ONLINE SCHOOL HACKS That Actually Work!!

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The Bee Family

Month ago

Thank you to Google Lens for sponsoring this video! Being a parent these days means you’re also expected to be a homeschool teacher. You’re on the front line for questions about things you never thought you’d need to remember. Especially math. Us parents need all the help they can get when checking our kids' homework!
Google Lens is a visual search tool by Google, and it can also help you if you’re stuck on a homework problem. All you do is take a photo and BOOM! Google Lens shows you how to solve it.
Not only does Google Lens help you with Math problems, it can help you with other subjects as well like Science and Geography! You can also translate more than 100 languages with Google Lens to double-check homework or remember what a sentence means.
Check out Google Lens here:
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The Bee Family
The Bee Family Month ago
Get the Google Lens Homework Hack Here 👉🚨
Nattybum 4 days ago
My doesn’t work 😭
holee0803real 10 days ago
_____Bøba Tëa______
_____Bøba Tëa______ 14 days ago
I love your videos, you make me smile!!
Emely Amaya
Emely Amaya 16 days ago
Emma. Andrus
Emma. Andrus 18 days ago
I love you don’t let anyone posh you down love love you You are so funny I love you and Miss be mr be and mama be and papa be and I subscribe to all your Channels
Natasha Barba
Natasha Barba 20 hours ago
I'm sophia
Natasha Barba
Natasha Barba 20 hours ago
Suyogya GC
Suyogya GC Day ago
i also have a hack if you are using a laptop open the camera app before joining class and join the class your video will be open but it will be black without closing the webcam
Shabodeen Samad
Shabodeen Samad 2 days ago
The only one
Keziah George
Keziah George 2 days ago
Itzel Ayon
Itzel Ayon 3 days ago
I think mom bee is Right
Itzel Ayon
Itzel Ayon 3 days ago
Sorry if I come off as rude I don’t mean to be and I love your channel
Itzel Ayon
Itzel Ayon 3 days ago
You guys have homework I’m paper I have my homework on Internet I do I station for my homework
Itzel Ayon
Itzel Ayon 3 days ago
I already know the boys don’t hack no the voice note hack because I’ve used it before and I asked to go to Google Docs for class
Lyra does stuff At home
Lyra does stuff At home 4 days ago
me downloads google hacks
DELEINA SCOTT 4 days ago
Anyone struggling with online class
Sophie Woolley
Sophie Woolley 5 days ago
Zanroe Llames
Zanroe Llames 5 days ago
its been so long since i saw this family
Alansworld 6 days ago
You can also get brainly and or socratic
DragDab 9 days ago
The first hack was pretty good , but the only problem is , my teachers mix languages , they speak english sometimes, hindi , my mother language.....
Laylay Owens
Laylay Owens 10 days ago
The sis look like addison
Josierae Nolan
Josierae Nolan 10 days ago
the "I'm frozen hack" I use it all the time lol
muhammad zaid
muhammad zaid 10 days ago
I love your📽🎥📹
Family Hernandez
Family Hernandez 11 days ago
i feel so bad for the mom lol
Pinku Chan
Pinku Chan 12 days ago
Mr.Monkey looks so older now :( he use to be so AHHH
flower sun Ramos
flower sun Ramos 12 days ago
I don't use zoom I use class room
Joey Cook
Joey Cook 12 days ago
Yes thanks
Froppy 12 days ago
Hold on hold on hold on I use google drive, google's slides, google documents, and google meet for online school too.
Jetro Gomes
Jetro Gomes 13 days ago
Why does he still have this scar
marikhodeli 13 days ago
Uhh I didn’t find homework section
mayundo jumatano
mayundo jumatano 13 days ago
k but like why is the voice hack not working for me
Harikishan Dave
Harikishan Dave 14 days ago
mama bee didn't have a life hack to show
Gabrielle Nohay
Gabrielle Nohay 14 days ago
It does work
Aidan Desper
Aidan Desper 15 days ago
The putting the photo over the camera looks cool my mom is always with me when I do school work so it can't be any of
gamer 081
gamer 081 17 days ago
4:36 only if bad internet
JSM1712 18 days ago
Our generation is just so weird
3rd Gunman
3rd Gunman 20 days ago
Uh...yeah this is cool if your kids are in high school. None of this helps small kids, or a single parent who has two jobs...
plmshadow 20 days ago
is that cheating?
