Tamar Braxton Breaks Her Silence Following Suicide Attempt

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29 days ago

Reality TV star and singer Tamar Braxton speaks publicly for the first time after her reported suicide attempt. She details her battle with depression due to her portrayal on reality TV and addresses the allegations of domestic violence with her ex-boyfriend David Adefeso.
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Shana Hines
Shana Hines 11 hours ago
She should have listened to goli
Grace Pokoo-Aikins
Grace Pokoo-Aikins 23 hours ago
Praying for wholeness and healing for Tamar. She is an inspiration and so much to offer to herself and the world.
MyBookishBehaviour 23 hours ago
Tamie checking the interviewer "its not an allegation, its a fact." Period!!! Yes!
My life Aubri
My life Aubri Day ago
She is such a actress I can not with the no tears
Maida McLean
Maida McLean Day ago
I pray for her healing but she is not taking any accountability for anything that she’s said to her sisters or the way she’s acting along the years that contributed to the dismantling of their relationship
Taryn Gutierrez
Taryn Gutierrez Day ago
MzzTammythevoiceoflove Day ago
My prayers are with her!! You never know what someone is going through just by looking at the physical... def got to take care of your mental health beautiful! Too much pressure will bust a pipe!!
Patty Miller
Patty Miller Day ago
freddie meyer
freddie meyer Day ago
skin lightening?
Mayra Ledesma
Mayra Ledesma Day ago
She doesn’t seem sincere. For some reason I feel like it’s something much deeper and she’s blaming the show alone but it’s not. The show must of added stress and make it worse but definitely not the show the reason for her trying to commit suicide
Hope Whitfield
Hope Whitfield Day ago
I don’t know how this lady has her own show she’s so insensitive every time I watch her show!
Hope Whitfield
Hope Whitfield Day ago
I don’t know how this lady has her own show she’s so insensitive every time I watch her show!
Candy Jones
Candy Jones Day ago
I’m good... the host is trash... so insensitive. No disrespect but seriously thie
Destiny 2 days ago
It sucks when you have to feel like you have to tone yourself down for someone or something so I hope she shows what a strong black woman she is n just lives her life and does her. It’s all about her happiness 1st and then she can be able to display that love. She is broken. I pray that she heals and knows she is ENOUGH, every woman needs to know that💯 Be strong Tamar, Gods got you!!!!
Robert Lentz
Robert Lentz 2 days ago
Adore this message
Anjanae James
Anjanae James 2 days ago
I Love Tamar .....Period ! 🥰
TONIA WHITE 2 days ago
This is really hard and sad to watch,it made me cry, this reality producers need ro stop this bullshit, am sure that's why the Kardashians quit to smh🙄🙄🙄
Feline Speech
Feline Speech 3 days ago
Too focused on what people think of her.
Dria Dorsett
Dria Dorsett 3 days ago
Families today are so disconnected. I can imagine it's 10x worst when you're in the public eye.
Banele Mkovu
Banele Mkovu 3 days ago
This woman is so insensitive. She shouldn't be interviewing people in Tamars state
Ashlay Da Madame
Ashlay Da Madame 3 days ago
Tamar has a mood disorder. She def is bipolar with depressive episodes. She needs medication.
Kay Nepomuceno
Kay Nepomuceno 3 days ago
so does anyone know how did iyanla know about tamars traumatic upbringing? this was a terrible sit down to watch 😒
V3 Views
V3 Views 3 days ago
This just highlights how much childhood trauma, if unaddressed, can creep up on you, even in adulthood. 👌🏼❤️
Tony Jones
Tony Jones 3 days ago
Girl you weird you need God period !
Alex 3 days ago
She should not be mad at Iyanla. Iyanla was trying to help her.
Toya Cofield
Toya Cofield 3 days ago
I'm not judging anyone.....everyone's situation is different an u never know what people are going through. If someone is in enough pain to say they are going to kill themselves......they have hit rock bottom an truly believe there is no way out of their situation. People we have to listen an watch for the signs. I know u can only help someone if they want the help but people SUICIDE IS NOT THE ANSWER ❗❗ SHE DOES NOT HAVE A STRONG FAITH IN GOD CAUSE IF SHE DID....SHE WOULD KNOW THAT HE CAME BRING HER OUT OF ANY SITUATION
susanmillage 4 days ago
That's why it's not good to be so opionated. You never know what a person is going through. I'm Glad to see Tamar speaking publicly, it a healing process. I understand.
