BLACKPINK - 'Lovesick Girls' Jimmy Kimmel Live

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day night
day night 18 minutes ago
eu queria que elas realmente cantasse no ao vivo, fico triste com isso
Kokom Komala
Kokom Komala 39 minutes ago
I love Lisa and jenni
BPBTS 49 minutes ago
Guys a person named junokim has credited himself and blackpink for their unreleased song ready for love He is a 14 year old living in Assam, india who has done that to other music creators and he may ruin blackpinks image and blackmail yg ent for money, a piece of the company etc as he has done that to other people too Pls tweet this on Twitter, email yg ent multiple time, do something on Instagram and let the yg officials know so that they can take legal action against this person Pls spread this msg to other blinks
Karmun Wong
Karmun Wong Hour ago
i like rose
Paulo Ranes
Paulo Ranes Hour ago
IM PROUD TO BE A BLINK🙂😌😌💖💖💗💗💗💖💖💗💗💖💖💗💗💗
Jennie Kim
Jennie Kim Hour ago
Damn!! I love Jennie so much.
Ayen Cabatino
Ayen Cabatino Hour ago
did blackpink visit USA? i don't now
PN KK Hour ago
Suci Suci ramadhani
Suci Suci ramadhani Hour ago
Rose Lisa Jennie jisoo hebat 💖💖💖
Anton Steven
Anton Steven Hour ago
I like jennie forever
Manisha Boro
Manisha Boro 2 hours ago
Anyone jisoo fan
jichu chickin
jichu chickin 2 hours ago
i love this performance bcs the backing track is not that loud as usual lol
John Prince
John Prince 3 hours ago
vandana singh
vandana singh 3 hours ago
Blackpink is best ❤️
sonia warrior
sonia warrior 3 hours ago
I love you Blackpink ✌❤
No Time To Die
No Time To Die 3 hours ago
Estornudaron, haciendo énfasis en que traen el covid las blackpink
Alvin Lim
Alvin Lim 4 hours ago
I love you blackpink! you are my favourite !♥️♥️♥️
dinda channel
dinda channel 4 hours ago
Blink indonesia
AriCat Play Games garcia
AriCat Play Games garcia 4 hours ago
No hablo inglés pero me gustan sus canciones backpink
Ramon Romero
Ramon Romero 4 hours ago
Stream! Stream! Stream! Get ready to say goodbye to BLACKPINK’s HYLT as the most viewed music of 2020 if y'all don't stream! The gap is just 30 million views. At this rate, we will lose our record in a few days!! STREAM HYLT! (c)
Saima Souda
Saima Souda 5 hours ago
I love jennei's unicq no one can do like her
Mafia Gaming
Mafia Gaming 5 hours ago
Touch your song from pubg🙂 Love from North East India Martin Quinz😘
maribelle Prado
maribelle Prado 5 hours ago
Antonia Graciela
Antonia Graciela 5 hours ago
TE AMO 🥰😍😆😆😆😆
Antonia Graciela
Antonia Graciela 5 hours ago
TEO 💌💄💍💎👑💖
estrellisa coralysa
estrellisa coralysa 6 hours ago
I love blackpinck It is my inspiration to be a singer. I love you blackpinck
Nabella Kharomah
Nabella Kharomah 7 hours ago
I like black pink❤❤
Patti 7 hours ago
I love BLACKPINK omg❤️❤️❤️
Mooncalf 7 hours ago
Kimmel be like wtf is this?
「KIM ANGEL」 8 hours ago
BTS EXO TXT 9 hours ago
Mujhey BLACKPINK itni gandi lgti hain
Wiktoria D
Wiktoria D 9 hours ago
The outfits were a little boring imo
—L i z z i e.
—L i z z i e. 9 hours ago
_Rosé._ 🥰
Анна Коваленко
Анна Коваленко 9 hours ago
jia shuja
jia shuja 10 hours ago
lisa looks sooooo pretty omg helpp
– jisooloist
– jisooloist 10 hours ago
can you spare some time watching one of my blackpink edits please?
