Everything the Chromecast with Google TV Can Do

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Tech With Brett

6 months ago

The new Chromecast is here! This one is quite a bit different than any other Chromecast that we have seen before. This video will let you know everything it can do!
Chromecast with Google TV: geni.us/Isdpbim
Anker USB-C Dongle on Amazon: geni.us/sCp6dFq
45W USB-C Charger on Amazon: geni.us/OsuD26
Logitech Webcam on Amazon: geni.us/YMB3
00:00 Google TV History
01:42 Chromecast Unboxing
05:11 Chromecast Setup
08:03 Personalized Settings
10:18 TV Controls
11:50 Voice Search
14:38 Android TV App
16:08 What to watch
17:59 Apps & Play Store
20:22 Library
20:51 Profile Icon
22:39 Ambient Mode & Settings
24:04 Display & Sound, Game Mode?
24:47 Casting
25:26 System Settings
26:10 Ambient Mode
27:46 Remotes & Accessories
29:46 Casting & Mirroring
32:44 Google Home App
35:32 Nest Audio Commands
37:44 Fix TV Volume
39:01 Control AV Receiver or Soundbar
40:33 Google Duo
45:04 Final Thoughts
Can you use Chromecast with Nest Audio? usposts.info/vision/jJ27qauvh42oqK4/video
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sor3999 3 hours ago
I don't know how I feel about the Google TV app being a aggregate of your services you're subbed too and then further tailored to the attached Google account (shame you can't have separate profiles especially on a shared device like a living room TV). I'm fine with it, but for my technology illiterate parents I feel this is probably going to confuse them. They just want to start Netflix or USposts or something. They'll think this is another app they don't want to deal with.
Da' Vi Perez
Da' Vi Perez 2 days ago
What are the two displays on your shelf?
Martim 2 days ago
Is this chromcast compatible with IOS?
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 2 days ago
Yes you can set it up and cast items to it from supported casting apps. You just can't mirror the iPhone screen to Chromecast.
HEISENVADER 2 days ago
Mine was working just yesterday and I get home from work and it’s suddenly playing up. I rebooted the control and the led light is pulsing white. The chrome cast itself has no light and no response. How do I fix this? My older chrome cast without a control is working fine.
HEISENVADER 23 hours ago
@Tech With Brett thanks for replyinh :) Yep i'm using everything it came with. even the batteries for the control. The remotes lighting up but not the chromecast. I'll be taking it back to the store as I reached out to them. Let's hope the next one i buy isn't like this.
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 2 days ago
After unplugging the Chromecast and plugging it in do any lights come on? Are you powering it through the power brick that came with it?
John H
John H 2 days ago
Has Google fixed the ambient mode bug in this device? There's been an issue literally for years that means ambient mode won't show the user's personal photos, only Google's. My original Chromecast has been that way for almost all of the time (3 years) that I've had it.
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 2 days ago
Interesting. I know Android TV had this issue but that was fixed last year and I have never had that issue on Chromecast.
aquiles85 3 days ago
You can get all those good things except Dolby Digital output on DD receivers, only LPCM 2.0ch... And that really sucks! No solution for that so far. So if you are expecting to use Netflix with 5.1 output, let it go, it won't work.
Virgil Spinu
Virgil Spinu 4 days ago
Now that's what I call a true review! Directly to the point, just very detailed and useful information. Thank you!
Federico Cucchi
Federico Cucchi 6 days ago
Thanks, a wonderful video! Could we connect a Bluetooth keyboard? Tks.
Dwight Cann
Dwight Cann 7 days ago
Can I play the sound through my headphones on bluetooth?
Emmanuel Apeja
Emmanuel Apeja 8 days ago
Awesome! I wish i had this
Jeremie B.
Jeremie B. 10 days ago
Does everything except connect to Wi-Fi. Its amazing.
Susie Caballero-Martinez
Susie Caballero-Martinez 10 days ago
Do you need to have a google tv or a smart tv in order for the chromecast to work?
