Carrie Underwood & John Legend - Hallelujah (Official Music Video)

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13 days ago

The official music video for Carrie Underwood & John Legend’s, “Hallelujah" from Carrie’s first-ever Christmas album, “My Gift.” Directed by Randee St. Nicholas.
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Written by John Stephens and Toby Gad
My Gift, features a combination of beloved traditional favorites celebrating the spiritual nature of the holiday, as well as original songs. Carrie welcomes a stellar list of musical collaborators, led by GRAMMY Award-winning producer, arranger, and multi-instrumentalist Greg Wells and features a world-class orchestra, led by the pre-eminent arranger, composer, and conductor David Campbell.
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Music video by Carrie Underwood, John Legend performing Hallelujah. A Capitol Records Nashville Production; © 2020 UMG Recordings, Inc.

MarkW Nongsiej
MarkW Nongsiej Hour ago
Okay I feel like John is trying something new and I like it!
K Hour ago
No one will top John Legend and Megan Trainor they got voices of a sparrows
Веси Попова
Веси Попова Hour ago
Cecilia Rodriquez
Cecilia Rodriquez Hour ago
Best strong performance very strong voices. Carrie Underwood and John Legend.
Wanda Bradley
Wanda Bradley 2 hours ago
Omg I can’t stop listening to this song!!!!! So beautiful! Well done you two!
Sheena Pangonis
Sheena Pangonis 2 hours ago
Beautiful Song 🙏
Debi M
Debi M 2 hours ago
This was really good. Huge John Legend fan. I can listen to him sing the phone book. Have all of Carrie's CDs. Will get this Christmas CD too. Great duo.
Lets Play Minecraft
Lets Play Minecraft 2 hours ago
Omg I love it it is so beutiful you guys have such beutiful voices together perfect
Missi Michaels
Missi Michaels 2 hours ago
First time hearing right now. I love it so much made me cry. LOVE PRAYERS AND BLESSINGS TO EVERYONE EVERYWHERE ALWAYS 🙏❤️ HALLELUJAH LOVE AMEN 😍🙏❤️
Nassi Againnam
Nassi Againnam 2 hours ago
This man brings class to any project..... Bless him! Beautiful song, wow...
Lucija Brezovar
Lucija Brezovar 2 hours ago
I have just found my favourite song of 2021!
M Pepbro
M Pepbro 3 hours ago
The Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins, he was buried & rose on the third day. When we believe & trust in Christ alone; by God's Grace alone we are saved. Praise Jesus!
Cyrus Richardson
Cyrus Richardson 3 hours ago
Depuis Haïti J'adore ce son . Les Hallelujah me font trésaillir .
L 4 hours ago
This us a magical and religious experience.
Delois Manley
Delois Manley 4 hours ago
Absolutely beautiful!💕
Alena Dunn
Alena Dunn 5 hours ago
They both have BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING voices and they sound great no matter what and with whom they sing with.
Natalie Green
Natalie Green 5 hours ago
People want me to go far thanks to the lord I may be poor but I have may be hurt by many by giving all I have had and hurt many times but I still have the lord and my children hallelujah!
Natalie Green
Natalie Green 5 hours ago
Loved this song as god is everywhere I’m a single mom I have raised my kids on my own practically I’ve been abused all my life and been an epileptic told to fill out my living will I’ve been 16 years clean of meth and 10 years clean of opiods. Now I’m a public figure of 3 years coming out this year proudly!
dena ford
dena ford 5 hours ago
Very good!😘
Minding Mine
Minding Mine 6 hours ago
Love the song, don't see the point of Carrie having to intentionally open her dress to show off her bare leg, especially on a song such as this, maybe to entice the male fans. Otherwise, great collaboration.
Lalramsiami Lalramsiami
Lalramsiami Lalramsiami 6 hours ago
TeriLyn Mitchell
TeriLyn Mitchell 6 hours ago
Probably the greatest duo ever! John and Carrie congratulations so good. On repeat all day.
