Why Garrett Watts Is Done With Shane Dawson

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Month ago

In this video I look into some reasons as to why Garrett and Shane are no longer friends.
Q: Where are you from?
A: Australia
Q: Is Cid short for anything?
A: Nope
Q: What is that thing on your upper lip? A mole? A section you shaved out? A booger? A piercing?
A: It’s a scar ❤️
0:00 - Intro
1:15 - Garrett doesn’t approve of Shane’s obsession
2:45 - Ryland doesn’t like Garrett
3:23 - Garrett doesn’t like that Shane would be friends with Jeffree
4:42 - Garrett hasn’t forgiven Shane’s racism
5:59 - Shane targets Garrett
8:02 - Outro

Nathan Carson
Nathan Carson 10 hours ago
Garrett is legit a kindred spirit. I won't say anything about the "other" people.
catraxcx 15 hours ago
I literally see nothing to hate for Garrett, even Jeffree has never said bad abt him and jeffree is a shit person who will throw anyone under the bus. Even if garrett doesn’t like jeffree. Ryland is just an absolute bully.
Mike Warren
Mike Warren Day ago
I would love to be friends with Garrett
Sioux D
Sioux D 3 days ago
Has anyone thought that Garrett also signed an NDA with Jeffree Starr also!!!
Kris 8813
Kris 8813 3 days ago
I feel bad for Garret because it honest seemed like he had such a good relationship with Shane’s mom but because him and Shane aren’t friends anymore I can imagine he probably doesn’t talk to her anymore which might make them both sad
Grim Jester
Grim Jester 3 days ago
Alex Friedrich
Alex Friedrich 4 days ago
Garrett was always my favorite, id love to be his friend. Shane is sick. Can't believe I didn't notice.
Dani 5 days ago
Wow, this is just sad. You're basically being like "I hope I get some subs for shading some people that I make bold claims about in this video that I don't even know personally." I guess that's just the 10000001st shade/"tea" channel that's trying to bank on other people's back. Good for you, honey. In 5 years when you finally get famous, your own fans would cancel you just for shits and giggles.
T Michael
T Michael 6 days ago
I can’t wait until every racist and homophobic thing normal people have all said comes to light. Can’t wait for you all to beg and plead for forgiveness.
Tiffany Denman
Tiffany Denman 6 days ago
I realized around a year+ ago that I wasn't actually a Shane fan, I just really love Garrett and Andrew. I though I liked Shane, (I never liked Ryland), but I realized I only really enjoyed when Garrett was involved or when andrew was more active in the videos beyond filming or editing. Since realizing that I haven't watched a single Shane or Ryland video. And now I just watch Garrett's channel. Also, He and Andrew have an AMAZINGLY WHOLESOME podcast, Sweet Boys, and that's really all I need tbh. I don't miss Shane or Jeffree at all 🤷🏻‍♀️
Jennifer Nicole Schroeder
Jennifer Nicole Schroeder 7 days ago
Has it been confirmed that they arnt friends anymore?
Mays Moo
Mays Moo 8 days ago
Also Graveyard girl expressed multiple times how she was very causious and a little scared of that place. While she may love it and willingly do that stuff and hang out there at night, she takes it very serios, ss she should. She voiced that to Shane multiple times and Shane kept ignoring it and egging on Garrett to do things so he could be Shanes scapegoat. He made everything a joke, such gross behavior I feel so bad for Garrett in that time. I'm so happy he's disconnected from that, same for Andrew.
Mays Moo
Mays Moo 8 days ago
I thank god every day that Andrew and Garrett got away from Shane and everybody coz I knew those two 100% did not fit that equation and I felt so bad for them. Sweet Boys for life, so happy they dropped Shane.
AfterSunset 8 days ago
When I was watching a bunch of Shane Dawson videos, it wasn't because I really knew who Shane was. I thought at that era he was pretty funny. I started watching his videos because I really enjoyed the beacon that Garrett is and I wanted to see more of him! He's pretty damn wholesome and seeing montages of him being made the butt of the joke hurts my heart =( Now I'm going to go watch some Garrett videos on his channel and laugh at his antics.
ares uwu
ares uwu 9 days ago
i’m glad shane and garrett broke up. he deserves better then that.