Jawad Othman
Jawad Othman 11 days ago
Syed Zaheer Ud Din
Syed Zaheer Ud Din 12 days ago
Hello, I also have a Google TV chromecast, but the above option is Home, App, Library. But your Google Tv options are (For you, Movies, Shows.) How to creat this option. Plz Tell me,
Scott Fraser
Scott Fraser 12 days ago
How do does this compare with the Amazon Alexa product
Moonlight 13 days ago
Can u do one for roku
Romel Eduardo Guerrero Santaella
Romel Eduardo Guerrero Santaella 13 days ago
46 minutes? 🤔
Bjarke Svendsen
Bjarke Svendsen 15 days ago
Great videos, learned a lot from your Chanel 👍 Can i add this one to my pc monitor and use it for casting movies in the office ? Cheers from Denmark
HamanuOp 15 days ago
Can you plung the Chromecast into a soundbar? I cannot passthrough Atmos TrueHD to my soundbar because I have Arc but not eArc. The soundbar could pass video to the tv though so an Nvidia Shield plugged into the soundbar would work. Is it the same here or must the Chromecast be plugged exclusively into the TV proper?
Andrewski Gordon
Andrewski Gordon 16 days ago
I just retired my nexus player
Federico Cucchi
Federico Cucchi 16 days ago
Hello, Can I use my TV connected keyboard to control the USposts app? Tks!
RB Bonifacio
RB Bonifacio 16 days ago
Hello! what about using a HDMI to VGA? Will it works? planning to make use of my old monitor but it don't have HDMI only VGA. thanks!
Roque Andoney
Roque Andoney 18 days ago
Is like Josh Homme reviewing tech
Tofunmi Awodein
Tofunmi Awodein 20 days ago
This is just wholesome
JuanMa Valiño
JuanMa Valiño 20 days ago
It's a great device, but isn't flawless. The "continue watching" function doesn't take aboard third party apps like Netflix or amazon prime... So the cross platform integration experience is poor. Also recommendations aren't well AId. Including recommendations from platforms I deleted from the apps (BBC iplayer)... More to come
rizwan parmar
rizwan parmar 20 days ago
Anybody know when this device is launching in India? I can't wait to buy it!!!
akis_ zach
akis_ zach 20 days ago
can i download apps with apk with browser or only apps from google play?
Anthonia Omoruyi
Anthonia Omoruyi 20 days ago
Can this work on a panasonic tv?
Syed Arfeen
Syed Arfeen 21 day ago
Raphael Leclerc-Siddiqui
Raphael Leclerc-Siddiqui 21 day ago
how do you remove the audio descriotion mode on the controller ?
jayden valero
jayden valero 22 days ago
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julea akacheshire
julea akacheshire 24 days ago
hey can u set this up in living room tv but still keep my roku on my bedroom tv??so seperatly.
Salvatore Valente
Salvatore Valente 24 days ago
Does the remote work through walls? I would be plugging the Chromecast into my AV receiver, which is in the room next to where my TV is.
Maksymilian Markowicz
Maksymilian Markowicz 27 days ago
How long is the power cable?
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 27 days ago
It's about 4 feet. Not long enough is what I say.
swagger PH
swagger PH 28 days ago
Hi brett, does chromecast work with any tv models but with hdmi?
mjc mondia
mjc mondia 28 days ago
Can Chromecast do routines on the TV?
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 28 days ago
You can activate your Google Home Routines on the Chromecast With the Google Assistant.
cool dude
cool dude 29 days ago
Is it possible to connect Bluetooth headphones to this?
Naz's Squigglez
Naz's Squigglez Month ago
can i access my tv's usb for storage?
Trevor Weimer
Trevor Weimer Month ago
Instead of scrolling through 1500+ comments can someone tell me if you're able to control the volume of a connected bluetooth audio device like head phones or speakers? Amazon Fire Stick 4K cannot.
Slim Reaper
Slim Reaper Month ago
Brilliant video. I wanted to get one for my mother to use bcos she isn’t able to use these Android phones. She is worse than me Brett . And I’m atrocious at the tech stuff
Slim Reaper
Slim Reaper Month ago
Hey Bret .. Y said it has 4gb of space on there?? That’s not a whole lot so is there a way to make it larger atm or is that something that can be enlarged through a cloud thing if u know what I mean? I’m not very tech savvy as u can probably tell so any advice would be greatly appreciated my friend
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett Month ago
It really should be enough as everything is streaming to the Google TV. If you download a lot of games you can try the USB C hub method. Learn more here: usposts.info/vision/qty5tsfUZKaNhpk/video
Steve Chea
Steve Chea Month ago
Hi , can iphone 8 work on Chromecast with Google TV . TQ
naegle09 Month ago
How does this differ from the new Google TV being built in to the new TCL and Sony sets being released this year? Is it exactly the same or is there any benefit to doing one over the other?
