Meghan accuses royals of 'perpetuating falsehoods' in Oprah Winfrey interview teaser clip 🔴 BBC

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Month ago

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It's Thursday 4 March 2021. Our top stories this morning 0:00

The Duchess of Sussex has said she is not afraid of the consequences of speaking out in her and Prince Harry's interview with Oprah Winfrey.
In a second teaser clip released by CBS for the upcoming interview, Meghan said "a lot... has been lost already".
She said she could not be expected to be silent if the royals had a part in "perpetuating falsehoods about us".
It comes as Buckingham Palace said it had launched an investigation into claims the duchess bullied royal staff.

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Janelle Yellowhorn
Janelle Yellowhorn 18 hours ago
This can very easily lead into hate crimes and groups... in the assumption that these children will be discriminated against for stating the truth about levels of skin color... Parents quite openly together, if of different backgrounds! Are in fact healthy to discuss indifferences.... because some ideas, are not at all developed nor defined, unless you say it! You have to talk to be able to disclose! Thats what is the biggest struggles here overall. Women get post partum, where the staff in excitement of intimacy, can be refrained because of abuse.. just the SAME! Whose embarrassed about their skin color, thats the real debate! "White people", are openly discriminated regularly. And this is the clear example of blame and discussion INTOLERANCE. This drives and adds to the white privilege beliefs. Where in fact, lighter skinned people are backed right up into themselves so far, as an unspoken responsibility!!! You are defending a language and culture, under historical hate! Not reasonable fact. These are unspoken discriminations in assumption.... "No, one says black people unless youre black!" Thats whats going on here! Lets keep that live??? wow And yes, as a Canadian First nation... I do in fact understand the racial indifferences that I face day to day! Even in saying the word, First Nation! And as one... an original descendant to this land area, before the great settlement.. in valuing authentic culture and in studying languages. I am persistently disappointed that I am discriminated upon, when I ask a person, where is your heritage from? What is your background, of cultural teachings? Canada, has greatly taken an outright stance of intolerance by immigration freedom and rights. Where these are indifferent topics, within my own family disclosure, have had to overcome community sensitivities about "off reserve peoples". Where neither do I comply nor agree anymore, for overt illogical and unreasonable intolerance to culture discussions! GROW UP and devulge in the womans human rights for safe mental health care services! Thank you!
traida111 3 days ago
Now I ask myself, where is the full interview? Why is the youtube search hiding it. What power does the royals have over my youtube search results? OH I forgot they control the security services and thats the ones tinkering with information suppression. Shame on them
Henry Hightower
Henry Hightower 3 days ago
She expected a Disney style princess lifestyle. She wasn't happy when she arrived into a family steeped in traditions and wanted to change it to suit her. The only people who like her are silly young girls who think she'd be a new Kardashian for them to follow
Seeking Enlightenment
Seeking Enlightenment 5 days ago
Come on Mophead Chins-Three, stop milking this for all it's worth. Time to interview soemeone else.
Pee Nut
Pee Nut 6 days ago
Humanitarians don’t burn bridges! Charity starts at home. Being in the public eye it’s not about u and your dirty laundry all the time coz we don’t want to hear it! Focus on your goals and I mean not goals of destroying a tradition that has been there for centuries coz u can’t change that. We who are watching u can see the lies and unmatched answers. Meghan needs rehab
Fotini Kar
Fotini Kar 9 days ago
Can anyone give a link for the full interview PLEASE. Cause CBS' uploaded video "is not available in my region". I'm from Greece,not THE SUN for God sakes.
gigi kjkj
gigi kjkj 9 days ago
Martiane 11 days ago
Meghan whines and complains too much as if she was not catered by Harry’s family. I saw there wedding was amazing! I still believe she can do better than throw those people under the bus. If She’s a real humanitarian people will respect her more if she will show FORGIVENESS & compassion. Oh how terrible she’s been through poor Megs
Debra Hendry
Debra Hendry 11 days ago
O.o 13 days ago
Thats markles double that not even her hmm jaw structure different nose is different ...
Jack Erridge
Jack Erridge 13 days ago
meghan markle Is like cerci Lannister
Bash & Go
Bash & Go 14 days ago
This woman Megan is a heavy bad energy and bad luck to be with. She left her previous husband after she got her lead role movie. She has no good relations with her own family. She caused problems within the monarchy. She took Harry out of monarchy and drag Harry abroad. Piers Morgab and Sharon Osborne left their tv shows/job because of their views about Meghan. This woman is BAD LUCK.
