Beating Minecraft the Way Mojang Intended It

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4 months ago

Is there a right way to beat Minecraft? Throughout the game's lifetime, players have developed and refined many different strategies. In this video, I beat Minecraft using official Mojang guides. Do the creators of the game know something we don't? I'm sure we're going to find out!
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Blender Man!
Blender Man! 35 minutes ago
"Here we go!"... "When was the last time you seriously thought about your browser?"
toothpaste man
toothpaste man Hour ago
This dude just got his game and left
TheDiamondCreeper Hour ago
FireFront 3 hours ago
He made videos until he was able to get monetized and just relaxed for months while the money rolled in
Toast McOven
Toast McOven 4 hours ago
Yea, I’m just surprised that this guy doesn’t have more subscribers
Potato_ Master322
Potato_ Master322 4 hours ago
Ahh yes, “moyang”
Marcus Salvador
Marcus Salvador 5 hours ago
Nobody gonna talk about how he manages to stop himself from falling into the lava
Luke Roche
Luke Roche 5 hours ago
ToonTween 5 hours ago
Right as he entered the nether an ad played. That's not right.
Almond 6 hours ago
NEXT_GEN 6 hours ago
This the funniest minecraft video ever
Naruto_Bot 6 hours ago
Does the book says how on hell there a zombies or where the fuck they came from cuz if that didnt happend boss baby Zombie virson is taking the top movies
xCROUW 7 hours ago
what keyboard?
Jesse Mistero
Jesse Mistero 7 hours ago
I hope Mojang is right about this BATTLE CRY OF DEATH
Pseudo Rightful
Pseudo Rightful 7 hours ago
We have the same keyboard
8 hours ago
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gydatsyuk13 8 hours ago
Bruh y did you say I was stupid
Ryan Jumbo
Ryan Jumbo 9 hours ago
TheDonkeyAsaurous 9 hours ago
Im beating minecraft the way mojang intended it Mystery ore; you get prot 1 take it or leave it
Luis Colon
Luis Colon 9 hours ago
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Brekke Gainey
Brekke Gainey 10 hours ago
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Christine Reilly
Christine Reilly 10 hours ago
1000 it takes 5 hours
Bedrock Technoblade
Bedrock Technoblade 11 hours ago
Manz beat Minecraft in 11 minutes. WHY ISNT THIS WORLD RECORD?
Person 9 hours ago
You have to be smart to be this dumb
Roland Lees
Roland Lees 11 hours ago
I do 14 blocks
Carina Foley
Carina Foley 11 hours ago
The way he says more friendly crepaters is so weird
Nerd Gaming
Nerd Gaming 11 hours ago
Kyle Raydon
Kyle Raydon 12 hours ago
Why does he say moyaang
Robina Kousar
Robina Kousar 12 hours ago
8:25 bruh
Ezequiel Gonzalez-Caines
Ezequiel Gonzalez-Caines 12 hours ago
8:36 I don’t understand what killed him , plz someone teach me
Vittorio Boleso
Vittorio Boleso 11 hours ago
there is a glitch that makes possible to hit people thru that angle if the player is very close to it, because the hit box is a bit brocken
Call of duty and more
Call of duty and more 13 hours ago
I was watching this video while I was playing Minecraft
Shellie Cobb
Shellie Cobb 13 hours ago
UR SOOOO WEIRD (not being mean)
Mia Grace
Mia Grace 13 hours ago
Why does the death of an Ender man sound so scary 😭✋
Ezequiel Gonzalez-Caines
Ezequiel Gonzalez-Caines 13 hours ago
How do you get diamonds so easy!!!! What am I doing 😑 wrong!!!!!!?
R1FT 13 hours ago
Minecraft copied roblox
Vittorio Boleso
Vittorio Boleso 10 hours ago
@Jackson C myers i can relate
Jackson C myers
Jackson C myers 10 hours ago
Humanity is a disgrace
Vittorio Boleso
Vittorio Boleso 11 hours ago
speaks the guy with a FoRtNiTe skin as profile picture
LukEzAce 13 hours ago
Why are we all here 4 months later
Evan McComb
Evan McComb 13 hours ago
100 blocks
Evan McComb
Evan McComb 13 hours ago
Preeti D’Souza
Preeti D’Souza 13 hours ago
MysteryOre: KILL ME KILL ME KILL ME...... Also MysteryOre: (frantically trying not to die)
Chloe Read
Chloe Read 13 hours ago
Ommm... in bedrock edition there are no fortresses, so... HOW ON EARTH AM I SUPPOSED TO GET BLAZE RODS XD!
Vittorio Boleso
Vittorio Boleso 11 hours ago
yes there are
Rory Kerton
Rory Kerton 14 hours ago
why use an axe not a sword?
Vittorio Boleso
Vittorio Boleso 11 hours ago
because the axe when does a critical hit ( so when you jump and hit wile u are falling) deals more damage, a iron axe if used in crit can be as good as a diamond sword and it is cheaper
Brandin Strueby
Brandin Strueby 14 hours ago
Well thank you bc you saved me so much time I almost did it myself but if it’s already what I thought it was then fucc dat
Xxsunflower_puppyxX 14 hours ago
I always thought i was smarter than youtubers because i would only create a wooden pickaxe and then get stone tools instead of a full set of wooden tools 💀
Tensist 15 hours ago
this guy really tried to kill the endermen with OBSIDIAN
Technology Tests
Technology Tests 16 hours ago
Killing animals sparta remix
skaizzY 16 hours ago
4:02 please appologise to my ears
porry daporry
porry daporry 16 hours ago
how did he not have to place torches to get light?