F Young
F Young Month ago
Was that your dad on the Google Duo call? He was quite hilarious.
Sarah Burks
Sarah Burks 29 days ago
Alan Coulter
Alan Coulter Month ago
Hi, can you output the sound to a Google Mini.
Joyce Mays
Joyce Mays Month ago
Where can I get this?
gaanz gechillt
gaanz gechillt Month ago
Cool review! 😎I liked and subscribed
GO PATRIOTS 2021 Month ago
Did anyone find the investigation Discovery app to download.Can never find that app on the stores
Benjamin Capoen
Benjamin Capoen Month ago
The Google Duo made it for me, haha xP
Hello sir i never found this device in Delhi India Google chromecast 4k device with remote i know this device is available in 3 color
Bobblehead Pilly
Bobblehead Pilly Month ago
I noticed you didn’t set up the input button on the remote. I have a Samsung and after setting up the input button, I’m only able to toggle the TV inputs/sources but can’t select any of them by pressing a button on the Chromecast remote. For some inputs, it will switch over after a couple of seconds. But it doesn’t do that with my USB that’s plugged into the TV, and I have to select it with my TV remote. Any ideas?
Bobblehead Pilly
Bobblehead Pilly Month ago
@Tech With Brett Your Chromecast is able to switch to a USB input? When I toggle to my USB, it won’t switch to it unless I use my TV remote to select it :/ not a dealbreaker, but would be nice to not have both remotes out
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett Month ago
My TV does the same. You just have to wait till it switches to that input and the menu goes away.
high minimum
high minimum Month ago
Does this work with any type of TV?
Daniel Morin
Daniel Morin Month ago
Did Brett or anyone notice that Dolby Atmos is mostly unavailable? Also I have apple TV's, Amazon Fire 4K and now Google TV. I also find the Google TV sluggish on my setup and operation unless it's a one off? The only devices that outputs ATMOS without issues for me for Netflix, Disney is the Apple TV.
DUKEofWAIL Month ago
Great content, organization, and presentation! Listen to your voice: you have "uptalk," ending almost every sentence with rising inflection, as if it were a question. Change that, and you are a pro.
Michael Puscas
Michael Puscas Month ago
It works on iPad’s too because there is this thing on my iPad that is called Screen Mirorring and i can mirror my iPad to a tv in any house
shardul077 Month ago
Loved the intro
jayden valero
jayden valero Month ago
He Was Google Chromecast To Jayden's TV
jayden valero
jayden valero 25 days ago
Can Download Google TV Chromecast Use Device To Up
Logesh Natarajan
Logesh Natarajan Month ago
Thanks for the video. I have a million dollar question about how to get the Dolby Vision support in my 4K TV. I have a 4k UHD smart TV that supports upto HDR but No Dolby Vision as per the specification.. In this case If I buy a Chromecast 2020 Model (supports DV and DA) will I be able to watch the Netflix Dolby Vision content on my 4K TV?
Jay Henry
Jay Henry Month ago
My man! You have really given a thorough overview of this device. I had chromecast ultra previously and have just purchased the new one. I'm still waiting for it to arrive and I'm pretty sure it will be great addition to my other Google products around the home.
Larry's tunes
Larry's tunes Month ago
I assume that with the new Chromecast I can easily download my VPN? Many thanks for a GREAT video.
Leonardo Caycho
Leonardo Caycho Month ago
What phone do you have?
sri krishna
sri krishna Month ago
Really great 👍, thank you
Lain Ward
Lain Ward Month ago
Hi So i want to use Google duo on my TV. I'm in UK, what camera to clip on tv and adapter/plug to connect to TV? Cheers
SiDjack Minecraft
SiDjack Minecraft Month ago
google should make a google pixel tv using android tv
beverley1957one Month ago
Can I pair Bluetooth headphones?
Toughnut Month ago
Can Alexa talk to it?
t g
t g Month ago
I have been using Android for a very long time and thank you for your help I couldn't find the control panel but with your help I found it
Randy Shepherd
Randy Shepherd Month ago
I have this product and I really am disappointed. I select the services I use and it shows me items that are on other services. I have tried many times to fix this. I select my services, and they change them. Other than that, I like it.