Parlor 15 days ago
wendy sutton
wendy sutton 18 days ago
Should we call megan Arial now as she really felt that she was so close to the cartoon! what drama & poetic weirdness. OH fun fact Ariel the Mermaid SOLD her voice to get her legs!!! Didn't they say they were leaving/stepping down for privacy & to be financially independent ... they are such self obsessed & narcissistic hypocrites that they can't even remember their own "truths/lies"
wendy sutton
wendy sutton 18 days ago
Like per *privateeyenews* accurately put it about hypocritical harry & megan malarkey --I don’t read the tabloids but they are so unpleasant I had to leave the country --The racism in Britain was so bad we’re come to the united states --For security reasons it’s better to live in a country where everyone has a gun --As a mere A-list actress on a top-rated show I was totally unprepared to entre the media spotlight --We wanted our son to b a royal prince although royalty is a gilded cage that makes people trapped & unhappy --As an American actress and friend of Hollywood celebrities, I did not have the phone number of a therapist --My letter to my father is deeply private, Harry’s unanswered phone call to his father should be shared with the world --megan is not to blame for me leaving the royal family, I couldn’t have done it without her --I’m broke, apart from the millions my mother left me --I love my grandmother so much i’m completely loyal to her i’ll do a worldwide production about how bad my life has been in her family.
J. 18 days ago
Take away their titles!!!!
Janjche 19 days ago
So why did she rush into marriage after one year of dating? Who dates a person for one year, gets engaged and married and then complains that their family's way of living is, in fact, horrible? Only fools rush in and you have yourself to blame for choosing to marry this man without accepting the bad that comes with it. William and Kate dated for some 8 or 9 years before they tied the knot.. do you see her being surprised by what awaited her in the family? And look at all of Harrys exes, whom he actually dated longer than Meghan, claiming that the media spotlight and pressure were the reason they had to finish the relationship. Thats the responsible thing to do before tying the knot - dating and taking time to get to know the whole package deal.
Henry Hightower
Henry Hightower 3 days ago
Yes! I've always said to people who like her how would they feel if someone married into their family and tried to change all their values and traditions like she has done
SA S 19 days ago
listen to this liar
Sarah 19 days ago
@7:14 was that part of your plea deal Oprah ?We see what’s on your ankle👀 Eyes to see ears to green screen you have there!
page a
page a 19 days ago
She’s so oppressed that her million pound wedding and lifestyle was/is funded by British taxes. What a tragic victim.
lady c
lady c 20 days ago
I wish they wouldn't post so much about her. Not because I'm sick of hearing about her but sick of all of the bullying and hate towards her for no reason. It's sad.
mduree 20 days ago
Infinite Light
Infinite Light 21 day ago
this sounds like something out of Jeremy Kyle or Trisha, lol 😂
cyn harman
cyn harman 21 day ago
The only questions asked were the ones Meghan wanted .Perhaps Meghan you should answer why is it you are not in contact with most of your family and now Harry isn’t with his
John Montgomery
John Montgomery 21 day ago
Poor Harry. Needs to get out of this relationship asap
Amanda Slade
Amanda Slade 21 day ago
Pot and kettle eh
SR Media
SR Media 22 days ago
Lol stupid UK
Michal pokorny
Michal pokorny 22 days ago
The Stupid and The Cow.
Alejandro Avendano
Alejandro Avendano 22 days ago
I imagine the Duke and Duchess of Sussex want to remain loyal to the rightful King of Great Britain and not keep perpetuating Elizabeth Mountbatten's Saxe Coburg Gotha illegitamacy.
michelle williams
michelle williams 23 days ago
Lina La
Lina La 23 days ago
Iowa State
Iowa State 24 days ago
Chew Mun Lee
Chew Mun Lee 24 days ago
To me, if you really love your husband, you should except the baggage that comes along
Juan Nicolas
Juan Nicolas 24 days ago
oh cuestion break....
Stone Slider
Stone Slider 25 days ago
One of the more immature things I’ve seen from celebrities,... including Oprah.
