TRAPPED (Part 8) (YawaSkits, Episode 71)

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Month ago

#Kalistus #Trapped #yawaskits
The entanglement continues...
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Esethu Ngiyana
Esethu Ngiyana 2 days ago
Queen's brother can act wow very funny
Danny Pierre
Danny Pierre 3 days ago
My bom bom, it's over, for you 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Blacks Blacks
Blacks Blacks 4 days ago
They are good actors 👍
Vuyo Klaas
Vuyo Klaas 5 days ago
its over for you!!! that line killed me
Smash9ja TV Official
Smash9ja TV Official 6 days ago
Boma Na Confirm Nigerian Politician.... Walahi Boma is a Politician, Pls which Post is He Currently Holding in Nigerian Politics Abeg
Mohamed Ousmane
Mohamed Ousmane 8 days ago
I wasn't expecting the ending omg Boma it's over 😂😂
Kene Martin Udegbunam
Kene Martin Udegbunam 8 days ago
Which of the ok u no understand abi na the O or K🤣🤣 king kali like no other
Ebenezer Dadzie
Ebenezer Dadzie 11 days ago
What's real name of Queen
Ginika Geo
Ginika Geo 11 days ago
Pre Zinge
Pre Zinge 11 days ago
Would one be able to order the T Shirts from South Africa?
Sonng Birrd
Sonng Birrd 14 days ago
I like that word at the end "IT'S OVER"😂😂. It is Boma turn
Sonng Birrd
Sonng Birrd 14 days ago
Boma sell is trusted friend ( kalistus ) hide out for 30k
Sonng Birrd
Sonng Birrd 14 days ago
What!! Queen's mother is crushing on Boma.. This is interesting
Sonng Birrd
Sonng Birrd 14 days ago
Who notice it Queen really like kalistus so much ( Love )
BrettTC57 14 days ago
Running without sandals was risky. Nice to see Queen don't need fake eyelashes to look beautiful.
Alexius Endunde
Alexius Endunde 15 days ago
Me too!
vinz zambo
vinz zambo 16 days ago
Boma sold Kalistus like Judas😂
vinz zambo
vinz zambo 16 days ago
Love y’all
Chez More
Chez More 16 days ago
Imagine I skipped this episode
Johnson Anderson
Johnson Anderson 16 days ago
Boma done buy market
Wangach Wanyasa
Wangach Wanyasa 16 days ago
Boma Boma.....
Hatim Ganijee
Hatim Ganijee 18 days ago
8:48 name of the song please?
Inain Inatimi
Inain Inatimi 18 days ago
I liked this session hahaha
Lesedi Gail
Lesedi Gail 21 day ago
We die here 😂😊😂
Ousubi Fatty
Ousubi Fatty 21 day ago
Boma my guy
Sharon ashiley
Sharon ashiley 22 days ago
Wettin be this🤣🤣
Sharon ashiley
Sharon ashiley 22 days ago
Wettin be this🤣🤣
RoseHill Cabs
RoseHill Cabs 24 days ago
AyowoleFelix Fellocity
AyowoleFelix Fellocity 24 days ago
the only true comedy without vulgar languages, inappropriate scenes like showing of breast and buttocks like others do.. i love this twist to Boma
steven okoth
steven okoth 24 days ago
Boma messed up 100%. Haha hahahaha!
Mona Abukar
Mona Abukar 25 days ago
Seattle, Washington loves you yawa gang & all you're actors are fabulous umaah. Please bring more of trapped & lol I also want Boma to be the 5th husband to an older widower😂😘🥰🎉🎁🎈💚!! May the Lord of the heavens bless you and protect you from all evil🤲🙏!!
IBE Joseph
IBE Joseph 25 days ago
Plot twist. Christopher too will fall in love with Philo😂😂 everybody go get him own😂😂😂😂😂
chris lurd
chris lurd 25 days ago
Hahahahahhahahahahahaa. See kali's reaction at the end. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
lateef amodu
lateef amodu 25 days ago
Nice one
Crystal pearson
Crystal pearson 25 days ago
Boma's over....for you!
The VOICE of INSPIRATION. 26 days ago
The 'previously on' show is too long I think you should start on the immediate previous, anyway yawa crew is doing it.
Sande Yayo
Sande Yayo 26 days ago
Yawa dey for Boma 🤣🤣
PhatCodei BossB
PhatCodei BossB 26 days ago
I love everyone in these video in fact my husband and I love watching all of the acts with you guys,Watching from🇯🇲❤ .
Duane Brown
Duane Brown 26 days ago
Does anyone know where I can find the various sound tracks from this skit? they are amazing
Kay Wilson
Kay Wilson 26 days ago
Boma you will sell your mama when you see a $ sign Boma you kill me oooo🤣🤣🤣🤣👍
Eze Chiamaka
Eze Chiamaka 26 days ago
I did watching this chapter 8 and I saw 9 let me watch it
Mac Vally
Mac Vally 26 days ago
Lol.. bomalistic boma
Franklin tochukwu
Franklin tochukwu 26 days ago
My favorite comedian ✌🏾
Simon Otiwa
Simon Otiwa 27 days ago
Please for how do I wait for trap 9 please i keep checking it every day and night really missing it here
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Alexius Bonnie Lujimin
Alexius Bonnie Lujimin 28 days ago
So is there is a part 9 for trapped?
Michael Elfrida
Michael Elfrida 28 days ago
Hahaha I so much love this show
Jean Ndouffou
Jean Ndouffou 28 days ago
i liked the way Boma has been trapped also by his own treason. very good for him...
Kelvin Ejims
Kelvin Ejims 28 days ago
King n queen 😂 🤣 😅
Alfred Okama
Alfred Okama 28 days ago
When are we to be expecting part 9. Taking too long.