Kristie Smith
Kristie Smith Month ago
My Chromecast with Google tv works horribly. I have to restart it daily due to USposts tv & Netflix constantly freezing (signal says excellent). On top of that, it signs me out of my USposts tv account often. It's been a bad experience for me so far. I keep checking for a new update to take care of the bugs. Nothing has fixed it yet.
francisco arreaza
francisco arreaza Month ago
Vlc works?
Joseph Paz
Joseph Paz Month ago
Jeffrey Schillinger
Jeffrey Schillinger Month ago
If I plug the Chromecast into an HDMI extractor (to separate the audio & video) and run a cable (optical or analog) from the extractor’s audio out to my receiver, will I be able to cast Spotify (audio only) from the Chromecast to my receiver using the iPad or iPhone Spotify app?
John Sanchez
John Sanchez Month ago
Does this device support Dolby Atmos for Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max and other streaming services?
Maine Month ago
Yes it does. He states it at the beginning of the video.
Kenneth Lam
Kenneth Lam Month ago
Hi Brett, Just wonder are you able to get Dolby Atmos from Disney Plus on Chormecast with Google TV? I tried connect the Chormecast with Google TV directly to my receiver and still unable to get Atmos from Disney Plus. Really appreciate for your help.
Martin Month ago
Do you have a workaround if webcam can not be found?
A H Abdullah Abdullah
A H Abdullah Abdullah Month ago
Hii why I can't answer call from bluetooth whatsapp messenger like net call ????
HollyWood Paul
HollyWood Paul Month ago
is this getting a web browser?
John Rendel Ramos
John Rendel Ramos Month ago
Have you tried Samsung Dex?..
Kourt Month ago
Never could get it to pair with my benq projector or yamaha receiver. Disappointing. You'd think something made in 2020 would be capable of pairing with most devices
Lakshmana Raju Muthyam
Lakshmana Raju Muthyam Month ago
Can I use zoom on Google TV like Duo?
Web Enabled Services
Web Enabled Services Month ago
13:00 will this work with the Eufy doorbell as well?
Zareena Fayyaz
Zareena Fayyaz Month ago
Jainaba Barrow
Jainaba Barrow Month ago
Cheeki Breeki Bree!
Cheeki Breeki Bree! Month ago
77° in Orem Americans: ok Me, a European: _hol up wtf_
Ekkarath Sommath
Ekkarath Sommath Month ago
if buy this one .do i need pay or buy some video games online or pay monthly?
Daniel Loh
Daniel Loh Month ago
its a great video, but i still have a little issue that i cannot understand, so if i get it and fix it on my TV (room), will i be able to cast the content thru the projector is in the hall... or must i put the toggle in the hall projector
reza nuthoo
reza nuthoo Month ago
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Michael Hauger
Michael Hauger Month ago
You can do possibly anything with that device.
Ahmad Mohamad
Ahmad Mohamad Month ago
I got mine today but not getting that FOR YOU page... Why?
Przemek Zapart
Przemek Zapart Month ago
I wonder what kind of movie file can be casted from mobile/tablet to dongle (mkv, mp4 coded with which codecs x264 x265 4k with acc or ac3 or dts sound etc.)? For example on my previous generation device (1080p) I could not play files with sound coded with AC3 but ACC). Its a pity you had not tested that.
Tim S
Tim S Month ago
Fire Stick bar none!
איתי אלוש
איתי אלוש Month ago
Please check if there is partner tv app (from Israel) on this
Danny Smith
Danny Smith Month ago
Dang u have to use ur phone also? To seat up?
veera prasad
veera prasad Month ago
Nice Video, We can do What's App Video Call ?
Ádám Giba
Ádám Giba Month ago
Can you also cast from an iPhone? Great review btw.
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett Month ago
Casting the iPhones screen isn't supported.
red from among drip
red from among drip Month ago
My mom has a Roku TV and has her volume down or up at the side I think that's a little bit of copying Google
Nasiruo Ranalduo
Nasiruo Ranalduo Month ago
Matthew Vicendese
Matthew Vicendese Month ago
Queens of the stone age must be on break.
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