KARTIK RAY 25 days ago
Racist royal family
Girish Ewoorkar
Girish Ewoorkar 25 days ago
This just proves of karma that for years British royal family destroyed culture,heritage ,people of other countries now even after they have whole world’s wealth with them there’s no peace in their lives it’s just their wrong doings they are paying price of it. Look at other royal families like danish sweden Spain how happy they are although they also ruled other countries but not to extent like British royal family did
Lankesh Max
Lankesh Max 25 days ago
Ladies and gentlemen... I present to you, the next wannabe queen of heart💍👑👢
malhotra roger
malhotra roger 26 days ago
So Princess Diana , Harry and Megan are wrong , and the queen , Prince Charles and Prince Andrew are right ?
Sue Heath
Sue Heath 26 days ago
She is just trying to get attention since nobody cares what she does!
Michael French
Michael French 26 days ago
So is Megan ignorant or naive, to think she would become a princess, and live in a bed of roses ? Lifestyles of the rich and famous, ay.
Joël AMIS 26 days ago
in fact, William found the right one and Harry messed up. End of the story.
Kay Rai
Kay Rai 17 days ago
@blob hulu Isn’t this card old and tacky?
Marina M
Marina M 18 days ago
@blob hulu I’m mixed and it’s not because she’s black, it’s because she’s a spoiled, ignorant Californian woman who married Harry for the wrong reasons. There, I said it!
Sev Jafar
Sev Jafar 20 days ago
@blob hulu so true
blob hulu
blob hulu 20 days ago
Just say it. It's because she's black isn't it?. Even I (not black) get it.
Sheik S
Sheik S 27 days ago
News express
Michael Dorsey
Michael Dorsey 27 days ago
If you are the President of a Company. And you get paid vacation 3 weeks, jet usage, dining and lodging on the company. Bonuses and perk after perk. Than you have extreme pressure . A heavy workload, huge demands on you mentally and physically. Megan wants all the perks that come with the Title and no responsibility. No workload. No pressure. Just give me the perks and lavish me with the bonuses and gifts. In return, I will cry and pout and do nothing but complain and then quit. And get mad when you take it away. Poor ,, Poor thing. Heartbreaking isn't it? Mikey Out. Oooohhhh Yeah!!!!!
Richey Rich
Richey Rich 27 days ago
When she come out and show that she is they enemy . This mean WAR with the old queen .
Sansan 28 days ago
My beloved Harry and Meghan, be of good courage and don't be afraid. Jesus loves you very very much. He is your Rock, your Strength, your Shield, your Refuge, your Defense, and Protection. You have an army of angels surrounding you. Don't be afraid! Stand still, be at peace. Put your trust in God, and let Him fight your battles for you. God knows how to fight wars for those who cry out to Him. "No weapon formed against you shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against you in judgment You shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, And their righteousness is from Me,” Says the LORD," ( Isaiah 54:17). " The LORD is my light and my salvation- whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life- of whom shall I be afraid? When the wicked advance against me to devour me, it is my enemies and my foes who will stumble and fall. Though an army besiege me, my heart will not fear; though war break out against me, even then I will be confident. One thing I ask from the LORD, this only do I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze on the beauty of the LORD..." (Psalms 27 :1-4).
Vélasquez Vasquez
Vélasquez Vasquez 28 days ago
Well done 👍 for them ! They do the right thing by telling the truth to us, with regards in what and how royals really are ! Well done Harry & Megan
Kabita Sahu
Kabita Sahu 28 days ago
nice video
Lincoln 28 days ago
Harry's a beta
2nd Life Seekers
2nd Life Seekers 28 days ago
MM isn't even that pretty, now Kate is beautiful & classy. Harry will regret this, lol guy could marry anyone and he chooses this trash?
Sam Finoh
Sam Finoh 28 days ago
Absolute narcissist
Louisa Jean
Louisa Jean 28 days ago
Meghan cant fix her own issues with her estranged father and stepsister, ghosted bestfriend and other close celebs, and now meddling with the issues of RF out in the open like she is “still” some kind of A-lister celebrity. Smells like a fish!🐟🐟🐟
PuLse Bl4de
PuLse Bl4de 28 days ago
Oprah looks like Ian Wright with a wig 😂😂
Xen Illia
Xen Illia 28 days ago
Meghan is a bad actor, but a great liar
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 28 days ago
To you who are watching may you find peace and hope in God during these troublesome times!