C J 4 days ago
Stop the surgeries. Stop the pity party. Tamar has stomped through BFV for years being a mean girl. Get some humility and get some help. Her family has tolerated her bratty behavior for years. Iyanla tried to tell her and she shut down.
R.M. Diggs
R.M. Diggs 4 days ago
Heal Tamar.. 4 Urself and 4 Logan.
Jenesis R.
Jenesis R. 4 days ago
She’s so beautiful!
Lizette Browning
Lizette Browning 4 days ago
I understand her wanting to display positive family relationships going forward; however, she commenced a varied amounts of controversies between them!!
A Brown
A Brown 4 days ago
I understand the comments abt Tamron's interview style. But, it's a 1 hour show. This type of interview needs more time. I think she did what she could to move the convo.
Keshia Garcon
Keshia Garcon 4 days ago
"Big allegation" smh !
james milton
james milton 4 days ago
A man I tell you the truth all of those experiences are good from the perspective of a seed acid placed into the Earth it has no relationship with the ground and yet when it breaks open and dies it has a relationship with the Earth as it fights his way to the surface pure instinct and then when it reaches the surface it blossoms into something beautiful in other words you may not see what the future brings but through heartache and pain brings forth endurance endurance bring forth compassion and compassion is forever and wisdom it's on the surface
Prince Miami
Prince Miami 4 days ago
God shared a message with me about this very situation. It always amazes me how God works. usposts.info/vision/q6_fqsm6qbKqb5k/video
mcmic1212 4 days ago
It seems like Tamron wanted the answers instead of wanting to be a safe place. It sounded like a trial instead of an open convo. Too cold, Tamron
Ceez Mei
Ceez Mei 4 days ago
Healing is ugly. I feel like the family agreed to go to iyanla for healing KNOWING that these topics will arise. No offense to Tamar but I want her to stop playing victim and really allow herself to HEAL!!! You not mad that ppl know u was mol***ed. U mad because someone mol***ed you sis! You hurt because you weren’t protected. Get off the air and go away from the cameras and interviews and heal!!!! We shouldn’t be seeing your face until more time has passed and you’ve fully processed your trauma. Trust me Tamar ain’t right just yet.
mzmadamthunder 5 days ago
Really sad Everything about her life is televised or public.. Maybe it’s time to pull back from entertainment
Herman Lane
Herman Lane 5 days ago
Yikes, this reminds me that when you get around someone who is giving you negativity or presenting toxic energy, you have to realize that they are truly truly damaged and unhealthy mentally. It helps me to know that I do not need to engage, feel anger, or entangle myself with these people - even people in my family. Need to keep up my own strength during difficult times and not hold negativity in my own heart so that I can maintain my own healthy mental state. When she said she had not been happy for years, I sympathized and I empathized - which I had never been able to before for her as I found her personality off-putting and negative. Good interview - we do not own celebrities lives so when they decide to share it with us, we should be considerate in certain spaces - like this one. Also, its strange that I don't feel the need to judge her - when in the past I have definitely judged her harshly. But in this space, it seems clear to me that anyone who lives this type of chaotic, unbalanced life - is truly in need of good mental health adjustment - so does it matter if she is "acting", "if she is putting on a show" - not really because whatever she is doing - it is clear to me that she is not in a. healthy place and had not been for a good long time since she has been in the public eye.
