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The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Golden State Warriors, 117-91. LeBron James led the Lakers with 19 PTS, 6 REB, 4 AST and 2 STL, while Stephen Curry tallied 16 PTS, 7 AST and 3 STL for the Warriors.
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ターナーカレブ 19 days ago
Yalll holdin curry
Fawwaz Fauzan
Fawwaz Fauzan 20 days ago
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Allain Caoile
Allain Caoile Month ago
I hope Stephen Curry can go to Philippines again🥺❤
Voodoo Month ago
With AD coming back at some point gasol will not have to be as good as a rim and true big the lineup would be START-kcp/Dennis/bron/marc/ad BENCH-caruso/Kuzma/morris/trezz/Jones
Shabd Rai
Shabd Rai Month ago
Graham crackers cookies
I-Told-You-So Dear
I-Told-You-So Dear Month ago
KCP has lost the Midas touch.
Kevin Owens
Kevin Owens Month ago
So yall laker fans gonna ignore how lebron keep getting away w dat? 0:56 lol. How you shuffling setting screens
Brian Moore
Brian Moore Month ago
LeBron slapping them. No wonder why people hate him. Lol
Chillin MC
Chillin MC Month ago
3:24 dat was nasty
Alexander Coleman
Alexander Coleman Month ago
1:25 only the warriors get away with moving screens
Jay Hocker
Jay Hocker Month ago
Make basketballs vegan!
what's going on out here
what's going on out here Month ago
They could have used Blake Griffin
The no defense NBA… Boy is this game rigged… How sad
Beck penicaro
Beck penicaro Month ago
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Jonathan Wagner
Jonathan Wagner Month ago
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The_kidd Smith
The_kidd Smith Month ago
Lebron really created a super team lol smh
Raymun Coscos
Raymun Coscos Month ago
as i see it, these lakers guys are exceptionally good even without lebron. If rondo was there, they would be plumented.
Raymun Coscos
Raymun Coscos Month ago
wer is my idol rondo?
ASAP fortune
ASAP fortune Month ago
Without that stacked warriors team, Stephanie Curry been getting exposed 🍵
Zaire Myers
Zaire Myers Month ago
@ASAP fortune in 2015 curry didn't have a stacked team nigga fuck you talking about curry is 3-1 against lebron nigga
ASAP fortune
ASAP fortune Month ago
@Zaire Myers who cares about the playoffs . Lmao never forget in 2018 finals lebron made the finals with no kyrie even tho they lost he still took a scrubs cavs team to the finals . Curry can never unless he is surrounded by stacked teammates
Zaire Myers
Zaire Myers Month ago
@ASAP fortune so at least they making to the playoffs hating ass nigga no cap
ASAP fortune
ASAP fortune Month ago
No it’s facts without Durant he will never see another championship
Zaire Myers
Zaire Myers Month ago
Sherly Valmonte
Sherly Valmonte Month ago
Mariyah Beckett
Mariyah Beckett Month ago
lakers are DESTROYING them. nice plays dennis.
Cover Club
Cover Club Month ago
They don't even miss one of their basket🤐🤐
tom tim
tom tim Month ago
9:11 what he just say!!!???
Pio Tan
Pio Tan Month ago
What happen in gs
Redeen Avila
Redeen Avila Month ago
nice Lakers 💪
Femi Adesomo
Femi Adesomo Month ago
Lol ah haha HA them Wack a** Warriors never stood a chance.. aye but Good Try tho❗️🙃
The green Way
The green Way Month ago
Lmaoo so nobody gonna talk about Lebron about to have most points in history if he keep scoring at this rate by next season
Eddie Jauregui
Eddie Jauregui Month ago
C Torres
C Torres Month ago
☝To be fair the warriors weren't full strength... ooooh neither were the Lakers 😁 so yeah, 5 year warrior fans shut that weak argument up!! 🤣
C Torres
C Torres Month ago
How the mighty have fallen 😌
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Jeffrey Maglowski
Jeffrey Maglowski Month ago
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li baoqiang
li baoqiang Month ago
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Felix Fu Month ago
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Ken Stewart
Ken Stewart Month ago
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Marius 8954haas
Marius 8954haas Month ago
Actually do you know that there is another round of lakers vs warriors but warriors are home if we beat them one more time we lead but rn its a tie cause lakers beat warriors so tie
Jose Luis Arreola
Jose Luis Arreola Month ago
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carlmj16 Month ago
Are people still watching nba?
lotuskowry Month ago
2.3 million views and you still ask if people still watch the NBA?
Sharp Young
Sharp Young Month ago
I play a ton of Basketball. cool video.
Tae Kim
Tae Kim Month ago
I didn't watch basketball in 3 years and I'm like wtf happened?
Owen Wade
Owen Wade Month ago
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Facts Don't care about your feelings
Facts Don't care about your feelings Month ago
1:15 Plz drop Gasol and get a center who tries.
Phuck Youtube
Phuck Youtube Month ago
The Laker haters not deep in the comments when they win.
duaquicano rayanthony
duaquicano rayanthony Month ago
Johnathan Sokl
Johnathan Sokl Month ago
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Rey Llantos
Rey Llantos Month ago
El Zacs
El Zacs Month ago
Ba't na hype ako bigla? 🤣🤣🤣
Ryan VanDoorn
Ryan VanDoorn Month ago
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Origami boy!!! H
Origami boy!!! H Month ago
Alfonso Melgoza
Alfonso Melgoza Month ago
Warriors could've easily beat the Lakers they just didn't want to.