Mi Cu
Mi Cu 29 days ago
If you want to be an American drop the titles
Kamala Nenavath
Kamala Nenavath 29 days ago
Wow nice
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 28 days ago
No smoke with out fire
Kevin Burke
Kevin Burke 29 days ago
the UK loves to act like theyre above the petty nationalism and racism that goes on in the US, but then gets in a defensive stance when their bigoted royalty is accused of discrimination
Connie Cattle
Connie Cattle 29 days ago
Too bad it is Megan and Harry who are perpetuating the falsehoods. Oprah is just as bad as they are and always was. Recalling her association with Weinstein.
Ibukun Ogunfeitimi
Ibukun Ogunfeitimi 29 days ago
The RF systems could have evolved creatively and modernise to reflect revolutionary era instead of holding onto much of the legacy systems. From my experiences of racism over two decades, I understood how systems work best to truly recognise revolutionary achievements of blacks including me - a new wealth creator.
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker 29 days ago
She not even black though...🤔
Arches Gloire
Arches Gloire 29 days ago
is she Oprah An actress Too ? Because the reaction she makes to show that She is shocked Made Me feel that She is Acting too 🎭 Same Schools of Comedy&Tragedy
lola Blakeslee
lola Blakeslee 29 days ago
Arches, Totally! Oprah was an actress...The Color Purple, Beloved, The Women of Brewster Place, Native Son, The Butler
Rose Williamson
Rose Williamson 29 days ago
On another page I have the bachelor name wrong I meant to say matt james it was an answer I gave. Someone asked what did meahans mom see in her dad I replied I think matt james is tall dark handsome his shoes could go under my bed anytime the lucky girl that gets him very attractive
Waltraud Fasching
Waltraud Fasching 29 days ago
How much money did they get for this interview?
marlo magallanes
marlo magallanes 29 days ago
She’s a 🗑
Indigo Dream
Indigo Dream Month ago
It is not hard to guess the real evil behind how all these hate racist campaign started and by who. As we know in the beginning meghan was well receive and popular to the britss, a breath of fresh air. Unlike Kate that was dissed alot the moment she chased and married william. But things changed for meghan, It is not hard to anaylise jealousies lead by royal that is overshadowed to take her down with other racist jelaous alike. 1) only william as brother would discuss about archie skin color, as he also opposed about harry being with meghan 2) KATE had been passing lies infos about meghan through her personal assistant to the british media, she knew pierce also felt rejected by meghan, they feed off each other by jealousies. 3) pierce organised this hate campain to take meghan down. 4) kate makes meghan cried and reverse the story. That reversed story could only come from her own assistant as said. With clear conscion and a good brain and eyes that sees through, it is not hard to guess root of all evil comes from Kate the hypocrite shopaholic pretentious envious whor. Her eyes tells. 5) thus the “them” reffered by Harry is easy to guess, KATE & william. Thus the root of all these evil smearing, is kate, Fyi, is it evdiently clear there texts & emails proof of meghan cried for help to the firm with her mental distress ! Meghan the whor kelly, pierce fukin morgan, old fart sharon, kate the hypocrite, and all those ppl alike have all in common. Jealousies with despicable racist attitude. TV personnel OR MEDIA or powerful PPL LIKE THIS IS T O X I C To the society and younger generation. ‘They must NOT be given channel nor ways to spread unhealthy & toxic attitude more over coupled with racism. This fuk up attitude will damage our younger generation, think about that ! Of course william is trapped, by lies and knieval jealous atitude of his lowly wife
Melvorgazh Month ago
Ghislaine Maxwell is going to pay 😺
Lee Owen
Lee Owen Month ago
just leave quietly you horrible cow
Rose Williamson
Rose Williamson Month ago
The more money they have the more they want greed Shut the fffff up about the so called royal s they all stink up the bathroom like every body. I don't think much of harry and meghan going on that oprah interview shut up keep that news at your place go back
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Month ago
the queen should never have sent that waffle maker that's all were going to get from now on
Malika Ben
Malika Ben Month ago
Sorry the royals gave the royal title they gave her the best life none of us we don't dream off. I like the royal family and I stay by them. We are so. Many overseas citizens and the Royals always welcomed all these races. Harry sooner or later he will discover that she is a selfish woman she thinks only about herself not about the welbeign of her husband or children. She got it all prince Charles gave her way not even her dad gave it to her and know she is traiting for racist what disgrace
Elcrispo Month ago
No smoke with out fire
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Month ago
Meghan you are not Diana, you are not Catherine. You are a dirty lier...
