Barack Obama Surprises Us + First Time Hearing Bob Dylan | BookTube Trailer

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16 days ago

We listened to Bob Dylan, the 60’s counter-culture icon, after seeing his name mentioned in President Obama’s book A Promised Land. We also got to ask President Obama a few questions, and we'll ask him even more on the December episode of BookTube only on USposts 12/16/20.

Nomusa Magic
Nomusa Magic 43 minutes ago
❤️ I'm sooooooo proud of y'all, your hard work, creativity and classy-ness!! ... Your Michigan Granny! 🙋🏾‍♀️
Lyn Foster
Lyn Foster 2 hours ago
I love this. Icon Dylan, the adorable twins, and President Obama, who is the finest man, most aware President ever. I’m thrilled that he visited with the twins, so encouraging. Young people helping heal the world with music. ❤️🎶
Guadalupe Picasso
Guadalupe Picasso 10 hours ago
The twins are 22? I always thought they were something like 17!
A T 10 hours ago
Can you please react to got my mind made up by 2pac
Freddie and Nicole
Freddie and Nicole 12 hours ago
I love this 🥰
Pamela Demorest
Pamela Demorest 13 hours ago
Oh man, you guys just made history!! Congrats!!
soren1850 17 hours ago
President Obama: total class, dignity, and eloquence. Like a president should be.
paul b
paul b 18 hours ago
Thanks for that ........Boom!
Marc Derix
Marc Derix 19 hours ago
Three men in a boat...sailing the right course
EnRico VAN Keeken
EnRico VAN Keeken 19 hours ago
Oh... this was just Great I wanted to ask the two / three ( x ) something A #LoveRevolution has started I actually 'know' someone who knows Bob Dylan Her name is Patti Smith GREAT Artist! And she wrote a Real' GOOD song '*People Have the Power' Alot of people think that this song should be the theme song for this Crazy year. Especially considering what she's done this year with this song, trying to Change things for the Better! Please check Her out, and - if necessary - Ask your Beautiful EX - President what He thinks about this! I - personally - think that this song could be an Anthem song for America, and should be an Anthem song for the World*
Joyce Gagnon
Joyce Gagnon 20 hours ago
Dylan was a master poet
Jackson Parker
Jackson Parker 20 hours ago
This song always makes feel nostalgic and depressed.
Kheyalkhushi 22 hours ago
Loved this. Keep on doing this.
ecowli2125 23 hours ago
Guys congrats!! You have nerves of steel. I would’ve fallen out of my chair.
Carol Newman
Carol Newman Day ago
Maryann Verdi
Maryann Verdi Day ago
Mr.Obama is a great guy
Kelly Wosahla
Kelly Wosahla Day ago
Congrats, you two precious young men. And keep on showing the world all the great music out there. Check out the book Lyrics by Dylan. His work is literally poetry. My cousin in law was in his band for 8 years in the 2000s; what a thrill it was to see and hear this legend live.
Michelle Bloom
Michelle Bloom Day ago
Damn, I wish President Obama could run for another term, although I don’t know if he would be up for it after all the damage President Douchebag has done smdh.
Anne Reece
Anne Reece Day ago
Wow! Obama is a lovely man. And he’s right - you guys are doing something really special here on USposts. Thank you.
Maddy Day ago
Wow! Congratulations Twins! What an honor! 🙏🏽
E M Day ago
WHHHHHAAAATTTTT!! Ohhhh daggg!!! YALL TALKIN TO OBAMA?! Takin it to a whole other level!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼☺️☺️👍🏻good for y’all!! Hell yeah!! Keep on keeping on y’all!! So many ppl proud of u both! Great job !!!
Jewely H
Jewely H Day ago
Ugh Obama? Might have to put away the Twins hoodie I bought. 😒
lisa Blodgett
lisa Blodgett Day ago
President Obama is exactly right - keep doing what you are doing. The deeper meaning of your work is unification
Serena Kam
Serena Kam Day ago
Obama wants to meet you in person! wow congrats
lisa Blodgett
lisa Blodgett Day ago
Bob Dylan is my all time favorite forever and forever
talanbruns Day ago
OBAMA!! Best POTUS we've had in decades!
Kasandra9 Charles
Kasandra9 Charles Day ago
That is so cool I hope you cherish and value the Blessing you guys just received from our Always Fabulous President Obama. In addition to your youtube channel blessings. God Bless You forever. 🤗
Joshua S
Joshua S Day ago
This Bob Dylan tune may be from the 60s but it sounds like it is from the westward expansion. Thumbs up for getting Barack Obama on your show!
Carol Bailey
Carol Bailey Day ago
Hey guys.. maybe you wouldn’t believe me but this was one of my most favorite songs at 16. I still love it. Robert Cray as an artist is amazing. Maybe you’ve heard this one but just in case not.
Julie White
Julie White Day ago
OMGGGGGGG AMAZING. This is amazing. So happy for you both!