Brandon 5 days ago
Mental illness is a very serious issue and it should be taken extremely serious however she still acting. She talks about not wanting to be portrayed a certain way, well then stop acting the way that you don't want to be portrayed. I pray for her and I hope she gets better, no one deserves to suffer. However, I've never been a follower, I've never been a fan, and I've never been impressed with her. She's always been a selfish, self-centered, childish, narcissistic etc, etc, etc individual. There were more times than not when she would appear on a segment of Braxton Family Values where I would fast forward thru her segment or just walk out of the room all together until she was done and it wouldn't move to something/someone else. Like I said I hope she gets better but I don't like her as a person and apparently neither does she.... 🤷🏼‍♂️
Jayci Himes
Jayci Himes 5 days ago
Speak Tamar..It's not an allegation... It's a fact. I understand the legalities the host has to follow, that being said, her use of; "That's a big allegation;" was used in a tone that an abuse survivor, in this case, Tamar, could feel discredits and invalidates a life changing experience
Thomas Nappo
Thomas Nappo 5 days ago
Kerrie Walker
Kerrie Walker 5 days ago
Depression and suicide attempt because of a reality TV show....woe is her LOL. Obviously she has no idea of the pain of childhood physical and mental abuse.
kqima 5 days ago
This interview was not wise. Tamar is in denial. She is unable to take control of her life until she is well enough to be honest and process that childhood trauma. Next, she must own the consequences of her adult choices. It will take time and truth. That entire family was unclear and unready for the healing process that Iyanla offered them. I wish her health and peace.
Jabou baa
Jabou baa 5 days ago
Created? She created the Braxton show?
Jabou baa
Jabou baa 5 days ago
I’m sorry I don’t believe a word and still thing she is still lying and covering everything up. Too soon to be doing okay, she needs to get off camera and get help for years
--5kay-- 6 days ago
Why is her family not there for her like they should be. I wouldn't let my mother, sister, daughter friend come to the public light to clear up anything. This is VERY serious.
Keely B
Keely B 6 days ago
I will always be a fan of Tamar.
Chidera ann ugwu
Chidera ann ugwu 6 days ago
Thank God she's alright. I am praying for Tamar ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏.
Meoshia Norris
Meoshia Norris 6 days ago
I love Tamar! Everyday she has to try and I think is shows her strength for seeking help.
Paralegal Studies
Paralegal Studies 6 days ago
Tamar. I love you. I feel your pain and I pray that you heal in your own timing. I wish you well and you will persevere. Hold your head up high. Love you
Sharjjahn Aziz
Sharjjahn Aziz 6 days ago
The things we do to stay " Relevant " on TV. Child, please bye.
lovety tyger
lovety tyger 6 days ago
She looks so beautiful but it's do sad that she is going through this
Erica Paul
Erica Paul 6 days ago
She just looking for attention she a drama queen and her emotions is so fake
RN Robinson
RN Robinson 6 days ago
WE TV has always been toxic, look what happen to Mary Mary, Marriage Boot Camp, Growing up Hip Hop, Kendra on Top all these people signed a contract and WE exploited them for $$. Guess what they can’t do nothing about it because they signed a contract. Especially when shit goes high and right. She telling the world she didn’t want to do the show no more because they (family & producers) were acting devilish. You have to portray someone else on these shows. Why? Because being you won’t get high ratings. The world feeds off of drama, pain, misery, violence, lies, sex, scandals. All this for the price of fame! She signed up with the others but not to extend it has gone. She now has a shitty rep! The ABW...the most disrespectful word in the plant. Tamar was the loudest, most interesting next to Toni. If you notice Toni was not letting them get that close to her with the exception of the Birdman fiasco and that turned on its head too. She made WE money and now they want to sue because she can no longer deliver. Forget mental health?! Make sure money. But think about this...,someone in her family, people whom she trusted. One of them betrayed her for $$ to put something so horrible out there for the world to see and hear. The million dollar question is why?? Heck, TD Jakes couldn’t do nothing with them because they were all too far gone! Fame does this to everyone....when will people learn. You don’t have to believe me, Google all the stars that have died due to suicide, unsolved murder, murder for hire...the list goes on. But as always people will write this comment off🥱 because no one like to hear the truth.
Common Sense
Common Sense 7 days ago
Thank you for sharing your story.
TheCubanMafia97 7 days ago
It took me aback when I heard that she tried to kill herself... that’s so heartbreaking😢 her sisters were interviewed about it and they were robotic and seemingly careless.....