Lalramsiami Lalramsiami
Lalramsiami Lalramsiami 6 hours ago
Christine Roscoe
Christine Roscoe 6 hours ago
Beautiful song! Their voices sound amazing together!
chaterine suni
chaterine suni 6 hours ago
John Legend.. you're voice is really a legend.. 🥰🥰
notafan not
notafan not 6 hours ago
So beautiful
BearsButtrfly 7 hours ago
Absolutely beautiful!
Frances Utt
Frances Utt 7 hours ago
Oh, my gosh! Amazing! Two beautiful voice who blend and create magic.
Lajamie White
Lajamie White 7 hours ago
Amen!! something great happened in 2020 beautiful song
Shawn Ehredt
Shawn Ehredt 8 hours ago
Carrie WHY???? why would you lower yourself to work with such hate??? I have loved you and your sound since day one. I cant support this ass, Your better than this . Please don't work with him . Stay American . Its saddens your supporters
JHH 2184
JHH 2184 Hour ago
Omg! Please shut up. He’s full of hate, yet you the butt hurt maga klan member here leaving hateful comments for someone’s opinion: what happened to freedom of speech? I thought you guys loved this right so much. Grow up.
Anna Pretty
Anna Pretty 8 hours ago
absolutely the best❤️😍💕 Performance, personality, looks and music 😍💙❤️😍💕 🔥 🙏 🎶🎶🎶🎶♨️💗💓
Ronny Kelly
Ronny Kelly 8 hours ago
I have a Christmas wish, let's all be happy in these troubled times. Let's be there for eachother & remember our homeless people on the streets too. If each person can help even just one homeless person, you will have made a difference to someone's life. Everyone deserves to be happy. It's not good being on the streets, it's hard & cruel. It's far from what the media would have you belive. It's mothers, fathers, children, familys, ex servicemen/servicewomen, disabled, elderly, they are all vulnerable & in need of your help. Please help them in any way you can. Joy to the the world. Thank you
Strangers & Friends
Strangers & Friends 8 hours ago
Love it...Wish they could hear my song!😍
joel vasquez villanueva
joel vasquez villanueva 10 hours ago
B Rosales
B Rosales 12 hours ago
Wow nothing more beautiful when God's children sing to Jesus
Ruth Nagarya
Ruth Nagarya 12 hours ago
so special both their voices sound so rich, mature and
Moon Shadow Essentials Soap’s n More
Moon Shadow Essentials Soap’s n More 12 hours ago
They are phenomenal together. She looked like an Angel sent just for him. Gorgeous!
Casey Haywood
Casey Haywood 13 hours ago
They're voices blend perfectly for this song. Carrie Underwood is an amazing singer but this song showcases her vocal abilities in ways that are pure magic. When she goes for that insanely low note I was thinking she's not gonna hit that yet routing for her to do so and man what a vocal registry.
Josh Baker
Josh Baker 13 hours ago
Click bate... I was hoping for Jeff Buckley cover.
Sandi Brock
Sandi Brock 15 hours ago
Tal Dee
Tal Dee 15 hours ago
Hallelujah 🙏
Candice Bierdeman
Candice Bierdeman 17 hours ago
Amazing 🙌
Kendrick Perez
Kendrick Perez 17 hours ago
This was Amazing!!! Their two voices together is just unbelievable!!! May GOD continue to bless them both in everything that they do and keep them and their families safe and healthy always!!!
Deborah Wilkins
Deborah Wilkins 18 hours ago
Beautiful song beautifully sung!
Fredo ChickE
Fredo ChickE 18 hours ago
Carrie paired with Satan
Jojopotato 18 hours ago
This song speaks to not just this year, but every year of Christmas. I think that this song is one of the best songs I’ve heard from both artists!
Selena Vue
Selena Vue 18 hours ago
John is killing me with this high crisp notes 😇
Madison sole
Madison sole 18 hours ago
Thank you for this song it tuch my haert and are you having anymore converts this year do to covid 19
Marie L
Marie L 19 hours ago
fanry siki
fanry siki 20 hours ago
😍😍😍😍 Natal Su dekat☃☃🎄🎄
StevenC32 20 hours ago
I guess Democrats and Republicans can get along. John Legend is a Democrat and Carrie Underwood is a Republican.
kimberlee B
kimberlee B 21 hour ago
This is so so beautiful, they duet so well together. I pray 2021 is a better year for all. Much ❤️ and prayers for all.