Drow ._.
Drow ._. 16 hours ago
How this get many dislikes
スイカSuika_desu_22 16 hours ago
50 block for a nether portal, nice~~
Soulless !
Soulless ! 16 hours ago
Does anyone realize that he’s saying moyang XD
NelsonOW 16 hours ago
That's actually the correct way to pronounce it
Toby Allanson
Toby Allanson 17 hours ago
Please upload again
Kerem Serin
Kerem Serin 17 hours ago
Vittorio Boleso
Vittorio Boleso 11 hours ago
what is the point?
Vittorio Boleso
Vittorio Boleso 11 hours ago
and then?
Kerem Serin
Kerem Serin 17 hours ago
HERE IS A BRIGHT IDEA:how about you don’t swear in front of me and the other fans
NelsonOW 16 hours ago
Its his video, and you can't control that, if you don't like the swearing, just don't watch the video
Kerem Serin
Kerem Serin 17 hours ago
NelsonOW 16 hours ago
Jay 18 hours ago
You sound like Let's Game it out. Bruh moment.
WRUG 18 hours ago
Mojang: This is the way MysteryOre: U dO nOt kNo dA wAe
Booty Messiah
Booty Messiah 18 hours ago
You can't simp for your wife that's called being married smh
cactis boy 25
cactis boy 25 18 hours ago
he sounds like ranboo
Ken John Ferrater
Ken John Ferrater 19 hours ago
bruh you have shears
Ken John Ferrater
Ken John Ferrater 19 hours ago
10 sidians
erika flores
erika flores 19 hours ago
The hissing wasp aetiologically scrub because fir scully form amid a shy jumper. shrill, better bangladesh
Nugget Hut
Nugget Hut 19 hours ago
After watching this, I realized how much Mojang must hate speed runners
Onecheeta 20 hours ago
Become a vegan
Niels Christensen
Niels Christensen 20 hours ago
I already know how to play Minecraft
AMAZ!NG - No CopyRight Music
AMAZ!NG - No CopyRight Music 20 hours ago
I collected a lot of obsidian and built a portal with 50 blocks high and 50 blocks wide
Kermitt 20 hours ago
I loved the ‘I’m in crippling dept’
Rikiel Anasui
Rikiel Anasui 20 hours ago
Minecraft but really fast confirmed
red action
red action 21 hour ago
5:55 it's kind of look like a animal beat box
Noralhana Talib
Noralhana Talib 21 hour ago
2:06 I like that sound
Aalok 21 hour ago
Him after making shears - I am sorry mama sheep! And never use the shears to get wool
Fabrizio Rafael Benítez Quintana
Fabrizio Rafael Benítez Quintana 21 hour ago
I felt this like a How To Basic video
S44CK TV 22 hours ago
Enderman death song 😂4:03
fishy whishy
fishy whishy 22 hours ago
Why does he say moyang
zeze rubio
zeze rubio 23 hours ago
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li baoqiang
li baoqiang 23 hours ago
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Kawaii Kitten
Kawaii Kitten 23 hours ago
Its mojjjjjang WITH a j
Eden Alexandria B
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Alfred playz00
Alfred playz00 Day ago
I remember these books in my school libary
Alfred playz00
Alfred playz00 Day ago
And I spelt library wrong :)
JaY GaminG
JaY GaminG Day ago
Moyang lol
TrollLordXD Day ago
All of the blocks breaking and the animals dying sounds......... So Satisfying
Wurv's Random Content
Wurv's Random Content Day ago
whats ur keyboard
Lipika Sethy
Lipika Sethy Day ago
Ooh my this guy is growing the most fastest in 1 year L 34M views one vid
GiannaGamezYT Day ago
Please tell me I’m not the only one who finds it’s satisfying when the breaking blocks and killing animals is like sped up
Dark Day ago
No lol even me
Diego Cisneros
Diego Cisneros Day ago
It sounds like he's saying "moyang"
Pelle Larsen
Pelle Larsen Day ago
justicecaparros Day ago
You bested Minecraft the way mojang intended it but you didn’t pronounce mojang the way mojan intented it
Caleb Bryant
Caleb Bryant Day ago
Love the keyboard
Clerk D-F28 GONZALO, PETER Day ago
MysteryOre: here we go... Ad: *H E L L O T H E R E*
JayGamer123 Day ago
is it really pronounced moyang
LoMejorDeLoMejor Day ago
8:29 use the damn bucket of water
Hrishika Mahanta
Hrishika Mahanta Day ago
I personally build my nether portal with 6550 blocks
Cameron Watkins
Cameron Watkins Day ago
The ender dragon is easy as long as you have feather falling boots and a infinity bow 🤷🏽‍♂️
Ben Flis
Ben Flis Day ago
I paused the video to like it at "because personally I build mine with 50" 10/10
Modal_3893 Day ago
arfie cantes
arfie cantes Day ago
I thoagh it was mojang not moyang
JustErrorz Day ago
why hasnt he posted?
F 5TEEN Day ago
2:05 satisfying
Derek Day ago
You need to make a animated series
iiZelrossa Day ago
“Turn mama sheep into a twin size mattress” bruhh I was wheezing
Insane Bois
Insane Bois Day ago
Where did this man go
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