Growing With The Gardners
Growing With The Gardners 7 days ago
I met Tamar once in real life. She was the sweetest spirit - complete opposite of what we see on tv. I was nervous to approach her for photo, but I went up to her anyway. She was so welcoming of me in her space even though Vince kept nudging her away. Black women experience so much trauma - I am wishing her healing & the love only God can provide.
UWounded Me
UWounded Me 7 days ago
Please give me a real moment of true emotions. She's a really bad good actress.
Buz Vii
Buz Vii 7 days ago
The host saying “that is a big allegation” What the actual fxxx? Who says that to someone telling their story about being molested? I mean even if you do not believe someone you don’t use certain phrases. This does not feel real for some reason
tanya 4everloyal
tanya 4everloyal 7 days ago
God is with her she will make it through in Jesus name
Mahalia James Marzucco
Mahalia James Marzucco 7 days ago
Tamar, is struggling with more than bipolar here
Rajani Nixon
Rajani Nixon 7 days ago
She was too good for the real!
gwendolyn patrick
gwendolyn patrick 7 days ago
Brook 7 days ago
Why her show look like we in 2005??
Bon Mouse
Bon Mouse 7 days ago
I'm sorry she's going through such struggles. I always loved seeing the show but the spotlight got to her head and destroyed her face👽 Toni said early on the show she didn't want too much botox and end up looking like the cat woman and mimicked a face 😹 Meow...who...she...her...🤣 I HATE SOCIAL MEDIA
Khanya Nhlabati
Khanya Nhlabati 7 days ago
Tamron needs to get trained how to interview people. What's the point of bringing someone if you don't give them time to talk. 🤔
caribbean queen
caribbean queen 7 days ago
Why do people who have wealth in life always so miserable.
Its. Me
Its. Me 8 days ago
The host is doing a little too much for me at this time....I'm getting nosey vibe!!!
Angel Andrea
Angel Andrea 8 days ago
Tamar you are a Starlet, and dearly loved by so many. Your pain is felt and people are praying! May God cover you and your family under the shadow of his healing wings. Psalm 91
Its. Me
Its. Me 8 days ago
Prayers for Tamar!!
Linda Pearson
Linda Pearson 8 days ago
Tamara Hall,you are very special!! Our Father God has put you on this Earth for a reason to help others . The way you presented this to Tamar Braxton was everything.. she needed this because she seemed so humble & more relaxed talking with you... Tamar Braxton I love you stay strong keep your eyes, head & heart the sky... love you both!!!
SLOLucas 8 days ago
Lady, for god sake get off camera and social media.
kitty Esie
kitty Esie 8 days ago
Tamar is not being accountable for her actions against her family , you have to be completely honest with what you said , did and how the camera portrayed it in a negative setting but the camera don't add the energy viewed by us! She is so talented but she needs a therapy and a spiritual retreat to heal first then do your yourself a favor by learning how to heal, let go and forgive yourself too ! It wasn't your fault what happen to you as a child stemming to a teenager , predators offend pick victims base on the hunt of their own sexual deviants ! You've carried their secrets too long , you will suffer in pain , misery as they're humiliation , mauled the child inside and murdered basic emotions of a child now a woman who's falling apart yet still pretending !!!!
sasha robinson
sasha robinson 8 days ago
I'm sorry.....but can I just say that now that she's calmed down she is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Its like we can see her heart.
Jazmine Evette
Jazmine Evette 8 days ago
I did not like this interview at all. I am healing from attempting suicide. Hosts in this mindset don’t help healing. This seems like being nosey to me. It felt like an attack. I don’t sense any love at all. Sis I’m hoping you heal from this! We will heal from this. I’m not happy with this interview at all. It paints a poor picture of mental health healing.
bellemonde77 8 days ago
Too soon
Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee 8 days ago
This was a horrible interview so many breaks so many interruptions etc unbelievable
Mosha Johnson
Mosha Johnson 6 days ago
Tamron Hall definitely should not be doing interviews, this was horrible. The interruptions ruined it.
