Every Time Sam Used the Butter Sock 🧈🧦 | iCarly

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Month ago

When things get tough, what's Sam Puckett's weapon of choice? The butter sock of course! It's butter. In a sock. Check out every time Sam used the butter sock in iCarly!
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Zion Bright
Zion Bright 2 hours ago
0:38 is that dump truck from liv and maddie
Loshini k
Loshini k 8 hours ago
Keerthishini. loshini. Ave anna😀👩‍👩‍👧‍👦⚽️🥉🥉🥉🥋
Loshini k
Loshini k 9 hours ago
Keerthishini. Loshini. Ave. Anna 😀
Kaelyn McEvoy
Kaelyn McEvoy Day ago
The one and only best part of being Sam Getting to hit pepole with a sock full of butter
Blazin AJ
Blazin AJ Day ago
Sam was a G with or without the Butter Sock
Brent Patrick Sta Maria
Brent Patrick Sta Maria Day ago
Hm! (write that down! *WRITE THAT DOWN* ) hehe, thx for the tip 🙂
BWater109 Day ago
Sam is funny
Gothic Chickens
Gothic Chickens 2 days ago
Lol I think I’m like Sam 👀
Kaytlyn Coons
Kaytlyn Coons 2 days ago
There is no way a sock of butter can hit that hard. That’s gotta be sound effects or something.
Pinkery 2 days ago
I gotta try this when theres a robber :D
Anthony's Toy Chest
Anthony's Toy Chest 2 days ago
Omg sam
Gabriel Canet
Gabriel Canet 2 days ago
go Sam you rock with the butter sock you beat all of them
Kelly Mills
Kelly Mills 2 days ago
Why can’t Sam be my older sister then she would defend me
Leslie MartinezPerez
Leslie MartinezPerez 3 days ago
I LOVE iCarly!!!!
k.h.production 22669
k.h.production 22669 3 days ago
I literally just remembered this gag
Kunal Thakur
Kunal Thakur 3 days ago
2:18 which episode is this from. I haven't seen this 😶
Iceplays _ Gacha
Iceplays _ Gacha 3 days ago
Me when using butter sock:I'm scared they will hit meh Sam when using butter sock:*SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK* ahhhhhh...... My job here is done 😎👏👍
Iceplays _ Gacha
Iceplays _ Gacha 3 days ago
I saw Tori on the last scene :)
Tommy Vercetti
Tommy Vercetti 4 days ago
0:57 Its not against the baby code if their is no baby
OH MY CRINGINESS. ! 4 days ago
What if the butter melt in the butter sock ?
Duminda Seneviratne
Duminda Seneviratne 4 days ago
Omg tori is here!!!
My Mom Promised if I reached 5K Subscribers I will
My Mom Promised if I reached 5K Subscribers I will 4 days ago
When was this? 4:04
xXCarissa_ GamerXx
xXCarissa_ GamerXx 4 days ago
What movie is this
Lyxchixn 4 days ago
1:39 what episode
Karla Bercero
Karla Bercero 4 days ago
The nuber 3 is from sam & cat
Dasfinn Houmac
Dasfinn Houmac 5 days ago
seddie or creddie duh seddie
XxSpyWxlfXx 5 days ago
2:12 what was the episode??
1234gofun 5 days ago
i need one
Brandon Broussard
Brandon Broussard 6 days ago
Sam with no butter sock is like Freddie's mom without Freddie's tick baths
Little Ney
Little Ney 6 days ago
I love how Sam shows girls can fight
Mark Imbing
Mark Imbing 6 days ago
Does #3 really count? She didn’t really use the butter sock.
Lorraine Day
Lorraine Day 6 days ago
My favorite part is when the oh no poor guy
Isaquiño’s Vlogs
Isaquiño’s Vlogs 6 days ago
1:13 what episode is that
Jonique Staton
Jonique Staton 7 days ago
0:32 Sam:cat your purse Cat:Sam my purse 🤣
Edge_Zeebee 7 days ago
Wait can someone please tell me the exact episode and season that episode was from with Tori Vega from Victorious was.
Jasmine Nacion
Jasmine Nacion 7 days ago
Give this comment a thumbs down if you ever wanted to make a butter sock- | | | | V
Sleepy Ninja77
Sleepy Ninja77 7 days ago
The butter sock will always be my favorite Sam bit!!!😂😂😂😂
Carter Gonzalez
Carter Gonzalez 7 days ago
If you want to upgrade the butter sock, I suggest two socks and fill them with rocks, marbles or quarters.
Liana Paguada-madrid
Liana Paguada-madrid 8 days ago
There older the icarly kids there isn’t another episode of iCarly
Hafsa 8 days ago
At the very end where is says the subscribe thing and Sam's changing the butter out of her sock she lowkey looks like Abby Lee- Just me? Ok...
Emma Cat Gaming
Emma Cat Gaming 8 days ago
What episode is number 6
ZomBabeZoe's Channel
ZomBabeZoe's Channel 8 days ago
Oh wow,the way she wields that Baby like a mace!!!
