We Got Sued For Millions of Dollars (UPDATE)

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The Crosbys

Month ago

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sharon spencer
sharon spencer 7 hours ago
God defends the innocent! May he protect you from this attack.
Mrs. Balaban
Mrs. Balaban 12 hours ago
Oh Dear Family, when you show your left hand what your right hand is doing, don't expect traitors to be loyal. Remember greed is rampant. Stop advertising your business. The greedy will come for you without mercy. If what you do is for God, he will watch you, but if what you do is for you, you will lose it. SELAH!
Diana Gutierrez
Diana Gutierrez Day ago
How cool I have one of ur cameras!
Lydia Gastin
Lydia Gastin Day ago
Why are these kids and mum wearing masks indoors when no one is around?
LeeAnn Lyons
LeeAnn Lyons 2 days ago
She wants to go there every day! LOL. I bet she is gonna get that chance.
wms72 2 days ago
Dream catchers are pagan superstitious carriers. Christians should not have them in their homes because superstition draws negativity.
Lynn Chang
Lynn Chang 2 days ago
off the subject. Where are your kids’ masks from? Love the style and looks like it fits well. thanks!
Renee Dansereau
Renee Dansereau 3 days ago
So sorry to hear about your lawsuit wishing you good luck!
joanne garibay
joanne garibay 3 days ago
So sorry about the appeals - agree about the comment of counter suing! What did you mean about "Cross your fingers"? I thought this was a Christian family? Hum a little confused.
만국의 예수왕어린양의새나라
만국의 예수왕어린양의새나라 3 days ago
첫째달은 아빠 붕어빵 둘째 셋째 남매는 엄마 붕어빵
Charlene Kociuba
Charlene Kociuba 3 days ago
So sad to have been challenged like that, when you have lovely little ones to raise and enjoy. What does WYZE do or sell?
yeah sure
yeah sure 3 days ago
I will pray on this. 🙏
Shannon Marie
Shannon Marie 4 days ago
Harvey Ziegler
Harvey Ziegler 4 days ago
How do we start shopping with you where do we find your store app
Tommy Sweetweather
Tommy Sweetweather 4 days ago
someone should sue then for having annoying children....both of these parents need to grow up and get jobs.......
CandyCake Bear
CandyCake Bear 3 days ago
Its kinda rude to say that y'know. They arent annoying its just maybe they can be playful. Plus, you cant sue someone for "annoying children" lol. They would pick they're side and before you know THEY would be getting all the money, plus who knows they might have jobs and even if they dont then they still make money from youtube.
Susanna Smiley
Susanna Smiley 5 days ago
You guys are such an encouragement. 🤗
Katherine Grice
Katherine Grice 5 days ago
Paint the wall with. "Chalkboard Paint." That way they can use Chalk and Eraser it when finished. Unturned Walls.
Georgeasmr 6 days ago
You are a religious scam artist and you know it. Just like just like Jim Bakker
strydom4 6 days ago
Praying and trusting God for a good outcome for you guys.
My Own Fashion Closet LLC
My Own Fashion Closet LLC 6 days ago
This is awesome. Congratulations. We love your relationship you have with your daughter, you two partner well in song. Imagine if you couldn't afford to paid millions of dollars in lawyer's fees.
Leah1Run 6 days ago
I think that company is just trying to get you guys off the market they don’t care about legal fees on their end if they can corner the market on security cameras - I would sue them for harassment
Shirlene Sabine
Shirlene Sabine 7 days ago
vOutriders servers down
Rainy Greene
Rainy Greene 7 days ago
I don't know if you made another update. I do know I am praying!!!
Brenda Dodd
Brenda Dodd 9 days ago
I'll be praying for you, regarding that court business; That the decision will not be overturned but rule in your favor and that all truths will be revealed and nothing hidden. In Jesus name
Unknown Man
Unknown Man 10 days ago
Alison sued your first. Watch out because I am suing you too in early April!! We can also go after Dongsheng Song!!
Unknown Man
Unknown Man 10 days ago
You got SUED AGAIN FOOLS! You will be served in Delaware
JOHNNY HENSLER 10 days ago
Thank You For Sharing.
Sarah Conkle
Sarah Conkle 10 days ago
*is a woman* *drives semi truck* *has hit a rock before*
Grace Deramus
Grace Deramus 10 days ago
My fam has been buying wyze cams for a while so it was super awesome to find out you started the company!
JJ HAWK 10 days ago
Sue them to recover your costs!!!
Tammy Urquhart
Tammy Urquhart 11 days ago
Such unbelievable memories of that building!!! I spent great days there with McCaw Communications :) May the building bring you the success it brought McCaw!!
BeActive Behappy
BeActive Behappy 12 days ago
3:40 for the busy people
Tina Guzik
Tina Guzik 12 days ago
June is just the cutest.... She's a little spitfire! Love her energy!! 💕💕
christiannielsen 12 days ago
way too long video for the subject
Cutesy Bunny
Cutesy Bunny 13 days ago
Oh please take the masks off guys!!!! U don't need them. 👍
Margie Thomas
Margie Thomas 13 days ago
I’m surprised that Disney hasn’t tried to sue you since all you do is Disney cover songs.