LWilliams 8 days ago
I hate her fake whisper cry.... Tamar needs mental help and to work on herself she has a son to raise
Tori P
Tori P 8 days ago
No Wonder you haven't even reached 100k on USposts. You are awful at interviews... change jobs seriously
Tori P
Tori P 8 days ago
SHUT UP TAMRON DAMN‼️‼️‼️ Let her talk and STOP cutting her off... Dummy
Aquarius Productions
Aquarius Productions 8 days ago
Please don't commit suicide. There are so many other alternatives I promise. And people please be kinder to one another.
Cynthia Carr
Cynthia Carr 8 days ago
Hmmmm wealthy, family, fame, career, talent... let me just kill myself... Listen folks people go through a LOT & they live on... but there is something about folks in entertainment who simply can't cope with what comes with fame. She should not have her son until Vince is sure she is healthy
Pauletta Spagner
Pauletta Spagner 8 days ago
Tamar u need to quit trying to take all the attention
Black Bella
Black Bella 9 days ago
Tamar, do interviews with people that will respect you enough not to call your pain an allegation. You give all of us hurting women hope. Stay strong sis ❣
Unity Brown
Unity Brown 9 days ago
JESUS LORD & GOD-help🙏hallelujah praise him!!!!!
Tu Ch
Tu Ch 9 days ago
anyone suffering with suicidal thoughts don't let negative people and things take over your happiness you have to keep strong no matter how hard it gets
Nicole Smith
Nicole Smith 9 days ago
I love u ta 😔
Gee Gums
Gee Gums 9 days ago
we love you Tamar, may God heal you. life has challenges you must spend more time with people you love, those who make you happy.💙💙💙
Felicia Charles
Felicia Charles 9 days ago
I think she has a lot more to say and more pain inside. I can see her still sugar coating her pain but living your truth is letting out that pain no matter how ugly it is. I hope you can get to that space one day. Love you Tamar
Jalyssa Roberts
Jalyssa Roberts 9 days ago
I “understand“ that as a host you “have” to say “allegedly” but in this case of this beautiful woman giving you and everyone else the privilege to be invited into and try to understand her pain it seems so disingenuous. I love Tamar sooo much! My fellow God devoted and loving Pisces Queen! You are not alone and not everyone deserves the privilege of your authentic vulnerability. You can help in so many other ways. Most shows just want to be the one to have the “fresh story with the celebrity.” Yet not actually seek to humble themselves to get to the level they need to compassionately with the other person. I’m not feeling this hosts’ energy... at all. Like not even a mustard seed.
Pisces love
Pisces love 9 days ago
It sucks when somebody brings out your pass especially your own family the one that you trust, I know exactly how you feel because the worst part is when you don't have some family members believing you that ithappened. You would heal in due time keep going to counseling it helps
Monica Smith
Monica Smith 9 days ago
I worked the mental health field for years. When I heard about her attempt I immediately thought she suffered from MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES. IIT VERY SERIOUS AND WE AS BLACK FOLK NEED 2 TAKE IT VERY SERIOUSLY.
Charles Powell
Charles Powell 9 days ago
A contract dispute? 🤨
E. Caldwell
E. Caldwell 9 days ago
Tamar can do this whole interview about herself. If the host just let her talk, then we’ll all know.
Tebogo Maupa
Tebogo Maupa 7 days ago
MiamiPush2theLimit 9 days ago
So you were willing to make Logan a motherless child over a TV SHOW??? You are a disgusting excuse for a “mother”! How dare you!!
Ladenna Young
Ladenna Young 9 days ago
I pray she is better in Jesus name. Amen. Bless her heart.
Christopher Amparo
Christopher Amparo 10 days ago
“It’s not an allegation It’s a fact” yes get her all the way together Tamar I love you queen you got this don’t give up ❤️🥺 You can’t tell someone it’s a allegation when they are literally telling you what actually happened to them
Latoyia Brown
Latoyia Brown 10 days ago
That's my girl! I was so hurt when she tried to end her life, she is so funny, talented, and full of life. She has a son to live for, I'm so happy she's ok now.💙💙💙🌹
PatriciaSonia 10 days ago
She doesn't have to justify or explain why she attempted suicide. She said it the best way she knows how. I don't like the "why did you..." questions for someone who is still clearly still going through the recovery process.
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