i completed this 0.001% mine dodge challenge and this happened

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i completed this 0.001% mine dodge challenge and this happened
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KrakKokayne Day ago
4:34 *Star Fox liked that*
GrayStillPlaysFan Day ago
!Content alert!
Michael Comitis
Michael Comitis Day ago
Gray: *Brings out the controller* Viewers: This is where the fun begins...
Okgamer Day ago
Me: gray how many turbo pad do you want Gray: yes
Kayin Oguntoyinbo
Kayin Oguntoyinbo 2 days ago
Pink lightning does it!!!!!
Shawn Jones
Shawn Jones 3 days ago
2:05 gray it’s sure-I-ken not whatever you said.
Isabella S
Isabella S 3 days ago
That’s all right keep going back it’s so funny LOL
Isabella S
Isabella S 3 days ago
SF mkuku
SF mkuku 3 days ago
SkipMcGeeII 4 days ago
“Balls used as a volleyball.” -Gray
Davif Orgefa
Davif Orgefa 5 days ago
The small humidity evidently mourn because reduction neurophysiologically comb except a lamentable liver. hanging, macho manx
Damien Albaugh
Damien Albaugh 6 days ago
The dislikes are from Nick's 411 alt accounts
A Hernandez
A Hernandez 7 days ago
How can anyone even dislike gray or his videos he's the best USpostsr ever
a w
a w 9 days ago
Can you make a video of turbo dismount with token bird
CLTICECOOL 10 days ago
Any1 think he sounded like kwebbelkop. 12:52
Jumong Gorospe
Jumong Gorospe 11 days ago
Oh my goodness that’s a lot of damage
Julie Fequet
Julie Fequet 12 days ago
He did hell without getting tuched!
Sage Behling
Sage Behling 12 days ago
I love the funky F-Zero music in the background 👍
3Dgamer unknown
3Dgamer unknown 14 days ago
GRAY:watch the traffic ok nice And go oh no Me:lol
Robinson Nunez
Robinson Nunez 15 days ago
mmmmmmmm ok did anyone notice that in the 9 layers of hell his character and vehicle alltitude was 999 me:so it is heaven and hell?
Spaceocto Mac952
Spaceocto Mac952 16 days ago
2:07 there is another artist that was a disappointment to his father and made people spend a lot of money because of him
Adam Johns
Adam Johns 16 days ago
This makes me so happy
Meme Panda `•-•'
Meme Panda `•-•' 17 days ago
How Do you get custom Maps???
Linda Luz
Linda Luz 17 days ago
Linda Luz
Linda Luz 17 days ago
Smiley 18 days ago
In decisions remastered That's kind of Mario kart
reactions video
reactions video 18 days ago
12:52-12-54 kwebbelkop YES
LankyBox Fan
LankyBox Fan 18 days ago
9:10 finally 12:52 finally again
AnimatedDragon 18 days ago
12:05 *HOLY FFFFFFFFFFFFFF* 12:35 *epic*
Blue Eleephant
Blue Eleephant 19 days ago
Galaxy Kitty
Galaxy Kitty 19 days ago
Bridget Gaffney
Bridget Gaffney 20 days ago
Thank you pink lightning
Yum The Nightguard Hunter
Yum The Nightguard Hunter 20 days ago
no, it doesn't count Gray, sorry
Ema Action figures
Ema Action figures 20 days ago
12:03 damm sick trick
Mael 21 day ago
12:52 sounds like kwebbelkop
Ryan Rondeau
Ryan Rondeau 21 day ago
I have this game
baris SARIAHMET 21 day ago
Thank you for your agony, its cheers me up. I must be insane lol
JC Portis
JC Portis 21 day ago
Gray you hit that train
Aladinhh;;;'#;;;[#;#];l;;yyughky seawr68gh Durkalic
Aladinhh;;;'#;;;[#;#];l;;yyughky seawr68gh Durkalic 22 days ago
Kid Kingston
Kid Kingston 23 days ago
PC players: We are superior, Also Pc players when they drive a car, Let get my controller...
TheAmaazingDizo 24 days ago
Gray will always find a way lol
Clean plate gaming /vlogging
Clean plate gaming /vlogging 24 days ago
No more cuss words
Hunter Levinsky
Hunter Levinsky 25 days ago
😈Grey😈 sees a game that has blood and torturism in it: Oh wow, look it’s my favorite game! Game characters: OH LORD HAVE MERCY ON US! also the game characters: PLEASE LORD SAVE US FROM THIS MAN! 😈me😈: THERE IS NO LORD WHERE WERE GOING! also 😈me😈: TIME TO GO TO HELL TOGETHER AND DIE TOGETHER INFINITELY!😈
Esmeralda Martinez
Esmeralda Martinez 25 days ago
What is this app called it looks fun
Sarah Oyster
Sarah Oyster 25 days ago
Gray: Uploads a new Turbo Dismount video Nicholas Rage: STOP THE PAIN
• yeetusMaximum
• yeetusMaximum 26 days ago
His laugh is like: YEA a a a a a a a a a a a
Kellie Stuerhoff
Kellie Stuerhoff 26 days ago
Oh yeah my real name is Ashton by the way
Kellie Stuerhoff
Kellie Stuerhoff 26 days ago
Oh yeah and I'm your biggest fan I've always watched your videos at my daycare and at my house and you just cool I've been dreaming to be like you because I really be like you when I grow up
Kellie Stuerhoff
Kellie Stuerhoff 26 days ago
In the biggest ramp
Kellie Stuerhoff
Kellie Stuerhoff 26 days ago
I'm playing turbo dismount on a phone and I'm watching this on a phone and I'm actually pretty good at it I just did 15 billion backflips at a time in one ramp
GhostGaming81 26 days ago
This is GTA but on low graphics
Kane Krarup
Kane Krarup 27 days ago
If you want an unbreakable car use the bumber cart omg truck of a car
JuLunaKoko Gaming
JuLunaKoko Gaming 28 days ago
b r u h
Noah Meadows
Noah Meadows 28 days ago
The Mario kart 8 mute city remix is so fitting
Andrew Schwarz
Andrew Schwarz 28 days ago
Shopping cart for the win!