Leticia Donato
Leticia Donato Day ago
Amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
TM Minichino
TM Minichino Day ago
Congrats fellas !!! Thanks for sharing keep doin what you dooo!! PEACE!!....
Kathleen Sullivan
Kathleen Sullivan Day ago
You two are such a gift of joy for all of us.
Hanzel Briceño
Hanzel Briceño Day ago
Congrats twins! Regards from Yucatán, México.
Kathy Davis
Kathy Davis Day ago
Sorry but I know why Obama picked it ....not a fan of his ...just my opinion ....
safrazac Day ago
The best President of all time! Grats guys! Savor this moment.
bigboxbobby2 Day ago
Fantastic - well done guys. Hi from Bob In London UK
Kim Coleman
Kim Coleman Day ago
So happy to the 2 of you. That was a great opportunity speaking with the president. You guys are making a difference in the world, just listening to music. It's awesome! I wish you the best!
Rebecca Garges
Rebecca Garges Day ago
Awesome ❤️😊
Cynthia Goodwin
Cynthia Goodwin Day ago
Love all three of you.
Arran Robeson
Arran Robeson Day ago
WTF how in the hell did you make to some 20 odd years and you don't know who bob Dylan is. let alone you never the times are changing.
msblackheartlobster 2 days ago
🙌 🔥 congratulations you guys!!! 🥳
Shelby Butler
Shelby Butler 2 days ago
Wow... such a privilege. This brings tears to my eyes. Congratulations, guys.
Korinne M Jackman
Korinne M Jackman 2 days ago
You guys are so awesome!! So cool that you had that opportunity to speak to such a brilliant leader!!
mini mina man mina
mini mina man mina 2 days ago
Love this !!!!
Wendy Chenworth
Wendy Chenworth 2 days ago
Hendrika Sunqrout
Hendrika Sunqrout 2 days ago
Well done guys, I always knew you have great qualities!
Marianne Myers
Marianne Myers 2 days ago
You guys get cuter every time I see yall!
Robert Welsh
Robert Welsh 2 days ago
Amazing!!!! You two can be extremely proud of all you have done and where you have taken your show! Amazing!!!!
cabby26 2 days ago
Can I hit the like button a thousand times?
cabby26 2 days ago
Man, Obama talking about the cassettes... that hit home right there. You know he made some bad ass mix tapes back then.
Firehorse 3
Firehorse 3 2 days ago
I just love you guys!
Madasa Hatter
Madasa Hatter 2 days ago
So happy for you guys!
Colleen Ferriss
Colleen Ferriss 2 days ago
Congratulations! President Obama is a great man..... . what you are doing is sending a positive message and that is what is needed at this time. Keep up the good work!
Danna 2 days ago
Got Satan himself on your show. Wow. I voted for that liar twice before I saw his horns. What a POS ! Stop the hero worshipping boys it is not a good look. Now that you are political, You can take a hike. Stopping my donations on Patreon.
Madasa Hatter
Madasa Hatter 2 days ago
Danna = your meanspiritedness "is not a good look"
Lavada Zenor
Lavada Zenor 2 days ago
you kids are great and obama was a good president i wish he could of ran again
Sophia Rodriguez
Sophia Rodriguez 2 days ago
This is awesome! Congratulations to the both of you.
Roberta Wilhelm
Roberta Wilhelm 2 days ago
Wow! What an honor To be visited by this fine, fine man!
nommh 2 days ago
Diana Tursky
Diana Tursky 2 days ago
that was great. Keep listening!!
J Grice
J Grice 2 days ago
LOVE you guys! Love Obama too!
Nancy Elwell
Nancy Elwell 2 days ago
That was great so happy for you both and wish you much success in the future. Check out more of Bob Dylan's songs and music from the sixties they were some of the best ! Bob Dylan is truly an icon ! His music is timeless !
Michelle Woods
Michelle Woods 2 days ago
Love this!
Sarah Dee
Sarah Dee 2 days ago
My advice as a 66 year old woman is this: don't get anyone pregnant, stay away from drugs and excessive alcohol. Learn how to relax, let loose and have fun without substances. From my observation these things just take away a LOT of possibilities for your future. Stay strong and always open to the highest possibilities for yourselves and everyone else. You can now just drop this into your conversations: "when I was talking to Barak Obama the other day....." I'd love to be able to say that.
Pilar González
Pilar González 2 days ago
:-)) so wonderful!!!
M Whitehead
M Whitehead 2 days ago
Dylan has a song for every occasion. For sure.
mlrobards 2 days ago
Check out Bob Dylan's Hurricane. Talk about a storyteller. Bob Dylan wrote music more reverent today than when he wrote. My husband introduced to this song. I put right up there with Bob Marley's Buffalo Soldiers
Tomboy Glam
Tomboy Glam 2 days ago
Love Obama! Which one of you is older? And by how much?!
Douglas Armstrong
Douglas Armstrong 3 days ago
World's Greatest Leader
Torch The Witch
Torch The Witch 3 days ago
Congratulations! This is amazing! And really great questions too. Well done!
