Among Us But Imposter Can't Kill Me #2

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The Among Us series continues! Thank you for 500K subs, let's goooooooooooooo!!!
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Ninja Pug
Ninja Pug 16 minutes ago
i love how u turn among us into a big story
rhianna Bayya
rhianna Bayya 4 hours ago
Omg he is so good as an imposter and crewmate but when he is the crewmate he is a good detective
Audreyvenice de Leon
Audreyvenice de Leon 5 hours ago
your like a among us sherifff who checks every details
Lucinda Barrow
Lucinda Barrow 5 hours ago
noya shidqia
noya shidqia 6 hours ago
I love it when baddie sings
Ekbal K A E
Ekbal K A E 6 hours ago
U sounded like max payne
Hidden Lakes
Hidden Lakes 6 hours ago
Elijah Connell
Elijah Connell 7 hours ago
i wish he wouod make among us videos with more than just two rounds
L P 8 hours ago
I think I may have been in a game with you. My name was blooky.
SaturnAsmr 8 hours ago
Fish is funny
Constantino Dayao
Constantino Dayao 8 hours ago
hey zmde its cheri your friend
Alyse Nelson
Alyse Nelson 9 hours ago
Does he join random peoples games or what
AbdulQadeer Faaris
AbdulQadeer Faaris 9 hours ago
Do more of these
Hi Hi
Hi Hi 10 hours ago
Who else noticed that big Babi and lil Babi are in almost every vid
Blue The Velociraptor
Blue The Velociraptor 10 hours ago
How do those fans play with him? Or is he like other USpostsrs and you have to be famous to do so?
Proarmando Gaming5736
Proarmando Gaming5736 10 hours ago
OK guys listen up I have to say goodbye to this channel because nobody would not subscribe to me so would you please subscribe so that I will never say goodbye? :(
Jasmine Pearson
Jasmine Pearson 11 hours ago
I got a pun “Fish is fishy’
Jane Thao
Jane Thao 11 hours ago
Zmde why do u always do 2 games why not like 3 or 4? Please answer
AKabdikareem Guuleed
AKabdikareem Guuleed 11 hours ago
See again the camera Tmoney goes to securing and then comes out from reactor so he vanted guys See again
Milla 12 hours ago
Ur videos are making among us dramatic😆
World Of Weedle
World Of Weedle 13 hours ago
Yo did anybody realise tmoney went in security and can rout reactor? He vented!
askarr710 13 hours ago
3:16 ZMDE: with fish on my side, if he kills one of us the other can report the body right away. Tmoney in the background: Tmoney in the house wut wut!!
DarkMaster 445
DarkMaster 445 13 hours ago
8:07 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Multi Clips
Multi Clips 13 hours ago
Every time I follow someone I either die or they call emergency meeting and I get voted off😂
Kabita Singh Ghosh
Kabita Singh Ghosh 13 hours ago
You have a crush on rose
Mark Grainger
Mark Grainger 13 hours ago
I'm fish hello! 😄
Arabelle Apgar
Arabelle Apgar 15 hours ago
This is How many people like ZMDE 👇
Tj Ponce
Tj Ponce 15 hours ago
Teach me how to be a good detective! Pls master
FG TWIN 16 hours ago
epic utuber
Ahmed The TNT BOI
Ahmed The TNT BOI 16 hours ago
._. Sadly u died zmde :(
Wyatt Smith
Wyatt Smith 16 hours ago
Everyone sus
Flash Sentry
Flash Sentry 17 hours ago
You so bro
Ozoda Parpieva
Ozoda Parpieva 17 hours ago
I am tottily impressed . You are so amazing😱🤗
Kitten Paws
Kitten Paws 17 hours ago
Let’s get a f in the reply’s for this man in making beautiful content for us.
Herobrine 1926
Herobrine 1926 18 hours ago
Just Because He wasent on the Cars dosent mean thats him!
Life with Dwight
Life with Dwight 18 hours ago
Hazel Duskman
Hazel Duskman 21 hour ago
This is the best thing I’ve ever seen, it’s better than literally any movie I’ve ever watched. I cannot live without this. Thank you. 💕
Nizza and Niha
Nizza and Niha 23 hours ago
Who loves zmde's narration??
Fish 22 hours ago
Hey can u check me out
dodenarendra Narendra
dodenarendra Narendra Day ago
Liggt green literly vent at the last second you ideit
Stephen Durnan
Stephen Durnan Day ago
5:46 he sound like a mob boss by saying take him out boys
anna marissa
anna marissa Day ago
I was literally laughing when Zmde said "time to die- oh I mean hey! Uh wha- whats up guys?" 😂
Stellar_Bond Xx
Stellar_Bond Xx Day ago
This guy is 99999999999999999999999999 IQ and 100% dramatic XD I love it ❤️
Haifa Farooqui
Haifa Farooqui Day ago
How does his game run without lags- my laptop be like when i staring playin' among us: bleep blop blood, time to lag. peace
Stellar Moon
Stellar Moon Day ago
This is like a murder mystery
super presentations
super presentations Day ago
Bro pls do face reveal pls
MARIO Bros Lamborghini
MARIO Bros Lamborghini Day ago
I like horror story
Kimz mama
Kimz mama Day ago
I kinda have to say Tmoney was following Imposter in the first game and Imposter died so I was kinda obvious who it was
alina happy game's UwU
alina happy game's UwU Day ago
Dont be shy show ur face
Benjamin adams
Benjamin adams Day ago
I think I was fish🤣🤣🤣🤣
RED SUS Day ago
this guy is the best detective I know
Ashden124 Day ago
You’re the detective every game needs.