Red Ally
Red Ally 8 days ago
I love Sam and her butter sock
iPandora 9 days ago
My fav part Oh no and poor guy I wouldn't wanna be him OOF
Mina 9 days ago
When you realize the butter sock wouldn't actually work like that because butter is soft at room temp.
hedgehog 2211 fox
hedgehog 2211 fox 9 days ago
Number 9nw
hedgehog 2211 fox
hedgehog 2211 fox 9 days ago
What episode is that
Nada Ghzo
Nada Ghzo 9 days ago
Wesley Nathan Valentino
Wesley Nathan Valentino 9 days ago
Drew Ski
Drew Ski 9 days ago
Her weapon of mass destruction. Back off 😭😂
Sharon Toby
Sharon Toby 9 days ago
Just turn the baby the other way then it won't look at Sam beeting them up
Gloria Jones
Gloria Jones 9 days ago
Did you see A FAMOUS GIRL🤦‍♀️
WilliamKasey4 10 days ago
Huh, I thought there would be more xD
Amanda Granruth
Amanda Granruth 10 days ago
Sam u are the baest
Amanda Granruth
Amanda Granruth 10 days ago
Yesss this was my favorite show
Diego23 10 days ago
"look what you've done to me"
BULLY MAGUIRE 10 days ago
Can i use it on sam
Kerry Cox
Kerry Cox 10 days ago
i love icarly and the butter sock hilarious
Xoxo. Bella
Xoxo. Bella 10 days ago
This seems wrong-
•Galatic_Dragon• 10 days ago
Everyone loves Sam Puckett's Butter Sock!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😁😁😁
songbird 64
songbird 64 10 days ago
Carly, Freddy, and Sam are the classic DND trio. Carly is the bard, Freddy is the mage, and Sam is the gladiator/warrior.
Shadow Play
Shadow Play 10 days ago
She needs to make one of those for the Power Rangers
Camila Vee
Camila Vee 11 days ago
I'm a big fan of Sam and cat iCarly and Victoria's because they have all of them in it a aoctors that I know
Luna Ellis
Luna Ellis 11 days ago
I've never seen this show, but the butter sock is halarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Fairy amathyst crystal butter fly 39 Have faith
Fairy amathyst crystal butter fly 39 Have faith 11 days ago
SAM IS SO AWESOME!!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Simply_ Popxles
Simply_ Popxles 11 days ago
Me at the end: Victoria Justice!
Reyes, Precious Faith S.
Reyes, Precious Faith S. 11 days ago
One word for butter sock (and Sam): BEST UnU
mr. dragon
mr. dragon 11 days ago
0:39 as soon as I heard her said the doctor will tell you what he got hit by I said butter sock iCarly a million times
mr. dragon
mr. dragon 11 days ago
Does that even hurt in real life
Ultimategalaxy 11 days ago
I miss icarly 🥺😢😭
Im Back Online
Im Back Online 11 days ago
Sam strongest weapons The Butter sock
A DOLLAR?!? 11 days ago
Best compilation ever. Also what episode was #6?
Wai Keong Lim
Wai Keong Lim 12 days ago
I’m so glad Sam brought her butter sock to LA.
M M 12 days ago
Tori yasss
arkeossis yt
arkeossis yt 12 days ago
iconic yassss
Anusha George
Anusha George 12 days ago
oh poor guy - freddie
artie paramsook
artie paramsook 12 days ago
Y'all heard bout the reboot of iCarly its gonna be more adiltish though
vibrations and sounds
vibrations and sounds 12 days ago
Anime Gamer Dieago
Anime Gamer Dieago 12 days ago
Not only iCarly even Sam and Cat
sehyeon kim
sehyeon kim 12 days ago
I love icarly
Jacob Richardson
Jacob Richardson 12 days ago
That's another reason why I LOVE Sam because of her own weapon of choice.
Iva Gabrovska
Iva Gabrovska 13 days ago
You know when I am about to get attacked by someone I will use the butter sock
Mr. Sun Man
Mr. Sun Man 13 days ago
At the end of surprised it was red on the butter
Zion Williams Phillips
Zion Williams Phillips 13 days ago
Yessss go Samantha Puckett
Orlando Perez
Orlando Perez 13 days ago
This is why I would hire Sam as my left hand woman Widowmaker from Overwatch is my right hand woman.
ShmolKid 13 days ago
I like nobody turned the lights back on
Mariah Norton
Mariah Norton 13 days ago
hi everyone hope you have a a great valentines day and a safe life :)
Pink Hand Gang
Pink Hand Gang 13 days ago
I love how Carly and Freddie said oh no poor guy and the way she fighted in the dark
Maxhin Gail Cutang
Maxhin Gail Cutang 13 days ago
uhm...... i saw tori vega on victoriuos
Liv 13 days ago
2:18 Carly Spencer and gibby new it was coming
Javier Flores
Javier Flores 14 days ago
hey, Isn't that sock and butter from Sam and cat
Lee Montes
Lee Montes 14 days ago
Sam was my guy awakening
aeb8312 15 days ago
2:11 - Fun fact: She stole T-Bo's sock this time.
Music Lover
Music Lover 15 days ago
Jade's scissors ✂ vs Sam's butter sock 🧈🧦 who are you taking?
Natalie Carter
Natalie Carter 16 days ago
i love you icarly
Ryan Dom
Ryan Dom 16 days ago
Interviewer: Describe Sam from icarly in one word...and no more than one... Me: Butter Sock! Interviewer: You got the job! 😂
Ryan Dom
Ryan Dom 10 days ago
@Jayshel Guevarra Well, ive officially made it two words now :D
Jayshel Guevarra
Jayshel Guevarra 10 days ago
That's two words
Kurtnolen Pamplona
Kurtnolen Pamplona 16 days ago
Fun fact: This is an actual usable weapon
Aiden Roach
Aiden Roach 16 days ago
"Once again I offer the butter sock" - sam BEST CROSS OVER EPISODE EVER
Regi Ortega
Regi Ortega 16 days ago
i rewatching icarly since a long time but i forgot what were the episodes that she used the buttersock. can someone tell me the episodes?
Regi Ortega
Regi Ortega 8 days ago
@Emma Cat Gaming TY
Emma Cat Gaming
Emma Cat Gaming 8 days ago
She used it in itake on dingo, Istill psycho, I think it’s in iopen a restraunt, and ibattlechip. And I know it’s in irescue Carly
Luna Moon
Luna Moon 17 days ago
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