SAHIRA Month ago
Arme Harry,Meghan = psychopat.
kyle ptrick
kyle ptrick Month ago
meghan is so desperate for attention she can't accept the fact that she is not suitable and she is useless to the royalty because of her limited and lack of abilities ,capability, no initiative, inefficient, no manners, pretentious to do the work as royalty which the main focus is Charities that’s why she envies and insecure to William and kate life because they can able to balance their time to family and charities they work for that trigger to meghan to be always desperate to get people attention making act and put a drama and charade in social media and TV to play a victim she makes herself her own ghost,she afraid to be back again for nothing in a financial support, popularity, so she just goes through social media and TV and goes through acting as a victim that's the only ability she has to do act in front of people, not truly doing her task as royalty she only know to flirt, to fake her bonding to people you can see in her body language it tells it all that she only pretend unlike Princess Diana and Kate they do their job whole heartedly
khanachphun maltby
khanachphun maltby Month ago
She is destroyed royal family and she is actress all drama
ConceptQuad2 Month ago
So why are all the media outlets including Oprah diverting from the main tension Epstein who faked his death and Dutty peodo Prince Andrew!! All this is fake and distractions from the true judgements!! You sick outlets and those who agree with child abuse!!
Bus Buz
Bus Buz Month ago
I appreciate the interview of the Duke and the Duchess as well as the way the Queen responded, to me it's the noble way that royalty should be. It's not about being superhuman, it's about being human beings that may also do mistakes in the relationships among each other, but then they should be able to voice their concerns and issues as well as own their mistakes and look how to improve. I can imagine "being trapped" in such role since birth, well, at least we get the choice to quit a job we don't like, change careers, express our feelings about it - royals apparently don't. I think it takes a lot of courage and honesty to step back / down from such role and to me that doesn't even mean their unfit for it - on the contrary. I'd welcome them back if and whenever they wanted. Furthermore, I understand the concern about security. I've been stalked once for a couple of weeks by one person, oh dear, having to live with such risk constantly, every day of their life and to such level, far beyond what even other rich people face. Yet from another angle that shows how serious the Queen is about serving her people, that she wouldn't bend the rules for her own family. Maybe altogether they could find a way so that the Duke and the Duchess could be given more time, maybe it wasn't possible, maybe the palace thought or hoped for a change of mind? At least I'm happy they are all safe. In addition, it seems one can recognize traits of Lady Diana in both - the struggle of the Duchess to adapt to royal life and the Duke's concerns about the media chasing his wife and child. It's a relief they managed to cope together. In fact, it's a relief that the younger generation of royals had successful marriages, as there's been a lot of suffering previously. I wish them all to be happy for many years to come. Long live the Queen, long live the future Kings, long live the royalty, long live all good people.
O O Month ago
Oprah out here showing her face even after it came out she was pimping out young women for Harvey Weinstein.
Kathleen Pearce
Kathleen Pearce 14 days ago
See how Oprah never done an interview on her best buddie HARVEY WEINSTEIN cos she was well in on his game she should be in the same place he is right now jail / prison ..she has got skeletons in her closet dying to come out 😂🤣😂
Chew Mun Lee
Chew Mun Lee 21 day ago
Used to like watching Oprah, not so much now. Somehow it’s not the same as when I first watched her show s when I was studying in U.S in the early 80’s
Tom Blokland
Tom Blokland 22 days ago
@Hello It's K still no prove for "pimping out young women"
Hello It's K
Hello It's K 26 days ago
@Tom Blokland there is evidence that Oprah and Harvey were close throughout the years, she’s barely said a thing about it. Meanwhile she doesn’t mind profiting of false ped0phile allegations about micheal Jackson long after his passing. Oprah is truly rotten to the core, maybe once charismatic but for the last 2 decades she profits of other people’s misery and throws them under the bus.
Tom Blokland
Tom Blokland 26 days ago
no evidence for that
kootoomootoo1 Month ago
I am sick and tired of people playing the race card
Angie Topaz
Angie Topaz 28 days ago
Me 2
pai em
pai em Month ago
Correction: She discussed how racist the royals were to her and her child,
J Steadman
J Steadman Month ago
Well she mentioned it, wasn't much of a discussion.
Alaeddine Henchiri
Alaeddine Henchiri Month ago
Royal Family is just trash like The Queen it self , just a garbage decorated from outside .
