grian: "Doc" Me: "oh.."
paida bulawayo
paida bulawayo 16 days ago
Love it
Leonie Heming
Leonie Heming 16 days ago
Loveeeee to the HQ
isabelle isabella
isabelle isabella 17 days ago
i love the base
Moop Moop
Moop Moop 17 days ago
It’s odd I love marmite but this is ok but good idk
Probest247 -
Probest247 - 17 days ago
I love how he always spoils the build in the thumbnail LOL 😂
Laura Ely
Laura Ely 18 days ago
The base looks amazing!
Madhuri Vitha
Madhuri Vitha 18 days ago
Omg g -man great job amazing!👍👍👍👍
Giancarlo Medina
Giancarlo Medina 18 days ago
Lauren Bourne
Lauren Bourne 19 days ago
i love it smm
Creative creeper
Creative creeper 19 days ago
What is the misiliom resistance?
Purple Wombats and Pink Jellybeans
Purple Wombats and Pink Jellybeans 19 days ago
Does the HQ count as cottagecore?
Trenton Bartlett
Trenton Bartlett 19 days ago
Just make chairs you can sit in :(
Louis hather
Louis hather 19 days ago
I love it sooo much
JimBobJoe99 19 days ago
I only realized that "Inpulse Buys" was a pun at the end of the video when Grian said it was.
Sloths Sleep
Sloths Sleep 19 days ago
I love the mycelium HQ lol
*wears AirPods Max once*
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*wears AirPods Max once*
Trevor Wallace
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