Rokaia Elzokm
Rokaia Elzokm 21 day ago
I always do voice typing
Eloise 21 day ago
but why does mr bee look like the bee from bee movie..... UH
Somto 21 day ago
Luckily i dont have to turn on mic and cam
Somto 21 day ago
Me and gab are in the same grade
All day Jennifer
All day Jennifer 22 days ago
so helpful
dora ramos
dora ramos 22 days ago
all those dislikes are the nerds
Farida Tamer
Farida Tamer 23 days ago
How to the fake muted one
Beatrix Yetman
Beatrix Yetman 23 days ago
Isabella Garcés
Isabella Garcés 23 days ago
You are my fave girl
Isabella Garcés
Isabella Garcés 23 days ago
Ya same
ilove foodie
ilove foodie 23 days ago
These hacks are really great. Too bad I don't go to school anymore coz I'm now looking for a job.
mal's dark place
mal's dark place 23 days ago
I remember watching this channel when I was 6 years old now me friends are older thn=an me *the last time ive seen em' : 4 years ago when they were 7 or 8 ;w;) NOW LOOK AT THEMMMM THERE EVEN OLDER THAN MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
s-i-k-o 23 days ago
Can we get a F in the chat for the people like me who go in person
Leisa Foreman
Leisa Foreman 24 days ago
In a couple minutes I'm going to be making a Trevor Henderson coloration breaking news
gaming with him 1
gaming with him 1 24 days ago
Hmmmmm 37k emails damn
galaxy gamer A1Z
galaxy gamer A1Z 24 days ago
galaxy gamer A1Z
galaxy gamer A1Z 24 days ago
Sub to me :D
Mason The gamer
Mason The gamer 25 days ago
Or just turn you camera and microphone off and i haven’t watched this channel in a while and why is it called the bee family what happened to eh bee family
Amani Rodriguez
Amani Rodriguez 25 days ago
you want to highlighter
Thiakini Thuyavan
Thiakini Thuyavan 25 days ago
I saw Gabby coment
Teresa Joseph
Teresa Joseph 25 days ago
Sebastian Vargas
Sebastian Vargas 25 days ago
Photomath is also good
Jentezen Nutor mvps
Jentezen Nutor mvps 25 days ago
words of Wisdom from Mama bee
Jentezen Nutor mvps
Jentezen Nutor mvps 25 days ago
Mama bee is right you should do what she did back in the day 5:24
Jentezen Nutor mvps
Jentezen Nutor mvps 25 days ago
and I didn't like this 3:26 and the rest of the video and I'm a fan of your channel but this is not good
Jentezen Nutor mvps
Jentezen Nutor mvps 25 days ago
And I didn't like this part of your video 2:53
Jentezen Nutor mvps
Jentezen Nutor mvps 25 days ago
I love your channel but this called cheating you shouldn't show children this type of things otherwise they will use it just to find answers and not learn the process if they don't understand they don't always have to come to you for help they can ask the teachers for a private lesson to teach them how to solve the problem so they don't just get the answer like that because my parents are still able to teach me somethings I didn't even know about mathematics. so you see technology isn't always the solution to everything and also if your children don't learn the process when they become older they can't get a job because they cheated so I please advise you The bee family please remove the link to Google lens thing you don' want to ruin peoples live do you then please do it.