Ariana Robles
Ariana Robles 9 days ago
that clip of garrett and shane acting disappointed when HE literally told him to scare graveyardgirl gave me war flashbacks to when someone did something similar to me in middle school and I was the garrett in that situation... such blatant manipulation like wtf was that
georgie 9 days ago
garrett was always my favourite. he's someone i relate to A LOT and someone i aspire to be :)) while andrew and morgan also kinda sometimes teased him, it was never mean, if u get me. like, it just felt like three friends vibing, while ryland and shane just seemed to almost bully him :// morgan, andrew and Garrett were my fave trio on youtube at the time and it's so depressing to realise he was the butt of the joke EVERY TIME.
Hozza Jayne
Hozza Jayne 10 days ago
No hate, I just have a difference of opinion. What you're saying here is completely valid and everyones entitled to have their own opinions of people, which is why I'm split down the middle with this drama between Shane and Garrett. While I agree with you on Shane not being a good friend and targeting Garrett, we are only seeing what is put out on the internet for entertainment purposes, and yes we have seen a lot of them being with other people and going different places. Obviously the friendship they had is long gone for many reasons but maybe we can't all judge Shane on what we see when we only see the tip of the iceberg in their friendship over the years? Just a thought! No one is perfect but I do also disagree with things Shane has both said and done, not only towards Garrett. :)
GABEBATRON 10 days ago
No cap i enjoy watching garrett’s videos than shane’s, tbh, less toxicity there
doodleartlover 11 days ago
I always wondered why Garrett was never around anymore because he was so sweet and funny and I liked him so much. I never realized how badly Shane was treating him at the time. No wonder he quit being friends. Thanks for the video.
King Royal Gaming
King Royal Gaming 11 days ago
Literally skip over the racism bs. Painting your face as a joke or racist jokes in general aren't you being racist. You dimwits cry over words
L̶a̶d̶y̶ Fox Ŵøłfæ
L̶a̶d̶y̶ Fox Ŵøłfæ 11 days ago
Crazy how Shane thought Garrett was a sociopath just because he doesn't plan ahead lol I'm not saying Garrett isn't... and I'm definitley not saying he is. But what a dumb way to diagnose someone, besides him not being a professional.
Shayla Mcbabyhands
Shayla Mcbabyhands 12 days ago
I'm glad when they would make fun of him he still defended himself instead of agreeing with them most of the time. It's good to know that their bullying didn't get to his head
Mayor Of Simpleton
Mayor Of Simpleton 12 days ago
My dad is an actual sociopath. I agree that it’s not just something to throw around and call people when they behave badly, same goes for the word “antisocial.” I don’t get offended but I think it’s important to appreciate how serious personality disorder are.
Betty Stroh
Betty Stroh 12 days ago
Garrett is deeply insecure and acts incredibly false. Shane does the same thing sometimes, only he does it in an over the top way so that it’s obvious he’s being false (which is far more honest) or he is self deprecating. My point is, Garrett has always felt like he was in Shane’s shadow and as they are a lot alike I think he has always wanted to break out on his own. Unfortunately it seems he chose to take advantage of the opportunity of kicking Shane while he was down and using the Shane hate to propel himself upward. White people, listen up. We cannot shit on and refuse to allow each other to learn and grow from our past mistakes if we expect to ever make a better world for people of color. A better way has to be accessible, which means for people like Shane who obviously does want to learn and grow, we have to give them the opportunity to do that. If they do it publicly and let the world see an example of how that looks? All the better.
Moody San
Moody San 12 days ago
I don't think Ryland is jealous of Garett at all, they're just really different and I feel their personalities clash. I know it's not something drama/commentary channels like to hear but sometimes it's just as simple as that. Also, the Jeffery house thing is a stretch in my opinion. Garrett is surrounded by a tonne of wealthy people so he might feel more pressured my most people to not rent. Not sure it was directed at Jeffery but I could be wrong. finally, I don't think jokes made years ago are really that relevant as they were good friends back then.