lauren Lucien
lauren Lucien Day ago
Nurul Ashikin Rosli
Nurul Ashikin Rosli Day ago
The impostor can't kill him because he is the impostor
Can't stop gaming
Can't stop gaming Day ago
ZMDE:Among Us But Imposter Can't Kill Me one minute later
Elizabeth afton and her friends
Elizabeth afton and her friends Day ago
Its big brain time
Natasha Campbell
Natasha Campbell Day ago
Did anyone see that wooo died at 2:13
Natasha Campbell
Natasha Campbell Day ago
And zmde didn’t see at all
Zav chipo
Zav chipo Day ago
Rin u made a big mistake
Bradley Hoang
Bradley Hoang Day ago
Hello ZMDE its me end me
Jennifer DePippo
Jennifer DePippo Day ago
TIKE TO DI- oh hey guys
zmde ANIMATIONS = fake stories and cringe
Sophia Alston
Sophia Alston Day ago
i love among us so cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll and hi
GlitchTrap Afton
GlitchTrap Afton Day ago
Things that i like for zmde: Smart funny and patience
Cyclops Laser
Cyclops Laser Day ago
ZMDE you have the best investigation skills
Matt Kalibre
Matt Kalibre Day ago
Among us but the crewmate a can't kill me
Al Daniel Laguardia {The Whale Primal Kyogre Whale}
Al Daniel Laguardia {The Whale Primal Kyogre Whale} Day ago
wow ZMDE is really cool and smart
Marion Kaleb Guinza
Marion Kaleb Guinza Day ago
5:10 His accent made me- dying 😆
RBLX Dawood
RBLX Dawood Day ago
Orange: lala what keeps bumping AA
TurboTURAN 95
TurboTURAN 95 Day ago
U could be a good detective
AlexanderWilliam Quansah
AlexanderWilliam Quansah Day ago
You so smart
kitty meme
kitty meme Day ago
Bruh u are good
NadimGames7 On pk xd
NadimGames7 On pk xd Day ago
Me innocent like TIME TO DI- Oh hey what’s up
Ali kanso
Ali kanso Day ago
You make my day better
gerald cabunag
gerald cabunag 2 days ago
wow your'e talented
ZMDE animations girl
ZMDE animations girl 2 days ago
but heres a secret for you youtuber tap the kill cool down when its still coolling down you can see the kill cool down going i little faster if you keep taping it you can get a chance to kilk them >:)
ZMDE animations girl
ZMDE animations girl 2 days ago
me a boy youtuber -_- well you youtuber are better than me in among us :(
Kellyn Hamilton
Kellyn Hamilton 2 days ago
Red not always sus
Fret N
Fret N 2 days ago
xian jeffrey del rio
xian jeffrey del rio 2 days ago
also baddie sus
xian jeffrey del rio
xian jeffrey del rio 2 days ago
Tmoney sus
hbuytqh2l Audi
hbuytqh2l Audi 2 days ago
If someone gets zmde i will kill them in real life
Wende Whipple
Wende Whipple 2 days ago
Baddie was me omg I was on your video
Du Alexis
Du Alexis 2 days ago
Krisha Blaze Verdejo
Krisha Blaze Verdejo 2 days ago
The players that disappeared is a glitch...
EDGE 2 days ago
Reminded me of death note
kareem amin
kareem amin 2 days ago
OMG dude u are so GOOD at among us ur soo smaart
Darryl Marshall
Darryl Marshall 2 days ago
I game 2 i saw the cam are on and zmde going to vent in medmay there are some body in cam and People press the Red button and done
Bungy Willy
Bungy Willy 2 days ago
Hey zmde can I play in ur game
FC Ko 2 days ago
Hey Steven let play among us but killer can’t vent and we can’t sabotage
chocolate cake
chocolate cake 2 days ago
No joke I saw ZMDE in my server
Tammy Smith
Tammy Smith 2 days ago
Om know
Tammy Smith
Tammy Smith 2 days ago
Your videos are so cool
Hilda Suarez
Hilda Suarez 2 days ago
My Mans smart
Lindsay Newton
Lindsay Newton 2 days ago
Siti Godzilla
Siti Godzilla 2 days ago
When mj disappeared he left the game.
Antøine_Playz 2 days ago
ZMDE : I’m sorry rose blah blah blah blah blah Me: just kill her damn it
The_real_philip_sharkington 2 days ago
Ima start playing like him lmao
cute little demon
cute little demon 2 days ago
When the weird music comes on im o something will happen
Bungy Willy
Bungy Willy 2 days ago
Tell me more
CD77 2 days ago
U r like the best among us player
Tristin Armstrong
Tristin Armstrong 2 days ago
I'M ZMDES fan I like how he get down and talk. Players trust ZMDE alot I do the same thing just like ZMDE. I will be ZMDES fan. How about every one be ZMDES fan. That will make ZDME happy. I think of??!!!😏😏👍👍👍😉😌🤗
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