Layan life
Layan life 10 hours ago
I like all of them there so cool i wish i could see them but im a kid :( one day ill see them ❤️
Luiza Army
Luiza Army 11 hours ago
Aiiii gente eu faço aniversário junto com 4 idols e um deles é a Jisoo😊
Kylie 11 hours ago
Rosé 💘💘💘💘
Halena English
Halena English 12 hours ago
Dana Lescano
Dana Lescano 12 hours ago
My Queens!! Always perfect :,D
爱—lᴏᴠᴇ. 12 hours ago
Funnyasmr x
Funnyasmr x 12 hours ago
I hate black pink they allways saying the n word like (nega naga mega Nha) ugh ew DONT WATCHING THIS CHANNEL ITS DESERVED NOTHING!
Happy Dancer
Happy Dancer 13 hours ago
khadija Shariff
khadija Shariff 13 hours ago
I love Lisa and jennie💕
Neenah Blanco
Neenah Blanco 13 hours ago
Jisoo has very distinctive voice. I wonder what genre would fit her best?
MOMO TV 14 hours ago 멋진 음악! Watch HD 💜🐺
Ida Julyanti
Ida Julyanti 14 hours ago
I want rose shoes
Ida Julyanti
Ida Julyanti 14 hours ago
Maggie Coleman
Maggie Coleman 14 hours ago
Rose = Amazing Vocalist Lisa = Amazing Dancer Jennie = Amazing Rapper Jisoo = GORGEOUS!
Bervely Roberts
Bervely Roberts 14 hours ago
Jisoo looks more beautiful every day and her voice is angelic ✨👑
Shakuntla Khosla
Shakuntla Khosla 14 hours ago
Best is rose and lisa
Shakuntla Khosla
Shakuntla Khosla 14 hours ago
I am lovesick of blackpink
BLIИK Studio
BLIИK Studio 15 hours ago
🖤BLΛƆKPIИK💗 🖤BLIИK💗 BLACKPINK - 'Lovesick Girls' MV 01:52 ━━━●───── 03:21 ⇆ㅤㅤ ◁ㅤ ❚❚ㅤ ▷ㅤ ㅤ↻ ılıılıılıılıılıılı ᴠᴏʟᴜᴍᴇ : ▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮
Blinkarmy 15 hours ago
Jennie is just ✨✨ I’m really out of words she just slaying it
Blinkarmy 15 hours ago
They allll killed it like they always do
•Jessica Valencia•
•Jessica Valencia• 15 hours ago
Black pink bagus lagu nya
sabina fãs
sabina fãs 16 hours ago
Ai love lisa
Saay Park
Saay Park 16 hours ago
Can we talk about Lisa’s waist being so small they were able to tie a neck tie around it and making it fashionable! We stan
Min chin Hi DIY'S
Min chin Hi DIY'S 16 hours ago
Can we talk about how jennie looks so beautiful 😭🖤
RYKR MARS 16 hours ago
Jisoo is so hot man. She's sooo beautiful!
Princess Queen
Princess Queen 16 hours ago
Best look: ° • ° • ° • ° • ° • ♡ Boombayah: 1- Jennie 2- Rosé 3- Lisa 4- Jisoo ♡ Whistle: 1- Jennie 2- Rosé 3- Lisa 5- Jisoo ♡ Playing with fire: 1- Rosé 2- Jisoo 3- Jennie 4- Lisa ♡ As if its your last: 1- Jennie 2- Jisoo ♡ Ddu Du Ddu Du: 1- Jennie 2- Lisa 3- Jisoo 4- Rosé ♡ Kill this Love 1- Jennie 2- Rosé 3- Jisoo 4- Lisa ♡ How you like that: 1- Rosé 2- Jisoo 3- Lisa 4- Jennie ♡ Lovesick Girls: 1- Lisa 2- Jisoo 3- Rosé 4- Jennie *ALL OF THEM ARE BEAUTIFULL NVM*
Princess Queen
Princess Queen 10 hours ago
@Sude Güngör uh?