Derek James
Derek James Month ago
Lakers suck!!! Can't keep the same core of its championship team with Kobe. Have to go out and get Cavaliers Lebron and Pelicans AD to win championship.
Cal Tube T.V
Cal Tube T.V Month ago
These kids like 1000 meals away from being as strong as LEBRON it's just unfair 💪.. Dennis and Bron best duo in league rn.
Tran Kim Lien
Tran Kim Lien Month ago
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jungan lee
jungan lee Month ago
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Mark Anthony Hernandez
Mark Anthony Hernandez Month ago
LeBron doesn't need to play 1, he needs to play as 3 and keep scoring.
VZeroHope Month ago
Warriors have been my favorite team since 4th Grade
Its Senzu
Its Senzu Month ago
Gill Lu
Gill Lu Month ago
there was virtually 0 defense being played this game from the warriros.
snoopyfix2 Month ago
Is it just me or are the Lakers just boring to watch! Especially the first half.
X.theking Rezz
X.theking Rezz Month ago
Nah it's just you
Chris Lee
Chris Lee Month ago
damn draymond went out 2nd quarter and it looked like warriors defense just fell apart lol good game for Lakers though.
Jordan Luzzi
Jordan Luzzi Month ago
Yea the lakers got Dennis back and ofc he helps with buckets/ball handling and defense but I also feel after the losses the lakers are playing harder now. Before it felt like they were playing with no heart
Quentin Mallard
Quentin Mallard Month ago
That must be some injury Klay is suffering from
chosen not forsaken
chosen not forsaken Month ago
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Anthony Jenkins
Anthony Jenkins Month ago
About time we got some rhythm. Just gotta keep it up while AD is out.
Chris Diggs
Chris Diggs Month ago
My Lakers are back to winning 🤗
antoine ashby
antoine ashby Month ago
Lakers still shitty
Dio Joestar
Dio Joestar Month ago
Seems like the Lakers take this game personally
Your Mom
Your Mom Month ago
Where my nigga clark at 👀
Zaire Myers
Zaire Myers Month ago
y'all was not talking went the warriors beat lakers but now y'all talking shit went the lakers beat warriors
Zaire Myers
Zaire Myers Month ago
y'all hating niggas not saying nothing back because i am right no cap !!!
Shiro Estrella
Shiro Estrella Month ago
THT is the next LBJ
Vincent Dolido
Vincent Dolido Month ago
Seriously? 73 at 1st half. Wow
Rudy Piedra
Rudy Piedra Month ago
Akostas though 😆
Ethan Klimczak
Ethan Klimczak Month ago
Lebron is the goat, prove me wrong...
Mark Anthony Palisoc
Mark Anthony Palisoc Month ago
Lakers suck
Xeo Glyph
Xeo Glyph Month ago
Terry White
Terry White Month ago
Thiiiiiissssshhhh iiissss hoooowwww they dooooit..
John Anderson
John Anderson Month ago
Even with Curry flopping all over the place, they still won't make the playoffs. These had beens were only good with, kD . Now he will lead the Nets to a achampionship. Can anybody say, thanks Draymond!
None of Your business
None of Your business Month ago
Lakers is so damn op even without davis
denmark loft Tv
denmark loft Tv Month ago
denmark loft Tv
denmark loft Tv Month ago
denmark loft Tv
denmark loft Tv Month ago
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denmark loft Tv Month ago
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denmark loft Tv Month ago
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denmark loft Tv Month ago
ReUp Rees
ReUp Rees Month ago
Steph is the best shooter in the game... Lebron ain't shit without AD
Prince Kaede
Prince Kaede Month ago
more minutes for kostas plsss
James Robinson
James Robinson Month ago
Funny when the Lakers lose you can't find a highlight....but when they win...look out...Should Schroeder be an MVP candidate? Lebron can't seem to win unless someone else is carrying the water...but they're going to shove him winning MVP down our throats....
Yabai Desu
Yabai Desu Month ago
Yeah ma boi kostas doing his thing like a champ he is
CobruhPlayz Month ago
matchup of the year in my opinion
Ceridwen Garcia
Ceridwen Garcia Month ago
"GSW" stand for "Girlish Sissy Warriorettes"... Starring the "SPLASH SISTERS" Steph "STEPHANIE" Curry & Klay "KLAIRE" Thompson.
Bore Jack
Bore Jack Month ago
Hail King Dudley
Aaron J. Brooks
Aaron J. Brooks Month ago
So far I like what I see and with Schroder back the Lakers offense is looking good
enengjen Month ago
Congrats LAL! Better luck next time GS. GOD BLESS YOUR Teams 💕😊
A S C E Month ago
Spy Says
Spy Says Month ago
GSW fans > Brooklyn Nets fans
Rogelio Betalas
Rogelio Betalas Month ago
Where is curykong.🤣 no more.👎
REALMIKE Month ago
Curry looking like and playing like the freshman curry with the jerseys too match
Plate lunch express
Plate lunch express Month ago
That warriors team will never win another chip that’s for sure
Plate lunch express
Plate lunch express Month ago
@jkingVEVO *they will, never again. Fixed it for you
jkingVEVO Month ago
False. They will.
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