Moody San
Moody San 12 days ago
As someone who loves Garrett and is also impartial to his friendships, I felt this video seemed pretty biased and some of the things mentioned didn't have much ground. It would be better if you covered both sides of the argument to make your point. Like, how the teasing has always been a part of their friendship (even back when they were on good terms), and done for the videos, it seemed to get more excessive and have a less lighthearted feel more recently however (from Shanes tone and the harshness of the jokes). It's also important to mention that that is his sense of humour too. I think it's funny as well for the videos, but I feel the problem was that it happened off-camera too. When you address both sides of the argument and give more context, your point is more believable and objective. That aside, I really liked the format of the video and there were some good points.
Lilith Da Hobbit
Lilith Da Hobbit 12 days ago
I've had to deal with a "friend" who has convinced themselves we're platonic soulmates, constantly diagnoses me with things that aren't what I have, and makes fun of me
Dylan Samuel
Dylan Samuel 13 days ago
Garrett was always the butt of the joke and that is just cruel.
Angel Dust
Angel Dust 13 days ago
I love Garrett so much,... it really hurts my heart to see him manipulated and shamed for the things he likes; he deserves so much love 💗🤍
Karen Santos
Karen Santos 14 days ago
Good for Garrett
Britt C
Britt C 15 days ago
It could very well be that garret carried these documentary style vlogs on his back. I watch mostly for garret, so my question is does garret get any of the ad revenue for those videos? What about Andrew? Because he made those videos much better too. David Dobrik did the same thing! The people in those videos should of been compensated, as well.
Corrie Hammons
Corrie Hammons 15 days ago
Garrett is such a sweet soul, and I relate to him a lot. I've been friends with so many toxic people so I know how hard it can be to let them go. I love him and I'm so glad he's gotten out of those relationships. Blaming that stupid thing with Bunny on him (I think she was just being insanely dramatic and took it too far) and all of the times they blatantly make fun of him... I empathize so much with him because toxic people in my life have done similar shit.
Lainie Wilson
Lainie Wilson 16 days ago
I love Garrett and don’t like Shane but if you did watch his videos Garrett did make jokes about Shane’s body. Shane and Garret did jokes to each other it was a friend thing but Shane was sometimes way over the top and harsh.
Kristen Morgan
Kristen Morgan 17 days ago
People watch the series with Bunny and still don’t believe that Shane is a manipulator and it blows my mind. It’s so painfully obvious that Shane pressured and bullied Garrett into scaring Bunny and when he finally caved in and did as Shane wanted, he shamed Garrett and spoke to him as if he were a child misbehaving. He was feeding off of Bunny’s vulnerability in that moment to make himself look better and to humiliate and belittle Garrett. And the only reason Shane showed sympathy for Bunny was because the people around him were showing sympathy. It’s scary that he behaves this way and he’s gotten away with it for so long.
hipe m
hipe m 18 days ago
i always liked garret the most amd i felt soooo bad every time shane made fun of his love for harry potter like if anyone would make fun of something im passionate about THAT often they would not be my friend
Kirst Night
Kirst Night 19 days ago
So what I'm getting from all these videos is that Shane thinks his friend are accessories
Katie McGregor
Katie McGregor 19 days ago
I know this is a month old by now but in the jake paul ***documentary*** shane calls Garrett a sociopath in that as well. Not as a joke either. He whispers his name. It was so disgusting
Tony Balony
Tony Balony 21 day ago
Thank you for making these videos.
Panda Phanda
Panda Phanda 21 day ago
Thank you
HALEY Bandemer
HALEY Bandemer 22 days ago
why would jeffrey say that ab the whole “owning his house” situation. fuck jeffrey, shane and ryland anyways. morgan, garrett and andrew are the only REAL ones.
STAN ATEEZ 25 days ago
They always had an everyone bully Garrett vibe Garrett was always the but of the joke everytime I would watch Shane’s videos it was kinda upsetting
Mel O_O
Mel O_O 26 days ago
its so frustrating to watch. Reminds me so much of David Dobrik, not a compliment.