Jennifer Fields
Jennifer Fields 21 hour ago
Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. 2 of my favorite artists together in perfect harmony. It truly cant get any better than that. Carrie and John are truly legends
KK C 22 hours ago
I am literally speechless. This song is absolutely breathtaking!💖💝❤️
Johnathan Webb
Johnathan Webb 22 hours ago
Jessica Santos
Jessica Santos 22 hours ago
Helen Ann Lee Shung
Helen Ann Lee Shung 22 hours ago
A new Modern Classic is born !!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾☃️🎄🥺🎊🎉
Queen- Doosh
Queen- Doosh 23 hours ago
A song that heals humanity beyond skin colour.... One thing Racist Trump never understood until he got kicked out!😍
Queen- Doosh
Queen- Doosh 16 hours ago
@fiddleDdee I don't care about any award given to him. well ,he is a racist.. case dismissed
fiddleDdee 19 hours ago
Trump isn't racist - the NAACP was giving him awards years ago for helping the black community, that racist stuff is made up by the media and the Dems to make you not like Trump
Judith Schneider
Judith Schneider 23 hours ago
The people in the video make this touch my heart more. This year has changed so many lives. God bless you all. I pray we can all have a better New Year
A Allyn
A Allyn Day ago
Wow! Voices like angels. Brought tears to my eyes. #beautiful
Jeremy Garley
Jeremy Garley Day ago
Geanna Rodriguez the.meeting and the government is in need to help with a good deal on at the end of the day meeting in a new state meeting for the presidents to die
Judith Schneider
Judith Schneider Day ago
How could anyone gives this a 👎
Christopher McLaughlin
Christopher McLaughlin Day ago
loving the 80s music video vibes. the doves the wind the candles
Randolph Armbrister
Randolph Armbrister Day ago
John Legend NEVER disappoints. He can fit into any genre. #mybeliefs #johnlegendfan
Kathy Cantrell
Kathy Cantrell Day ago
One of the most beautiful songs ever wrote,pure magic.
gode basizi
gode basizi Day ago
ladislau song
ladislau song Day ago
meu Deus
zeptagon Day ago
This song reminds me of why I was so taken by John legend when i first heard him sing, this songs brings back that old glow.
Lillian Eversole
Lillian Eversole Day ago
Two greats doing what they do best. Bless us all with their glorious voices. That is all it should be about
susie stewart
susie stewart Day ago
Marie F Paul
Marie F Paul Day ago
Amen! And thank you both!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Tremmusic Official
Tremmusic Official Day ago
Strong vocal performances & a lovely message. Pray hope for all in 2020 & the year to come
Audrey Lim
Audrey Lim Day ago
Wow two beautiful voices together. Send chills down my spine.
Eiloccorb Day ago
Not in a million years would I have guessed these two would sound THIS good together. Wow.. I've never been happier to be wrong.
Doé Myles
Doé Myles Day ago
This song is so beautiful! ❤️
Cortez martinez
Cortez martinez Day ago
Beautiful song❤❤
Stranger Edits
Stranger Edits Day ago
This song is awesome! I heard it on the car yesterday and instantly fell in love with it! Definitely a favorite Christmas song now!
Nana V
Nana V Day ago
Ginny Beard
Ginny Beard Day ago
The Hardweares TV
The Hardweares TV Day ago
This is amazing!
Greatest Love Song
Greatest Love Song Day ago
I have lost a lot of things in my life like my dad when he was killed in action in Iraq. This song helps me deal with it. And just to mention I can't wait to take my dad's place. I am going to be deployed in a couple of days in Iraq myself. God bless all of our U.S. troops fighting for our freedom.
janderson947 20 hours ago
I'm sorry for your loss,🙏for ur safety may God give you strength and courage and peace of mind along the way ik it might sound a bit crazy to you but please just get a bible and a journal take it with you and whenever you're feeling lonely sad happy or just lost please read it and write God is with you always
KK C 21 hour ago
I'm sorry for your loss. Praying for your safety, my Brother In Arms.🕊️
Omonokhua Shaba
Omonokhua Shaba Day ago
This is so well written and performed.. the vocals are incredible
Promo Inc One
Promo Inc One Day ago
It is the season for Christmas specials and performances. Here's my Christmas special. Single available on all digital music platforms. Thanks for your support, and Merry Christmas!