Ian Podmore
Ian Podmore Month ago
This woman is toxic, he is a disgrace. Anyone that believes a word that comes out of her mouth is a fool.
Liezl Randall
Liezl Randall Month ago
The Royals are reptiles.
hen ko
hen ko Month ago
6:11 for Meghan
Eugene Bell
Eugene Bell Month ago
Okay, Oprah said they are not being paid for the interview, fine. Did ITV who screened it in the UK, get it for nothing?
Isbilia eterna
Isbilia eterna Month ago
Meghan you are not Diana, you are not Catherine. You are a dirty lier...
Riccardo Luca Capraro
Riccardo Luca Capraro Month ago
cannot believe that some untalented actress from Horrible bosses is making the news now blaming Royal establishment for everything...shame
hen ko
hen ko Month ago
his money has absolutely no roots in reality. Remember that these are all my personal opinions.
Summer Tea
Summer Tea Month ago
So, where' the damn full video?
J Steadman
J Steadman Month ago
ITV player. Not much to it really though, just a lot of talk about nothing. The main point taken from it is clearly the racist part, which is dropped into the conversation but then there isn't a discussion or details provided so
Darryl Dixon
Darryl Dixon Month ago
Again, it’s a hatched job because of the malice of intent by the the BBC. The intent of the BBC story was to speak to clips of the upcoming interview but the story immediately went into allegations of bullying by Megan during her time in UK. Mind you, this story was produced prior to the interview, so why conflate the two stories. It’s called anchoring. The story anchored Megan’s interview to accusations of her misconduct and many people don’t see they’re being manipulated by the press and others. Forget about whether she’s right or wrong for a second and just watch how the game is being played.
soinfinite Month ago
If you really enjoy Royal Benefits, you have to take the Royal responsibilities. It is The Queen (or UK people)paid your fabulous clothes and jewelry, all these came from your marriage. Greedy women
Mark Time
Mark Time Month ago
The media at work on full tilt ....again. Who cares about 2 over-privileged multi-millionaire moaners who obviously have their own agenda to slander the Royal family. I am no Royalist, but this whole affair stinks. The front pages should be full of news about what the USA (and the UK) is doing in Syria, Yemen etc etc millions of children starving to death, but no, instead we have days and days of the Harry & Meghan show. "The couple are currently residing in California with Archie, where they have purchased a $14.7 million (£10.6 million) Montecito mansion.". Oh oh I feel so sorry for them. Disgusted of Devon.
Justice F. All
Justice F. All Month ago
There's "AFFECT” and “EFFECT" for all. Empathy + compassion goes a long way.
Shahan Naseer
Shahan Naseer Month ago
Ny advice to Harry - Wake up mate why are throwing away everything. You will regret this in years to come . Being lead up garden path .
Hanna Ngo
Hanna Ngo Month ago
Yes, Harry needs to wake-up
Mr C
Mr C Month ago
What is this video, the bloody Muppet show!!!
Penny Month ago
I think it’s funny that they waited until they had projects out their that needed publicity to make money
Ann Bush
Ann Bush 23 days ago
“Sussex Royal” brand was created for a commercial empire, and launched by Meghan Markle’s publicity agency before telling the Royal Family. The crest used on the clothing, cosmetics and c hina was the gift of the Queen. Each crest is the individual artistry of the Garter Principal King of Arms.This was part of creating the title “Dutchess of Sussex.” The Queen also gave the royal patronage of her favorite charity --the National Theatre-to the Duchess of Sussex. Meghan wanted Archie (depicted on a pottery mug wearing a crown) made a prince. Following the British and American press publicity, the order was given by the Royal Family to close “Sussex Royal”. Meghan has simmered and has struck back with venom.
Shelbymaldita Month ago
Meghan is a trash so as Oprah. I've lost respect to Harry. This is like the Kartrashians.
Michael44 Month ago
Megan and harry and Oprah. Nothing than sillier in the middle of a pandemic than watching multi-millionaires in their Malibu mansion whining to a billionaire about how tough life is.
Shahan Naseer
Shahan Naseer Month ago
Baby Mama Drama come to Royal family - Feel sorry for the Queen who spent life to duty - look at these Muppets - got everything and still crying ( its there generation never satisfied and want be centre of attention ) .
Rohit Shinde
Rohit Shinde Month ago
Thank you for not turning comments off
nelo4pt Month ago
I think Harry made a huge mistake.
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