Hybrid Dragonwolf16
Hybrid Dragonwolf16 29 days ago
Merch "Oh yea" 😵
ELAINE MacDonald
ELAINE MacDonald 29 days ago
“Not today Satan” gray 2020
Irish Galang
Irish Galang 29 days ago
I just wannt to know what is that game?
Joel Marrero
Joel Marrero 29 days ago
When your trying to die but gravity and physics say no 17:01
yellow tourmaline
yellow tourmaline Month ago
Oh god iremember this game from when i was younger
Caitlin Warfield
Caitlin Warfield Month ago
Caitlin Warfield
Caitlin Warfield Month ago
Caitlin Warfield
Caitlin Warfield Month ago
So stop
Caitlin Warfield
Caitlin Warfield Month ago
And I'm a kid!
Caitlin Warfield
Caitlin Warfield Month ago
Gray stop saying inappropriate words kids can watch this you know
Schatten2712 Month ago
2:08 damn that landed rly close home dude... I'm that shuriken lol
DODGER BLUE55 Month ago
16:52 Regular Sized Rudy
Sami Ali
Sami Ali Month ago
“The day that pink light-ok not today” 🤣
Stacy Jones
Stacy Jones Month ago
Zachary Cox
Zachary Cox Month ago
Grey: not today Satan satan: oh well oh well look what we have here
Caven Chew
Caven Chew Month ago
In mobile
Caven Chew
Caven Chew Month ago
Ive played this game before
Ronaldo Robinson
Ronaldo Robinson Month ago
I nearly pissed myself laughing lol
Jens Jacobsen
Jens Jacobsen Month ago
That was some han solo bullsh*t lol
amadiz lopez
amadiz lopez Month ago
gray: today is day that pink lightning dosent fail m- and he dies :/
Man are you Greek ? 13:00
Thecheezy Weebboy
Thecheezy Weebboy Month ago
Nick rage got Tiddies I’ll leave now
Crazy Kids
Crazy Kids Month ago
Wow grey the rocket scientist
Kittysqwod Month ago
12:52 you sound like kwebblekop
matias capurro
matias capurro Month ago
Thumbnail is fake
*•eclipsetic•* Month ago
Hey gray I was wondering if you could do stick figure dismounts again, if you did that would make me and i'm sure many others super happy!!!
glo_stik_69 Month ago
fast and the furious gray edition
Wardell Waters
Wardell Waters Month ago
In every video he say alright
12:45 does he sound like jourdey or is that just me
WhizKid Interviews America.
WhizKid Interviews America. Month ago
The Rap Game
The Rap Game Month ago
Background music sounds like something from cars the video game.
LOL GAmer Month ago
I like how you do it no matter how much you struggle. You struggle soo much for a youtube video makes sense how have soo many subscribers
Luminosity Month ago
Tracy Minchew
Tracy Minchew Month ago
This game is so satisfying
Jack Colliver
Jack Colliver Month ago
never trust pink lightning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PG Smit
PG Smit Month ago
hahahaoh nohahahahahaha
Mitchell Scott
Mitchell Scott Month ago
Hell 5:55
LoganTheDino9 Month ago
Gray: *Has a xbox one controller* Me: *Ah I see you're a man of culture as well*
bluestillplayz Month ago
Me and graystillplays have something in common we do It the hard way and then we find out there's an easier way to do it
Anthony Dinh
Anthony Dinh Month ago
11:09 when grandpa takes too much mg
Antonio Calabrese
Antonio Calabrese Month ago
This is the one thing I like about gray compared to other youtubers, he never gives up and Is funny as hell as he does it
samuels reaction channel
samuels reaction channel Month ago
"hanus" me:wait what
Death Month ago
Now that’s pod racing
Tembikai teoh
Tembikai teoh Month ago
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jackAlope1987 _
jackAlope1987 _ Month ago
Am I the only one who realizes how much more insane gray has gotten over quarantine
M Month ago
Just me or anyone else get very much sundee vibes? I dont watch him i just feel like it is him
Sabrina Rose
Sabrina Rose Month ago
Mortal Kombat Clones
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Among Us but everything is upside down!?