Family Family
Family Family 14 days ago
You look like jelly the youtuber
Diary Nina
Diary Nina 14 days ago
Iam happy see u family😍
Justified Life
Justified Life 14 days ago
Done with this channel. Bye. You never upload when you say you will.
Disteh /
Disteh / 14 days ago
The Crosby’s ? Oh boy my mind has directed me to the Cosby show 😂 😂 😂..silly me!
Marianne Schaerer
Marianne Schaerer 15 days ago
Don't cross the fingers, look to the one that died for us on the cross 👑 Jesus is coming soon. HE is at the door. God bless and protect your familiy! 🌹
Clijano 9 days ago
I'm a Christian and I hate you
Ellyot Schoonjans
Ellyot Schoonjans 15 days ago
I can not get over June’s leather jacket
SuzyQ 16 days ago
Seattle where 'chill at the beach' isn't just a saying. brrrrr
Laura Sapp
Laura Sapp 16 days ago
Just bought a Wyze Camera. Hope it helps you out some!
Kim Harper
Kim Harper 17 days ago
183 people must’ve got so excited and hit the down button thinking it was the up button owe me
Kim Harper
Kim Harper 17 days ago
Amazing how pathetic people try to steal ideas from this amazing family that you can tell God is truly blessing I’ll be praying for your lawsuit and praying that y’all win
piinknene 17 days ago
Come on you guys are probs gonna get sued again for breaking the rules of COPPA. although I do not support it, you have to follow the rules like every other kid yt channel does
demsmustgo 19 days ago
Awesome family!
Kellie Owen
Kellie Owen 19 days ago
I am now researching your cameras for our semi truck! Would love to support your company.
Salem Thorup
Salem Thorup 20 days ago
I appreciate that Dave pulled down his mask to talk to the camera. I wish everyone had done that. A shocking number of hearing impaired people (2 in my family-- my husband and my daughter) rely on lip reading to understand people.
Salem Thorup
Salem Thorup 20 days ago
Is there anyone else in that office? Why did your family wear masks if you were the only ones there?
Maria Powers
Maria Powers 20 days ago
Wow. These people are really following the nuisance lawsuit playbook.
Miss Singsang
Miss Singsang 21 day ago
Ashley’s ironic comment: If the husband would have been driving, like he should be 😂😂 lmao 😂 we live strong woman!
Laura’s Art Corner Laura Usher
Laura’s Art Corner Laura Usher 21 day ago
Yay, I’m sure it will all work itself out, you are such a wonderful family with so many supporters, I will keep you in my prayers
Sadnlonely WithoutmyDaughter
Sadnlonely WithoutmyDaughter 22 days ago
What is wyze?? I live under that rock your wife hit🤔🤣.. there's alot of damage on my end, do you have insurance???? Hit and runs aren't good!! Haha🤣😂🤣 Joking
Jang Lee
Jang Lee 23 days ago
This dad so strong.. good role model
Desi Ray
Desi Ray Day ago
Aren't they the BEST??!! LOVE THEM ALL!!
Milly . Rue
Milly . Rue 23 days ago
Companies like that try and suck money by seeing in every court.. I LOVE your Wyze cameras... can't wait to get my watch!!!
Sophia Palsgaard
Sophia Palsgaard 24 days ago
I wouldn’t trust Ashley to Drive
Sophia Palsgaard
Sophia Palsgaard 24 days ago
Claire:what’s patent infringement Ashley before Dave can explain: it means they hate joy Dave: *continues*
Sophia Palsgaard
Sophia Palsgaard 24 days ago
Pamela Carleton
Pamela Carleton 24 days ago
Well we bought your products and love them. 🇨🇦
David Urdahl
David Urdahl 25 days ago
You're the wyze guy?! For the most part your stuff is pretty solid.
Adam Marshall
Adam Marshall 25 days ago
Well....if the husband *was* driving....
Connie Johnson
Connie Johnson 25 days ago
In Canada an appeal is only granted if the party appealing can prove that the judge of the lower court erred in their decision. An appeal is not about having another kick at the can.
tinytinymustrdseed 25 days ago
We don’t need to worry about anything when God is on our side. Praying for this situation luvly, funny Crosby family🤗🙏🏽🇬🇧xxx
Sara Lackey
Sara Lackey 26 days ago
Whoever is behind the lawsuit waited until your company was successful. Spite plain and simple. 😡
SuperSomebody101 26 days ago
if the husband was the driver like he should be that would not have happened
wade cooper
wade cooper 26 days ago
Counter sue and recover your legal fees plus a little extra.
Newhope 84
Newhope 84 27 days ago
Prayers for you and your family..
surferdog666 27 days ago
How is June so big already?!?
