Minecraft, But If I Laugh, I DIE!

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15 days ago

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jessica rock
jessica rock 11 minutes ago
Let gabe and james lick all your food for a 1 HOUR
Jennifer Chaskey
Jennifer Chaskey 12 minutes ago
Get slime dumped on your head and have your friends slap your arm and say goot
Jennifer Chaskey
Jennifer Chaskey 13 minutes ago
It is so hard not to laugh and every single time I was about to laugh I just started talking and trying not to laugh and I just kept saying oh
Maddoxplaysmc YT
Maddoxplaysmc YT 15 minutes ago
That enderman is from the matrix
Leah Graham
Leah Graham 17 minutes ago
Let Preston jabe and James prank u For two weeks
CuRoi187 17 minutes ago
You have to do a double backflip into Oobleck
Ken Allgood
Ken Allgood 18 minutes ago
Tenvolt757 27 minutes ago
Top comment, me big brain, go into a store covered in masks
Erica Manske
Erica Manske 31 minute ago
i agree
Deanna Blanchard
Deanna Blanchard 41 minute ago
That baby panda was like cowabuga it is
Meris Kuqi
Meris Kuqi 42 minutes ago
Alice Walsh
Alice Walsh 51 minute ago
Unspeakable challenge what's the most funniest Minecraft videos ever and I mean it
Callalily Corrie
Callalily Corrie 54 minutes ago
get james and gabe to hide in your house and hide the most importent stuff somewhere in your house
Neil Bruce
Neil Bruce 56 minutes ago
Animal abuseRude sad
Kate Mirams
Kate Mirams 56 minutes ago
Please PLEASE be a foot for 24 hours
Kate Mirams
Kate Mirams 57 minutes ago
Be a foot for 24 hours
Tanya Yates
Tanya Yates Hour ago
You have to keep your tongue on your cat for 24-hours
Richelle F
Richelle F Hour ago
Sit on the couch for 24 hours
Angelina Hanchett
Angelina Hanchett Hour ago
Ashley Choi
Ashley Choi Hour ago
Play Minecraft for 24 hours
Cosmic star UwU
Cosmic star UwU Hour ago
Spend 24 hrs in ur car
Pauline Larsson
Pauline Larsson Hour ago
Sandra Schubert
Sandra Schubert Hour ago
Biy a mother 😸
Alicia Knabenschuh
Alicia Knabenschuh Hour ago
yo or
Tracy Scaplen
Tracy Scaplen Hour ago
Your punishment is embarrassing yourself
Päivi Miettinen
Päivi Miettinen 2 hours ago
Juuli toumindia Joo oon Minecraft
TIIT GMAIL 2 hours ago
Punishment: use a flamethrower on something expensive and then yeet it into the water
Angela Brown
Angela Brown 2 hours ago
Make me a houes for a punish mints
Marisa Thornburg
Marisa Thornburg 2 hours ago
Andrea kulikovsky
Andrea kulikovsky 2 hours ago
I din’t laught once
Darlène Dubuisson
Darlène Dubuisson 2 hours ago
Break your girlfriend
brennaobrien 2 hours ago
fall in lava
Annabelle Abdulwahab
Annabelle Abdulwahab 2 hours ago
make simon scach you and if he dosint cut 60 onions
Clare Booth
Clare Booth 2 hours ago
James goes beans
Jayden Southwick
Jayden Southwick 2 hours ago
DeNure Family
DeNure Family 2 hours ago
MASON Burk 2 hours ago
No the ice cream in one bite and didn't try to get a brain freeze
Mikael Theodór
Mikael Theodór 2 hours ago
Austin's Amazing Gamez
Austin's Amazing Gamez 3 hours ago
nathan: giggles edditor: oh yea that doesnt count me: it does count :/
Amanda Pearson
Amanda Pearson 3 hours ago
You should eat dog food a hole bowl
M A 3 hours ago
Noah Parrish
Noah Parrish 3 hours ago
your pounchment shold be bild a relly big house
Raymond Motes
Raymond Motes 3 hours ago
You quit doing videos for 20 years
Mike Shumaker
Mike Shumaker 3 hours ago
and make it a vidio
Mike Shumaker
Mike Shumaker 3 hours ago