Theatre Focus Uganda
Theatre Focus Uganda 28 days ago
we are in this together . i have laughed so harrddddd hahahaahha
abbas ibrahim
abbas ibrahim 28 days ago
Boma don enter one chance 🤣
Joshua High
Joshua High 29 days ago
Boma greed has landed him into a very big trouble.... 😂😂😂😂😂
James Nukpeta
James Nukpeta 29 days ago
LL poop m
Mangkhansang Mate
Mangkhansang Mate 29 days ago
best dialogues
Mangkhansang Mate
Mangkhansang Mate 29 days ago
kalistus episodes are so unique
Michael Hengari
Michael Hengari 29 days ago
I will keep supporting this king k and queen very funny
Jazbo Tv
Jazbo Tv 29 days ago
Love you guys keep up the good work
Philip Duah
Philip Duah 29 days ago
I really like this Episode
wonder kid 251
wonder kid 251 29 days ago
Qeeun's brother is just like my youngest brother 😭
Kinyuy Claudette Yiilareng
Kinyuy Claudette Yiilareng Month ago
I love all your videos. Great one K for King, K for Kali. Your characters are all seasoned. Way to go.
UshieEmpire E
UshieEmpire E Month ago
The part that crack me up bona say which money 😂😂🏠
Omono ABC
Omono ABC 29 days ago
Nina does not need to hustle anymore. He has a “provider” now
Tiktok Best
Tiktok Best Month ago
Queen should get into Nollywood fast oo Her acting skills are bam💕💕
Black savages Officials
Black savages Officials Month ago
😂😂Boma always betrays kali 😂😂a friend in need is a friend indeed
Coretta Yorou
Coretta Yorou Month ago
Boma it's over for you😹💔🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jeey Diin Haji
Jeey Diin Haji Month ago
I hate How Quen Smiles its awfull
Billy Maepa
Billy Maepa Month ago
They should take this to Netflix I will definitely watch
Kelechi Okoronkwo
Kelechi Okoronkwo Month ago
Omoh, see how Chris snatched the meat from Calistus😂... I thought it ended with Queen; now her mum is another story. Queen, I still fear you more!😟😈
Chiponosyo Longwe
Chiponosyo Longwe Month ago
Boma can sell 😂😂😂😂
Samson Clement
Samson Clement Month ago
King Kali best word "It's Over" 😂😂😂
Fernando Amos Nando faya
Fernando Amos Nando faya Month ago
From Mozambique
Paa Kwegyir
Paa Kwegyir Month ago
I can't stop laughing oo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.. My ribs are hurting.. 😂😂
Billy-kirts Jator
Billy-kirts Jator Month ago
Ralph Nguema
Ralph Nguema Month ago
When are you guys release the next episode?? Can't wait ....
Brian Ongeso
Brian Ongeso Month ago
I have been laughing for more than a week and am still laughing till now when I recall this clip .King Kali much love from Nairobi,Kenya❤
Please Kalistus make sure that Christopher starts calling Boma Papa in the next episode.
Sephora KC
Sephora KC Month ago
Lmao the end killed me. Got me chocking on this soup lmao 😂..”It’s over! ...For you” 💀🤣😂
Aisosa Imasuen TV
Aisosa Imasuen TV Month ago
I can't wait to watch the nest one ❤️
Odin Henry
Odin Henry Month ago
Queen so pretty omg
George Chege
George Chege Month ago
I've never laughed this hard. Una wan kill me? My ribs have stitch now. Queen is a very good actor.
YAWA SKITS Month ago
Irene Muiru
Irene Muiru Month ago
Trapped 9 please!
Elijah Daniel
Elijah Daniel Month ago
Kali work towards making a movie
Mbarak Abdallah
Mbarak Abdallah Month ago
Trapped 9 🙌
ravindra pillai
ravindra pillai Month ago
This is excellent series. What a fantastic acting by the actors especially kali and boma. I am from India but love watching yawaskits
YAWA SKITS Month ago
thando nxumalo
thando nxumalo Month ago
Macfresh Comedy
Macfresh Comedy Month ago
Can't stop laughing please fellow me let's go and see what macfresh comedy have to say
Abdul Baasit
Abdul Baasit Month ago
Honestly I think KALISTUS and QUEEN will make a wonderful real life couple 👫
Richard Egburonu
Richard Egburonu Month ago
Boma long throat🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Eve Mbandila
Eve Mbandila Month ago
Can someone help me find this song " a good name is better than gold and silver?
Mbarak Abdallah
Mbarak Abdallah Month ago
Part 9
Shiyam Christopher
Shiyam Christopher Month ago
It's over..... For you 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ghost Vlogger TV
Ghost Vlogger TV Month ago
I’m waiting on next one episode 🥺
Brodadee TV
Brodadee TV Month ago
I Brodadee TV, I they respect this guy's,them too much,king kaly I comot cap for you
SemDoesEverything Month ago
Where is Part 9 😭😭😭
Mathew Dzelemo
Mathew Dzelemo Month ago
This can never be khali, he didn't collect his share of the money
Ossai N. TonyDavid
Ossai N. TonyDavid Month ago
Stars all-over the show. But Queen won my heart😍🤗😍
Nazree Sazali
Nazree Sazali Month ago
I really love yawa skits ! Eventho im not blck people or nigerian, but the comedy still gets me. Love from Malaysia ! I just hate to wait the next episode bcs already watch all of them over n over. Kalistusss yoooo
Mesh Moto
Mesh Moto Month ago
That spanking 🤣🤣🤣
Taal Usman
Taal Usman Month ago
She really said my BOM BOM😂😂😂... They are all dead. You will be the 5th😂
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