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Tony Loya

4 months ago


Jeliany Rodriguez Flores
Jeliany Rodriguez Flores 2 days ago
Estaría chido que hicieras también vlogs en español porque ni le entiendo pero aun así los veo, saludos :D
Joel Hernandez
Joel Hernandez 3 days ago
GOD IS COMING BACK🙏🏽 repent form your sins
Alondra Cruz
Alondra Cruz 16 days ago
No les pasa que ✨Toni Loya❤ es super hermosooo
Angel García salas
Angel García salas 17 days ago
Me gustaria que hablaras en español no todos tus seguidores saben ingles suerte✌🏻❤
Heroin Father
Heroin Father 18 days ago
Bryan Acosta
Bryan Acosta 22 days ago
Speak in Spanish too, I'm Mexican and I understand you
Josue Bueno
Josue Bueno 29 days ago
puro dmg
Carlos Cabrera
Carlos Cabrera Month ago
3:27 daaammn my boi they fucked yo shit up f
Leonardo Carrizales
Leonardo Carrizales Month ago
Mc Lovin
OnlyMauAlv Month ago
9:42 Cuando le haces mal el trabajo a tu jefe
Aaron Shenassa
Aaron Shenassa Month ago
Had to admit it homie, but the skilled Denver barbers are hard to find lol. Much easier to cop a proper fade in NYC or LA . Either way, love seeing you pass through our hood! Looking forward to shows!
Kitty Gata
Kitty Gata Month ago
I wear a 41 too 🤝
YUNG ALDAIR 2 months ago
Cuales tenis son los del Tony 💯🔥?
Gerardo Nevarez
Gerardo Nevarez 2 months ago
Donde fue ese Eventooo
Anthonyy 2 months ago
What’s the song called at 10:15?
Ziggy Marrufo
Ziggy Marrufo 2 months ago
El homie Sigifredo was here compa
lo l
lo l 2 months ago
i didn’t even know cherry creek has red bottoms 😭wtf goes onnnn
lo l
lo l 2 months ago
S/O 303 🔥
Jacked Up
Jacked Up 2 months ago
Tony’s boy looks hella mad ! That line up looks off
Rosa Chavez
Rosa Chavez 2 months ago
Song 1:06?
OSK WESTSIDEKAY - TOPIC 3 months ago👿👿
skinny legend megan
skinny legend megan 3 months ago
anyone know what song is playing in 3:09 ?
hxmberto10k 2 months ago
Clave Ali - Junior H
Angel Partida
Angel Partida 3 months ago
Speak spanish too
flacko morales
flacko morales 3 months ago
mclovin 😂😂😂
Teniente Fantasma
Teniente Fantasma 3 months ago
Whos here after he left hp records and joined manzanita records
Cervando Rivas
Cervando Rivas 3 months ago
The camera man: nice cut g Tony in the front seat: *nonstop coughing*. 3:21
Jair OaXchingon
Jair OaXchingon 3 months ago
Grupo los de la o X Tony loya
Fabi Aguilar
Fabi Aguilar 3 months ago
My flex: he was at my house
Julian Ramirez Ponce
Julian Ramirez Ponce 3 months ago
Ay Tony where the new shit
Francisco Acevedo Acevedo
Francisco Acevedo Acevedo 3 months ago
ahora quiero la version en español porfa jajjaja
SamBam Sandman
SamBam Sandman 3 months ago
Even if the camera man was bad this shi was still funny 🤣🚫🧢💯💯
GICAIRO GIIVIERO xD 3 months ago
Dope swag man
Scribbles Dot
Scribbles Dot 3 months ago
0:10 thats the guy who be jo jo ice he the knock city dude
Serg 3 months ago
My boy jessy haha
Compa Cheo
Compa Cheo 3 months ago
homegirl at 6:04 had a fatty 👀
Dre Sosa
Dre Sosa 3 months ago
Came straight from MrTHC
Quintero Rafa
Quintero Rafa 3 months ago
“You got some lil eyes u cant see what ur recording” 💀💀
77 eber
77 eber 3 months ago
when the nexxt vloggg??? puro hp mf records 😈
La Compa Rafa
La Compa Rafa 3 months ago
“nice cut g “😂
Patty Pleitez
Patty Pleitez 3 months ago
When the fuck they got the n word pass
EASTSIDE SHI 3 months ago
3:13 what’s that junior h song?
Victoria Ramirez
Victoria Ramirez 3 months ago
Clave ALI junior H
Alejandra Cruz Perez
Alejandra Cruz Perez 4 months ago
Tony w/ Junior h bet it would be a total bangerr.💯
Damián C
Damián C 4 months ago
DiegoVortex 4 months ago
What’s the song at 10:30
Blue_Buds 4 months ago
Your boy thc sent me. Rate the shit you got goin here. Love from the UK!!!