Jonathan Panarello
Jonathan Panarello 26 days ago
4x x 7 bro what you talkin bout its negative (-) -4 x 7
sir Wilkiams
sir Wilkiams 26 days ago
Google lens work
Diego Padilla
Diego Padilla 26 days ago
use ctrl u and then find ur answer
Sared Zuniga
Sared Zuniga 27 days ago
What does the boy have in his chen
Sarah Rodriguez
Sarah Rodriguez 27 days ago
Who in 2021 in 9 ok febrery
Justin Lopez
Justin Lopez 28 days ago
Hellen terrazas
Hellen terrazas 28 days ago
When does Maggie get the pool the sword again Serially like to find one when she pulls out the sword
Pook Gaming
Pook Gaming 29 days ago
the views are 666
ThatUnknown Someone
ThatUnknown Someone 29 days ago
666k demonic views
Ives 123
Ives 123 Month ago
Thx now I don’t have to do my homework 😉
Mr Snowman
Mr Snowman Month ago
i agree with Gabi when your not prepared for something i agree!
Alex Thomas
Alex Thomas Month ago
The homework isn’t there anymore when I tried it☹️
Vava'u Tu'ivakano
Vava'u Tu'ivakano Month ago
That meet is like the same google meet as me woth the back round
Susanooo YT
Susanooo YT Month ago
These are not even hacks these are glitches and people been doing them lol and they act like it’s there hacks 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Daniel Nelson
Daniel Nelson Month ago
I love Gabi
Cohen Robinson
Cohen Robinson Month ago
Your gangsta until they ask u a question
Likhith Ramisetty
Likhith Ramisetty Month ago
I like 👍 old gads
AnnaBelle Month ago
My math teacher Gives so much homework, That I cant even spend time with my family. and thats why im using Gabis Hacks🤚😁
Mrs. M
Mrs. M Month ago
Dude THESE changed my life because my Hans are so tired after riding everything
Evony Freeman
Evony Freeman Month ago
I go to your zoom!
Berta Galindo
Berta Galindo Month ago
Aki Cendana
Aki Cendana Month ago
Wow the Family has grown up and the voice is cool...i like the voice of Mr. Bee and i like also Gabi...oh wait...i forgot..i like the video and it's SOOO funny....hahahahahahahahaha...and last thing PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, COMMENT AND SHARE!
Sushi Kitty :3
Sushi Kitty :3 Month ago
2:03 look at USposts and gmail...LOOK AT THE NOTIFICATIONS O^O...did anyone notice that o^o
Lynda A
Lynda A Month ago
Omgg your the best
the racoon
the racoon Month ago
These hacks made me wanna die
Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony Rodriguez Month ago
Gabi creeped me out in this-
Mikael Leow
Mikael Leow Month ago
yay I can give it a try on my next exam :p
Lily Sanchez
Lily Sanchez Month ago
Is mr.monkey/mr.bee going to have a USposts channel like miss.bee? Ty!
Lily Sanchez
Lily Sanchez Month ago
Is mr.monkey/mr.bee going to have a USposts channel like mrs.bee? Ty!
Lily Sanchez
Lily Sanchez Month ago
When is mr.monkey/ mr.bee going to have a USposts channel? I’ve been wanting to watch his videos forever!!
Andrew J
Andrew J Month ago
Does he have 48000 emails
Kellie Johnston
Kellie Johnston Month ago
Eeeeee I'm your biggest fan
Kane Hahn
Kane Hahn Month ago
Nice, easier and faster
Abigail Mounce
Abigail Mounce Month ago
Me just coming back from when I was little and it is crazy how much y’all have changed. All for the better!!
Laya Almolla
Laya Almolla Month ago
I used the mute one and she fell for it she was like “I think you said government “
Carol Talactac
Carol Talactac Month ago
4:01 But my teacher is going to ask me to use the chat box=
_inquisitive_ Month ago
Mama Bee I use LOTS of highlighters too! Hehe..
Vijila Nair
Vijila Nair Month ago
Omg best vid I am actually using the “mute” method right now 😂
Jowan Zaxoy
Jowan Zaxoy Month ago
Lyka Mae Astorga
Lyka Mae Astorga Month ago
Thank you so much,these help me.
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