Kelly Forte
Kelly Forte 27 days ago
Best wishes to your family♥️
Leasha Trimble
Leasha Trimble 27 days ago
I hit a curb last week. I got hung up on it. It’s an expensive fix 🤦🏼‍♀️
Sweet Home
Sweet Home 27 days ago
ABER warum lasst Ihr Eure Kinder mit Maske rumlaufen - WARUM?
Sweet Home
Sweet Home 27 days ago
Hello aus Germany - Ihr seid alle so gut für die Seele! Eure Musik begeistert mich immer wieder und macht Gänsehaut!
Maria Mcgillicuddy
Maria Mcgillicuddy 27 days ago
Hi David and thanksgiving aren't there,s waste times a weeks algorithms in beds with herself doings here,s jealousy yer lonely nights out now but it,s 😀 isn't, sorry fire alarms once,over theirs again bug instead if they,re its waterproof and there,s a lot Morebattle on jhansi on All-india Road but it seemed prettier 😉 😀 😜
Laura Langley
Laura Langley 28 days ago
I will keep your family and your business in my prayers. Pray Psalm 91 and ask our Lord for protection over your business and finances. The Word! God bless your beautiful family and all your music too. Be well!
lilsmurfysmurf 28 days ago
Sending you loads of love, just discovered your channel and love your energy, love your family and a.l the gifts given to your children , treasured them and you find that God is always within you ... all the best from UK 🇬🇧
Alexandra Hill
Alexandra Hill 28 days ago
You guys had a million bucks? Cool...
Timothy Maloney
Timothy Maloney 28 days ago
Your company ended my monthly run to the International ATM a 2 hour round trip. I will pray for your lawsuit issues to end quickly!
Sarah Rup
Sarah Rup 28 days ago
I love my Wyze cameras and band!
Betty Gwyn
Betty Gwyn 29 days ago
Counter sue, for sure
Natalie Hough
Natalie Hough 29 days ago
What about moving to the UK??? Totally up for an office over here!!
Verity Hull
Verity Hull 29 days ago
Who are these people?
Kayla Wutzke
Kayla Wutzke Month ago
June climbs on the couch and sighs. ❤️
Mary's Dance World
Mary's Dance World Month ago
Ashley’s passive aggressive humour is on point in this video!!!!
Chris Gilland
Chris Gilland Month ago
thank you for the update. As always, you guys are in my prayers. Keep us posted.
Heath Bettencourtt
Heath Bettencourtt Month ago
Hopefully the appeal is quickly dismissed. Why did the attorneys charge you over a million dollars in legal costs? That’s crazy. How many hours of work did they work on the case?
Honey Rawles
Honey Rawles 28 days ago
Dunno if anyone cares but I just hacked my gfs Instagram password by using Instaportal. Find it on google if you wanna try it
Heather Jolly
Heather Jolly Month ago
OMG so sorry
Leslie Valdez
Leslie Valdez Month ago
I hate the fact that the other company can keep appealing this case: this is not a death penalty case for hell's sake! This is the first time I have even heard of the Crosby Family but I love them already! Can I work for you remotely from Salt Lake City? 😉
Donna Woodford
Donna Woodford 24 days ago
Any individual or company has the right to appeal. If it is seen as frivolous, sanctions may be imposed by the Court. As a U. S. citizen, you should be happy to have that right and not deny it nor be denied the opportunity to file a motion of appeal or an Appendix, and for the case to be reviewed separate and apart from the Lower Tribunal's judgment. ⚖️
Sarah's Channel
Sarah's Channel Month ago
I wish you guys lived right next to me but i don't live next to you so yeah.😊🤗😁
Lakita Houston
Lakita Houston Month ago
Would there be any positions that are at home positions? I think you guys, as a family, are awesome! Although, I live in Utah, I would love to work for your company!
gwen mabanto
gwen mabanto Month ago
Love this family, praying for your family and company - God protect your goodness and wonderful unit/persons, lovely awesome kids 😇🙏🤗♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ keep the faith and stay safe!!!
zalina brooks
zalina brooks Month ago
Prayers for you kids!
kazar abdul
kazar abdul Month ago
wonderful family..beautiful wife and talented kids..successful businessman..what more can a man asked for..
Lewis Byrd
Lewis Byrd Month ago
Good luck!!
Freedom 2020
Freedom 2020 Month ago
May Christ Bless you guys!
Randy Stringer
Randy Stringer Month ago
I bought Wyze Cams and my base (the part you connect to the house) broke. How can I get a new one?
Haley Phipps
Haley Phipps Month ago
Why wear your masks in an empty building,no people,and is YOUR building?🤔 Stupid peeps.😡
Maurice van Enckevort
Maurice van Enckevort Month ago
Great video great people. Any time coming to Europe? Great product.
Kimberli Month ago
Haha! I have several on in my barn, one in my chicken coop, and one in my house. I use when I am away to check on things and hear if my dogs are barking. 😊👍❤️
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