Rawbert 4 months ago
i thought us mexicans stopped saying nigga
FlaMeZz 4 months ago
Tony - We might not cop some shoes but we cop a jacket. *15 seconds later* Tony - I dont like shit from here
S A G E 4 months ago
I’ve probably seen you in public before 💀
pimpin yamama
pimpin yamama 4 months ago
Nobody:..... Cameraman: you got some big ass teeth!😂 Tony: you got some little ass eyes😂
Scxry 4 months ago
Damn compa this the life
Emanuel Magana
Emanuel Magana 4 months ago
Love your music all fire
Marlene Lopez
Marlene Lopez 4 months ago
Cool vlog you guys should make more vlogs 😂💕
Lisa Dominguez
Lisa Dominguez 4 months ago
I’m sorry but idk if that was a club or sum but y’all should be wearing a mask 😬
Bambips900 4 months ago
We can see tony didn’t forget en el Camino
dema loya
dema loya 4 months ago
wats good tony loya im from the g to and my last name loya to
Cristian Alvarado
Cristian Alvarado 4 months ago
It's not Colorado it's cuhlolrado
GucciCoochie 4 months ago
Marcos Rivera
Marcos Rivera 4 months ago
🔥🔥🔥 keep the vlogs comin
leo ronaldo
leo ronaldo 4 months ago
How old is tony idk
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez 4 months ago
No sé xk veo esto si no se ingles
Banix Streams
Banix Streams 4 months ago
9:08 these niggas high af😂
EN 4 months ago
Wats the song called 18:00 🔥 bars
Joe Trashh
Joe Trashh 4 months ago
@EN Yeah bro🔥🔥
EN 4 months ago
@Joe Trashh thanks
Joe Trashh
Joe Trashh 4 months ago
En El Camino - Tony Loya Ft. Asociados De La A. But it still doesn't come out, there is only the preview
Jonathan 51oo
Jonathan 51oo 4 months ago
Come visit oakland,ca
Isabella Lopez
Isabella Lopez 4 months ago
you guys down to by me a new phone my house is like 15 minutes away from denver
Victor Navarro
Victor Navarro 4 months ago
Put me on g
makaila f
makaila f 4 months ago
Surprisingly interesting needs more of our beautiful state though rather than store fronts... doing vlogs in Denver y'all should also be advocating for our fire fighters working hard to rid of the wildfires use your platform for good
Tony Loya
Tony Loya 4 months ago
Yupp ima try to get out more like before
Bryan Franco - oficial
Bryan Franco - oficial 4 months ago
First vlog and i alrdy like this vlog
hp_chito o
hp_chito o 4 months ago
“Quien vergas es famoso aquí”
DjGhostx9oh9 4 months ago
Tony what are thoseee shows that you are wearing called!?
Jhoana Hernandez
Jhoana Hernandez 4 months ago
Ryan Rodriguez
Ryan Rodriguez 4 months ago
Yo I’m moving here in November from LA if y’all need another squad member lmk I need friends haha.
Yaired Gonzalez Calderon
Yaired Gonzalez Calderon 4 months ago
I see you with the Clika Shit merch cuh
Manny Arroyo
Manny Arroyo 4 months ago
aye what junior song is he playing at 3:08 ?
Joe Trashh
Joe Trashh 4 months ago
Clave Ali - Junior H
Josue M707
Josue M707 4 months ago
Puro DMG
Never Slackin
Never Slackin 4 months ago
10:38 im literally 5 minutes from the cherry creek mall. Big fan btw we should meet
Never Slackin
Never Slackin 4 months ago
Ay denver gang #303
Lil chicky nuggy
Lil chicky nuggy 4 months ago
This video was boring and unfunny but ily tony
LUCKY L 4 months ago
2:53 What song is that???
Sebastian Gonzalez
Sebastian Gonzalez 3 months ago
I think its Clave Ali by Junior H
Alexis Dublan
Alexis Dublan 4 months ago
I thought you said you was gonna quit music and get closer to god ?
Martin Govea
Martin Govea 4 months ago
Bro 10:33 that guy started laughing like he was a wake or sum😂
Dr. Moon Rocks
Dr. Moon Rocks 4 months ago
The cameraman is fried af 💀 good vlog bro 🔥
Kitty Gata
Kitty Gata Month ago
Right everybody talkin shit like wtf he fried dude duh lol
DFW media
DFW media 4 months ago
Highly recommend the Sony a6000 bad ass camera for vlogs ma boy 💯 wish nun but blessings ma g ! 🤝
ricardo torralba
ricardo torralba 4 months ago
Whats his snap
Oso 4 months ago
Gotta get out there too yo!
Bryan P
Bryan P 4 months ago
what’s the song @10:30
Marco_ 4 months ago
El Lanza Papas😂😂 se mamaron. Ay funny ass vlog tho nigga
anahi 4 months ago
this shit screams colorado
Lely Ram_P
Lely Ram_P 4 months ago
4:32 pense que lo había visto su jefa😂
Junior 4 months ago
This vlog better then Marca mps vlog no cap 😂
Eric Bergstrom
Eric Bergstrom 4 months ago
This old shit. Playing dice
Eric Bergstrom
Eric Bergstrom 4 months ago
That new new
Eloy Garcia
Eloy Garcia 4 months ago
3:10 weak ass lungs🤣🤣 try URSA karts ⛽️ 💨
Dracø 4 months ago
Denver is where i live😳
ElPollo Aragon
ElPollo Aragon 4 months ago
Next time u in denver lmk igot some good barbers💈
Eduardo De La Cruz
Eduardo De La Cruz 4 months ago
Amigos chequen mi canal tengo un cover no es de tony pero estare subiendo apoyenme amigos ....por favor
melanie’s wrld
melanie’s wrld 4 months ago
Don Vergas
Don Vergas 4 months ago
Compa Tony Loya YES IT IS MA BOI!!
Jonny 4 months ago
It's Colorado. You don't have to act suspicious around weed, man. Lol
Brian Ortiz
Brian Ortiz 4 months ago
Fire 🔥
Bad Antt
Bad Antt 4 months ago
18:00 drop that song compa Tony
francisco bet
francisco bet 4 months ago
Stiiizy blinker 🔥
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