Nell Martin
Nell Martin 26 days ago
Omg... a queen who shit talks?! Never! 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️
Kitty Karma
Kitty Karma 27 days ago
As someone who watched all of Shane's and Garrett's collab videos I use to think it was an act/joke they played up for the camera. Like with Markiplier and his friends they all pick on each other. But now it's becoming more and more clear Garrett was being abused.
kanaya maryam
kanaya maryam 27 days ago
garrett and andrew's friendship >>>>>>>>> garrett and shane
Ariadne Month ago
Right off the bat: It’s funny hearing a gossip / drama channel insult someone for being a gossip at the bar one night
Ariadne Month ago
Your profession is gossip, rumour and speculation
MammaCee Month ago
Shane was absolutely nothing but a mean girl man. Garret is far to good for them. bless him :(
Liota Rose
Liota Rose Month ago
I almost forgot about that graveyard girl stuff shane really threw the rock and hid his hand
Noah Month ago
They were hanging out a month ago please stop lying.
Guys Please
Guys Please Month ago
Drew and Garrett deserved much much better
Isabelle Kremenets
Isabelle Kremenets Month ago
i feel so bad for disliking Garrett back when I was actively watching Shane :( All of Shane’s passive aggressive/aggressive remarks towards him really stuck with me, and that framed my mind to sorta dislike Garrett - instead of Shane 😭 I’m embarrassed
Lee lee 82
Lee lee 82 Month ago
I love Garrett❤️💕
Dont_Gabby Month ago
Whenever Garrett would go on about Harry Potter, I just wanted him to go on (even tho I hate Harry Potter). Shane snd Ryland were so mean anf for what
macy garth
macy garth Month ago
i literally used to love shane so so much but now that i’m older i see that what shane was doing was just wrong. the way he spoke to garrett, the way he joked about serious topics. i’m just glad that shane andrew and garrett aren’t friends anymore
Carol Limões
Carol Limões Month ago
im really glad garrett and andrew have their own thing now they both seem like genuine good people, garrett has always been my favorite
ReactKing Month ago
That video where Kathy throws something at Garret really pisses me off
Vince Month ago
You know what, for some crazy unknown reason I want really badly for Garrett to get his life right. I mean, like having a nice stable job, a caring boyfriend, excitement to complete his projects and shit... Maybe it's because I feel my live is a bit messed up without schedules and I don't want this crap for him, I dunno. Or maybe this is just me projecting myself on him and trying to get better.
Annie Yu
Annie Yu Month ago
Shane is so toxic. I am glad that Drew and Garrett left him.
Kezzy X
Kezzy X Month ago
Thank you for that moment of silence at the end. 🙏🏼
lil' ghost rat
lil' ghost rat Month ago
Such a sweet guy with a heartwarming smile, it's unfair that Shane profited from being a shitty friend to Garrett
Ashley Month ago
Or maybe a lot of it was jokes. I say jokingly mean things to people but then make fun of myself in the same swing. But maybe its the other things and we weren't there for it all. Videos are fake. They plan more than you think.
Matt Maltese
Matt Maltese Month ago
I remember watching Shane and Garrett interact always triggered my self hatred. I related to Garrett a lot and seeing his friends put him down made me feel like its what I deserved for being excited, it may have been a contributer to me being so easily manipulated into believing me being happy made everyone mad
Peyton Kirk
Peyton Kirk Month ago
My whole life I was never into Star Wars, never had much interest in it, any of the movies, the lore, I knew some of the characters and even a bit ab the main story but that’s ab it. My brother is HUGE into it. He’s looking at getting the movie posters, he’s constantly keeping updated with the latest plot progressions and me and him have been watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars together. When me and him are together and he’s watching it his eyes light up and he gets so happy because it’s a whole other multiverse w rich story line and he understands and f e e l s for the characters and loves the story. Now, imagine if I made fun of him for it every chance I got, laughed when he tried to explain things to me, rolled my eyes when he wanted me to watch it with him. Can you imagine how much it would hurt him? Now look at Shane making fun of Garrett’s love for Harry Potter. I can’t even imagine calling myself an empath and then insulting my best friends safe place, the thing that makes them giddy and no doubt see themselves within. It’s so disgusting to even think ab it because insulting someone’s fandom or show or ANYTHING that they clearly have deep fondness for it just a clear sign of a complete lack of respect or love. A friend doesn’t do that, it genuinely makes me so sad to see those clips.