Lorraine Arcand
Lorraine Arcand 3 days ago
Ras Mc
Ras Mc 3 days ago
Joan Blurton
Joan Blurton 3 days ago
I love this so much!
HinduHillbilly 3 days ago
In honor of this episode I'd love to see you react to An American Tune by Paul Simon.
SrRbx 3 days ago
Joyce Fischer
Joyce Fischer 3 days ago
So cool! Obama called you! I know it was planned, since the producer was there with the books, but still. Amazing!
Meghan Adrian
Meghan Adrian 3 days ago
Congratulations you guys! You should be so proud!!
Andrea Hawkins
Andrea Hawkins 3 days ago
Holy cats!!!! I love that Barack found you two!! I grew up listening to everything under the sun as well, so thankful for my parents.
Belinda Burns
Belinda Burns 3 days ago
Your followers are what America needs to come back to. All ages and races coming together to bond over what we have in common, not what divides us. You young men are the shining beacon on the hill. Look it up if you’re not familiar with the phrase! So damn impressed with you both. Hope my sons will follow your lead
Belinda Burns
Belinda Burns 3 days ago
Omg did you just interview Obama! Brothers, you have made it! So damn impressed! Much love you you both!
Belinda Burns
Belinda Burns 3 days ago
Dylan is never irrelevant. Every generation has their moment. And this is yours.
Tracy Klinkroth
Tracy Klinkroth 3 days ago
Why would anyone vote this thumbs down? This is amazing. I love that these two young Black men got to talk to an amazing Black man of such integrity, humor and EQ. Congrats guys!
opiatepix 3 days ago
HOLY!! This was amazing. Congratulations, guys! And like your President said, Keep up the amazing work! - from your Canadian fan
Kyla Bremner
Kyla Bremner 3 days ago
You guys are so much fun to watch music with. Way better than grooving alone. I’d love to see you react to Cat Stevens “Father and Son”.
Nichole Smith
Nichole Smith 3 days ago
Have you guys ever seen Busta Rhymes video Got you all in check? It's Busta @ his best CRAZY self!
Becky S
Becky S 3 days ago
Bravo!!! Thank you 🙏🏼. Huge fan
Art Vandelay
Art Vandelay 3 days ago
Michelle Villegas
Michelle Villegas 3 days ago
WOW!!!! What an amazing surprise! I’ve been watching you guys for a while and I enjoy every video! Congratulations!!!! What an honor!
Coolz 3 days ago
Obama still has that Presidential mojo. Glad he's still around to bring change.
jason thomas
jason thomas 3 days ago
Amazing... Man I Miss Obama
AmericanGirl 3 days ago
So he can take the time to meet you two, but no time for his brother George living in the slums?! Figures! All for show with him!!
Jean vICKERS 4 days ago
I am a 73 year old white women who is a fan. Have been listening for a while and just subscribed. I love all genres of music and love that you are reaching all people--ages, races, cultures etc. and giving us all the gift of music through your eyes. Keep on doing what you are doing. You are both a treasure.
Dee Dee
Dee Dee 4 days ago
Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2016. "Hurricane" is as pertinent today as it was when he wrote it. Dylan personally started a movement to get Rubin "Hurricane" Carter released from jail.
beth 9891
beth 9891 4 days ago
I'll never understand how the USA went from this class act to the current clown in office.
Beetlejuice 4 days ago
keep up the good work
Chuck Eberhart
Chuck Eberhart 4 days ago
Much love to you guys, Keep up the amazing work.
Clean Cut Productions
Clean Cut Productions 4 days ago
OMGGGG you guys got interviewed by THEE Barack Obama. Cherish this moment. So proud of where you guys are going!!!
Jill Lucke
Jill Lucke 4 days ago
You twins have given so much hope and love through your openness to all decades and genres of music in this crazy time! Thanks for reaching out and giving so much love back!
Karen Eubank
Karen Eubank 4 days ago
So good guys! Congratulations
Maryella 4 days ago
I was thinking "Bob Dylan? Seriously? Dude can't sing!" 😂😂
Maryella 4 days ago
@Catherine Sherratt LOL! It is true, the message is great, but dang, the voice is awful! It's like even the musical producers were on drugs back then! And Willie Nelson! What? Another dude who can't sing but made millions?🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Catherine Sherratt
Catherine Sherratt 4 days ago
Haha my Mum always says "the person who told Bob Dylan he could sing was a liar" 😅 Yet he was one of my Dad's favourite musicians! So a typical scene in my house was Dad putting Bob Dylan on the Hifi (full blast) and my Mum emerging telling him to turn it down, and my dad pretending not to hear her because is was in the 'zone', eyes closed, singing along... 🤣🤣 Ah the memories... Doesn't it seem crazy that this song came out in '64, 56 years ago, and many people around the world clearly wanted change... Yet we can now look on in 2020 and think, it has taken a loooooooong time to get this far..? ...And the message of this song still rings true ... 😏🤨🧐
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