Mungai Simon
Mungai Simon Day ago
The more I listen, the more an almost vivid image of the angels singing 'Hallelujah' forms in the mind.
Joseph Christopher Cõbíãñ Junior
Joseph Christopher Cõbíãñ Junior Day ago
In Jesus name ( "Hallelujah") Genesis11:7 "Come let Us go down&confuse their language so that they will not understand one another’s speech.” 1Corinthians14:10 "Assuredly there are many different languages in the world yet none of them is w/o meaning" John19:20 "Many of the Jews read this sign b/c the place where Jesus was crucified was near the city & It was written in Hebrew Latin &Greek" Ever notice the cash in USA has Latin lettering? Spanish is the most beautiful language in the world (to me) Growing up Chicano God separated the nations But here I am A product of two nations coming together Nana & Abuela Knowing a language aside from the primary spoken language is the most talented capability a person can have A luxury & convenience to carry a conversation in public & have no one else around to understand what is being spoken "Can we go somewhere &talk in private?" So lame Bilingual people "No we're gonna talk right here We're going to stop speaking English, continue in Latin" In Jesus name amen
illona Kekung
illona Kekung Day ago
Christmas is coming to our town.. God bless u all..
Victoria Johnson
Victoria Johnson Day ago
It is amazing but.... something is missing... they don’t have the spirit of GOD! They can sing beautifully... but!!!!!!!
fiddleDdee 19 hours ago
but you do?
AnimationStation Day ago
It was only a matter of time before these two finally did a song together... AND IT'S AMAZING!!
Deanna Muir
Deanna Muir Day ago
Absolutely beautiful! Loved it!
Arturo Cruz
Arturo Cruz Day ago
Giải Trí Kiến Thức Tổng Hợp
Giải Trí Kiến Thức Tổng Hợp Day ago
i love you
jenette36richard Day ago
Beautiful song! I loved it!!
Joe Le
Joe Le Day ago
Magics voices 🙏🙏
Ilish Rose
Ilish Rose Day ago
These two very different people, different views on most everything. They joined together to make this beautiful piece of music. Put aside your own bias and thoughts for a moment, enjoy the beauty of this song. We all have to live together, so spread love. Love has an amazing power, to heal, to mend what was broken, to turn enemies into friends. It is the only answer
Barbara Rucci
Barbara Rucci Day ago
That is so precious. He sings so sweetly and stays on key. How proud Carrie must be. A definite treasure. ❤❤❤❤
I Love Country Music
I Love Country Music Day ago
I love you Carrie, but I truly do not like John Legend or his angry wife.
JHH 2184
JHH 2184 15 hours ago
@fiddleDdee - I don’t know if this is sincere or not, but I had no choice. I don’t like the fire the Republican Party is going down.
JHH 2184
JHH 2184 15 hours ago
@fiddleDdee 80+ million strong. Your point?
fiddleDdee 19 hours ago
@JHH 2184 Thank you for changing parties
fiddleDdee 19 hours ago
@JHH 2184 73 million strong
JHH 2184
JHH 2184 22 hours ago
@I Love Country Music yes, cause I was losing brain cells trying to dumb myself down to understand the maga klans way of thinking. I forgot you guys don’t like facts and honesty. I’ll see you in January when Biden is sworn in. ✌🏽
Aubrey 2 days ago
It December now. It Christmas time beautiful song
Ty Gilbert
Ty Gilbert 2 days ago
Well done guys
Troy Castellano
Troy Castellano 2 days ago
Leonard Cohen already wrote an undeniable version of this title.
Carole Dunic
Carole Dunic 2 days ago
Many songs share the same title
Addison Broom
Addison Broom 2 days ago
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