amaviinavii Month ago
Garett was completely right abt the thing abt sociopathy / narcissism, those are legitimate mental conditions and seeing shane and ppl critical of shane throw those phrases around is ridiculous, especially when they armchair diagnose shane with those conditions because they're doing the same thing he did, he doesn't need to be mentally ill to be gross guys come tf on
Luna Cobalt
Luna Cobalt Month ago
Kayla Riojas-Harris
Kayla Riojas-Harris Month ago
Garrett deserved better, and Drew deserved better.
Northern Belle
Northern Belle Month ago
What are u and the rest of USposts going to do after the Shane bashing saga runs its course? Y’all just don’t stop and this happened 8mo ago😂 can u imagine being picked apart by people that don’t know u at all and only know u on USposts? All these people making money off the Shane Dawson.. yet hate him.
Cid Month ago
AlexiaRay Month ago
I feel like people just dig,disect, and exaggerate the jokes from these videos. Those are his carefree moments with friends. I don’t understand that EXTREME SENSITIVITY.
AlexiaRay Month ago
Ugh the sensitivity. Can ya’ll drop the Shane hating obsession? They are friends and the distancing occured to not tarnish their names. Period. That’s it. They are still lokey friends.
m t
m t Month ago
who cares
Asellus Month ago
It's really sad but people with pure intentions have to learn the hard way to be a little more cynical of others... Garrett was kind and forgiving to the extent that he let bad people get the best of him. While it was hard to watch, he learned a valuable lesson and his recent posts demonstrate the wisdom he's gained, and it seems like he's doing well now.
emma rutledge
emma rutledge Month ago
this drama is so good 😭😭 you’re videos are the best
Travel Mami
Travel Mami Month ago
Cid looks like Drew
Hannah J
Hannah J Month ago
I’m glad Garret distanced himself from Shane. I was in Garret’s position with a family member who was like Shane. It was incredibly toxic and emotionally painful. Garrett carried every video he was in on his shoulders. He was more interesting than everyone else in that friend group put together. Garret always deserved better than that. It’s awful looking back on how abusive Shane was to him.
papaspizza Month ago
He's such a shit youtuber but I'm just interested in the topics
Dap Tree
Dap Tree Month ago
What, I just saw chloe moriondo in his featured channels- whaaaaaat makes me love him more
Michelle Month ago
Hahahaha a moment of silence for everyone who has to deal with Karens...thank you!!!!! X
svftmgc Month ago
i get fixated on things really easily. i’ll learn everything i can about that one thing and then i’ll go and tell my parents or sisters or friends everything i learned. they can last a few days or several months, and it can get annoying really quickly, i know. but it’s frustrating when people tell me they don’t care or tune me out because it makes me want to not talk about stuff anymore, but i can’t control it, like i have to get it all out or i’ll explode, which makes me feel anxious and guilty because i don’t like annoying people, and then it’s just an endless cycle. the point is, if someone is trying to tell you something you don’t care about, politely say so. don’t be an asshole about it. please.
Caelan Landry
Caelan Landry Month ago
The clip where Shane is encouraging Garett to scare graveyardgirl and when he did Shane threw him under the bus literally disgusts me. I used to love Shane and I watched that video in real time, but now looking back, the way he treated his friends was absolutely disgusting.
Bunkookie Month ago
I never really noticed when I actually watched Shane's videos that he always put down Garrett's interests probably because I'm autistic and I tend to hyperfixate on my interests and talk about them to the point of annoying people around me so I didn't notice that it wasn't normal behaviour
y y
y y Month ago
poor garette
Max Month ago
Why don’t u have more subs?? Ur so underrated
Erza Heartfellia
Erza Heartfellia Month ago
I haven’t been watching you for long I subbed around 7k subs and so great to see how much you’ve grown. Keep up the good work!