Sude Güngör
Sude Güngör 11 hours ago
Ilham Firdaus Saputro
Ilham Firdaus Saputro 16 hours ago
All the way from south Korea
iris55key 17 hours ago
Lisa.. Love​ you​ so​ much..
Ashefa Zahra
Ashefa Zahra 17 hours ago
i love blackpink
Princess Queen
Princess Queen 17 hours ago
I rlly looooove LiSoo's outfit in here!
Assia 17 hours ago
Arun Diwan
Arun Diwan 17 hours ago
Lisa is hot cute sexy and damn cool ❤❤❤❤❤
saurus lee
saurus lee 17 hours ago
리사 미쳤다
백정윤 18 hours ago
저도 블랙핑크 댄스학원에서 베우고 있어요 저도 언니들 처럼 휴용한 가수가 될거에요^^
Jamil channel
Jamil channel 18 hours ago
Lisa kamsahamida, you're still remember me?
MEJO MEJO 18 hours ago
str3am hylt HAHSHSHS
Jeight Tabaranza Vlogs
Jeight Tabaranza Vlogs 18 hours ago
Jisoo's black hair ahhh i'm dead
white is safe
white is safe 19 hours ago
Im in love with the replay button
فانز بيسان اسماعيل وانس
فانز بيسان اسماعيل وانس 19 hours ago
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Sweedish Hrasel
Sweedish Hrasel 19 hours ago
최미래 20 hours ago
Wow, I'm ARMY but I like Blackpink's songs. Rose's voice so amazing. She's talented
해피캐롤라인 21 hour ago
제니의 랩 넘나 듣기 좋아요
Maricena Joy San Juan
Maricena Joy San Juan 21 hour ago
I like Jisoo's deep voice
Maria Lediza Arandid
Maria Lediza Arandid 22 hours ago
Jennie with the dress, i love it
Eana Noriega
Eana Noriega 22 hours ago
Rose is my favorite member of black pink
Nusaiba Akbar Sarin
Nusaiba Akbar Sarin 22 hours ago
Love for you jisoo excellent performance everyone
NEW BLACKPINK 22 hours ago
Go on this link
Marienel Silla
Marienel Silla 22 hours ago
Please can you help our girls by participating in the mass streaming of how you like that mv tomorrow (26th) at 4:30 pm kst?
Redwil Berongoy
Redwil Berongoy 23 hours ago
wow blackpink
Ayşe Koç
Ayşe Koç 23 hours ago
I love you jisoom lisam jenniem rosem 😭💖💖
នី គីមណា
នី គីមណា 23 hours ago
Love You
cute linh
cute linh 23 hours ago
Is this the time they act in America, everyone?
Denny Rave
Denny Rave 23 hours ago
Lamchong Sitlhou
Lamchong Sitlhou Day ago
Only the most famous kpop groups been to jimmy Kimmel show
Naziha Islam
Naziha Islam Day ago
Idk why blink hate bts and army hate BP They are the king(bts) and queen (black pink) of the world
Quinn’s Skits and stuff!
Quinn’s Skits and stuff! Day ago
They look so flawless!! I love them 💜😍
Linda Erin amanda
Linda Erin amanda Day ago
Wowo bagus
Deya the doge
Deya the doge Day ago
2:03 is one of my favorite parts ♥️
JK Park
JK Park Day ago
Jisoo look so chic in those outfit😘💕
Muh Arya
Muh Arya Day ago
Blackpink Queen Of kpop This is my opinion
Ewsanaa Sergelen
Ewsanaa Sergelen Day ago
Jisoo l love
Kim Jisoo
Kim Jisoo Day ago
Dont forget to vote BLACKPINK at MAMA every day and them too : 'TREASURE' for Best New Male Artist 'SECRET NUMBER' for Best New Female Artist
Mixchael Abaloyan
Mixchael Abaloyan Day ago
Lip syncing?
Oppo F9
Oppo F9 Day ago
Katsom Sarju
Katsom Sarju Day ago
I like this song
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