carv a lion on a stump whit a plastic knife
Christine Pricher
Christine Pricher 3 hours ago
Do a video with Preston
Colin Gilbert
Colin Gilbert 3 hours ago
Play every minecraft game with aswd for a month ( Punishment)
Coco Nser
Coco Nser 3 hours ago
SP cable near your mistake is your bet it's gonna be with you and your heads
Fayha Alnesan
Fayha Alnesan 3 hours ago
Mr porgdosestuff
Mr porgdosestuff 3 hours ago
Get dunked in slime
Savannah Gauthier
Savannah Gauthier 4 hours ago
Jump in a freezing cold pool :0
Suzy Coombes
Suzy Coombes 4 hours ago
Kiss your girlfreind.😂
Agatha Wilson
Agatha Wilson 4 hours ago
Do not talk for year
Zayra Garcia
Zayra Garcia 4 hours ago
Eat poop
jonathan ramirez
jonathan ramirez 4 hours ago
You see
monkey king
monkey king 4 hours ago
Buy 5000 bittcoin
jonathan ramirez
jonathan ramirez 4 hours ago
😂 iyfon
jonathan ramirez
jonathan ramirez 4 hours ago
😂 iyfon
Cassandra Ropp
Cassandra Ropp 5 hours ago
live in an ice house for 24 hours
Emmanuelle Lydie Hermine Kingue Emmanuelle
Emmanuelle Lydie Hermine Kingue Emmanuelle 5 hours ago
I know this one
Sophia Zanella
Sophia Zanella 5 hours ago
fill your house with water
Tammy Lynn
Tammy Lynn 5 hours ago
Frat in your house with preston🤣😂
Brian Darlak
Brian Darlak 5 hours ago
Your hat on
pearl lewin
pearl lewin 5 hours ago
Oh no you caught me laphing
Jake Warwick
Jake Warwick 5 hours ago
Jake Warwick
Jake Warwick 5 hours ago
Dream dream dream dream dream dream dream dream dream dream dream dream dream dream dream dream dream dream dream
Jake Warwick
Jake Warwick 5 hours ago
Kristīne Cinīte
Kristīne Cinīte 5 hours ago
delit your yutube chanel
Jake Warwick
Jake Warwick 5 hours ago
Put your face in pool
lil Man
lil Man 5 hours ago
Poop we poor
amara feenix
amara feenix 5 hours ago
You have the cat food
Bianca Miles
Bianca Miles 5 hours ago
Jashine Wise
Jashine Wise 5 hours ago
dump slime on your head
Bianca Miles
Bianca Miles 6 hours ago
Alexis Johnson
Alexis Johnson 6 hours ago
Eat your least favorite foods for 24 hours
Savannah Bishop
Savannah Bishop 6 hours ago
pie in the face\
Laith Ghawi
Laith Ghawi 6 hours ago
I didn’t laugh
twins massyn
twins massyn 7 hours ago
Lik or too
Björn de Waern Wiberg
Björn de Waern Wiberg 7 hours ago
smash an egg on your hede
enzo banag
enzo banag 7 hours ago
Delite mincraft
Ryan Bell
Ryan Bell 8 hours ago
Jacob Munro
Jacob Munro 8 hours ago
sunera Sajin
sunera Sajin 8 hours ago
Sean Masters
Sean Masters 8 hours ago
You delete your Minecraft. Or a world.
Tia Hanania
Tia Hanania 9 hours ago
what is alive?
Lisa M
Lisa M 9 hours ago
Cut grass with scissors
Valerie Maillard
Valerie Maillard 9 hours ago
Let Gabe and James prank you week
koushik brata Sarkar
koushik brata Sarkar 9 hours ago
eat poop
DONAT WILLIAMS 9 hours ago
Angela Mcwhite
Angela Mcwhite 9 hours ago
Slap in the butt
Amber Moran
Amber Moran 9 hours ago
eat cat food 😂😂
michael baker
michael baker 10 hours ago
your punishment should be sleep out side .
Daryn Davies
Daryn Davies 10 hours ago
kis a cat
Rebecca Durrant
Rebecca Durrant 10 hours ago
love❤ it
Jennifer Gauthreaux
Jennifer Gauthreaux 10 hours ago
maree offord
maree offord 10 hours ago
Ice bath
geo messier
geo messier 11 hours ago
delete your server
Ahmed Qutab
Ahmed Qutab 11 hours ago
Destroy your computer with a hammer
Tracy Green
Tracy Green 11 hours ago
I laugh at the start so hard
Darakshan Anis
Darakshan Anis 12 hours ago
slap yourself 100 times
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