Maddie Um
Maddie Um Month ago
I unfollowed shane off of everything yesterday after being subscribed for about 11 years, can’t do it anymore and I’m over it. If you have this much “stuff” surrounding you then somethings definitely going on.
colby adams
colby adams Month ago
Garrett and Shane's friendship reminds me a LOT of my past toxic friendship. I was constantly the butt of the joke, she would tell me to do something and then either get mad that I did it or make fun of me, she would be "jokingly" rude to me, etc. I'm a lot like Garrett because I'm not a confrontational person. I told someone to stop talking over me once and was shaking from it for an hour and apologized immediately after. I have interests that I like to talk about obsessively and share with my friends too and got the same reaction he got. That's why I'm not surprised he left, they all treated him like shit and he probably got tired of holding his anger in and left.
Jem Adamson
Jem Adamson Month ago
I just assumed they had a bit going on and thought tgey were both in on it cause Garrett never seemed hurt by it. But now i know someone at work who gets bullied a lot and i see the similarities between him and Garrett. I understand now.
bugrat_ Month ago
It was always upsetting to me when Garrett would talk about something he really likes for example Harry Potter Shane would immediately tell him to be quiet or that no one cares
Maddie Lynne
Maddie Lynne Month ago
This was hard to watch because I’m sure Garret was ALL of our faves and he was always treated like shit but seeing it all back to back is just 🤢
neo cultured shiz
neo cultured shiz Month ago
This video just made Jeffrey, Ryland and Shane look like bad guys because that was just showing how much of a close friendship they have . You all take everything so serious and this person is using it for views. Obviously he would only put the clips where the rest of the squad acts mean to make them look bad. They were not always bullying Garrett the way it shows here because Garrett always laughed with them and also threw back some roast.
neo cultured shiz
neo cultured shiz Month ago
But we all have to admit that we love Garrett
neo cultured shiz
neo cultured shiz Month ago
They might not be friends anymore but they were at some point so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Kaleigh Corey
Kaleigh Corey Month ago
Garrett cringes when he says soulmate. I'm pretty fn sure that Jeffrey had the absolute hots for Garrett. Anybody else sense that??
King Margo of Fillory
King Margo of Fillory Month ago
😞 Garrett is the sweetest.
Nemo Month ago
Not to mention when Garrett jumped into the pool fully clothed to get something for Shane. Even Ryland was like "thats a real friend" Garrett was too good for shane
Tatiana Gois
Tatiana Gois Month ago
i'm honastly happy and glad Garrtet is out of that bullshit. he is a genuine sweet soul and the fact Shane walked all over him pisses me off. andGarret being garett would let him and it was honastly sad
Tony Emond
Tony Emond Month ago
It certainly seems like Shane Dawson is the most awful person (formerly) on USposts...
CrypticSprite R
CrypticSprite R Month ago
Garett is my favorite. I hated how Shane and the others told him to shut up when he talked about things he liked. He constantly got shut down and as someone who’s had that happened to the point of not ever wanting to talk about things I love. I felt bad for him. Honestly I honestly only watched for Garett. It felt beyond friends making fun of him. It felt like bullying. Idk, Garett is my freaking favorite I forgot to say, he deserves soooooo much better and I’m so happy for him moving on
Hopemonkey Month ago
I was done with the guy the first time I saw him on The Chair’ but you seem obsessed , just let the memory of Dawson die and move on, he is not worth it.
Mimi Grabner
Mimi Grabner Month ago
Calling a person a Sociopath is not right. Mental Health Illnesses is so real and painful. It's just not right for using Mental health issues as a joke.
Frederic Buchanan
Frederic Buchanan Month ago
Being a sociopath and a serial killer is kinda shane's thing?!? What did he say?!?!?
Mr. Dad
Mr. Dad Month ago
Jake Paul
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